Wix vs Weebly: Head-to-Head Comparison (5 Differences Compared)

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Wix and Weebly are very special to me. A long time ago, when I was just a wee lad, I thought making websites was the coolest thing anyone could do (what’s changed?).

Of course, the first thing I would look up was how to create a website for free—which is still a relevant topic I care about.

And so I created my first websites using Weebly, Wix, and Blogger. As a younger guy, Weebly and Wix really caught my eye—they were flashy, had lots of fun widgets, and let you create just about anything you wanted.

Over the years, Weebly and Wix have grown tremendously. They’ve increased their features since being founded in 2006, have ecommerce and blogging functionalities, and have redesigned their user interface multiple times.

By this point, these two are by far among the most popular website builders around.

Wix may be the bigger brother, with over 110 million active users at the last count. Weebly is no runt though, supporting over 50 million active sites.

I truly consider them brothers, by the way. They have remarkably similar pricing, features, user interfaces, and core focuses.

They both start with the letter W and are popular for letting users make free accounts that can publish under the companies’ subdomains.

But that’s the thing—brothers, not identical twins. They’re not the same, they’re similar, and that means they will have different strengths and weaknesses. The question is therefore begged: who’s better?

Let’s find out.

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Free VPN vs Paid VPN: Which is better? (2019)

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If you are strict about any of your online activity, getting a VPN service is inevitable.

The service will create for you a safe, private and encrypted connection on the internet especially connections that are not very secure.

When considering the choice of VPN to use, you will need to research for one that has a solid balance of connectivity protocols, great features and server location.

A VPN service has other great benefits that many users need and hence it is necessary to get an ideal VPN service that will offer you that.

How to choose either a free VPN or a paid VPN

The ultimate choice of whether to get a free or paid VPN will be highly dependent on what you are looking to achieve.

For instance, if you just need a VPN that will give you access to some services like Netflix or to any geo-restricted content then a free VPN can suffice.

However, if you are looking for a more serious VPN that will give you enhanced online security then for sure your only option is to go with the paid VPN.

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5 Best BlueHost Alternatives 2019 [Number #2 is Incredible]

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Few of the concerns while using Bluehost services are regarding speed, performance, pricing structure, high renewals, limited add-ons included in the basic hosting plan, poor customer support to name a few.

Owing to these limitations, a lot of Bluehost users are on the lookout for other alternatives. Bluehost’s degrading services are driving users to opt for other hosting platforms.

Through this post, I will provide you the top 5 alternatives for Bluehost, which would help you choose your perfect hosting platform.

In case you’re in a hurry, here are our Top BlueHost Alternatives:

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Bluehost Review: Solid Uptime (100%), What about Customer Support?

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Chris Wagner

“I have been a paying customer for BlueHost since April 2017.

I am monitoring BlueHost’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through my website

This review of BlueHost is based on actual testing done on their servers.”

This Bluehost Review was revised and updated on March 19, 2019.

Bluehost is REALLY popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right host for you. Don’t worry—we’re going to figure that out right now.

Here’s why I can help:

I’ve used it on and off over a long period of time and I’ve been formally testing it since April 2017.

And after getting really friendly with Bluehost, it’s time I share my research with the world—so that no one buys hosting they shouldn’t, and so that no one misses a great opportunity.

Let me set the stage: Bluehost is one of the most well-known web hosting companies in the world. How well-known?

We’re talking about over 2 MILLION websites that get supported by Bluehost—the big leagues.

But is Bluehost too big? I mean, clearly it must be doing something right, but doesn’t a certain size also mean Bluehost could be fooling the crowd? Or maybe Bluehost won’t care for your business as personally as a smaller hosting company?

Plus, Bluehost itself is owned by a larger conglomerate. How do you know an unaccountable major corporation is going to look after you and your business? Your site’s information?

There are some reasons to be concerned with Bluehost. Believe me, I took them to heart when I began testing.

More than half a year later, I’ve come out with some mixed feelings. Bluehost does a lot of stuff right, but I can’t recommend to everyone.


Let me show you.

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Hostinger Review: Awesome Uptime (100%), How About Features?

Reading Time: 9 min read

Chris Wagner

“I have been a paying customer for Hostinger since August 2018.

I am monitoring Hostinger’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through my website

This review of Hostinger is based on actual testing done on their servers and interaction with their customer support.”

What is Hostinger?

It’s about time we get an updated review of Hostinger up. After all, Hostinger has been a major hosting force in an internet full of different hosting platforms.

If you haven’t heard of Hostinger before, you might be surprised to learn it is, in fact, a sprawling hosting provider. I mean it: Hostinger has over 29 million users and subsidiaries in 178 countries.

It started in 2004, but from its small beginnings, it’s become a fantastic hosting option.

In this review, we’ll talk about a lot—but to give you a quick answer, Hostinger is good. Not perfect, but overall cheap relative to what you get for the buck.

But hey, that’s an oversimplification. So what are we waiting for?

Let’s dive in.

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iPage Review: 6 Pros & 3 Cons of Using it!

Reading Time: 6 min read

Chris Wagner

“We have been a paying customer for iPage hosting since August 2018.

We are monitoring iPages’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through our website

This review of iPage hosting is based on actual testing done on their servers.”

This iPage Hosting Review was revised and updated on March 19, 2019.

iPage is a well-known and popular hosting platform. If you have been frequently checking for different hosting platforms, then surely you would have heard this name before.

iPage is a web hosting and domain registration company. Well, it is a part of Endurance International Group, which also includes Bluehost and HostGator. This is relatively an older web hosting platform as compared to its competitors.

It was first launched in 1998 by Thomas Gorny. iPage has its headquarters in Burlington, MA, USA. It does provide a range of services and hosting options to choose from.

iPage review

iPage serves over 1 million customers worldwide. It is large and well-known, but are they good enough is a question yet to be answered.

To get every question answered, I decided to review iPage and its web hosting services in particular.

Through this post, I will help you decide if iPage suffices your purpose of using it for your website.

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Bluehost Coupon — Save $181.44 + FREE Domain

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BlueHost Hosting Coupon Code

In this article, I am going to give you BlueHost Coupon Code.

Comparison: Discounted Price vs Non Discounted Price

As Bluehost exclusive partner, we offer you special discounts on web hosting plans.

Plan Without Discount With Discount Savings (in 3 yr)
Basic $7.99/mo $2.95/mo $181.44
Plus $10.99/mo $5.45/mo $199.44
Choice Plus $14.99/mo $5.45/mo $343.44
Pro $23.99/mo $13.95/mo $361.44

Last used 3 hours ago
Reviewed by: Chris Wagner

Why use Bluehost for Web Hosting?

BlueHost is one of the most popular Web Hosting Company today powering more than 2 million websites. It provides very affordable Linux Shared Hosting, Cloud Sites, VPS and Dedicated Hosting.

BlueHost is officially recommends by WordPress. So, if you are a WordPress Blogger, BlueHost is the best choice for you.

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HostPapa Review: You’ve Heard of it. But Should you Use it?

Reading Time: 8 min read

What is HostPapa?

HostPapa is one of the more spirited hosting companies out there.

Maybe it’s the name, maybe it’s the small-to-medium sized community of users, but HostPapa strikes me as a friendly platform.

It’s a smaller hosting service, but it’s still managed to make a name for itself.

Whereas the bigger hosting companies have provided for millions of sites, HostPapa’s number is closer to 200,000 (it was 160,000 two years ago, so grain of salt).

HostPapa claims

It’s been in business since 2006 and seems to have done nothing but grow since then.

It sells itself as a familial platform, where everyone is connected in a warm-hearted HostPapa community.

I kind of see the appeal—actually, HostPapa makes me think of a local, popular pizza place, but for the hosting world.

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DreamHost Review – Based on Our Experience

Reading Time: 10 min read

Chris Wagner

“We have been a paying customer for DreamHost since April 2017.

We are monitoring DreamHost’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through our website

This review of DreamHost is based on actual testing done on their servers.”

This DreamHost Hosting Review was revised and updated on March 14, 2019.

Ah, DreamHost. Of all the companies we’ve looked at, DreamHost is certainly one of the most recognizable.

Having purportedly serviced 1.5 million websites, DreamHost is up there with the other major players in the hosting game.

Another reason it’s such a major player and viewed so credibly is its history: DreamHost has been running since 1997, which might as well be a few decades in internet years.

So you’ve been looking into your next potential hosting platform. Maybe you have no idea where to start, or maybe you’re already thinking of specific companies and specific plans.

We’re here to help you figure out what different companies can offer you, and right now I’m about to tell you how DreamHost performs based on my own experience with them.

Does DreamHost’s reputation far outweigh its performance?

Or are things pretty aligned?

Keep reading to find out!

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2019’s Best Drupal Hosting Providers (Number #3 is Awesome)

Reading Time: 10 min read

A lot of people are inclined to use Drupal as this is one of the free and open source content management platform written in PHP.

Drupal is flexible, easy to use, scalable and enhances web development in its own sense. As a matter of fact, Drupal has a good customer base.

Though WordPress has been a more popular CMS, a point to note is that Drupal is rapidly picking up in the market.

So, are you just starting to explore Drupal and need to know the best Drupal hosting platforms?

Here is exactly the place, where I will walk you through 7 best Drupal hosting options.

But do you need a good reason to check what is different between Drupal and WordPress? Then hold on, let us first check this before getting any further.

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000WebHost Review: My Pros & Cons using 000Webhost

Reading Time: 5 min read
This 000WebHost Review was revised and updated on March 13, 2019.

Getting a free host is always an exciting deal, especially when you are running low on budget. If you have been searching for free hosting then you would realize that the options for well-known and free hosting are somewhat limited.

Here I would speak about one such well-known hosting option which is popularly known for its free hosting services. This is none other than 000webhost.

000webhost is part of Hostinger. With 000webhost you can avail a lifetime free service, a reason to make it more unique.

Being a fully free hosting service, 000webhost does have few limitations, however, it gives a series of benefits which you probably would never expect in free hosting.

So, getting down to the crux of the point, 000webhost has few pros and cons which I will be discussing in more details through my review.

Go ahead and enjoy reading more about 000webhost!!

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A2 Hosting Review: Give Us 5 Min, We’ll Give You The Facts

Reading Time: 10 min read

Chris Wagner

“We have been a paying customer for A2 Hosting since July 2017.

We are monitoring A2 Hosting’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through our website

This review of A2 Hosting is based on actual testing done on their servers”.

This A2 Hosting Review was revised and updated on February, 2019.

Every now and then I review a company that is simultaneously unknown to most of the public (even on the internet public), and very well-regarded among those who follow hosting.

A2 Hosting is one such company.

Founded in 2001, A2 has gone from hosting a few websites to a few thousand.

That’s great growth, but is a few thousand really something to brag about?

Even the quality hosting providers on the smaller side service hundreds of thousands of sites.

And yet, A2 has managed to stay in the game for 17 years without losing its competitive edge.

As they like to show, A2 has won quite a few hosting awards from popular sites.

It’s natural for you to wonder if A2 is as capable as its reputation suggests.

Are you looking at a hidden gem or a mediocre service that’s fooled a few people into going along with it?

Does its small size mean it lacks features, or that it focuses more on quality—or both?

All these questions and more, I will address in this review.

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SiteGround Review: Pros & Cons after 17 Months of Monitoring!

Reading Time: 12 min read

Chris Wagner

“I have been a paying customer for SiteGround since October 2017.

I am monitoring SiteGround’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through my website

This review of SiteGround is based on actual testing done on their servers and interaction with their customer support.”

This SiteGround Hosting Review was revised and updated on March 13, 2019.

Ah, SiteGround. If you’ve been looking into web hosting lately, there is no way you haven’t stumbled across this name.

Easily one of the biggest names in the world of web hosting, it can be a little hard to know where to start.

It’s mostly stayed out of the news, minus its vocal opposition to the United States bills SOPA and PIPA a few years ago (if you’re unfamiliar, it was in good company here, joining many major online companies in protest).

If it’s stayed out of the news though, it definitely has not stayed out of articles and reviews. It’s just too notable to not hear about if you’re curious about this stuff. In fact, SiteGround is one of the biggest names in hosting, supporting over 2 million websites.

But is bigger always better? How many online SiteGround reviews can you really trust anyway? What makes SiteGround stand apart from some other top names?

Of course, I can’t fully answer those questions, but I hope to at least shed some light about SiteGround nonetheless.

Keep reading to learn more about my thoughts regarding this hosting giant.

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Lunarpages Review 2019: Solid Hosting, But is it RIGHT for You?

Reading Time: 10 min read

Hosting has a lot of big names. Well, it has a lot of names that are really popular, and then a large selection of names well-known to those who are already ingrained in the hosting world.

Lunarpages is one such company. It’s unlikely to be a name the uninitiated has come across. And yet, Lunarpages has a surprising roster of current and former customers.

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Host-Tracker Review: Based on our Experience (2019)

Reading Time: 4 min read

Overall Rating:

Host-Tracker not only provides website monitoring services but is equipped with several other services and can provide a detailed report for these parameters. This is specifically designed to keep your website reliable and secure at all times.

Pros of Host-Tracker:

  • Provides versatile feature for monitoring and security driven monitoring
  • A good number of server locations to monitor services
  • Detailed reporting features
  • Supports API, Domain/IP blacklisting
  • Good support for alerts with provisioning for alerts via different mediums
  • Configurable monitoring duration, error messages, report format

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