4 Best SiteGround Alternatives (Number #1 is Just Awesome)

This article was revised and updated on Nov 11, 2020.

If you are looking for SiteGround alternative, then this article is just for you.

I have used SiteGround to host several websites, and yes, it’s frustrating when you don’t get the expected outcome.

With SiteGround you start at a low price and gradually end up paying more than 3 times the initial pricing for subsequent renewal. Isn’t that a little unfair?

That’s not all. SiteGround claims to provide unmetered traffic, however, every plan has a restricted monthly visit. Isn’t this throttling? This is certainly dreadful if you have plans to scale up your traffic.

This is exactly what I will cover here and provide you with 4 SiteGround alternatives.

hostingpill4 Best SiteGround Alternatives
  1. Bluehost (My Favourite)
  2. GreenGeeks
  3. FastComet
  4. A2 Hosting

SiteGround Alternative No.1: Bluehost

BlueHost Banner

First, I would suggest Bluehost as a good SiteGround alternative. This is a popular hosting platform and is officially recommended for WordPress.

Bluehost powers over 2 million websites worldwide. It comes with versatile services and distinct features making it easier to host websites.

Reason 1 – No Throttling:

This is my first reason, for Bluehost being a good SiteGround alternative. All plans have standard performance. The basic plan provides a 50 GB SSD storage.

All plans support unmetered bandwidth. While the plans might have resource limitation which can be scaled at any point in time, however, this in no way restricts your growth.

It is supported with SSD storage along with CloudFlare CDN to provide considerable performance.

Reason 2 – Pricing:

Bluehost provides 4 plans with the basic plans starting at $2.95/month. This is sufficient for a single website. The plan renews at $7.99/month which is still budget friendly as compared to SiteGround.

BlueHost Plans
All plans include domains, backups, basic security features, customer support, SSL certificates, and enable resource scale up on the fly.

Reason 3 – Features:

Bluehost supports shared, dedicated, VPS, WordPress hosting. Domain registration is included for 1 year when you sign up for Bluehost.

Bluehost provides website building capabilities with built-in website builder using Weebly. Alternatively, you can use WordPress or other available third-party options.

As an add-on, you can get additional features such as SiteLock, Unique IP, CodeGuard, Domain Privacy, Spam protection, access control, Spam Expert.

Reason 4 – Customer Support:

You can reach Bluehost customer support via tickets, chats, emails, phone. Using chat and phone would give you an instant response.

It has WordPress expertise and provides 24/7 customer support for tech as well as sales queries. Bluehost provides free consultations with web experts.

The web experts help users with blogs, websites, traffic generation, SEO, web security, speed, designing. Also included is their marketing service which works over web design, SEO and content creation.

Reason 5 – WordPress Hosting:

Bluehost is the recommended hosting partner for WordPress websites. This host over 8,50,000 WordPress websites.

With this, Bluehost supports WordPress hosting with plans starting at $2.95/month. This includes WordPress installation, updates, and provides a staging environment.

It is built with multiple themes and in case you want more advanced features then you can choose the WP Pro plan. Bluehost also supports e-commerce with its WooCommerce plans which starts at $6.95/month.

SiteGround Alternative No.2: GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks Banner
GreenGeeks is the only eco-friendly hosting platform that I recommend as a good SiteGround alternative.

GreenGeeks has been around for almost 10 years. Though not the most well-known hosting platform, GreenGeeks certainly seems promising in several ways.

Reason 1 – Uptime Guarantee:

greengeeks uptime
GreenGeeks gives a good and consistent uptime. In most cases, it maintains a constant 100% uptime.

GreenGeeks gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee for its shared hosting. This in a way reassures the uptime. Sadly, SiteGround does not provide such a guarantee for shared hosting.

Reason 2 – Pricing:

GreenGeeks gives you 3 plans for shared hosting. The most basic plan contains a host of useful features and still costs only $2.95/month in case you choose a 3-year plan.

Notably, GreenGeeks provides flexibility when it comes to plans and pricing. You can choose a bare minimum 1-month plan or a maximum 3-year plan.

GreenGeeks Plans
GreenGeeks includes setup fee and domain registration fee in the plan. In reality, you don’t have to pay additionally for most of the services.

Contrary, to this SiteGround, as you are aware does not have such pricing flexibility and is more expensive.

Reason 3 – Security Features:

Security is primarily important when it comes to website hosting.

GreenGeeks best understands your security concerns. All plans cover a bare minimum Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL.

Additionally, you can choose a Premium SSL. The infrastructure of GreenGeeks uses container-based technology which gives maximum security along with scalability.

It provides hosting account isolation, proactive round the clock server monitoring, real-time security scanning for virus and malware, automatic updates for security patches, enhanced SPAM protection with scheduled nightly backups.

GreenGeeks provides some advanced security features which are completely missing in SiteGround.

Reason 4 – Add-Ons:

GreenGeeks includes backups and restoration as part of every plan. You get a free domain name along with free website migration.

All plans include 24/7 technical support. GreenGeeks is developer friendly and supports a wide range of technologies.  In case you select e-commerce hosting, then you get a free shopping cart installation.

The plans include free drag and drop builder, free email accounts, unlimited database, cPanel and softaculous.

Reason 5 – No Throttling:

GreenGeeks provides scalable computing resources. It has multiple data centers and contains SSD-RAID 10 storage.

The databases and servers are optimized and include a free CDN integration which provides good speed via caching.

GreenGeeks PerformanceYou can also alternatively choose their power cacher. The redundant infrastructure provides you unlimited bandwidth with least throttling.

SiteGround Alternative No.3: FastComet:

fastcomet bannerFastComet is yet another SiteGround alternative. It gives as much as SiteGround and much more. A not to miss hosting platform, FastComet has grown substantially in the past few years.

It has an unbeatable feature list with competitive pricing and you receive loads of goodies as part of the plan. FastComet beats all yardsticks when it comes to hosting and website building.

Reason 1 – Pricing:

FastComet has 3 different plans when it comes to shared hosting. Now here is something unbelievable. FastComet has its lowest plan pricing at $2.95/month.

With the highest plan, you would spend only $5.95/month. This is much lower than the SiteGround basic plan after renewal.

fastcomet regular and sale price

Clearly, this is a budget-friendly hosting option. Most features are included in the plan.

Reason 2 – Perks and Freebies:

As mentioned earlier, a lot of features are included in the plan. To start with, you get free domain transfer, free website transfer.

FastComet feature

Also included with the plan is free DNS management, a private DNS, cPanel, 300+ free applications, softaculous, FTP, and email hosting.

When you choose a FastComet plan, you also receive few perks. You get free Zopim LiveChat, Attracta SEO. Additionally, you get 20% discounts on WP Rocket and SiteCake which can be used for website creation.

Reason 3 – Speed Optimization and performance:

FastComet has a good base when it comes to speed optimization and performance. At a basic level, FastComet is made up of custom optimized servers.

FastComet has multiple caching and optimization. Some of these included are Varnish, Memcached, APC for PHP caching, OPCache for PHP modules, CloudFlare CDN Caching, lossless data compression.

fastcomet caching and speed optimization features

Features such as asynchronous resource loading, auto minify for js/CSS/HTML files, aggressive gzip, JavaScript bundling, browser optimization ensure the page loads are faster.

Reason 4 – Security:

FastComet includes good security features and all of this is included in every plan, which is an added advantage. Apart from SSL, it has several other features.

FastComet provides security by using a network firewall, web application firewall, malware protection, brute-force protection, malware detection with removal, hotlink and password protection.

Some advanced level security features are also incorporated within each plan. This includes BitNinja server security, account isolation, two-factor authentication, CageFS security.

As a basic check FastComet provides 24/7 server monitoring along with daily backups.

Reason 5 –  Developer features:

While FastComet is good when it comes to performance, stability, load times, security, at the same time it also is packed with features exclusively for developers.

Their support comes across multiple technologies with no restrictions. To name a few, FastComet developer features include Bash support, Python support, Perl support, PHP support, MySQL, SSH.

These are the basic features which you would get in most platforms.

But wait. There are some more added features here.

FastComet also supports Node.js, GIT, WP-CLI for WordPress, Drush for Drupal, Ray media server (RMS), Laravel, genesis, Phalcon, Symfony and not to miss Google apps integration.

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SiteGround Alternative No.4: A2 Hosting

A2 hosting Banner
My fourth alternative to SiteGround is A2 Hosting. A2 hosting has a range of hosting options and supports Windows as well as Linux hosting.

With a good uptime commitment and loads of features, A2 Hosting does have a lot to offer. A2 Hosting is a budget-friendly option and works as a good SiteGround alternative.

Reason 1 – Uptime and Performance:

When it’s about shared hosting, most hosting platforms do not provide an uptime guarantee. Contrary to this, A2 hosting provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

A2 hosting uses SSD storage and provides unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. The higher end plans provide Turbo servers which provide 20 times the speed.

A2 Hosting Uptime

Having monitored A2 hosting speed and uptime, I can clearly state that A2 hosting provides an average of 99.98% uptime. For shared hosting, this is a substantial uptime.

a2 hosting uptime

So here is the difference, SiteGround upright does not provide any uptime guarantee with its shared hosting.

Reason 2 – Plans and Pricing:

A2 hosting at a higher level support multiple types of hosting. This includes Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, and Dedicated hosting.

A2 Hosting Plans

Speaking about their most popular Shared hosting plans, this starts at $3.92/month. This provides 3 different plans.

A2 Hosting Shared plans

With a lot of versatile plans, A2 hosting provides a better choice of plans and is equally affordable. The plans have any time money back guarantee.

So, the plans are almost equally priced to SiteGround. However, in case you have a closer look, you would realize renewals are cheaper with A2 hosting as compared to SiteGround.

Reason 3 – Security and Reliability:

A2 hosting offers good inbuilt security features. To start with A2 hosting provides Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.

In case you have a particular SSL requirement, then you certainly will find a good choice while using A2 hosting. You can have SSL for a single site or have a wildcard SSL for multiple sites. Also supported is premium and advance SSL.

To protect your website, A2 hosting provides HackScan protection which is included in the plan.

A2 hosting Hack scan

Added on to the security are their dual firewall, Brute Force defense, KernelCare kernel updates, and other intuitive security features.

A2 hosting provides DDoS protection as well. While this has tons of security features, it’s reliable as well. Constant backup and infrastructure ensure consistent uptime.

Reason 4 – Additional Features:

I have spoken about A2 hosting plans, uptime, performance, speed, security, and reliability. However, A2 hosting is not restricted to just these parameters.

A2 hosting offers anytime money guarantee. The plans include free website transfer and are supported by A2 hosting customer support.
cPanel is included in the plan. A2 Hosting is a platform that is purely developer friendly. It does provide several developer specific features.

Few of these included are PHP support for all versions, MariaDB, MySQL, PERL, Python, PostgreSQL, FTP/SFTP, Node.js, SSH, Apache 2.4. This works perfectly well for Java, PHP, Asp.net, Node.js hosting.

Reason 5 – Customer Support:

It’s easy to find information while you are using A2 hosting. You have dedicated round the clock support available.

You can reach customer support over tickets or live chat. In case you are looking for technical help for SSL setup or website transfer, you would get enough help over here.

There is a lucid knowledge base available and includes FAQs, blogs and similar help tutorials. Beginners, as well as advanced users, would find enough help while using A2 hosting.

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SiteGround Alternatives: Final Thoughts

Web Hosting Storage Ease of use Uptime Cost (Monthly) Our Rating
Bluehost 50 GB SSD ★★★★★ ★★★★★ $2.95/mo. ★★★★★
GreenGeeks Unlimited ★★★★★ ★★★★★ $2.95/mo. ★★★★★
FastComet 15 GB SSD ★★★★ ★★★★ $2.95/mo. ★★★★
A2 Hosting Unlimited ★★★ ★★★★ $3.92/mo. ★★★★

With this, I have provided you a good set of SiteGround alternatives. While all of these are good, one of these stands out.

If I were to choose a single alternative then I would go ahead with Bluehost. This is a platform which gives you value for money with its set of inclusive features.

The well-blended latest technology-driven architecture gives you good speed and performance along with guaranteed uptime.

While you can try any of these, Bluehost is one such option that can be explored.