Bandzoogle Review: 8 Things To Know Before You Use it!
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Bandzoogle Review: 8 Things To Know Before You Use it!

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“We have been a paying customer for Bandzoogle since August 2018.

We are monitoring Bandzoogle’s hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through our Test Website.

This review of Bandzoogle is based on actual testing done on their servers and interaction with their customer support.”

Oh yes, today there are so many hosting platforms available in the market. However, most of these are general purpose hosting platforms. By general purpose, I mean you could host any domain.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get an all exclusive hosting platform that can be used for a specific domain that you are looking for?

How about having a hosting platform dedicated to musicians?

There you go.

Bandzoogle is indeed a hosting platform dedicated to musicians.

A website dedicated to musicians requires more creativity and more tools.

This is exactly what Bandzoogle incorporates.


hostingpillIn a hurry? Read our verdict.


Bandzoogle is a perfect choice if you are looking out for music based website hosting.

Bandzoogle has a good performance, speed and is scalable.

Bandzoogle provides the most accurate tools to help you create a professional website.

Overall Bandzoogle is a truly recommended choice for a musician website.


What is Bandzoogle?

Hover to preview



Bandzoogle is a web hosting platform which is exclusively dedicated to musicians. It provides tools for musicians to build a professional website, promote music as well as selling direct to fans.

It provides tools to support integration with social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.

Bandzoogle also includes a built-in store, mailing list tools and reporting features along with dozens of themes and templates.

It was first launched in 2003 by a musician Chris Vinson who also created a website for his rock band named Rubberman.


Bandzoogle has its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. This is popular amongst musicians and more than 30,000 musicians and bands use it.

Bandzoogle: Pros

Let me talk more about the pros of using Bandzoogle.

  • Performance and Speed: Bandzoogle has a cloud infrastructure and is built to provide high performance for heavy design websites. It has the ability to quickly render video and graphics.


    Since this is dedicated to musicians, extra care is taken to provide sufficient bandwidth with no choking. It restricts users only based on pages, tracks, and photos. Apart from this, there are no other restrictions. The hosting platform supports scalable and rapidly growing websites.

    Below is the performance of the website, which is excellent.
    bandzoogle uptimeTo check the latest stats of uptime for Bandzoogle, click here

    A similar test for the first byte is as shown below. This is also equally fast.

bandzoogle webpage speed

Needless to say, Bandzoogle is feature rich and makes website creation extremely simple. It has some easy to use drag and drop options which can be used easily by even a novice user.

  • E-Commerce Ready: The basic plan supports most of the rudimentary features required for a music website. All the plans have support for e-commerce. You can sell music downloads easily using this.
    e-commerce ready bandzoogle
  • Mailing List Built In: Also supported is a mailing list with a minimum of 100 fan subscribers for the basic plan. You can quickly connect with your fans using their mailing list feature.


    The feature enables professional emails, scheduling of emails and analytics along with email reporting.
    Bz mailing list

    Other features included are tour calendar and SEO tools. These are few features which are not readily available in other hosting platforms.

  • Press Kits & More: Each plan supports Electronic press kits and has SSL security. The more advanced plan has loads of additional features.
  • Advanced Features: Few of these features included are video headers, inventory tracking, sound scan reporting, album pre-orders and many more. You can sell tickets, merchandise, video files, and media files.
  • Built-in Web Design Tools: Bandzoogle supports powerful web design tools with features such as an image manager, Instagram integration, font library and many more. Overall it is feature rich to develop a musician’s website.
  • Trial Period: With every plan, you get a 30-day free trial. Most of the hosting platforms do not support such features. So yes indeed it is a win-win situation.Bz trial 30 days
    Once the trial period is expired, you can easily upgrade to any of their paid plans. The plan includes the free domain name.
  • Discounts: Bandzoogle provides attractive discounts. If you choose to pay annually, then you get a discount which is equal to two free months.

    If you have a free domain, then after 60-days of membership, you can opt to move elsewhere.

    Bandzoogle provides a non-profit discount. It offers free accounts for registered charitable organizations focused fully on music.

    All you need to do is, sign up for a free account and send email to Bandzoogle with information about your organization.

    Skip everything and Claim for your discount now…

Bandzoogle provides a lot of data insights by implementing effective reporting which can render interactive data analysis.

Bandzoogle has a unique feature to provide location targeting. With this feature, you can target fans in specific locations with customized email.

Bandzoogle: Cons

Now, let’s talk about a few things which, in my opinion, Bandzoogle can improve.

To be honest, there aren’t too many downsides to using Bandzoogle.

They claim to be a musician hosting platform and this is something that they are good at.

Few of the cons are-

  • Add-ons: When it comes to a custom email inbox, this is not part of the plan. So email hosting has a separate pricing of $14.95/year.

Again none of the plans upright support multi websites. Multi-site has a separate pricing for which you need to get in touch with their account specialist.


Ease of Use:

The cPanel available in Bandzoogle is easy to use even for novice users.

See the Bandzoogle demo below:


Once you log in, you can easily edit and add basic features.

Bandzoogle cPanelThis also provides multiple e-commerce support. From here you can add the latest news, latest track and details about your upcoming shows.

Editing the templates is easy and you can add pages easily. The cPanel also allows you to edit templates, generate various reports and add email campaigns using the mailing list feature.

Bandzoogle mailing list


Your music website would be incomplete without using the best templates.


The templates need to be eye-catching and this is exactly what Bandzoogle caters to.

Well, all of these are indeed mobile responsive. The templates are well-segregated based on the music genre. It supports a large number of themes and you can also add your own theme.Bandzoogle templates


You can easily preview your choice of theme. This also provides you with a mobile-based view.Bandzoogle templates 2

All of this comes with an easy to align and use customizations.

Drag and Drop features:

In most cases, music websites have heavy UI and largely depend on media and video uploads. To use all these features, in most hosting platforms, one needs to do some level of coding changes.

Contrary to this, Bandzoogle provides interactive and innovative UI design which is perfect for your musical website. At the same time, this does not require any coding expertise.

The complete web designing uses an easy to use a website builder with drag and drop options.

Bandzoogle menu

Making any customization using these drag and drop feature is extremely seamless. Along with these drag and drop features, there are several demo videos which are available.

Once you make these changes you can quickly look at a preview of your website for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Customer Support:

When it comes to customer support, you can reach the Bandzoogle team using email or live chat. You can use the email at all times. The live chat is not available 24/7.

In case the live chat option is unavailable then you would get a popup as shown below.Bandzoogle contact us

Bandzoogle does not provide a live chat option at all times, probably a reason being their extremely simple to use cPanel.

Over their cPanel, you will find multiple demo videos which can be used as a reference guide.

Further to this I also tried their live chat option. It was extremely fast with no wait time.

Bandzoogle live chat

Bandzoogle livechat 2

The live chat representative was quick enough to provide sufficient information and relevant links to provide more information about the different features.

Apart from this, Bandzoogle has a blog section which has various interesting contents across different topics. You can also register over here to get regular updates.


Bandzoogle has 3 different plans. The 3 plans are-

Pages 10 20 Unlimited
Photos 100 500 Unlimited
Free domain name Yes Yes Yes
Price $8.29/mo $12.46/mo $16.63/mo



(Free 30 day trial, no credit card needed.)


Email hosting can be opted for at a separate pricing of $14.95/year.

Overall Bandzoogle offers affordable plans. The basic plan includes an array of features.

Bandzoogle vs Wix

Now that I have provided a walk through about Bandzoogle, let me compare this with another popular hosting platform “Wix”.

Bandgoogle vs wix

Wix is also a cloud-based hosting platform, similar to Bandzoogle. It was first launched in 2006 and has its headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Wix is a universal hosting platform as compared to Bandzoogle which purely focuses on musician based websites.

However, when it comes to creating a musician website, let me provide you a comparison between Wix and Bandzoogle.

a. Templates
  • While speaking about the templates, Bandzoogle provides more music relevant templates as compared to Wix.
  • With Wix, you cannot choose different music genre based templates. Also since this is a more universal hosting platform, the choice of templates is limited.
b. Ease of Customizing Website

Both Wix, as well as Bandzoogle, allow you to try their services for free, which is the good part.

  • With Wix, you cannot customize multiple sections of the website.

    In a sense, the font and color selection is very limited.

  • This is something that is easily available in Bandzoogle.
c. Mailing List
  • Reporting, mail listing is unavailable with Wix.
  • Again these are some of the features included even as part of the basic plan in Bandzoogle.
d. e-Commerce
  • In case you want an e-commerce setup, with Wix, you would have to choose the highest paid plan.
  • However, with Bandzoogle this is readily available in the basic plan.
e. Musician Friendly Features
  • Electronic press kits, SEO tools, tour calendar, SoundScan reporting and many more features required for a musician website is readily available in Bandzoogle.
  • This is something that is missing in Wix.


I have given a detailed walkthrough of Bandzoogle. Also provided a comparison with Wix, which happens to be a tier two choice to create a musician’s website.

Bandzoogle is dedicated to catering the needs of musicians alone and this is exactly what they claim to do. Indeed, it is a perfect choice if you are looking out for music based website hosting.

It has a good performance, speed and is scalable. These are some of the features you would look out for, since creating a musician website is heavy on UI. Bandzoogle provides the most accurate tools to help you create a professional website.

Bandzoogle not only has an attractive template collection but also has an intuitive cPanel which is easy to use and has drag and drop features.

Your website can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

Well, that is not all. Bandzoogle supports easy editing of your website and additionally provides analytics using its reporting tools.

Overall Bandzoogle is a truly recommended choice for a musician website.

So, go ahead, get your Bandzoogle hosting today!

Bandzoogle FAQ

How Much Is Bandzoogle?

The Lite plan of this dedicated hosting platform for musicians cost $8.29/Month (billed annually). If you wish to pay monthly, it will cost you $9.95/Month. Whereas the Pro plan costs $16.63/Month if billed annual otherwise $19.95/Month.

Is Bandzoogle Good For Musicians?

Bandzoogle indeed is a hosting platform for the musicians, plus over 30,000 musicians and bands use it.

How Do You Create A Band Website?

Bandzoogle helps you create a band website within minutes. Pick a theme → Add Image (With Drag & Drop facility) → Edit Title/Logo → Add/Edit Content
Save and Publish the site and you are good to go.

What Is The Best Website Builder For Musicians?

Looking at the parameters like speed, reach, website design, etc. Bandzoogle turns out to be the best website builder for musicians.

Which Is Better Bandzoogle Or Wix?

Bandzoogle is a website builder dedicated to musicians with easy steps to create a website in minutes. Whereas Wix offers an ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) which helps you design a better website.

Can You Sell Beats On Bandzoogle?

Yes. Bandzoogle offers a built-in tool to sell beats and helps you grow your revenue stream.


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Will Stenner

Mar 21, 2020



Value for money

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I have had several sites throughout the years with Bandzoogle and have gotten great service provided by them. They always are top notch and have done custom fixes to help my aspect ratio with some headers. They provide excellent customer service. I've also sold many of my services through them. The site I have now is another Brand New one that I just started and it's already doing well for me.
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