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You know, millions of Authors and Hundreds of Enterprises have changed their hosting from GoDaddy to InMotionhostingBlueHost, FastComet and DreamHost in recent past. All of them were tired of expensive renewal plans, irritating customer service and vulnerable servers.

GoDaddy is known to attract new customers by offering really cheap domain names and web hosting.

GoDaddy offers new domains for as cheap as $10 per year but when you plan to renew it the very next year they charge ten times of the initial amount. This marketing tactic must have brought in a few customers but it is not a good practice to continue with.

Web Hosting Alternatives to GoDaddy:
GoDaddy Alternatives to buy domain name:

Now let us look at the Top 4 GoDaddy Alternatives:alternative godaddy

Alternative No 1: InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is our first alternative for GoDaddy. They are based out of Los Angeles, CA. They have been CNET certified, have an excellent A+ rating with the BBB and have received numerous industry awards.


Why they are a good GoDaddy alternative? Here’s why:

Reason 1 – SSD Drives:

inmotionhosting SSD Drives:

All hosting plans are powered by Solid state drives (SSD). For those who are new, SSD hard drives do not have any moving parts. So, the speed of writing and reading data is much faster. What this means to the end user? Well, your website will load faster when you compare it with GoDaddy website hosted on spinning hard disk drives.

Reason 2 – Free data backups:

You don’t need to pay for data backups done every 24 hours with InMotion hosting. Whereas in GoDaddy this is a paid option.

Reason 3 – Free Domain Credit:

I know GoDaddy offers free domain when you purchase a shared hosting plan. BUT, you have to book your domain at the time of plan purchase. In most situations, you don’t have a domain name in mind for booking. So, you either end up booking a domain which you really didn’t need or you skip getting your free domain.

That’s not the case with InMotion hosting. They allow you to book your domain at later date if you don’t have any good domain name with you at the time of plan purchase.

Reason 4 – 90 day money back guarantee:

90 day money back guarantee


While GoDaddy offers just 30 days money back guarantee, InMotion Hosting provides a huge 90 day guarantee.

And here’s how they compare feature wise:

InMotion Hosting


PlanLaunch PlanEconomy
Price / mo.$3.49$4.99
Free domain?YesNo
Sub Domains25No
Parked Domains6No
Email StorageUnlimited100MB
FTP AccountsUnlimited50
Refund Period90 days30 Days
Discount56% Off28% Off

If you are new and want to make your own website (using WordPress) then follow my step-by-step guide for creating a website on InMotion Hosting.

Alternative No 2: FastComet (My Favorite)

In my opinion, some of the key features which differentiate FastComet from GoDaddy, are these:

Reason 1 – Easy Interface to Install Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

Godaddy does not provide such interface. You have to get it done from your network admin.

This alone saved me around $40/year as I had to renew Let’s Encrypt SSL every 90 days with help from my network admin. Each such installation was costing me $10.

Reason 2 – Free Domain Renewal

Godaddy charges around $14/year for domain renewals.

FastComet offers this free for life.

That’s $14/year savings for each domain.

Reason 3 – Access to Daily Backups:

This is a life saver. You never know when your server crashes or website messes up or get hacked/deleted. With daily backups you can restore it.

To get your daily backup, Godaddy charges you around $75.

FastComet offers this to you completely free.

That’s $75 (potentially) saved.

Reason 4 – No price gimmicks:

This is how Godaddy price themselves. For your first purchase you get it on a discount and when it renews it renews at a hefty price. Because of this you are forced to buy Godaddy for longer periods. I really felt annoyed with such tactics.

That is why I switched from Godaddy to Fastcomet. FastComet’s renewal price is same as what you buy the first time. It really give a piece of mind.

Reason 5 – Free Hosting Offer:

Best is at the last. FastComet has an offer wherein if you refer to 5 friends to their shared hosting plan, FastComet will offer your free hosting for LIFE!! Yes, for Life. Isn’t that great?

So, for me, switching from Godaddy to FastComet saved me around $40+$14+$75 = $129 in potential savings.

I say potential because that $75 for backup – not everyone might need it.

And 1 year shared hosting plan for FastComet starts at around $71. So, if you can save $54 for sure and $129 potentially, won’t you invest $71? Its a no brainer. Go for it!

And here’s how they compare feature wise:



Price / mo.$3.95$4.99
Free domain?YesNo
Sub DomainsUnlimitedNo
Parked DomainsUnlimitedNo
FTP AccountsUnlimited50
Refund Period45 Days30 Days

If you want to switch to FastComet like me click the link below:

Alternative No 3: BlueHost


BlueHost is owned by EIG(Endurance International Group) & it provides efficient and reliable web hosting services.

Bloggers and enterprises can host their blogs and sites without worrying about hacking or data theft. If you are comparing Bluehost and GoDaddy, you will realize BlueHost has better performing servers, effective customer support and also offers affordable renewal packages.

  • Speed tests conducted by renowned agencies have shown that BlueHost offers the fastest page loading service.
  • BlueHost is known for fast customer service & the quality service is irreplaceable.
  • They have affordable renewal offers as well as affordable first buy options. With BlueHost you get a free domain name worth $10.
  • BlueHost is aware of people migrating from GoDaddy hence they have developed a faster cPanel that helps customer install varied CMS like Joomla and WordPress within seconds.

Here’s why BlueHost is a good GoDaddy Alternative:

Reason 1 – CloudSites:


There’s nothing which worries a website owner than a site downtime. It can lead to lost customers and lost Google rankings. BlueHost has a solution to this – CloudSites. So, when there is any hardware failure, their failover technology automatically shows copy of your site on another server – thus ensure Zero downtime.

GoDaddy does not have anything that matches to CloudSites. Yes, they have Cloud Servers, but it’s intended to use by developers only and it’s too complicated to use and costly as well.

Reason 2 – Resource Protection:

In case of Shared hosting, there are situations when some websites start using excessive resources (during traffic spikes) and affects the performance of other websites hosted on the same server. BlueHost, thru their technology, temporarily re-assigns these excessive resource websites to isolated systems. This way your website performance is not affected.

There is no such system with GoDaddy.

Reason 3 – Training Videos:

build wordpress website

What I really like about BlueHost when it comes to help is their Training Videos. They have published some of the best help videos. I know there are How to videos for GoDaddy. But these are NOT created by GoDaddy but by individuals. So, quality is not good and some of them are not updated to the latest changes in GoDaddy.

Since the training videos are created by BlueHost themselves, they take care to update it to the latest changes. I really like their WordPress Walkthrough series. If you are a newbie to WordPress, due checkout the WordPress series.

Reason 4 – WooCommerce Hosting:

what WooCommerce is. BlueHost offers direct WooCommerce Hosting, so you don’t spend time installing it. With GoDaddy, you have to get the hosting first then install WordPress and WooCommerce to get started. It’s just waste of time and efforts.

See Bluehost WooCommerce Hosting plans.

Reason 5 – Inbuilt Content Delivery Network:

Content Delivery Network

Cloudflare is a World Leader in Content Delivery Network. Content Delivery Network (CDN) automatically increases the performance of your website by distributing it on various servers around the world. Even if your site’s server is in Los Angeles, a New York user “see” the website copy which is residing on a server near to New York. The lag due to distance is not there when you use a CDN network.

BlueHost has CloudFlare built directly into them. So you can enable CloudFlare on any of your website without writing a single piece of code.

There is no such thing with GoDaddy.

Reason 6 – Pricing

And of course, all the above features mean nothing if it’s not backed by a good price. Regular BlueHost prices are cheaper than GoDaddy by a good margin.

See the current BlueHost Plans here.

And here’s how they compare feature wise:



Price / mo.$2.95$4.99
Free domain?YesNo
Sub Domains25No
Parked Domains5No
Email Storage500MB100MB
FTP AccountsUnlimited50
Refund PeriodAnytime30 Days
Discount63% Off28% Off

Get maximum discount on BlueHost and a Free Domain:

Alternative No 4: DreamHost

DreamHost is the third best alternative of GoDaddy. The best thing about DreamHost is that they use SSD drives even for Shared hosting. SSD Drives leads to faster websites and minimal downtime.

DreamHost plan offers unlimited storage for everything. You will have access to unlimited email and hosting space. You are not bound to pay extra for more space and when compared to GoDaddy the renewal packages are very much affordable.

  • Unlimited storage space for everything in one plan.
  • Secure and reliable servers. Serial entrepreneurs prefer DreamHost to GoDaddy and every other hosting server.
  • Uploading and running WordPress on DreamHost is easier when compared to GoDaddy.
  • DreamHost has introduced money back offers for unsatisfied clients. A client can cancel the hosting services within 97 days and receive 100 percent refund.



Price / mo.$5.95$4.99
Free domain?1 for lifeNo
Email AccountsUnlimited100
Refund Period97 Days30 Days
Discount40% Off28% Off

Get maximum discount on DreamHost SSD Web hosting


If I were to choose from any of the above alternatives, then I would definitely choose FastComet.


Because FastComet offers a perfect balance between performance and cost. Not to mention their excellent Customer Support.

#2. FastComet Hosting


I have used FastComet in many of my other projects and have found them to be quite good.

Their servers are quite fast & their customer support is very responsive.

FastComet should be your No 1. choice if you are looking for a good “Value for Money” Web Hosting Company.

But as I always say, there is no “Perfect Web Hosting” company. You need to find the one which fits your need.

And if you find my article useful, do let me know which alternative you decided to switch in the comments below.

Good luck with your hosting!

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