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Comparison updated: January 2019

HostGator has had several network outages since its original owner sold it to Endurance International Group (EIG) back in June 2012.

The latest HostGator server outage was in December 2016. With the yearly outages plaguing its network since 2012, we wonder when the next HostGator outage may be.

Since we haven’t heard from the company what steps they’re taking to prevent similar network outages from happening again in the future, we can only surmise that they have taken care of the problem internally.

One other concern that some have raised about HostGator is its worsening customer support, which again came about after its acquisition by EIG.

If you are wary of HostGator in light of the network outages and/or worsening customer support, or if you’re looking for more reliable hosting, you might want to look at other providers with more stellar records in network uptime as well as customer support.

HostGator Alternatives

HostGator Alternatives for Web Hosting:

HostGator Alternatives to buy Domain Name:

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In this article, we’ll present HostGator Alternatives namely: BlueHost, FastComet, and InMotion Hosting.

In particular, we’ll be looking at how these companies measure against HostGator in terms of features, price, and customer support, which are among the more important things to look at when comparing the capabilities of prospective web hosts.

If you’re looking for more detailed reviews on BlueHost, FastComet, and 1&1 IONOS Hosting, we’ve tackled all three providers in separate review articles here on our website.

Feel free to read them for more detailed explanations of each of their features.

hostgator alternatives

Alternative No. 1: BlueHost

bluehost banner

Let’s look at the first HostGator alternative on our list, BlueHost, which serves more than two million websites currently.

Below are the reasons why BlueHost is an excellent HostGator Alternative.

Reason 1 – Built-in Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CloudFlare CDN

All BlueHost hosting plans are on CloudFlare, one of the world’s most reputable CDNs.

This means that websites get served faster wherever a user may be located since these are replicated/cached to Cloudflare’s network of proxy servers across the globe.

To give you an example, a user based in New York accessing a website hosted in a server somewhere in California will experience the same speed as a user in California since the website is being served in a location near New York.

This BlueHost advantage is not available on HostGator. Thus, in terms of faster access to your websites, BlueHost is a clear winner, at least on paper.

Reason 2 – WooCommerce Hosting

bluehost woocommerce hosting

BlueHost is the only provider I know that offers WooCommerce Hosting. If you’re looking to set up a WooCommerce store, BlueHost is the ideal web host for exactly this reason.

Instead of setting up WooCommerce on your hosting plan yourself, BlueHost will set it up for you, helping you save on time and money in the process.

On HostGator, you will have to manually set up WooCommerce yourself once you subscribe to a hosting plan. If you are new to WooCommerce, this might prove time-consuming, if not totally impossible.

Reason 3 – Customer Support

Contact Us - BlueHost

Image source from Bluehost

BlueHost offers 24/7 chat and telephone support. A knowledge base that customers can refer to is also available, although as mentioned above, there may be a dearth of available information in it.

This can be remedied, however, via the other available support channels.

What is more likeable about the support options is the availability of separate chat and telephone numbers for the different areas of concern to customers.

For example, there are separate chat channels and telephone numbers for general sales questions, new businesses, new customers, traffic generation, and website speed and performance, among others.

We cannot find a similar option on the websites of the other providers covered under this article.

HostGator doesn’t have this feature, though it does have 24/7 support as well over email, chat and an online ticket system.

However, as mentioned earlier, HostGator has been criticised for its lackadaisical attitude towards support.

Reason 4 – Video Tutorials

BlueHost WordPress Training Videos

Another thing going for BlueHost is its active, frequently-updated YouTube channel, which features hundreds of video tutorials on a wide range of subjects, from web hosting basics to WordPress walkthroughs, and web design tutorials to training webinars.

Though HostGator does have its own video tutorials, these have not been updated for a while. This is apparent when you view a HostGator flash video showing a demo of a HostGator service on an old version of Internet Explorer.

Also, only the most basic topics are covered in its tutorial series.

Reason 5 – Resource Protection

BlueHost offers resource protection for websites on its shared hosting plans.

When BlueHost identifies excessive resource usage by a website, it automatically shifts that website over to an isolated server.

This effectively limits the impact of the excessive resource usage on the other websites on the shared server.

Again, this is a BlueHost innovation that cannot be found in HostGator, or any other web host for that matter.

BlueHost Basic Plan Cost: $2.95/mo.

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Alternative No. 2: FastComet (My Favorite)

FastComet-godaddy-alternativesI had used HostGator and I am using FastComet. So, in my opinion, FastComet comes out superior in following areas:

Reason 1 – Easy Interface to Install FREE Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate provides free SSL certificates for all kind of websites.

However, Hostgator only sells Paid SSL Certificates from Comodo & PositiveSSL. Why can’t they mention about Let’s Encrypt and have their customer install SSL for Free??

FastComet has an option on their website where with few clicks you can install Let’s Encrypt SSL.
That thing just saved me around $45/year/domain.

Reason 2: Free domain renewal for life

HostGator charges around $13/year for domain renewals.

FastComet offers this free for life.
free-domain by fastcomet

That’s $13/year savings for each domain.

Reason 3: Control over your Free Daily Backup

I had some near nightmare experience in the past, where my Devs accidently deleted the whole site directory.

When I contacted Hostgator, they said, they can provide the backup, but it will cost me $100. Since I didn’t have my site backup at that time, I had to shell out 100 bucks.

FastComet too maintains daily backup BUT that is under MY control. So, whenever I need it, I can get it – without paying a dime.


That’s $100 saved + peace of mind.

Reason 4: No renewal price gimmicks

Getting plan from HostGator comes with a catch – when you renew, you end up renewing at almost double the initial cost. That I really HATE – forcing me to buy longer plan.

Fastcomet has same price for renewals. So, I don’t worry when my plans are about to expire – I know what I will pay – a price which is constant, without feeling the need to buy longer plans.

Reason 5: Free Security Audit & Malware Removal

This is what set’s FastComet apart from HostGator. If you ever end up with malware or hacked site, FastComet protects and cleans it for you – totally FREE.


HostGator doesn’t even have this service.

Reason 6: Free Application firewall to protect your web apps

If you ever end up hosting your web application or company app, Fastcomet provides FREE application firewall to protect your code and database from stuff like SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting, etc.

HostGator doesn’t have this service.

Reason 7: Distributed Datacenters around the world

HostGator has just 2 data centers – all in US.

FastComet datacenters are spread in 6 countries. This really helps if your website is receiving international traffic.

So, switching from HostGator to FastComet, I got: $45+$13+$100 = $158 in potential savings.

I say potential because that $100 for backup – not everyone might need it.

And 1 year shared hosting plan for FastComet starts at around $71. So, if you can save $58 for sure and $158 potentially, won’t you invest $71?

It’s a no brainer. Go for it!

If you want to switch to FastComet, like me, click the link below:

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Alternative No. 3: 1&1 IONOS Hosting

1&1 IONOS ionos hosting packages

Our third alternative web host, 1&1 IONOS, offers the following advantages over HostGator:

Advantage 1 – Pricing

1&1 IONOS has business shared web hosting at much more affordable prices than HostGator with comparable features.

Their Business plan is $1 a month for a 12-month term, compared to HostGator’s $2.75 Hatchling plan.

1&1 IONOS hosting plan:

1and1 price for hosting

HostGator Plans:

hostgator prices

Advantage 2 – Better uptime and response time

We’ve tested both HostGator and 1&1 IONOS. The results below speak for themselves.

hostgator uptime

HostGator’s latest uptime, you can see here.

1&1 Ionos uptime

1&1 IONOS hosting’s latest uptime, you can see here.

As you can see, HostGator’s uptime was marginally worse.

Taken by itself this may not be a huge issue, but taken with the big and consistent difference in response times, 1&1 IONOS has a clear edge.

Advantage 3 – More security features included

One of my main issues with HostGator is a lack of solid security. HostGator does not outline much of its security infrastructure or protocols.

The security tools it offers need to be paid for in addition to whatever hosting plan you purchase.

With 1&1 IONOS, there are many security features that come included with the much cheaper Business package.

1&1 IONOS ionos hosting security

Note that some of these tools, such as the daily backup or SiteLock Basic, are costly add-ons with HostGator.

With 1&1 IONOS, they are included for free for an entry level tier about 3x cheaper than HostGator’s entry level plan.

Advantage 4 – Included SSD Storage

Solid State Drive Servers allow for much faster access and are more secure than the traditional servers HostGator employs.

1&1 IONOS allows for 25 databases (1GB SSD) with its Business tier. Its second and third tier have unlimited databases available, instead of 25.

At the time of this writing, HostGator does not have an SSD option.

Advantage 5 – More marketing tools

One thing HostGator does do well in is granting certain marketing perks to its shared hosting accounts, including their first tier Hatchling plan.

HostGator offers $100 in Bing Ads credit and a $100 Google Adwords offer with each hosting plan, which is pretty significant.

1&1 IONOS does not have the $100 Google Adwords offer, but it still has more marketing-oriented perks for even a Business account.

1&1 IONOS ionos hosting marketing features

Offering analytics, a comparable Bing Ads credit, mailing lists, and Google Sitemaps to help with indexing in search engine results is a hefty offer from 1&1 IONOS that far outpaces HostGator’s.

1&1 IONOS Hosting Business Plan Cost: $1/mo.

If you want to switch your website from HostGator to 1&1 IONOS, you can hire our Site Migration Expert by clicking here


So who deserves to be the Best HostGator Alternative?

In my opinion, it should be FastComet.

The features, the quick customer support and savings that FastComet offers as compared to HostGator – makes FastComet the true HostGator Alternative.

If you are really looking to switch from HostGator, you should definitely checkout FastComet.

Good luck!