Don’t Make Them Wait

One thing people always run short on is time and if your site meets them on a bad day then consider them gone. Hell, the search engine crawlers might end up ignoring you. Speed is quintessential to a high-traffic website.

The Easiest Way to Get Your Site Mileage Up

We’ve accumulated over 20 years of experience to make your site faster and work better without the hefty price tag.

Website Audit & Analysis

We perform a thorough inspection of your site to accurately gauge your current performance using professional and industry-standard tools. After a complete analysis, we start tackling all potential areas for upgrade & improvement.

On-Site Optimization

We clone your live site down to a T and then our expert coders go through each line of code looking for components to fix or optimize that directly affect your site’s performance.

Page Speed Improvement Report

We believe in complete transparency in our operations. After we’re done optimizing your site, we send you a complete report of all tasks & changes performed.

Chat with an Web Performance Expert

We'll answer any questions you have and help explore how our website optimization team can help improve your website.

A Complete Round-Up for the Best Performance


We update your website code to make sure it is up to date.


Unused or unoptimized plugins running on your site affect overall performance. We make sure they are up-to-date or gone.


If your site’s theme loads slowly, then we edit the base code without affecting the site to make sizable improvements.


Your site constantly produces a lot of temporary files that affects user experience. We equip your site with an appropriate cache plugin to clean up unwanted files.


Images are important for your site but they could be huge in size, which is why we make sure they are compressed and optimized for all screen sizes.


We make sure all the videos on your site are displayed with an optimized content delivery system to ensure smooth delivery.


We can tweak the necessary configuration of your CDN or replace it with a better one to increase your site speed.


We optimize your queries, produce optimal indexes, and edit areas of potential deficiency for a clean structure.

Lazy Loading

We implement lazy loading that only triggers the code that is absolutely needed for execution, leaving behind the unwanted code. Hence, enhanced performance.


Many hosting services come with Jetpack and if yours does, we can configure it for backups and security features.


Our coders can minimize strands of codes, components, or even file sizes to reduce load on the server and increase resources for fast content loading.

Ready to Fly?

Hop on board and we'll make your site quicker, cleaner, domineer!
Just $349 for most websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a website optimization service take?

We can get your site fully optimized and ready to go in a maximum period of 5 days or even a week give or take for all kinds of websites. If your website incorporates a larger amount of data like a blog or e-store then it could be a while longer.

What kind of websites can you optimize?

Name it! Name it and we’ll get it done. Our main focus tends to be WordPress due to a large part of our user base swearing by it, but we can bring over the same tools or techniques to any other kind of software or platform as well.

How fast is an optimized site?

It relies on varying factors across varying types of websites. We initially like to conduct a before and after performance comparison to measure accurate website scores which could be marginal or vast depending on your software.

When will my site be up and optimized?

In short: a big website equals more time, a small website means less time. In long: If your website deals with vast bouts of traffic and circulates a lot more data than, say a personal blog, then patience is recommended. However, if you have a small niche website that deals with a small crowd then a week at best.