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Volusion Review: “3 Cons & 8 Pros” after Using it! (free trial exist ?)

Volusion Review

Volusion is a complete e-commerce website builder that offers web design, marketing and a whole range of other business tools.

I found Volusion to be on par with other leading e-commerce builders such as Shopify, Bigcommerce or Magento.

Before I get into more details about Volusion, let me provide a brief introduction about the company.

Volusion was started in 1999 and currently serves more than 1,80,000 online stores.


The company has features to incorporate almost any business domain from apparel or health to books or electronics.

Its offerings include a variety of templates suitable for almost every business type:- payment processing, newsletters, web hosting, order management, customer management, customer loyalty plans, social media management and many more.

In this review, I will give an overview of the pros and cons regarding using Volusion for your e-commerce store.

Volusion Plans at glance:

Features Personal Professional Business Prime
Transaction Fees 0% 0% 0% 0%
Staff Accounts 1 5 15 Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Products 100 5,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Price $29/mo $79/mo $299/mo Custom
 Volusion offers a 14-Day Free Trial so you can use this platform without risk.

Get free trial here…

Volusion Pros:

First, let me start with the pros of Volusion.

1. Multiple built-in support features:

I find the biggest challenge while using any e-commerce builder is to figure out where to start. Often users end up spending hours searching for simple solutions.

This pain can be simply avoided with Volusion’s in-built education guides.

Their website provides a separate tab with all Resources. What I really like is the way the contents are well segregated.


So you really don’t have to spend your time trying to figure out where to search for a topic. The sections themselves also include a lot of useful content:

  • Help Center – Here you can find support articles and tutorials. This is a good place to start, since it also has a guide showing how to set up a trial account and start using Volusion.
  • Blogs – This has a wide range of contents not only related to Volusion but also to running an e-commerce store
  • Guides – This has a comprehensive list of different e-commerce topics such as Email Marketing, PPC and more. Here you’ll find a good guide of key concepts.

I would also like to highlight that — apart from the guides and technical help — you can also hire a design expert to help you with your Volusion store.

With custom designs, theme services, and expert advice, you can get your online store design just right.

Normally, when you start an online store, you’ll need to hire a separate marketing service expert.

With Volusion, you get this all under one roof. You can hire a professional marketing services expert, to help you with SEO, PPC and everything related to it.

Volusion’s all-in-one support caters to almost all the essential needs of an e-commerce business owner. Unlike most ecommerce platforms, here you don’t have to run between different vendors to get support for design or marketing services.

2. Fraud Resistant:

Volusion has different innovative ways to improve your website security. They have a fraud score that provides a comprehensive risk analysis, which is a smooth way to protect your store from credit card fraud.

Fraud score is based on transaction details, IP addresses, geolocation analyses, bank information checks, email risk assessments and has data checks. It even verifies street address and IPs along with physical address comparison.

Volusion’s Fraud Score provides in-depth analysis with a device tracking feature, which can track a device used in previous fraudulent transactions.

Though this feature has an attached cost to it, I think it’s a great deal to keep your store secure.

Volusion’s Fraud Score has three different pricing packages:

3. Enhanced Security:

SSL certificates protect your business and boost customer confidence, by securely encrypting sensitive customer data. A common scenario for any e-commerce store is to hunt and figure out how to add SSL certificates.

To solve this annoying problem, Volusion provides Volusion SSL certificates.

These are industry standard SHA- 256 encrypted and are accepted by all major internet browsers.

Volusion SSL Certificates

Options Price
Volusion Pro SSL (1 year) $89
Volusion Pro SSL (2 year) $149
SSL, Fraud Protection, and one-time $50 Credit $99

Volusion also has a step by step guide, and their SSLs are extremely simple to install.

Unlike many other e-commerce builders, Volusion has a dedicated SSL service unique to your website.

Again, yes,  the SSLs have separate pricing, but I would recommend it’s worth a try. Security is the most important aspect of any e-commerce store, and Volusion gives you all of this at an affordable price.

Volusion also gives an option to choose a Symantec SSL certificate, GeoTrust SSL certificate or a Thawte SSL certificates.

Get SSL certificate here.

4. Customer Support:

I reviewed Volusion’s different contact points and they pretty much have the common features such as chat, support via phone, email and, a ticketing system.

I found Volusion to be fairly responsive. In the chat option, you get almost an immediate response.


Their customer support is an efficient way to answer all your queries and also help you quickly get on-boarded.

Contacting Volusion by email or phone is also equally effective. Once you get started, you get a prompt onboarding email.


Volusion chat3

I would say Volusion has good customer support with a focus to help you start your business as quickly as possible. The moment you get started, there is dedicated customer support that helps by providing some creative ideas for your store concept.

They also provide additional help guides and videos to make for smoother on boarding experience. Most plans also have the flexibility to schedule a call at a specific time.

5. Free-Trial:

If you worry about paying for something just to try it, Volusion has you covered. It provides a 14-day trial period, fully free.

Volusion try_free

You get access to almost everything on the platform, and can immediately check on the enormous feature list they provide.

In my opinion, 14 days is more than sufficient time to decide if Volusion works for your business. You get to explore all of these options in your trial period – what more can someone hope for?

Get free trial here.

6. Feature-Rich Dashboard

The Volusion dashboard has is very intuitive and feature-rich. Though Volusion can confuse you with too many features, it does have a simplistic setup and well-placed menus.

This navigation is a breather for beginners since it’s something that can be easily used by all.

Volusion has some good design and themes such as reporting features, inbuilt CRM, order tracking, and many more features.

It also has an amazing integration of features that can help your store look impressive, as well as help to improve your online conversions.

Volusion has practically everything that you need to get your store up and running from design and security to logistics.

Volusion Feature Dashboard

7. Sophisticated Marketing Techniques:

Though I briefly mentioned their marketing features, I think this review would be incomplete without a section dedicated to them.

Volusion provides an array of choices to improve your marketing strategy. This list consists of marketing across different social channels as well as well tested marketing techniques such as SEO.

Volusion Sophisticated Marketing Techniques

If your company does not have the required expertise to explore these marketing techniques, there’s no need to worry, since Volusion provides these marketing experts as well.

8. Well planned feature List:

Don’t miss Volusion’s feature list guide. They provide a good mix of features to create eye-catching product pages.

Next, they have a very intuitive order management system, followed by a secure and well- channelized payment system.

To complete your e-commerce store, Volusion also provides fast support to help you start selling. Finally, their exhaustive marketing expertise will help improve your e-commerce sales.

Volusion also has a well-planned, streamlined process to help customers.. And amazingly, you get all this under one roof which saves you from running around different places.

Volusion Cons:

1. Multiple Pricing:

Volusion has a basic pricing ranging from $15/month to $135/month. The monthly pricing is competitive and affordable.

Again the good thing is you do not have a transaction fee. But most of the times, e-commerce stores require more than these basic functionalities.

Volusion also has a bandwidth limitation in its basic pricing. So if you are looking out for unlimited bandwidth, then you will have to increase your budget substantially.

Volusion pricing

Every other addon feature has different pricing, such as SSL and Fraud score. Again, CRM is not part of the basic plan.

2. Themes and designs:

Volusion has some free and some paid themes. However, I found the options here are lesser than its competitors. But the good news is, you can hire a professional design expert to customize your theme.

Additionally, all of these themes are mobile responsive.

3. Third-Party Plugins support:

Volusion does not have a dedicated app store. They have an exhaustive feature list, but there is no support for adding third-party plugins, which is something most of its competitors support.

Volusion developers can edit and build on your framework. However, this could be a tedious option for small stores looking to add distinct features. I would like to see Volusion exploring this option.


To summarize my takeaways from the review :- Volusion is a good to try options for building your e-commerce store, and they have some distinct features which give them more leverage over their competitors.

I would recommend Volusion if case you have minimalistic design requirements and want to integrate amazing marketing techniques.

Volusion definitely works good for novice users, since there are multiple support channels throughout the store setup journey. And again, security features are worth trying.