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TMDHosting Review (2024): My Honest Opinion With Pros & Cons

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“We have been a paying customer for TMDHosting since March 2019.

We are monitoring TMDHosting’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through our Test Website.

This review of TMDHosting is based on actual testing done on their servers.”

What is TMDHosting?

TMDHosting is one of the most underrated web hosting services I’ve come across.

That might be a slight misstatement: for those who have rated it, TMDHosting does pretty well.

The only thing is, not many people have really taken a good, hard look at TMDHosting.

TMDHosting is not very well known—there isn’t even a Wikipedia article yet! This is surprising, considering its high reviews.

Before I started using TMD, I had only barely heard of it—I would have guessed it hosted thousands or tens of thousands of sites. The number is closer to 300,000 sites!

TMD has grown a lot in the 11 years it’s been around, minding its own business and providing quality services.

Of course, the usual questions pop up: if it’s not too famous, can we trust the quality?

What’s the catch?

Is this product best for a specific audience?

I’ll address all these questions and more, using my own experience in this TMDHosting Review.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but I think this underdog should get much more coverage than it does—so consider this review the first step in that direction.


Of course, I can’t just say that TMD Hosting is good without qualifying the statement.

Sure, it may be good, but it can’t be perfect. So what does it do wrong, where is it weak?

TMDHosting doesn’t suffer a lot of weaknesses in my opinion.

However, what weaknesses it has are largely concentrated in customer support.

For one, TMDHosting lacks quality on-site information.

It’s not totally barren, but the knowledge base is basically an answers page—if you want to read an answer you need, you have to count on it being asked by someone else.


Or you can ask, and get the question answered on knowledge base page…or you could just go to a representative directly.

So the lack of ready-to-go articles, video tutorials, and step-by-step guides is a bit abnormal and unfortunate.

Additionally, though phone support is generally good, it isn’t 24/7.

Outside of that, TMDHosting offers some Linux and Windows-based hosting plans.

This is good, but the problem is they can sometimes be inconsistent with the Windows plans—only a few web hosting providers offer them, and then most are Linux.

In all though, these are pretty minor complaints.

Let’s take a look at the things that go right.


You may have noticed that most of the things I focused on just now were a bit limited.

That’s because TMD does most other things right.

Customer support is, yes, a bit iffy. However, one positive if those representatives are generally helpful and responsive, and you have three avenues through which you can contact them (phone, live chat, or ticketing).

It is unfortunate that TMD is inconsistent with its Windows hosting service, but the good news is that TMD still offers quite an array of products.

There is still plenty of choices.

Even better, a lot of these are very well priced. I haven’t seen any products that are significantly higher than normal, and a lot are on the lower side of average.

Compounding this is the fact that most TMDHosting products are well-stocked with features.

Even the cheapest, most basic plans—shared web hosting and WordPress hosting—offer a ton of features that aren’t always offered by other companies.

TMD Shared Hosting Features

TMDHosting is in general pretty easy to use—in fact, I like its UI (user interface) more than quite a few other hosting companies’.

Finally, TMDHosting has very good security, above industry standard in my opinion, and very consistent high uptime.


So yes, there are a few things wrong with it, and you will, of course, need to understand what you are searching for well, but TMDHosting, as a hosting company, has a lot going for it. But hey—that was the short answer.

Let me tell you more about how I got here.

TMDHosting: Pricing

Now that I’ve covered the overall positives and negatives of signing up with TMDHosting, I’d like to dive into something that will be first on most of your minds: price.

Is TMD an underdog because it’s overpriced, or is it under appreciated in giving good deals? It’s not fully either, but the answer leans much more closely to the second one.

TMD has consistently competitive pricing. You’ll see in the next section, but the features also weigh out well.

Something I appreciate about TMDHosting is that it gives you both Linux and Windows options. For shared web hosting, Linux plans start at $2.95 a month and go up to $12.95 a month.

TMD Shared Hosting Plans

On Windows, there’s not too much of a difference, with a range of $3.99 to $11.99.

WordPress hosting has prices equivalent to those of Linux shared hosting plans.

Cloud hosting starts pretty affordable, going from $5.95 to $10.95.

VPS hosting has a range of $19.97 to $64.97 between five tiers instead of the usual three.


Reseller hosting options stretch between $19.95 and $49.95.

Dedicated servers are in a pretty typical range: $79.97 to $149.97 between four tiers.

TMD Dedicated Hosting Plans

These prices are largely pretty reasonable. They haven’t fluctuated too much, and they’re well within the normal price range for these products, without many exceptions.

Something else that is nice is quite a few products have a 60-day money-back guarantee. Again, not all: some products have the normal 30-day guarantee.

Nonetheless, a period that’s twice as long is very useful and speaks to TMD’s confidence.

I also haven’t noticed many hidden costs cropping up. I’ll cover it more in a moment, but many of the features included with certain plans would be separate optional upgrades with other companies (for example, daily backups).

The takeaway is that TMDHosting has uniformly lower-to-average pricing that is made even better by a solid set of features.

A variety of plans are available for a prospective customer, so there’s enough choice, and hidden or unexpected costs have not been an issue in my experience.

To give you the short answer: TMDHosting has very reasonable pricing and is consistent in delivering high quality products for a low price (or at least the lower side of average).


TMDHosting: Features

So what are these features then, that make TMD so good, especially for the price?

Let’s start with shared web hosting options, some of the most popular products for any company.

All shared web hosting products come with 99.99% uptime guarantees, unlimited email accounts, and web-building capabilities (you can use a CMS like WordPress, Magento, etc, or an included website builder).

TMDHosting Review: TMD Shared Hosting Feature

The cheapest plan, Starter, also allows for unlimited SSD space, unlimited bandwidth, a free domain, premium support, Let’s Encrypt SSL, and more.

Right off the bat, TMD’s entry-level product is one of the best deals for cheap shared web hosting—many companies do not include free domains, or give unlimited storage space, or are pricier, or do not come with website builders. Or all of those things.

The other shared web hosting plans follow along these lines—they come with better specifications, allow for unlimited websites, better SSL, better performance, and so on.

They come at pretty normal prices, but they do pack more features than a lot of other companies do.

TMDHosting Review: TMD shared hosting features

WordPress hosting offers essentially the same line up of features as web hosting. This isn’t too surprising, but some companies restrict WordPress features differently from web hosting features, and I’m glad to see TMDHosting doesn’t do that.

As WordPress hosting also comes at the same prices as web hosting, WordPress is also a good deal with TMDHosting.

Cloud hosting is exceptionally cheap. In fact, I did wonder if it might be a little too cheap—low in price, but also skimpy in features. As a matter of fact, TMD’s cloud options are some of the best you’ll find.

Look carefully at the specifications first of course, but 2 CPU cores and 2GB DDR4 RAM along with unlimited bandwidth and SSD space for $5.95—that’s a pretty impressive first tier.

TMDHosting Review: TMD Cloud Hosting Features

VPS Hosting is where things get a little more “normal.” Plans start with 40GB of SSD space, 3TB of bandwidth, 2 CPU cores, and 2GB of DDR4 RAM. These allowances go up to 200GB of SSD space, 10TB Bandwidth, 6 CPU Cores, and 12GB or DDR4 RAM at the highest.

The pricing is on the lower side of average, so that’s nice, and ultimately the resources stack up pretty well, but it’s nothing exceptional.

Reseller hosting is okay, but I think a bit more limited than it needs to be—starting with 700GB of bandwidth and ranging to 2000GB, and SSD space going from 65GB to 200GB. Not bad, but there are better options if you dig around.

Finally, dedicated servers with TMD are pretty high quality options.

You start with 4 CPU Cores, 8GB of DDR4 RAM, 1TB of storage and unlimited bandwidth, and you can end with 2×2 TB storage, 8 CPU cores, and 32GB of DDR4 RAM. These are tightly secured options too, which adds to their appeal.

TMD Dedicated Server Features

TMDHosting doesn’t offer any bad deals.

The worst product you’ll get with them will be about average for hosting products—more likely than not, you’ll get something worth the money.
In particular, dedicated servers, shared web hosting plans, and WordPress hosting are very good well-featured products.

Cloud hosting plans might offer some good options, depending on what you’re looking into it for.

Ultimately, I think TMDHosting offers some of the best-featured products out there—especially for smaller users, TMD has a lot to offer.

TMDHosting: Ease of Use

Of course, who wants to have a ton of stuff if it’s a pain to use? Ease of use is important, not just so beginners can get a handle of the platform, but so experienced users can have a very efficient time.

TMDHosting is surprisingly easy to use. Granted, most hosting companies are overall easy to use, but I had thought TMDHosting would be a little more technically-oriented for some reason.

Once I actually started using it, I found TMD to be as easy to use as every other web host.

One thing that is a little annoying is there might be a ton of promotions pushed at you—but that’s not uncommon, and you can get rid of those.

The cPanel is organized similarly to a lot of other cPanels, with a series of categories and each category containing various buttons and features. It is a very straightforward experience.

TMDHosting Review: TMD-cpanel

Something that matters to me a lot, personally, is a good design. At the least, clean and pleasant design.

I don’t want to navigate around something I hate looking at, and unfortunately, plenty of companies in the hosting world don’t focus too much on cPanel or dashboard aesthetics.

Well, luckily TMD Hosting does. It’s nothing crazy, but I’ve found navigating TMD Hosting to be a sleek, smooth, and generally positive experience.

Installing and using WordPress on TMD Hosting is especially easy, a nice surprise.

Overall, TMD Hosting is in fact not only very easy to use but has one of the better UIs and particularly seamless WordPress integration.

Customer Support

Naturally, even if TMD is easy to use, problems can come up.

Maybe you just can’t seem to find a certain feature, or you want to know something that isn’t specified on TMD’s site, or you have a technical difficulty.

Solid customer support is essential. How does TMD Hosting do here?

In my experience, TMD does mostly alright. They offer three main ways of contacting representatives: live chat, phone support, and a ticketing system.
Something you’ll notice right away about TMD Hosting is they are very pro-life chat.

I say this because TMD’s site is one of those that makes little live chat boxes pop up whenever you visit.

As a rule of thumb, I hate it when websites do this. When I tested as a guest, however, I had a pretty good experience.

TMDHosting Review: TMD Customer Support
TMD Customer Support 1
TMDHosting Review: TMD Customer Support 2

The customer service team always responded within a minute (for the last two screenshots, I was the one who gave a delayed response).

In my experience, once logged in, live chat support is about the same, if slightly better.

Some people prefer significantly better treatment once they actually become customers, but it seems to me that good service is good service.

As for TMDHosting’s on-site information, they primarily have a knowledge-base.

This knowledge base is a little confusing at first—unlike other knowledge bases that are essentially organized articles and how-to guides, this one is basically an answers page.

You still get a lot of categories and a search function, but you’re basically looking at a bunch of questions people have asked and the answers. It’s still a useful tool, but I wish their knowledge base still had more traditional content.

Chances are most questions you’ll have will have been asked, but there’s always a chance that you simply cannot find what you’re looking for because no one’s asked it yet.

There is also a company blog (as there usually is), but that’s not exactly a top resource for people seeking help.

Unfortunately, TMDHosting doesn’t have much else for its online resources—no page for webinars or video tutorials, etc.

So in my honest opinion, TMDHosting could use an upgrade to on-site information. It’s not bad, but it is far behind what most competitors offer on their sites.

On the bright side, TMDHosting has excellent customer service, whether on live chat, phone, or the ticketing system.

As a matter of fact, they have one of the best ticketing systems I’ve experienced: TMD guarantees a response time of 15 minutes or less, and this has held true for me.

In all, while TMDHosting could have better on-site materials, it has great representatives that form an overall strong (if imperfect) customer support factor.

Security and Reliability

Finally, we have to tackle one of the things most important for a reputable hosting provider to succeed in security and reliability.

Many companies do exceedingly well in a variety of factors but have (proportionately) disappointing uptime and/or do not talk about their security measures. Does TMD fall prey to this same trap?

TMDHosting assures us that the security measures provided are more than adequate.

This is hardly everything, but it does matter, especially when many companies will not even talk about their security.

For one thing, servers get 24/7 monitoring and are secured by “stationary and roving officers,” anti-tailgating protocols, key card access, biometric access, cameras, and more.

TMDHosting Review

This is pretty impressive—it sounds like TMD servers are as secure as the White House.

TMD also guarantees that any account gets the latest server specifications: all-SSD storage arrays, gigabit connectivity, and the latest generation Intel processors (to name a few).

I find this perfectly believable. TMD is confident they go above and beyond in terms of security, and my experience has mirrored this. I can’t think of any problems I’ve had with TMDHosting as far as security goes.

To add to the point, my uptime with TMD has been excellent.

Despite what TMD says about its servers and data centers, TMD has not been #1 in uptime for me. However, it does rank highly, and for response time as well.

In all, I think TMDHosting has some of the best security I’ve seen, and is highly reliable in giving quality performance.

Do I recommend TMD Hosting?

You might be able to guess what this conclusion will sound like, but I’m going to go ahead and do it anyway.

TMDHosting is underrated, and you should take advantage of it. Of course, there’s some nuance—not every product TMDHosting offers is a great deal. You’ll need to see for yourself what you want, and how TMD can accommodate that.

However, based on my own experience and knowledge of the other web hosting providers, TMD is ahead of the curve. Its products are generally inexpensive and full of features. They work well and perform quite consistently.

Beyond that, TMDHosting is easy to use and though its customer support could use some work, the representatives themselves are very helpful.

Add to that high-grade security measures and great uptime guarantee, and it’s hard to see why TMDHosting isn’t more famous.

No, it’s not perfect, and no company will be optimal for everyone. But I have a feeling TMD Hosting is a better fit for most people than we know. And of course, if you’re unsure, you can try it for a refundable month or two.


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Shubham Pareek

Feb 09, 2019



Value for money

Customer Service

Overall Rating

I am using TMD Cloud Hosting and I am Truly satisfied with their overall performance and great customer service experience, But yes Pricing is little high because I am from India and They charge $167 yearly, which I think is cheaper than other hosting providers when we talk about cloud unlimited SSD hosting.