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12 Best Web Hosting in India [The Most Affordable Hosts]

Today we will talk about the best web hosting in India.

But first, listen to this:

If you’ve read a few articles about the best web hosts, you probably noticed something:

They’re very U.S.-centric. Or Eurocentric. And while people in the United States and Europe certainly need good hosting providers, they’re only one part of the world’s internet users.

India represents an enormous chunk of the world’s population. In fact, let’s do some quick math:

The U.S. and Europe have a bit more than 1 billion people COMBINED. India alone has 1.3 billion people. And of those, over half a billion are internet users.

With so many Indians online, it’s never been more essential for the businesses and website owners of India to know about the best web hosts for them.

So let’s take a look at the best web hosting companies for India.

I’ll start us off with…

Item #1: Bluehost

bluehost web hosting

Bluehost is one of the biggest names on this list, aside from GoDaddy. It’s been around since 2003, and since then has grown to power over 2 million sites.

Bluehost is overall a pretty good web host that’s great for beginners, but prices are a bit high compared to some other options here, and some may find features lacking.


  • 1 to unlimited sites
  • 50GB to unlimited SSD storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth at all tiers
  • Free SSL certificate included
  • Site backup (third and fourth tiers only)
  • Spam service (second tier onwards)


  • Generous storage
  • Free domain included
  • One of the best hosts for WordPress; recommended by WordPress.org
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Additional features available as add-ons


  • Pricey compared to other options here: ₹199 to ₹859 across 4 tiers is the range for the first term of use. Upon renewal, it’s even higher
  • Mailbox only included for second tier onwards
  • Aside from mail, several other features are not available for the first or second tier that would be included on other platforms
  • Price quickly gets higher if one buys add-ons

Item #2: GreenGeeks

greengeeks web hosting

GreenGeeks is one of the more unique options here for its eco-friendliness, but it also is an overall great web host.

In fact, GreenGeeks is one of our favorite web hosts in general. But Indian site owners may find GreenGeeks can be pricey, and that the host caters less to them specifically.


  • 1 to unlimited sites
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Wildcard SSL included for all tiers
  • LSCache, or LightSpeed Cache, included to speed up site
  • Dedicated IP for last tier
  • Free website builder


greengeeks performance


  • Expensive compared to other options here, ESPECIALLY upon renewal. Even the discounted prices are on the higher end: ₹225 to ₹911.99 a month
  • Though it takes customers worldwide, GreenGeeks is less optimized for Indian customers specifically

Item #3: Hostinger.in

hostinger web hosting

Hostinger may not seem super famous, but it’s got over 29 MILLION customers (though, many of them use its free subsidiary service, 000webhost).

Hostinger focuses on ease of use and caters to a range of experience. It’s friendly towards developers, but also has a native control panel that looks very modern (see picture above).

It’s also got some decent features for low cost. However, mixed performance, and inconsistent pricing and site info hold it back.


  • 1 to unlimited websites
  • 10GB, 20GB, and 100GB of SSD storage across 3 tiers.
  • 100GB to unlimited bandwidth
  • 1 to unlimited email accounts
  • Caching and WordPress acceleration
  • SSH access (a protocol that lets you manage your site securely), though only for the latter 2 tiers
  • GitHub integration


  • Decent prices, with a range of ₹59 a month to ₹219 a month at the time of this writing Keep in mind this is the current sale price, and does not include renewal price
  • “LiteSpeed Cache” and “WordPress Acceleration,” which help speed up your site
  • Very user-friendly
  • The GitHub integration is very unique, and is great for collaboration or even just storing project files


  • Performance hasn’t been the best in our testing. Despite keeping its 99.9% uptime guarantee, 99.9% isn’t that high.
  • First tier is very limited in databases, subdomains, email, and FTP accounts. Additionally, it has no free domain or backups.
  • Hostinger always has some kind of sale going on (like in the screenshot above). It gets frustrating if you try to budget in advance, and the renewal prices are less impressive.
  • Site information can be inconsistent. For example, it says that the first tier has weekly backups and also says that it doesn’t.

Item #4: HostGator.in

hostgator web hosting

HostGator is a major name in hosting, up there with Bluehost and GoDaddy. Founded in a dorm room in 2002, it’s grown to service hundreds of thousands of customers and win several awards.

It’s now a subsidiary of Endurance International Group, or EIG, a hosting conglomerate that also owns Bluehost.

It brings some nice options to the table, but ultimately doesn’t provide the same value for your money as the other options higher up on this list.


  • 1 to unlimited domains
  • Linux, Windows, and application hosting
  • 10GB to unlimited storage
  • 100GB to unmetered bandwidth
  • 5 to unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited databases at all tiers
  • SSL certificate included for all tiers. Higher tiers have better SSL.


  • Choice of Windows or Linux
  • Additionally, the application shared hosting lets you get hosting for not just WordPress, but competitors like Joomla and Drupal. This is a bit more unique
  • Pricing is good for longer time commitments (5 years of the first tier is ₹89 a month)
  • Among the most flexible pricing I’ve seen: you can pay up-front for one month, several months, one year, or several years
  • After first tier, solid resources allocated
  • Ability to select server location


  • More expensive if you want to commit for a shorter period of time up-front, compared to other options here
  • More expensive to choose Indian servers over American ones
  • Free domain not included
  • Differentiation between tiers is a bit small in terms of features

Item #5: A2 hosting

A2 hosting

A2 Hosting has been around since 2001, as long as some of the big names here. Despite its smaller size, A2 has done well for itself and has built a reputation and loyal base of customers.

Well, in the United States at least. How about India?

It’s got solid features, but is a tad pricey and has an outdated looking interface. It’s basically still a good option—just not AS good as the other options.


  • 1 to unlimited websites
  • 100GB to unlimited SSD storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth (all tiers)
  • Unlimited email (all tiers)
  • CloudFlare CDN (all tiers)
  • Website builder (all tiers)
  • Website staging (all tiers)
  • Backups for higher tiers
  • Other performance boosters for high tiers


  • Tons of storage
  • Website builder
  • Website staging, a rarer feature, is included for all tiers. It lets users create test clones of their site for experimenting
  • A lot of features in general, even from the entry level
  • Several performance booster features, like CDN, traffic spike protection, etc
  • Choice of data center location


  • Prices are higher than some others here, ranging from roughly ₹228 to ₹1,145 a month
  • In general, still U.S.-centric and Eurocentric
  • Outdated looking site can sometimes be frustrating
  • Doesn’t focus as much on ease of use

Item #6: Best Web hosting in India: GoDaddy

in.godaddy web hosting

GoDaddy has been around for a while, and it’s probably the most famous web hosting company around.

Its popularity eclipses most other brands here, servicing over 19 MILLION customers.

What mostly holds GoDaddy back here is the stuff it’s infamous for: withholding features or keeping them free only for the first year, after which they renew.

GoDaddy is a good option for affordable hosting, but the caveat is you have to keep a close eye on what you’re paying for.


  • 30GB, 100GB, and unlimited storage.
  • Email for second tier onwards
  • Unmetered bandwidth for all tiers
  • 1-click purchases for additional resources (CPU, RAM, storage, etc)
  • 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection
  • Option of Linux or Windows


  • India-friendly website and pricing units
  • Affordable prices, especially for the first term, ranging from ₹99.00 to ₹399.60 a month across four tiers
  • Generous storage for price
  • Easy to purchase additional resources as needed
  • Performance is good, in our testing


  • Free domain only for second tier onwards
  • Email included free only for second tier onwards, and renews at cost
  • SSL certificate only included for free in the fourth tier, and renews at cost

Item #7: Best Web Hosting in India: Milesweb.in

milesweb hosting

Milesweb is a bit unique, because although it’s not an enormous hosting provider, it still has data centers around the world, including India, and accordingly has an India-friendly site.

It offers a pretty decent range of features at overall good prices. So what holds it back?

Basically, a lack of options. The first tier is cheap, but very limited.

It’s good for people who just want the bare minimum needed to keep a site up.

But if you want any other features, you’ll need to upgrade. For many features, you either get little of it, or all of it.


  • Free domain for higher tiers
  • 1GB to unlimited SSD storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth (all tiers)
  • Website builder (all tiers)
  • Email (all tiers, but first is limited)
  • 3 to unlimited MySQL databases
  • Range of security features (firewalls, malware scans and reports, account isolation, and more)


  • India-friendly website, interface
  • Options of paying monthly, yearly, or per 3 years
  • Prices are good if you commit to a year or three years. Assuming three years, the range is ₹40 a month to ₹170 a month for three tiers
  • Website builder
  • Solid security measures included for all tiers
  • Uptime guarantee is higher than most hosts, at 99.95% (click here to see what that means)


  • It’s either one website or unlimited sites, with no in-between
  • No free domain for the first tier
  • First tier has very limited storage, at 1GB. The second tier has unlimited storage, so there is also little in-between
  • Only the third tier allows add-on domains

Item #8: Best Web Hosting in India: HostingRaja


HostingRaja describes itself as the best Indian hosting company.

HostingRaja earns a spot on this list partially for being a wholly Indian company that mainly services Indian customers, rather than a massive company with an Indian branch (like GoDaddy).

The benefits of this are that it offers better performance for Indian sites, and has a more India-friendly customer support than international hosts.

But it also has a wide range of prices, some of which start very affordably, with solid features.

However, there’s something important to understand about HostingRaja:

There are basically two types of shared hosting offered. The first is three tiers of “affordable” hosting. The latter is “premium and unlimited” hosting.

As you’d expect, the latter is more advanced but a bit pricier, while the first type is the opposite.

With that clarified, let’s take a look at those key points:


  • 40GB, 100GB, 120GB, and unlimited SSD storage
  • 5GB, 20GB, 100GB, and unlimited bandwidth
  • Email, FTP (file transfer protocol), and subdomains included. Quantity varies among tiers.
  • Drag-and-drop site builder from the third tier onwards
  • Malware and virus clean, though only for the top three tiers


  • Wide range of pricing plans, ranging from ₹65 a month to ₹287 a month across six tiers. Note that these are the prices assuming 5-year commitments, and they get higher for shorter commitments.
  • Paying for the first three tiers has great value for money
  • If you pay for the 3 pricier tiers, you also get pretty good features
  • Customer support better equipped for Indian customers


  • The cheapest plans require 5 year commitments
  • No free domains for the three cheaper tiers. The latter 3 have only .in or .com domains included for free
  • SSL only included for the three higher tiers
  • Website builder not included free for cheaper tiers

Item #9: Best Web Hosting in India: BigRock


BigRock is a smaller hosting company that aims its solutions towards small businesses. It’s part of Endurance International Group (EIG), the hosting conglomerate that owns other popular providers, like Bluehost.

BigRock offers a range of shared web hosting plans: there are four tiers, roughly parallel, for both Linux and Windows hosting.

In an American hosting context, it’s not too bad. But in an Indian hosting context, this is on the pricier side—it’s more expensive than quite a few of the options here.

Nonetheless, it’s made it to the higher end of this list for having a range of options and solid features and performance to go with them.


  • 10GB to unmetered storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth (all tiers)
  • Unmetered email for all tiers except first
  • Security is FTPS, which is essentially File Transfer Protocol (FTP) over SSL
  • Performance boosting feature called “Varnish Web Acceleration,” which makes sites faster and more responsive
  • Linux and Windows plans


  • Generous resources—only the first tier has a metered storage limit, or limited email
  • The differences in price between time commitments is not so extreme. E.g., if you pay for one year instead of three, it’s not that much more expensive. This is more flexible for people with less cash on hand
  • The aforementioned performance booster, which is equipped for all pricing plans
  • FTPS is a bit more unique than regular SSL and means a lot more is encrypted
  • Google Adwords credit upon first purchase


  • Only U.S.-based servers are available
  • The Varnish Web Acceleration feature is only available for Linux plans
  • Mostly low-cost if committing for a long time—like 10 years. An ordinary amount of time results in a more ordinary price

Item #10: Best Web Hosting in India: Hostdime.in


HostDime isn’t an enormous hosting company, but it’s grown successfully enough since its founding in 2003 to expand its services globally—including India.

HostDime technically doesn’t have a shared web hosting option.

However, it does have some good virtual private servers. Also known as VPS, these are in-between regular web hosting and premium dedicated hosting.

You can read more about what VPS is here.

So keep in mind you can’t FULLY compare the features and pros/cons here to the other options.

Note: HostDime also has cloud services, but does not yet have them for Indian customers.


  • 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB of RAM across 4 tiers
  • 40GB, 60GB, 80GB, and 100GB of SSD across 4 tiers
  • 1, 2, 3, and 4 CPU cores across 4 tiers
  • 1-2 TB of bandwidth
  • 2 dedicated IPs included for all tiers
  • Varying levels of management for hosting plans available


  • Virtual server storage and resources are totally guaranteed and private
  • Great for businesses and sites that need to consume more resources
  • VPS is inherently more scalable and growth-oriented than regular web hosting
  • Choice in levels of management allows customers to prioritize price or ease of use as needed
  • Including 2 dedicated IP addresses for all tiers is unusual and generous
  • Much more customizable than other options here


  • OS (operating system) is preset to Cent OS, whereas other companies allow customers to choose which OS will be pre-installed in their virtual server.
  • No control panel
  • Pricey compared to the other options here: ₹1,499 to ₹5,499 a month. However, it’s a GOOD price for VPS hosting itself

Item #11: Best Web Hosting in India: Fastwebhost.in


Like BigRock, FastWebHost also claims to be India’s best web host. Personally, I think it’s got a stronger claim to the title.

It’s near the top because of its great variety, prices, and features.

FastWebHost has several types of web hosting available, each with their own tiers. The features are overall similar but there are differences.

Technically speaking, FastWebHost’s cloud hosting plans are not the same thing as shared web hosting. However, FastWebHost categorizes it along with its other web hosting products, and the price range and features are closer, so I have included it.


  • Options of Linux, WordPress, managed WordPress, and cloud hosting (which is still in the price range of shared hosting)
  • Linux, Windows, and cloud hosting offer 1, 5, and unlimited sites across three tiers
  • Linux and Windows offer 1GB, 50GB, and unlimited storage
  • Free website builder included for Linux, Windows, and cloud hosting
  • Free SSL certificates also included for above packages
  • Site backup and restore, plus anti-virus scans for email


  • Variety of web hosting packages
  • With Linux and Windows hosting ranging from ₹75 a month to ₹275 a month, the prices are pretty good
  • Although the cloud packages are more expensive than the other shared web hosting packages, at a range of ₹150 to ₹600 a month, it’s low for cloud hosting
  • Free website builder and SSL certificates are included for all packages
  • Basic security tools for all packages


  • First tiers of Linux, Windows, and cloud web hosting come with only 1GB of storage
  • First tier of cloud hosting has only 10GB of bandwidth and the second tier has only 20GB. However, this is because cloud resources are more dedicated
  • Free domains not included

Item #12: Best Web Hosting in India: Globehost.com


And here at the top of our list is a company based in India, that has been growing for a while and now provides hosting to customers everywhere.

The reason it’s made in the first place? Because it offers a solid set of features, performs well, and has good prices to boot.


  • Choice of Linux of Windows
  • 250MB, 2GB, 5GB, and unlimited storage
  • 10GB, 50GB, 100GB, and unlimited bandwidth
  • 1, 3, 5, and 10 hosted domains
  • Email for all tiers—limited to 5 accounts at the first tier and unlimited onwards.
  • Choice of hard drive disk (HDD, traditional) storage or solid state disk (SSD, newer) storage.
  • SSL certificates (all tiers)


  • Low prices. For example: if you get Linux shared hosting for only one year, with SSD storage, it STARTS at ₹349 a year, or ₹29 a month. And that’s not even the lowest you can go.
  • Being able to choose between HDD and SSD storage is very unique, and gives customers more flexibility. It also lets them save money
  • Also nice to have a choice between Windows or Linux
  • You can backup and restore databases on all tiers
  • Site statistics also included at all tiers


  • Poor resources for the first three tiers
  • Free domain included only for the fourth tiers


Well, there you have it—the 12 best web hosting companies for India.

Admittedly, the ranking won’t be exact for each of you. Some of you may find that option #3 or #4 or 5, etc, is actually the best of you because it does this or that particular thing best.

But the 12 here, and especially the ones at the top of the list, stand above the competition in what they offer to Indian customers and business owners.

In particular, I’ve got to say that Globehost and FastWebHost are excellent value options, whereas HostDime is better for premium-quality hosting.

Of course, if you’ve used some of these companies before, and you disagree—or agree!—I’d love to hear what you think. You can leave a comment below.

Until then, happy hosting!