Bluehost Vs. InMotion Hosting Comparison

Comparison updated: September 2018
Today I will walk you through a comparative analysis of two big hosting platforms- Bluehost and Inmotion. Both of these are well-known hosting platforms.

Bluehost has its headquarters in Provo, Utah, USA and is considered to be one of the 20 largest hosting platforms. This comes from the fact that it is part of the Endurance International Group which collectively hosts more than 2 million domains.

Inmotion hosting is yet another large hosting companies and is on the market since 2001. This again is a stable hosting platform and provides a wide array of the feature list.

Bluehost v/s Inmotion Comparison:

Let us compare these platforms on the basis of few parameters.

To test this, I have registered into both these hosting platforms and explored their different options, features, and ease of usability. I will start this with, Speed and Performance.

1. Speed and Performance:

Let us start this by checking Bluehost speed test. This is as shown below-

Bluehost server speed:

BlueHost server speed test – A+. Credit: Bitcatcha

InMotion Hosting server speed:

A similar test on Inmotion gave the below result:

InMotion Hosting server speed test – B+. Credit: Bitcatcha
From above stats, Bluehost has a better speed performance as compared to Inmotion.

Next, let us check the performance for Bluehost.

bluehost speed performance


A similar test for Inmotion is shown below-




In terms of performance Inmotion slightly better than BlueHost.

Let us compare few more parameters for these hosting platforms.

2. BlueHost vs InMotion Pricing Comparison:

BlueHost InMotion
Plan Basic Launch
Websites 1 2
Website Space 50 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered Unlimited
Addon domain Unlimited Unlimited
Parked Domains 5 6
Sub Domains 25 25
Data Transfer Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Account Yes Yes
Email Hosting Yes Yes
Email Storage 100 MB Unlimited
No. of Email Accounts 5 Unlimited
Webmail Support Yes Yes
Spam Free Protection Yes Yes
Site Backups Free Data Backup
Money Back Guarantee 30 days 90 days
Price / mo. $2.95 / mo. $3.99 / mo.
Visit BlueHost Visit InMotion

As far as the pricing is concerned, Bluehost seems cheaper as compared to Inmotion. A point to be noted is that this pricing is for the first time.

The renewals for both these hosting platforms are almost similar. So this would leave you with almost the same budget for either of these platforms.

As far as the pricing is concerned I cannot find much difference in both of these platforms.

3. Feature Comparison:

Evaluating the features of both these platforms is a key criterion for comparison. Both Bluehost, as well as Inmotion, has many good to use features.

Let us start by checking the hosting types of both hosting providers.

BlueHost vs InMotion Hosting Types:

Hosting Types BlueHost InMotion
Shared hosting Yes Yes
VPS hosting Yes Yes
WordPress hosting Yes Yes
WooCommerce hosting Yes No
Reseller hosting No Yes
Dedicated hosting Yes Yes

Next, let us check both hosting providers main features that included in basic plans:

BlueHost vs InMotion Hosting Main Features:
Features BlueHost InMotion
Website 1 2
Storage 50 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unmetered Unlimited
Parked Domains 5 6
Subdomains 25 25
Email Accounts 5 Unlimited
Email Storage 100 MB Unlimited

Both of these have free domain registration. However, Inmotion has a more exhaustive feature list.

It provides better security-driven features even for the basic plan. Also, it includes free data backup in the most launch plan.


Looking at the feature list I would say, here Inmotion performs better than Bluehost. Inmotion can provide a good feature list even for the basic plan.

With Bluehost, you would have to shift to a more expensive plan to get the advantage of these features.

4. Customer Support:

Another very important parameter and probably a big differentiator is customer support. This is so important because this is the starting point for any sales. This is the most used option for potential customers.

I will first provide details about Bluehost customer support. Here in order to initiate a live chat you need to provide few of your details.


The live chat is almost instantaneous and the customer support representative provides enough details to answer your query. Fairly a good experience over here.

Next l checked the same thing for Inmotion. Inmotion also has a quick customer support. The representative could quickly provide loads of technical information. Overall a great experience.

InMotion hosting chat

As far as customer support is concerned, I would rate both these platforms as equal. Both have extremely professional services and can quickly resolve queries.

5. Ease of Use:

Well, so far it’s been good. Both these platforms are having a very close competition and are almost there in all the parameters that I have discussed. Next thing on our list is to check the ease of use for both these platforms.

Bluehost cPanel is extremely simple to use and provides well-segregated options. This is not only simple for experienced users but also it is simple for first-time beginners.

Worth noting is their effort to simplify the look and feel just to ensure that users do not have to hunt to search for an option.


Next, let us check this for Inmotion.


This again has easy to use options. However, Inmotion is completely Linux supported. So this requires users to have a certain level of Linux and PHP expertise.

6. Security and Reliability:

One more important feature is the security and reliability of these hosting platforms. As far as security is concerned, Bluehost does not embed most of the security features in the basic plan.


Their more expensive plans include these security features such as Domain Privacy, Spam expert and site backups.

With Inmotion, the basic plan provides some security features. This includes data backups, SSL, Self-Application rollback, Malware Protection and SPAM safe email with IMAP.


Both hosting platforms use the latest technology to provide high performance and stable hosting experience with the least downtime. That way around both is equally reliable.

Bluehost v/s Inmotion Conclusion:

I have compared both the hosting platforms across different parameters. Both have certain distinctive features with some pros and some cons.

Bluehost and Inmotion are both reliable as well as professional hosting platforms. It is very hard to narrow down on one of these.

As far as the pricing is concerned, it looks more or less the same. Since Bluehost renewal prices are almost same as Inmotion.

In case you have a requirement to use a more economical plan with more security features then Inmotion is good to use option.

Inmotion in its basic plan includes certain key security features. Something for which you might need to migrate to a more expensive plan using Bluehost.

On the other hand, Inmotion runs exclusively on Linux based platform. This is a preferable option for PHP based websites. Again this is complex to use for novice users. However, Bluehost is easy to use for novice users also.

Good luck and Happy Hosting!

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