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Have you been thinking of shifting from Wix?

There are a few downsides of using Wix. That’s the reason most users are looking out for Wix Alternatives.

With Wix the long-term pricing is expensive. If you choose the basic plan which is the cheapest plan available, then you need to bear with the Wix Ads.

To remove Ads, you need to choose a more expensive plan. Also, ts website designer is low on design and editing. This makes creating a complex website design a tedious task.

Other issues usually faced by Wix users is its low SEO support, marketing tools, and third-party apps support. There are few technical limitations in Wix, which is again a challenge for Wix users.

Nevertheless, in case you are searching for Wix alternatives, then here is a consolidated review of its alternatives.

Alternatives to Wix:

Alternative 1: Shopify

Shopify as Wix AlternativesShopify is a good alternative for Wix. If you are planning to create an e-commerce website, then surely you would have heard about Shopify.

Shopify provides e-commerce development platform. It was first started in 2004 and is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Shopify specializes in e-commerce website creation and is commonly used by several across the globe. It has over 6,000,000 users on its platform.

Core features:

You can start using Shopify at as low as $9/month with its Shopify Lite plan. Shopify allows you to seamlessly sell products.shopify lite

You get to choose a wide range of templates which are free as well as paid. It has Shopify payments and provides support for several third-party payment gateways.

Other features supported are – Blogging functionality, recovery of the abandoned cart, import/export of customer data, content management system, SEO, integration with MailChimp, Discount codes and ability to edit CSS and HTML, Point-Of-Sale.

With more advance plan, you can access advanced report building, API support, gift cards, and many more features. Moreover, Shopify provides a 14-day free trial.


Shopify gives 10 free e-commerce themes. These templates can be customized as per your requirement, thereby making these themes unique across different websites.easy to customize shopify

Shopify provides visually appealing themes and all of these are optimized across different devices. You can also choose their premium themes.

There are over 55 premium themes which are available at different pricing. From their theme store, you can access all the available themes.

Shopify also provides you an option to build your own themes.

Customer Support:

Shopify provides varied customer support. It has a dedicated support through the help center.

On the website, you would find a list of resources and user guides which are available. These are spread across different topics.

Other options available are through its 24/7 customer support. You also have different topics you could search on from the help center. If this is not enough you have a forum to discuss more about Shopify.

There are video tutorials and how to guides available along with other resources.

Ease of Usage:

Shopify interface is easy to use. The interface lets you manage all your features and configurations seamlessly.Shopify Analytics

Common sales channel options included are – Online Store, Pinterest, Facebook, Messenger, Buy Button, Amazon.

The Amazon option allows users to manage Amazon listings. Other channels such as eBay, Instagram are also available.

Marketing, SEO and Analytics support: Shopify has good SEO support as compared to several other platforms. On page SEO alteration such as Headings, meta descriptions are easy to manage using Shopify.

Shopify provides Google AdWords credit. You can provide SEO friendly product reviews. Other features supported are- email marketing discount codes, sell on Facebook, Gift cards, social media integrations.

Shopify provides some advance page analytics. From the dashboard, you can monitor the website traffic, use Google analytics, produce reports and export reports.

Alternative 2: 1&1 (My Favourite)

1and1 website builder1&1 is one of the most popular web development and hosting platform which has been in the market for a long time. It is headquartered in Montabaur, Germany.

1&1 provides website building options starting as low as $0.99/month. The website building again has different plans for website and online store.

Here’s why 1&1 is better than Wix:

Plan Flexibility:

When it comes to plans available in 1&1, there are many different plans available for website development.

It has a website builder for regular website creation. Next, it has an online store builder. Apart from this 1&1 also provides an option to create a single web page.1and1 one page site builer

The plans support most basic website creation and also have plans suiting advance website creation or e-commerce website setup.

Plan flexibility happens to be a key highlight for 1&1, since at the lowest pricing you can create a single web page. This is an option, not readily available in most website builders.

Customer Support:

1&1 has a dedicated 24/7 customer support service. At any point you can reach them over the phone, while the live chat may not be available at all times.

You can also get online support from their website by accessing their help center. The help center has FAQs across various topics.

The support has well-segregated topics covering almost all topics across website development.

Affordable pricing:

An advantage with 1&1 is its plan flexibility. Owing to the plan flexibility you also get a plan which suits your budget.

The pricing provided by 1&1 are affordable for the features provided for each plan. In case you need to develop only a single page, then you can use their One Page website plan which starts at $1/month.

For e-commerce website development, the basic plan starts at a pricing of $9.99/month. Here the most advanced plan has a pricing of $29.99/month.

In case of a regular website development, you can start as low as $0.99/month. This is the starting price for the basic plan. However, for the personal plan, you can start at $2.99/month.1and1 plans

Most of the website development features are part of the plan. Hence you would not have to pick any additional features at a separate cost.


With every plan supporting the drag and drop website editor, you get an unlimited number of pages, unlimited web space, optimized templates, access to the image library, backup and restoration of the website, SEO support.

The more advance plan includes features such as SSL, email hosting, access to over 20 million images, multi-lingual support, SEO analysis, integrated marketing tools.

E-commerce specific plans also support a number of features. Along with easy to use design editor, you can also provide customizations.

Other features included are SSL, integrated payment support for different payment gateway, integrated shipping methods, marketing tools, and online marketplace support.


Using 1&1 designing, customizing a template is simple with its easy to use drag and drop feature.

You can choose templates based on the domain of your business. All of the templates available are optimized for multiple dimension screen size which makes it suitable for mobile, tablet as well as the desktop view.1and1 templates

1&1 has an image library which has access to over 20 million images. Not only this, it has a very huge collection of visually rich templates which are free.

Create your website with 1and1

Just $0.99/mo.

Alternative 3: Imcreator

IMcreator as wix alternativesImcreator provides website building, web hosting, and stock photography. It was first launched in 2011.

Imcreator has its headquarters in New York, USA and also has an additional office in Tel Aviv, Israel. It has over 17 million customers.

You can start using its services for free.

XPRS is the new website builder of Imcreator. XPRS uses polydoms which is a technology Imcreator started for its website building platform.

Affordable pricing:

Imcreator starts with a free plan. Most suitable to create a rudimentary website. You can mail their support, to get a free license. Here you get unlimited hosting.

This basic plan is free from Ads, unlike Wix. This supports e-commerce development and from here you can access all their themes. The free plan allows basic website development.

If you want to connect your own domain and require premium support, then you can try one of their premium plans. The commercial plan starts at $8/month.

Further to this, in case you need unlimited licenses, then you can choose their Pro account. This is for very high website development, white labels, reseller options and hosting companies. The plan starts at $350/month. This is suitable for entrepreneurs.imcreator plans

Overall if you are looking for basic website development, then this has affordable pricing.


When it’s about templates, Imcreator has a rich template collection. Each business domain has a separate collection of templates. Moreover, these are free to use.imcreator templates

The website builder gives you an option to choose between XPRS and Creator. Both of these have a varied collection of templates.

In case you are starting with website development, then using the XPRS option would be favorable. XPRS, as well as Creator option, provides visually appealing templates.

You can start using and editing using the Creator option right away, whereas for XPRS you would require to sign up.


Imcreator facilitates in building eye-catching websites. This in most cases does not require any coding.

You can create a website using Imcreator and host it anywhere. It supports custom integrations and APIs.

Imcreator has support for SEO and improves page speed. The site builder is one of the most popular and easy to use website building platform.

Imcreator has equal support for advanced e-commerce website building. Starting from the website design you can provide customizations for hosting, billing model and several others.

Ease of Usage:

Using Imcreator you can use either Creator or XPRS to develop your website.

The Creator mode allows easy editing. This is similar to several other website builder platforms and provides easy to use customizations for font, color, images and many more.Imcretor website builder


If you decide to choose the XPRS editor for your website creation, then this as well is simple to use.Imcretor webstie builder 2

Both of these provide video tutorial guides to provide easy navigation.

Customer Support:

Imcreator has a dedicated support. You can access several user guides which include elaborate walkthrough across different topics.

You would get access to several How to guides, FAQ, video tutorials. Apart from this you can raise a ticket and contact their support team.

In addition to this, there is a Creator community which can also be accessed in case of queries. You can also get on a live chat to get more information or schedule a demo.Imcretor chat

Imcreator also supports test drive before you upgrade to a premium plan.

Alternative 4: Squarespace

Squarespace as wix alternativesSquarespace is a website building platform and supports hosting. It was first launched in 2003. Squarespace is headquartered in New York, USA.

Squarespace uses inbuilt website templates and facilitates drag and drop features for website building.

It has support for e-commerce and provides e-commerce tools along with domain name services, analytics, and several other intuitive features.

Here’s few reasons why Squarespace is better than Wix:

Pricing plans:

Squarespace has its basic plan starting at $12/month for an annual plan. With this plan, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited pages.squarespace plans

This also has a free custom domain included on an annual purchase. Other features included are mobile optimized designs, analytics, SSL and 24/7 support.

In Wix, though the basic pricing starts at $5/month, this contains Wix Ads. In case you need unlimited bandwidth then you need to choose a higher priced plan.

This plan of Wix starts at $14/month. Again this plan supports only 10 GB storage against Squarespace which provides unlimited storage.

With Squarespace, you can launch your e-commerce website at $18/month. This has a list of e-commerce specific features. Wix provides an e-commerce plan starting at $17/month. However, this has a storage of only 20 GB.

Ease of Usage:

Wix as well as Squarespace, both are easy to use. Squarespace, though, has a more intuitive website builder.Squarespace easy to design

It has well-segregated options.

Adding the required customization to your page is extremely simple. You can also use their Analytics and Online marketing support.

Squarespace has several e-commerce specific features which make e-commerce website development simpler.

Squarespace has ample advanced options for website creation as well as e-store development.

Along with this, it has a good support for other additional features related to SEO, marketing and good template support.

Overall Squarespace provides intuitive features for advanced users as well as easy to use for novice users.

Feature Rich:

This is probably the biggest reason why Squarespace is better than Wix. There are ample features that Squarespace provides.

Squarespace has a good collection of mobile responsive templates. You can customize the design of your website easily with almost zero coding efforts.

It provides font, color customization, where you can also add your own HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Here you can create visually impacting video backgrounds.

Other features included are CDN based hosting which provides fast speed, image SEO, responsive image loading, Adobe image editor and many more to improve your website loading.

Also there is advance support for SEO and e-commerce along with loads of third-party apps support. Squarespace allows you to quickly create visually appealing websites.

Customer Support:

When you start using its website builder, you would find a few video tutorials and initial briefings to explain the different features available in it.

Squarespace has a dedicated support which includes several video tutorials and guides. It has well-segregated topics.

You can also join Squarespace webinars or join their community.squarespace community support

They also support you over email & live chat. The live chat is available on weekdays and during working hours.

Overall, Squarespace has ample useful resources. Some of these are on advanced topics while some are meant for beginners.

Better e-store creation:

Squarespace fares better when it comes to creating an e-store. Not only does it have a good choice of templates, but is also feature rich.

You can start your e-store at $18/month. This supports advance website metrics, free custom domain, can sell unlimited products & e-commerce integration.

In case you want more advanced options for your e-store, then you can choose one of the more advanced plans which starts at $26/month.

The plans support inventory, orders, tax, coupons, Gift cards, Orders API, abandoned cart auto recovery and several other advance e-commerce options.

Each of this has a support for several third-party app integrations along with advance SEO support and marketing.

Alternative 5: GoDaddy

Godaddy as Wix alternativesGoDaddy is a popular web hosting and web development platform which has been prominently dominating the market.

GoDaddy was first launched in 1997 and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. It has over 17 million customers across the globe.

In 2017, GoDaddy launched its new improvised website builder called as GoCentral. This focuses on speed and is made more simple to use. It provides a 14-day free trial.

Plan and Pricing Flexibility:

When it comes to different plans available for website development, nothing beats GoDaddy. GoDaddy provides a variety of plans suiting your requirement and budget.

You can choose plans for simple website development, e-commerce website, and WordPress development. The plan starts at $5.99/ plans

E-commerce store development starts at $29.99/month. Choosing a Business plan would cost you $14.99/month. Overall, it has flexible plans. So you don’t pay for features which you might never require.


While the plans are flexible, so are the features. A basic website plan supports mobile responsive website development, 24/7 support and can be used to create a personal blog.

With more advance plans you get SSL, SEO integration, Email Marketing support, Social Media Integration, and Optimized speed.

The website builder automatically reviews your site and optimizes searches for search engines such as Google, Bing, and seo

This is accompanied with several mobile responsive templates which can be adapted quickly. There are over 16,000 theme templates which can be customized.

E-commerce support:

Online store building has a separate website development plans. You can launch a visually rich store integrated with a shopping cart.

Supports mobile shopping and checkout, email marketing via social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. Here you can add up to 5000 products with up to 10 images per product.

Other features supported are- Abandoned cart recovery, easy payment gateway integration, inbuilt shipping support, SEO tools, inventory tracking, Coupon codes and many more.

Customer Support:

It is easy to use GoDaddy’s customer support. You have a dedicated help section on the website.

Here you would find a list of guides on various topics which also includes website development and relevant features.

Apart from this, you have a GoDaddy community which can provide additional support. Also, the site includes a few relevant blogs and video guides.Godaddy Comunity

You can also reach them over the phone or live chat. In case you do not have the relevant website designing expertise, then you can also hire a GoDaddy website designing expert.

Ease of Usage:

GoDaddy’s GoCentral website builder is designed to make website development simpler. You can create and publish your website on a phone.

It is user-friendly and allows quick customizations. Using the website builder, you can easily change color, fonts, style for your website builder

From here you can add a calendar, change menus, price list, images, videos and many more. This also supports linking to other social media platforms and optimizes your website automatically.

You can also launch marketing campaigns from the website builder. This makes it a suitable choice for novice users.


So finally, you can very well get rid of your Wix platform with one of these alternatives. Each of these alternatives provides a different feature and can easily replace Wix.

In case you are planning to launch an e-store, then Shopify is the best alternative. Shopify is specialized for e-commerce website designing.

For a simple website development, 1&1 is a good choice for its plan flexibility.

And yes, if you need a simple and budget-friendly website development platform, then go ahead and choose Imcreator.

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