4 Best GoDaddy Alternatives 2020 (Number #2 is Just Awesome)

This article has been updated on 23rd January 2020 to add more relevant alternatives to Godaddy.

You know, millions of Authors and Hundreds of Enterprises have changed their hosting from GoDaddy to BlueHost, FastComet, GreenGeeks, and SiteGround in recent past. All of them were tired of expensive renewal plans, irritating customer service, and vulnerable servers.

GoDaddy offers new domains for as cheap as $10 per year but when you plan to renew it the very next year they charge ten times the initial amount.

This marketing tactic must have brought in a few customers but it is not a good practice to continue with.

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How To Point GoDaddy Domain to HostGator & Transfer Hosting (2020)

There are alternatives to GoDaddy, which I had already mentioned in my previous article.

One of the alternatives of GoDaddy is HostGator.

The question remains on how to switch from GoDaddy to HostGator. In this article, I will guide you step by step guide on how to move your domain from Godaddy to HostGator.

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10 Latest Ecommerce Statistics for 2020 (Trends, Insights & More!)

E-commerce is a big deal nowadays. You already know that, but when you see some of the numbers, you’ll find they’re jaw-dropping.

Understanding the scope of e-commerce is important, as is understanding its many nuances.

Luckily for us, e-commerce is widely studied, so there’s a ton of research about it. The problem?

Some of that research is outdated, and some of it isn’t very good. And, there’s so much, I can sometimes be hard to find the relevant facts.

But hey — don’t worry! I’ve dug deep to find the most reliable stats, trends, and insights on e-commerce around!

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9 Internet Statistics for 2020: These figures will surprise you!

The internet: we all use it.

Okay, technically speaking, not every single person on Earth uses the internet.

But a lot of people do—I’ll gets to how many in this list, don’t worry—and if you’re reading this, YOU certainly do.

But don’t you wonder about how “big” the internet is?

Just how many people are actually connected to it? HOW are they connected to it? Are the most popular sites the ones you think they are, or something else?

These questions and more will get answered in this article. I made sure to dig up some of the best stats around, and even I was surprised by some of the stuff I found.

So are you ready?

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10 Best Web Hosting Companies You Haven’t Heard Till Now

Whether you are a business owner, who wants to set up his online presence, or you are an individual who is looking to start a personal blog, either the reason, you need to do your research to find the right web hosting companies.

And you really thought that choosing a web hosting is a no hassle event? Rethink! There are various instances where small and mid-sized groups retain their own web server.


Most of them just fail, because upholding and maintaining a web server turns out to be very expensive and highly time-consuming.

Solution? Look for the right web hosting companies.

They will manage the rest while you focus on other important tasks.

Look beyond the likes of BlueHost and HostGator as we bring to you a well-researched list of top 10 web hosting companies about which you haven’t heard till now!

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10 Best Free VPS Hosting Sites 2020 (with Pros and Cons)

This article was revised and updated on Jan 09, 2020.

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) offers you the sweet spot between shared web hosting (free) and dedicated hosting. It combines the affordability of shared hosting with the control and flexibility of a dedicated server.

Over the past couple of years, VPS hosting has gained a lot of momentum and many web hosts have now started offering free VPS hosting.

A free VPS server hosting, obviously, is not as powerful and robust as a paid one. However, it is highly suitable for web/application development purposes, and also if you want to get a taste of VPS hosting before actually moving your website to it.

We conducted extensive research and compiled this list of free and paid VPS hosting providers.

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61+ Best Lorem Ipsum Generators of 2020 (Hand-Picked Collection)

Srotareneg muspI merol…unable to understand my words? Well, don’t worry.  It is actually the word ‘lorem ipsum generators’ spelt backwards.

The basic idea here is to draw attention to the design and not the content.

Are you thinking that ‘ why would someone love to write a thing which does not have any meaning?’

Well, this drives us to an interesting topic of dummy words ‘ lorem Ipsum’

So let’s start.

What is lorem Ipsum?

In simple words it is the dummy text or the filler text used by the designers to display the layout.

Who uses lorem Ipsum?

Graphic designers use lorem ipsum in designing. This helps to draw attention to the layout rather than the content itself. They want to show how the design will look with images and text after adding the content.

So here is the EXHAUSTIVE list of Lorem Ipsum generators we spend hours to find it from the Net.

For your simplicity we have classified it into different categories.

Happy Hunting!

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10 Best Free VPN Services in 2020 (with Pros and Cons)

VPNs have always been an important tool for the internet age, but in the last few years they have become increasingly popular and talked about.

More and more people have become interested in VPNs, for a variety of reasons. There are numerous cheap VPN providers.

There are always those who wish to protect their privacy, whether for practical reasons (such as journalism) or simply because they like their privacy.

There are those who want to avoid government snooping without really affecting their internet browsing.

There are those who just want to stream content they can’t in their location.

And there are those who are simply getting sick of increasingly creepy advertisements.

I love VPN technology, and I’ve used my fair share of them over the years.

In the end you’ll need to experiment with some to figure out for yourself what “clicks” best. But hey, there’s no way you’ll know if you want to use

VPNs, or know which VPNs you want to use, if you can’t do it easily…or affordably.

Whether you want to experiment with VPNs to find one worth investing in, or if you just want some affordable options to secure your privacy, this list should be a good place to start.

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8 Best Magento Hosting Providers (Number #1 is Just Excellent)

For those of you who haven’t heard of Magento, this is an open source e-commerce platform.

Over the years this has been segregated as Magento Opensource or Community edition platform and Magento commerce which is an Enterprise edition platform.

Did you know, Magento can be alternatively used instead of WordPress for online store creation.

In most cases, WordPress along with WooCommerce is used for online store creation. This can simply be done using Magento hosting.

Both of these being equally powerful platforms, let me walk you through the actual differences between them.

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How to Make a Podcast Website Using WordPress (No coding needed)

The world of content marketing demands that content is diverse and is not just about content writing. Other forms of content creation, such as video and audio in the form of podcasts. If you have started a podcast, you will want to create a podcast website to host your content.

A podcast website allows your listeners to get to know you and the inspiration behind your content. WordPress is the simplest tool available to use when it comes to building a good looking and user-friendly website.

With a simple and professional website, it will become easier to manage your content and innovate ways to connect with your audience. Here are simple ways to get started:

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MilesWeb Review: Is It Value For Money? (2020)

Are you looking for a hosting service in India? Chances are you came across MilesWeb Hosting service but can’t seem to make up your mind?

Well, this review is certain to help you decide whether MilesWeb is worth your time or not.

You can check out how we review hosting services. Based on certain procedures, methods & parameters, we determine a great hosting service.

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7 Best Cloud Gaming Services for 2020 (No. 3 is My Favorite)

So, you want to play video games.

Not a colorful puzzle from your smartphone’s app store.

We’re talking about high-powered games—ones that are meant to involve you seriously.

They usually have beautiful graphics, immersive campaign/story modes and/or well-developed multiplayer.

But unfortunately, playing such games can quickly add up:

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5 Best Moodle Hosting Providers of 2020 (Ultimate Guide)

Imagine there is a Software which helps you make a website for education. You don’t need to. Because Learning Management System is already there and it is used for providing online education through training programs and courses.

Currently, there are approximately 16533 companies and educational institutions that are using moodle and the numbers are increasing.

Now one can learn their desired course or gain knowledge of a subject over the internet. One of the platforms that will help you with this is Moodle.

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ConvertKit Review: Worth & Affordable – But How’s Their Support…

So, you need to market through email. You’re lucky, because there are many options out there.

But you’ve got a problem: how do you know which one is right for you?

Here’s where ConvertKit comes in:

It’s one of the more unique email marketing tools around.

Substantially, it’s just like its competitors. Most of the basic features you want will be there.

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Shopify vs. WordPress: Reviewed after 27 Days Testing! (2020)

If you have been interested in setting up your own store online, you’ve probably come across these two heavyweights:

Shopify, and WordPress. 

Shopify is one of the biggest commercial ecommerce platforms around:

shopify about

Over a MILLION business use Shopify, and $183 BILLION in economic activity.

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