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5 Amazing PHP Hosting Providers (No.1 is our Favourite)

Let’s talk about PHP Hosting today.

But first, let’s discuss why it is important.

With no second thoughts, you would agree PHP is a powerful scripting language that can be used to design some of the most appealing websites.

Popular websites such as Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, and some others use PHP. This is one of the reasons why PHP hosting has gained immense popularity in the past few years.

Choosing the right PHP hosting provider is equally important so that your PHP based website can run smoothly with no hiccups.

Technical capabilities, performance, scripting support, ease of usage and certainly the pricing of the hosting plan pays a key role in deciding if the PHP hosting platform is suitable for your requirement.

Over here I will provide a detailed review for few of the best PHP hosting platforms. But, before that let me explain why exactly you need PHP hosting.

If you are in a hurry then you can see Best PHP Hosting Providers List at glance:

hostingpill5 Amazing PHP Hosting Providers
  1. BlueHost (My Favourite)
  2. GreenGeeks
  3. Hostpapa
  4. Amezmo
  5. Mochahost
Why should you use PHP hosting?
PHP is a suitable language to build websites and blogs. While PHP is flexible, you still would require a PHP hosting platform that can seamlessly build your website. Some of the reasons why you should use PHP hosting are as highlighted below:

  • Scalable: PHP hosting platforms provide multiple plans including few cloud-based hostings that can quickly let you scale up resources. So, while your website traffic increases, you need not be worried about website performance.
  • Management: PHP hosting lets you easily manage all your PHP requirement using a single dashboard or console. Basically, these are designed to ease out PHP management for websites
  • Flexible: PHP requires additional resources that can be a component of various hybrid technologies such as LAMP. Using a PHP hosting plan you can install these dependencies with less technical hassles.
  • Cost Effective: While PHP and dependent technologies are mostly open source, yet you may need a web developer to integrate these components. PHP hosting platforms, on the other hand, provide a DIY approach that is budget friendly.
  • Optimization: When you choose a PHP hosting platform, you need not worry about speed, performance, reliability and most importantly website optimization. The PHP hosting providers have these features inbuilt.

There are certainly are a lot of benefits of using PHP hosting wherein you can quickly create and launch visually appealing websites.

Moving on next, let me get into details of which are the best PHP hosting platforms.

Hosting 1: BlueHost

PHP Hosting: Bluehost Banner

Bluehost is not a new name when we speak about hosting platforms. This being so popular, also provides PHP hosting and is a hosting platform you cannot miss from this list.

Bluehost is known for its versatile services. The plans come with a 30-day free trial and include a free domain name for 1 year.

Bluehost PHP hosting has 4 plans.

Bluehost pricing

Bluehost PHP Features:

    1. Performance and Speed: Bluehost supports PHP hosting on its shared plan. The plans provide unlimited bandwidth. Bluehost provides SSD based storage to ensure high speed. The plans provide standard performance.

CloudFlare CDN ensures optimized site performance. The Pro plan supports high performance and provides better resource management for the shared plan.

  1. Security and Reliability: Bluehost does equally good when it’s about website security. There is account isolation and password protection available for cPanel. Bluehost provides complete domain privacy to ensure zero identity theft, spam, and phishing. This additionally has a SiteLock available.Bluehost SecurityCodeGuard is used to take regular website backup. To add on, Bluehost also includes a free SSL certificate.
  1. Customer Support: Bluehost is one of the most popular hosting solutions and has good customer support. You can reach them over call, email tickets or live chat.There is ample of resource that is readily available online as well over their official website. You can also get additional help from their FAQs and Blogs.
  1. PHP support: Bluehost comes with good inbuilt support for PHP hosting. It supports all the major PHP versions. You get technical help for PHP based configurations as well as PHP upgradation. You would also find relevant PHP support guides in their knowledge base.
  1. Add-ons: Bluehost on its higher-end plans support unlimited storage. This is combined with unmetered bandwidth. Except the basic plan, Bluehost provides Spam Experts, CodeGuard Basic, Domain privacy on all other plans.Bluehost addons

Hosting 2: GreenGeeks

PHP Hosting: Greengeeks Banner

GreenGeeks with its eco-friendly hosting provides good to use features when it comes to PHP hosting.

While it’s fast, it’s secure as well and ensures easy PHP management. With a round the clock server monitoring GreenGeeks ensures good uptime.

GreenGeeks PHP hosting provides 3 different hosting plans.

GreenGeeks plans

GreenGeeks PHP Features:

    1. Speed and Uptime: GreenGeeks provides SSD based RAID-10 storage on all its plans to ensure good speed. As your requirement increases, you can scale up resources. All plans include a free CDN integration.

The servers are optimized to provide high performance and maintain consistent uptime.

GreenGeeks ensures to maintain a 99.9% uptime. (See the recorded Uptime of GreenGeeks)Greengeeks performance

    1. Security and Reliability: GreenGeeks has redundant resources. With a good number of the data centre, GreenGeeks ensures top security features.

GreenGeeks uses container-based technology, hosting account isolation, round the clock server monitoring, real-time security scanning, auto-updates, to provide the highest standard security features.

While there are redundant resources, each plan also includes nightly backup. Its power cacher technology provides faster page loads.

Greengeeks security

    1. Add-ons: When you choose a PHP hosting in GreenGeeks, it’s not just restricted to providing basic features. You get some add-ons as well.

GreenGeeks plans have a 30-day money back guarantee. One free domain is included in the plan. Additionally, you get a free website builder and free website transfer. cPanel and Softaculous installer enable installation of different add-ons. This again is included in the plan. Email hosting is also included in the plan.

    1. PHP support: With over 35K customers, GreenGeeks provides substantial PHP hosting support. This supports older as well as the latest versions of PHP.

GreenGeeks allows installation of PHP 7.1, 7.0 and 5.5. PHP is enabled by default, so you wouldn’t have to separately install it. With different version support, GreenGeeks provides advance PHP optimization, secure PHP coding, and faster PHP execution.

    1. Customer support: Yet another not to miss feature is the GreenGeeks customer support. You can reach their support over live chat, phone, tickets or emails.

GreenGeeks provides 24/7 support. Additionally, GreenGeeks has dedicated resources and knowledge base that contains basic as well as advanced topics. While there is round the clock support, there is also technical help available to guide website migration.

Best PHP Hosting 3: Hostpapa

PHP Hosting: Hostpapa banner

Hostpapa is one of the top hosting platforms and hosts over 500,000 websites. Using Hostpapa you can create visually appealing websites easily.

Hostpapa has servers which are optimized for speed and provide smooth PHP hosting. With a good set of features, Hostpapa is an equally good hosting platform for your PHP website.

Hostpapa has 3 PHP hosting plans.

Hostpapa plans

Hostpapa PHP Features:

  1. Speed and Performance: Hostpapa gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee. The servers are built to provide optimized speed. Hostpapa uses SSD drives that provide consistently good performance and high speed. LSI’s CacheCade Pro 2.0 is used for SSD caching. This is additionally supported by CloudFlare CDN.Hostpapa speedThe higher end plans have servers designed for more enhanced performance. Over shared hosting, fewer accounts are dedicated to each server.
    1. Security and Reliability: There are tons of security features that Hostpapa provides. This is driven by constant monitoring, firewalls and intrusion detection systems. Hostpapa has DDoS prevention, incoming/outgoing traffic security, network monitoring, brute force detection, CloudLinux O/S protection, auto patches, let’s encrypt SSL, domain privacy protection, SiteLock detection, and ModSecurity.

Hostpapa provides a RAID-10 redundancy with a redundant network. The plans include an automatic backup. This does include a lot of advanced security features in each of its plans.

    1. Customer Support: Hostpapa certainly doesn’t remain behind when it comes to consumer support. You can reach their support over the phone, live chat and tickets. The support is available 24/7 and offers multilingual support. The website migrations are completely supported.

You also can avail their free 30-minute training sessions. Hostpapa has a self-sufficient knowledge base which covers most topics.

    1. Additional features: With 3 plans for PHP, Hostpapa offers a wide range of additional features. The plans have a 30-day money back guarantee. The plans have unmetered bandwidth and include free domain registration. Also inbuilt are other features such as email hosting, email virus scanning, SpamExperts, installation support of over 400 apps.

Hostpapa has a user-friendly cPanel, analytics support for website, access to raw files, Softaculous installer. The plans are equally suitable to build e-commerce websites.

  1. Website building: Hostpapa is one of the hosting platforms that has enough support to build UI rich websites. Using PHP, you can effectively incorporate the inbuilt templates provided by Hostpapa. The website builder is included within the plan and is simple to use and customize website designs. This supports advanced HTML editing.PHP Hosting: Hostpapa websiteYou can select designs from over 120 templates.

Best PHP Hosting 4: Amezmo

PHP Hosting: amezmo
Amezmo makes PHP hosting accessible to everyone. It saves you time by simplifying the process of setting up servers. The great thing is, it’s not shared hosting so you get a completely isolated vessel with dedicated memory, CPU and storage.

With Amezmo, you can run any PHP version of your preference from 5.6 to 7.4 with extensions included to save you the hassle of configuring them yourself.

There are 3 Amezmo PHP plans available:
PHP Hosting: amezmo pricing
As you can see, the concept plan offers a private domain, zero-downtime deployments with Git, smart package manager, deployment notifications, etc. While the standard and advanced plans double up on features even further with unlimited storage, 2xCPU, rollbacks, SSH access, etc.

Amezmo PHP Features:

  1. Security: Amezmo provides the latest security updates by keeping up with the latest PHP versions. Amezmo monitors over the latest PHP release cycles and updates you about any new or upcoming versions. You can select between automatic or manual updating.
    There are also auto-renewing SSL certificates that Amezmo takes care of for free and as an addition, it supports wildcard domains as well.
  2. Performance: Amezmo is not a shared hosting and works on completely isolated and dedicated resources to provide the best experience for the price. You get a completely clean space with your choice of PHP version and ample memory, CPU and storage.
    The great thing about dedicated servers is that your servers are not being shared with any other sites. It means that your performance isn’t being compromised and hence completely dedicated to you.
  3. Other Features: Amezmo has a fair amount of features in every plan. With features such as unlimited queues, private networking, 1-day backup retention, advanced server metrics, automatic security updates, automatic firewall, etc. you know that you will be getting your money’s worth.
    The advanced tier plans include the basic plan’s features as well as additional features such as Remote MySQL metrics, Deployment hooks, 6 custom domains with automatic SSL, instance sharing, Wildcard SSL certificates and much more.
  4. Customer Support: Amezmo offers customer support in the form of priority email and chat options to troubleshoot any immediate issues. Email support can be used to report runtime bugs or code errors to get technical assistance.
    What’s more, the ‘Advanced’ plan has a 15 minute support response time to help you out on a whim or times when you have more tasks at hand.

Best PHP Hosting 5: Mochahost

PHP Hosting: Mochahost Banner

Mochahost was launched in 2002 and is one of the few hosting platforms that provide a 100% network uptime guarantee.

Being completely based on cloud technology, Mochahost embeds several intuitive features in each of its plans. While this supports multiple hosting, it also has equal support for PHP hosting.

Mochahost PHP hosting has 3 plans.

Mochahost plans

The plans start as low as $1.95/month and also renew at the same initial pricing.

Mochahost PHP Features:

  1. Uptime: Mochahost requires a special mention for its uptime. The infrastructure of Mochahost provides a 100% network uptime guarantee. Excluding scheduled maintenance and few others which are mentioned on their SLA, everything else guarantees a 100% network uptime.PHP Hosting: Mochahost SLAWhat’s more, even the basic plan has a 100% uptime guarantee.
    1. Performance and Speed: Each plan of Mochahost is unique and provides sufficient server power. There is also a separate plan that is most suitable for e-commerce websites. The plans support unlimited monthly traffic and provide unlimited disk space.

The cloud-based technology ensures high redundancy, stability, and performance. The more advanced plans provide a lightning fast guarantee and optimize your PHP website response.

PHP Hosting: Mochahost performance

  1. Additional features: Mochahost has universal pricing for a lifetime. This means you need not be worried about your plan pricing when you renew. Mochahost plans provide a free SSL for life, free domain name, website builder and access to over 450 third-party apps. Supports all major PHP versions and host of other dependent libraries.PHP Hosting: Mochahost addonsTheir green server is SSD based storage and the plans provide unlimited disk space. The plans include cPanel, Lets Encrypt support, 180 days risk-free usage, cache booster, SEO tools, and more such features. All included in the plan.
    1. Customer Support: Mochahost has a dedicated support section. The customer support can be reached via calls, tickets and live chat.In case you are looking for dedicated resources, then Mochahost has a series of topics they cover related to hosting.

The well-defined guides and knowledge base is a one-stop solution to most technical issues. Mochahost also has video tutorials, blogs and you can raise tickets to get ad-hoc technical help. They certainly have customer support catering to advance as well as beginner level users.

    1. Security and Reliability: Mochahost is cloud-based and ensures their servers are completely secure. The servers are always up to date. Mochahost does not reboot servers and gives a NEVER Reboot Protection.

While there are regular patch updates, you suffer no downtime. The services are 100% GDPR compliant with increased security over cloud-based architecture. This also includes failover support. The higher end plans support automatic backups.

Which PHP Hosting we recommend?

It’s good to know you have a wide range of options to choose from for your PHP website. PHP being such a powerful language, it is equally important to choose an appropriate hosting solution.

All of the above options are perfect PHP hosting platforms. Each one has a unique capability and comprehends user requirement.

However, in case there was one I had to pick, it would be BlueHost and there are multiple reasons for this.

If you are looking to take your first step towards PHP hosting, then BlueHost is worth trying.