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6 Best HostGator Alternatives for 2024 (#1 is our Favorite)

In this article, we present 6 popular HostGator alternatives.

HostGator has had several network outages since its original owner sold it to Endurance International Group (EIG).

With the yearly outages plaguing its network since 2012, we wonder when the next HostGator outage may be.

One other concern that some have raised about HostGator is its worsening customer support, which again came about after its acquisition by EIG.

If you are wary of HostGator in light of the network outages and/or worsening customer support, we present you 6 popular HostGator alternatives.

hostingpill6 Best HostGator Alternatives
  1. GreenGeeks (My Favourite)
  2. Bluehost
  3. IONOS
  4. Interserver
  5. A2 Hosting
  6. DreamHost

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In particular, we’ll be looking at how these companies measure against HostGator in terms of features, price, and customer support, which are among the more important things to look at when comparing the capabilities of prospective web hosts.

Feel free to read them for more detailed explanations of each of their features.

hostgator alternatives

1: GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks Banner

Our first HostGator alternatives is, GreenGeeks, which offers the following advantages over HostGator:

Advantage 1 – Features

GreenGeeks really excels in features. In fact, it’s one of the best-featured web hosts I’ve ever used.

And that means it’s seriously better-featured than HostGator.

Here’s what the overview of HostGator’s features are:hostgator plans

And here’s just an overview of what GreenGeeks offers with its plans:greengeeks plan

See? There’s a huge difference.

You get a ton of things simply unlimited, even for the first tier. Plus, you get more advanced things like Cloudflare CDN and other performance boosts as you scale up.

So GreenGeeks definitely has a feature advantage over HostGator.

So much so, that I’ll highlight specific features that deserve your attention later in this list. But first:

Advantage 2 – Better uptime and response time

We’ve tested both HostGator and GreenGeeks. The results below speak for themselves.

Here’s HostGator’s uptime:hostgator test site

You can see the list yourself, and more details, here.

But compare those uptime scores and those response times to GreenGeeks:greengeeks test site

As you can see here, it’s NO contest.

GreenGeeks’ worst performing month would still be a good month for HostGator. GreenGeeks has nearly perfect uptime, and great response times, too.

Not everyone cares equally about uptime, but it’s a really important aspect of hosting.

And here, GreenGeeks has a very clear edge over HostGator.

Advantage 3 – More security features included

One of my main issues with HostGator is a lack of solid security. HostGator does not outline much of its security infrastructure or protocols.

The security tools it offers need to be paid for in addition to whatever hosting plan you purchase.

With GreenGeeks, even the entry level package has a ton of security features by default.greengeeks security and reliability

Note that some of these tools, such as the nightly backup, are costly add-ons with HostGator.

And of course, the higher tier plan you buy on GreenGeeks, the better security you get.

But it’s really impressive that for the cheapest option possible, you get even more security features right away than you would with HostGator’s higher tiers.

Advantage 4 – Included SSD Storage

Solid State Drive Servers allow for much faster access and are more secure than the traditional servers HostGator employs.greengeeks ssd storage

What’s also nice about GreenGeeks, is that it doesn’t place limits on SSD storage at any tier—even though a lot of hosts do place limits.

To make it even better, every single tier has unlimited MySQL databases.

Meanwhile, at the time of this writing, HostGator does not even have an SSD option.

Advantage 5 – Eco-friendly

This is one of the things GreenGeeks is really known for. After all, it’s in the name!

GreenGeeks doesn’t just have an edge over HostGator for this, it has an edge over all the other hosting companies as well.

That’s because:greengeeks eco friendly

Yep. Servers and data centers are not always environmentally friendly, if we’re being gentle about it.

But GreenGeeks reinvests THREE times whatever resources your website takes up in renewable energy.

What’s even better is, this doesn’t come with a 300% higher price tag. No, using GreenGeeks means being eco-friendly for basically normal hosting prices!

GreenGeeks’ Ecosite Lite plan Cost: $2.95/mo.

2: BlueHost (Our Favorite)


Let’s look at the second HostGator alternatives on our list, BlueHost, which serves more than two million websites currently.

Below are the reasons why BlueHost is an excellent HostGator Alternatives.

Reason 1 – Built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CloudFlare CDN

All BlueHost hosting plans are on CloudFlare, one of the world’s most reputable CDNs.

This means that websites get served faster wherever a user may be located since these are replicated/cached to Cloudflare’s network of proxy servers across the globe.

To give you an example, a user based in New York accessing a website hosted in a server somewhere in California will experience the same speed as a user in California since the website is being served in a location near New York.

This BlueHost advantage is not available on HostGator. Thus, in terms of faster access to your websites, BlueHost is a clear winner, at least on paper.

Reason 2 – WooCommerce Hosting

bluehost woocommerce hosting

BlueHost is one of the few provider that offers WooCommerce Hosting. If you’re looking to set up a WooCommerce store, BlueHost is the ideal web host for exactly this reason.

Instead of setting up WooCommerce on your hosting plan yourself, BlueHost will set it up for you, helping you save on time and money in the process.

On HostGator, you will have to manually set up WooCommerce yourself once you subscribe to a hosting plan. If you are new to WooCommerce, this might prove time-consuming, if not totally impossible.

Reason 3 – Customer Support

Contact Us - BlueHost
Image source from Bluehost

BlueHost offers 24/7 chat and telephone support. A knowledge base that customers can refer to is also available, although as mentioned above, there may be a dearth of available information in it.

This can be remedied, however, via the other available support channels.

What is more likeable about the support options is the availability of separate chat and telephone numbers for the different areas of concern to customers.

For example, there are separate chat channels and telephone numbers for general sales questions, new businesses, new customers, traffic generation, and website speed and performance, among others.

We cannot find a similar option on the websites of the other providers covered under this article.

HostGator doesn’t have this feature, though it does have 24/7 support as well over email, chat and an online ticket system.

However, as mentioned earlier, HostGator has been criticised for its lackadaisical attitude towards support.

Reason 4 – Video Tutorials

BlueHost WordPress Training Videos

Another thing going for BlueHost is its active, frequently-updated YouTube channel, which features hundreds of video tutorials on a wide range of subjects, from web hosting basics to WordPress walkthroughs, and web design tutorials to training webinars.

Though HostGator does have its own video tutorials, these have not been updated for a while. This is apparent when you view a HostGator flash video showing a demo of a HostGator service on an old version of Internet Explorer.

Also, only the most basic topics are covered in its tutorial series.

Reason 5 – Resource Protection

BlueHost offers resource protection for websites on its shared hosting plans.

When BlueHost identifies excessive resource usage by a website, it automatically shifts that website over to an isolated server.

This effectively limits the impact of the excessive resource usage on the other websites on the shared server.

Again, this is a BlueHost innovation that cannot be found in HostGator, or any other web host for that matter.

BlueHost Basic Plan Cost: $2.95/mo.

HostGator Alternatives No.3: IONOS

hostgator ionos intro

IONOS and HostGator are among the oldest web hosting brands in the world. IONOS began the services in 1988 in Europe and now has branches in many countries, including the US. It now has more than 12 million domains and over 8 million global customers. In addition, it provides powerful servers useful for start-ups and mid-sized businesses. Here are some of the reasons why IONOS is among the great HostGator alternatives.

Reason 1 – Pricing

IONOS offers products at a great price. The pricing is transparent and has no hidden fees. That means you pay what you see.

If you are looking to build a website, use the MyWebsite Builder and eCommerce store creator. It lets you create, customize and personalize using the pre-designed templates. The basic website building plan starts at $1/month for 1 year. The advanced version starts at $10/month for 1 year.

Whether you want to make a website, start your online store or want a WordPress host, IONOS has budget plans to suit all types of customers.

Though the pricing of HostGator is cheap across all the hosting services. It is good only when you use it as a long-term web host and are willing to pay in advance. If you plan to pay monthly, then HostGator pricing is two times that of IONOS.

hostgator ionos rs1

hostgator ionos rs12

Reason 2 – Features

There are many features of IONOS that make it an excellent hosting service provider. It offers daily backups, which are helpful for those who publish a lot of data. HostGator provides weekly backups.

IONOS offers a free domain for 1 year for contracts of 12 months. If you want to end the contract before that, you will not be charged. HostGator charges a fee for ending the contract early and is non-refundable.

Security features like free SSL certificates are available on all IONOS hosting plans. Furthermore, it uses DDoS protection to prevent third-party attacks on servers. This ensures that the websites are safe to use at all times. In addition, the high-priced plans get SiteLock security that is effective against malware.

Reason 3 – Usability

Using the IONOS hosting services is easy as it offers a friendly interface. The Website Builder has many tools that aid in building a helpful website in very little time. Templates to build websites are available, along with customizations through drag and drop.

A team of expert designers is available to help build a website and optimize for SEO. Increasing the site visibility through the use of the List Local option is a valuable feature.

HostGator uses the standard cPanel, which may be straightforward but is clumsy to use.

hostgator ionos rs3

Reason 4 – Customer Support

Customer support is an important aspect to consider when purchasing a hosting service. IONOS offers live chat support to get help on all queries and is not limited to only technical support. The response is quick, fast, cordial, and reliable. But the executives are not very knowledgeable. Comparatively, the HostGator customer support is more knowledgeable at fixing issues.

IONOS is a hosting service with better performance, features, and pricing when compared to HostGator.

HostGator Alternatives No.4: Interserver

hostgator interserver intro

InterServer is a web hosting provider that started operations in 1999. Over the years, it has evolved its product offerings. It now provides shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated servers, and more. Let’s find out why it is a good substitute for HostGator.

Reason 1 – Cheap Hosting Plans

InterServer offers budget web hosting plans that are all-inclusive. The standard web hosting starts at $2.50 per month. It includes unlimited SSD storage, unlimited Email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, and more. The ASP.NET plan price starts at $8/month. It has speed optimizations, unlimited storage, and a control panel for easy usage.

The flexible VPS Special hosting plan starts at $6/month. It has a storage of 30 GB SSD, 2 GB RAM, 1 CPU Core, and 1TB transfer of data. Customizations to this plan are available on paying more.

The Dedicated Server entry-level plans start at $49/month. It has features like 20TB transfer and DDoS protection. It also has Data Migration, Managed Support, and other such features. If the customer is not satisfied with the performance of any plans, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Though the HostGator offers lower prices compared to InterServer. But there are no lengthy contracts in InterServer, and customers get discounted prices. Moreover, there are no sudden price increases. So the users know what to expect in their bills.

hostgator interserver rs1

Reason 2 – Features

The InterServer web hosting is fast and reliable, with an uptime of 99.9%. It partners with CloudFlare and uses the caching data center to provide this uptime. The websites hosted on the servers load faster due to network optimization. Hence, the servers are never overloaded due to the uses of advanced server technology.

There is a free migration service available for new customers. To migrate from other hosts, all you need to do is backup and download the cPanel. This saves a lot of time when moving to the InterServer hosting. However, migrating to HostGator is not easy and free.

Reason 3 – Security

Hosting your websites on InterServer is secure and reliable. That is due to the security mechanism called InterShield. End users who are at risk of malicious attacks are provided this feature.. The InterShield has robust malware attack prevention. It has Automatic scans, Malware detection, Web App Firewall, and File Upload Scanner. This thereby prevents any security threats to websites hosted on their server.

HostGator also offers great security features. It provides a customized firewall, DDoS protection, and large mod security rules. So not much difference here.

Reason 4 – Customer support

The InterServer offers responsive customer support 24/7. Customer support is available through Live Chat, Email, Phone, and Facebook Chat. The knowledge base contains valuable information on various topics. There are also tutorials available on WordPress, Email, eCommerce, Joomla, and more.

HostGator also has a good customer support team, but they do not offer Email support. The tutorial option is unavailable. The ticket resolution is not as fast as InterServer.

HostGator Alternatives No.5: A2 Hosting

hostgator a2hosting intro

A2 Hosting is a company that started its operation in 2001. But it has gained a reputation as a fast web hosting provider. Since no two service providers are equal, it is vital to know the features and pricing. A2 Hosting can be a good substitute if moving from HostGator for the following reasons.

Reason 1 – Fast Page Speed and Uptime

A2 Hosting is a web hosting solution that has a reputation for providing fast service. Whether it is a high-traffic eCommerce website or a blog, the page loads fast. That means the site or blog has fewer bounce rates, better SEO, and more conversions.

Even the shared hosting offers up to 20 times faster servers than its competitors. That is because of:

  • More physical memory
  • Pre-configured caching for faster page loads
  • Lesser users per server

The hosting service responds fast even when there is an increase in web traffic. A2 Hosting ensures that the websites are always available. The service provider has an uptime of 99.9% due to dedicated and reliable servers.

HostGator does not fare that well when it comes to page load or uptime as they have fewer data centers.

hostgator a2hosting rs1

HostGator provides all the essential features that a hosting provider should provide. It offers unlimited bandwidth, storage, 1 click installs, website builders, etc. But A2 Hosting delivers much more than that. This includes;

  • Free SSDs to host websites and boost website speed.
  • Free SSL certificates for website security and user transaction security.
  • Money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the services provided.
  • Variety of hosting options including unmanaged server, managed server, SSD server, and more.
  • A2 Hosting owns its data centers. Choose a data center from all over the world so that it is close to your site and visitors.
  • SSH Hosting is fast and always available.
  • Register or add new domains at affordable prices and manage them without effort.

Reason 2 – Affordable Pricing

A2 Hosting offers high-performance web hosting options.

The Shared hosting costs $2.99/month. It is ideal for hosting a single website or blog. The setting up is easy, and the performance is fast. There is also an option of free migration from other hosts.

Reseller hosting prices start from $18.99/month. It is ideal for hosting your own customers and offers fast performance.

VPS Hosting pricing is at $4.99/month and is for people who want more than shared hosting. This provided better security and speed while offering free migration from other hosts.

The Dedicated Server plan is for customers who need more power and resources. It also caters to businesses that have high web traffic.

HostGator plans are affordable if you want shared web hosting. But for all other hosting options, A2 Hosting is better.hostgator a2hosting rs2

Reason 3 – SSL Security Options

Enhance your website security using a range of SSL certificates. Free SSL certificates are available on web hosting. But to boost your website security, opt for Premium or Advanced SSL. Wildcard SSL certificates are available to protect all your subdomains.

HostGator offers free SSL certificates but does not offer so many options.

hostgator a2hosting rs3

Reason 4 – Customer Support

A2 Hosting provides 24/7 customer support via live chat, phone, and email. The live chat support is responsive and fast. The company has Guru Crew support, who are experts in problem resolution. Availability of extensive knowledge bases gives step-by-step instructions about hosting platforms.

HostGator customer support is not as responsive. Customers have complaints of long waits and improper responses.

hostgator a2hosting rs4

HostGator Alternatives No.6: DreamHost

hostgator dreamhost intro

When looking for a web host, HostGator is one of the leading providers. But, DreamHost is not behind. The company started its operations in 1996 and now has more than 400k customers. It hosts more than 1.5 million websites, blogs, and applications. Here are a few reasons to choose DreamHost as your web hosting provider.

Reason 1 – High Speed and Quality Performance

The web hosting company offers various services for outstanding performance and speed. It helps to scale websites and applications through its shared, dedicated, VPS, or cloud hosting. Each of these offers quality performance and fast page loads. That can transform the quality of your websites.

For instance, DreamHost has products that are compatible with WordPress. So there is the seamless integration of your WordPress website and DreamHost. That makes websites run at incredible speeds.

DreamHost uses SSDs for its storage which makes websites work faster. Visitors get a better viewing experience as there is no lag.

The websites hosted on DreamHost have reliable uptime due to various data centers. So the site is always available even when there is an outage. Hosting on this means the site is always available and works at full potential.

HostGator too delivers good performance in speed and quality. It is at the same level as DreamHost when it comes to fast page loads. But when the web traffic increases, there is a cap on visitors in specific plans.

Reason 2 – Affordable Pricing and Plans

One of the most important aspects of web hosting is pricing. DreamHost offers affordable pricing on all web hosting services. Customized payment options with monthly and yearly billing cycles.

WordPress hosting starts at $2.59/month with a host of features.

The shared hosting brings value to money with a starting price of $2.59/month for a single website plan. The shared unlimited has a price tag of $3.95/month for unlimited websites.

The VPS hosting plans start at $10/month for the basic version. However, it can go up to $80/month for resource-intensive VPS Enterprise.

If you want your own server, the Dedicated hosting starts at $169/month. Cloud hosting with fast servers costs $0.0075/hour.

If you want to launch a website, use the Website Builder plan starting at $2.59/month.

When compared to HostGator, DreamHost pricing is affordable and transparent.

hostgator dreamhost rs2

hostgator dreamhost rs22

Reason 3 – Easy to Use

The DreamHost is easy to use for even beginners. It has an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. The Website Builder option is a good choice for anyone who wants to set up a website. It gives complete control over how the website appears without knowing the technicalities.

1 click install with automatic integration on applications like Joomla, MediaWiki, WordPress, etc.

hostgator dreamhost rs3

Reason 4 – Security

When you host a website on DreamHost, there is the assurance of security and reliability. The options include automatic updates to prevent attacks. A WP-specific firewall to protect the sites from vulnerabilities.

It offers pre-configured and managed security with DreamPass. It uses Encrypt SSL certificates, HTTP2, and NGINX for more privacy. Websites with DreamHost come with pre-installed free SSL certificates.

Avail of extra security features through DreamShield, which provides malware scan and virus protection.

Compared to HostGator, DreamHost has more security features, some of which are free.

Reason 5 – Customer Support

The DreamHost agents are available for support 24/7. The in-house team is knowledgeable and resolves issues fast. Apart from support via chat and email, there are other options too. A comprehensive knowledge base with questions, articles, etc., is available.

HostGator too offers 24/7 customer support. But they are not as responsive as DreamHost. There can be a long wait time if the lines are busy.


So who deserves to be the Best among HostGator Alternatives?

The features, the quick customer support and savings that BlueHost offers as compared to HostGator – makes BlueHost the true HostGator Alternative.

If you are really looking to switch from HostGator, you should definitely checkout BlueHost.

Good luck!