Get Your Site Normal Again

Site hacks hurts your reputation and causes loss of sensitive data.
We will restore your site quickly and limit the damage caused.

Get rid of malicious code

We start with a comprehensive security scan to diagnose the presence of any malicious code inside your website files and remove it as soon as detected. We will also restore files from your backups if anything was lost.

Update to the latest security version

We also check for any potential security loopholes. We will fix any such security gaps immediately. Moreover, we will update your software with the latest security patches.

91-Day Guarantee

Should your site get hacked again within 91 days, we will promptly fix any problems for free.

Flexible Plans to Help Fix Your Site

Your urgency to fix your website may depend entirely on your circumstances.
Choose the plan that matches your urgent needs.


Suitable for non-critical websites.
We'll get your site fix within a day.


  • 24-Hour Turnaround
  • once payment is received


Best for Important Websites.
We'll fix the hack within 12 hours.


  • 12-Hour Turnaround
  • once payment is received

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take to fix my website?

It entirely depends upon the level of threat. The duration to fix your website and restore it completely may vary from a couple of hours to several hours.

Between standard and priority plans, which plan will be best for me?

We have different sets of windows with duration to fix any issue. You must remember that every issue may not be urgent and every major issue may not impact your running business. You can always go for a standard package with a little turnaround time.

However, for website issues that need wartime attention and efforts, we would recommend the priority plan for solving the issues as soon as possible.

Will you restore my data?

We always work to restore your website with no data loss. However, certain attacks may cause some data loss. However, our expert team always put the highest efforts to restore the old data as well as the new data (that might have been collected after the site was hacked).