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7 Best Wix Alternatives (#1 is my favorite)

Have you been looking for Wix Alternatives?

There are a few downsides of using Wix. That’s the reason most users are looking out for Wix Alternatives.

With Wix the long-term pricing is expensive. If you choose the basic plan which is the cheapest plan available, then you need to bear with the Wix Ads.

To remove Ads, you need to choose a more expensive plan. Also, its website designer is low on design and editing. This makes creating a complex website design a tedious task.

In case you are searching for Wix alternatives, then here is a consolidated review.

hostingpill7 Best Wix Alternatives
  1. SITE123
  2. Shopify
  3. Pagecloud
  4. Ucraft
  5. Volusion
  6. Squarespace
  7. GoDaddy

No.1: SITE123


Is it a good idea to use SITE123 as a Wix alternative?

Yes. Web design has never been easier than with SITE123. It handles the app’s framework and visuals better than Wix so that you can focus more on creating the site.

Its editor is far more effective than ordinary drag-and-drop web builders. Yet, both Wix and SITE123 give you total control of where the elements of your site go.


Both offer basic packages that cost nothing at all. Yet, SITE123 is best since it provides more space and features. SITE123 lets you change the language and region settings more effectively than Wix.

Site123 is better than Wix when it comes to selling digital products. SITE123’s Auto-update feature is better, while significant updates in Wix need an opt-in. SITE123 has better free stock images than Wix.

SITE123 makes it easier to add social media to your site than Wix. You can add third-party apps like web admin tools, analytics tools, and live chat, all accessible on App Market.

PayPal and Major credit cards are accepted methods of payment by both. But, compared to Wix, SITE123 offers more payment methods.


You may immediately start your site using one of the many free website themes.

Unlike Wix, if you cannot find the proper template, contact SITE123 customer service. Talk to one of their agents about what you require, and they’ll assist you in finding a template that works for you. They will talk to the development team and work on making templates for your business.

Customer Support:

SITE123 help section and guides are better than Wix since it includes easy-to-follow animated images. But you can reach out to them anytime at their round-the-clock online chat service.

Yet, Wix has a drawback – you must log in to chat with an agent. Moreover, SITE123’s response time for queries is quick compared to Wix.


Ease of Usage:

Both Site123 and Wix are straightforward to use and flexible in their configuration. But, the interface of SITE123 is intuitive for beginners compared to Wix.


No.2: Shopify

wix alternatives: Shopify

Shopify is among the good Wix alternatives. If you are planning to create an e-commerce website, then surely you would have heard about Shopify.

Shopify provides e-commerce development platform. It was first started in 2004 and is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Shopify specializes in e-commerce website creation and is commonly used by several across the globe. It has over 6,000,000 users on its platform.

Core features:

You can start using Shopify at as low as $9/month with its Shopify Lite plan. Shopify allows you to seamlessly sell products.

shopify lite

You get to choose a wide range of templates which are free as well as paid. It has Shopify payments and provides support for several third-party payment gateways.

Other features supported are – Blogging functionality, recovery of the abandoned cart, import/export of customer data, content management system, SEO, integration with MailChimp, Discount codes and ability to edit CSS and HTML, Point-Of-Sale.

With more advance plan, you can access advanced report building, API support, gift cards, and many more features. Moreover, Shopify provides a 14-day free trial.


Shopify gives 10 free e-commerce themes. These templates can be customized as per your requirement, thereby making these themes unique across different websites.

easy to customize shopify

Shopify provides visually appealing themes and all of these are optimized across different devices. You can also choose their premium themes.

There are over 55 premium themes which are available at different pricing. From their theme store, you can access all the available themes.

Shopify also provides you an option to build your own themes.

Customer Support:

Shopify provides varied customer support. It has a dedicated support through the help center.

On the website, you would find a list of resources and user guides which are available. These are spread across different topics.

Other options available are through its 24/7 customer support. You also have different topics you could search on from the help center. If this is not enough you have a forum to discuss more about Shopify.

There are video tutorials and how to guides available along with other resources.

Ease of Usage:

Shopify interface is easy to use. The interface lets you manage all your features and configurations seamlessly.

Shopify Analytics

Common sales channel options included are – Online Store, Pinterest, Facebook, Messenger, Buy Button, Amazon.

The Amazon option allows users to manage Amazon listings. Other channels such as eBay, Instagram are also available.

Marketing, SEO and Analytics support: Shopify has good SEO support as compared to several other platforms. On page SEO alteration such as Headings, meta descriptions are easy to manage using Shopify.

Shopify provides Google AdWords credit. You can provide SEO friendly product reviews. Other features supported are- email marketing discount codes, sell on Facebook, Gift cards, social media integrations.

Shopify provides some advance page analytics. From the dashboard, you can monitor the website traffic, use Google analytics, produce reports and export reports.

Wix Alternatives 3: Pagecloud

wix alternatives: Pagecloud

Pagecloud is the best alternative for Wix. It can rapidly and easily create website pages with zero coding and complete customization.

Pagecloud provides a 14-day trial where you can try few of their several features.

Pagecloud is spread across more than 100 countries. It actively started its drag and drop website builder in 2014 and is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Here’s why Pagecloud is better than Wix:


Pagecloud has a good feature list for website development. This is suitable for website as well as e-commerce website creation.

This includes an easy to use visual editor along with advance page layout tools.

Page layout of pagecloud

Advanced Page Layout of Pagecloud

The visual editor provides options to resize, rotate and several other features which are like Photoshop, Keynote and Sketch.

Every aspect of the object can be customized, making Pagecloud completely customizable. Text editing and font changes are equally simple.
Video controls and embedding video players can be used to provide visually rich websites.

Similarly, images which are added to Pagecloud can be SEO optimized and contains automatic CDN for improving page load speed. Editing images and creating retina perfect images is supported by Pagecloud.

Social media integration as well as integrating existing tools such as MailChimp, Google Forms can be done from within Pagecloud.
There is more to their feature list.

Few other additional features included are – G Suite, Favicon, Custom 404 pages, automatic SEO optimization of page, customization through code modifications.

Themes and Templates:

While choosing a website editor, one of the most impacting feature is its support for templates.

Pagecloud has a very good collection of templates. This has options available based on the domain you choose.

pagecloud template

It gives you multiple layout options for each of the template design you choose. Each template is accompanied with a demo showcasing the template features.

Pagecloud also provides wireframes. Each template caters to menu customizations where you can drag and drop to change alignment.

Ease of Usage:

Pagecloud makes it extremely easy to get started and creating a website. All you need to do is fill in basic details and you can start exploring their website editor.

Within the editor all options are available in the extreme left of the panel.

ease of usage of page cloud

Each section including header and footer can be customized. The Shapes available are again customizable and just require to be dragged and used.

Like Wix, Pagecloud provides text and customization where desired font and colour along with type of text such as quotes, paragraphs etc can be chosen.

Adding buttons, social media integration, icons, videos are options which are readily available. With page customization, you can also add SEO to your page by individually mentioning keywords and meta descriptions.

Customer Support:

Pagecloud has an excellent customer support. It has each section which has descriptions on what exactly is offered by Pagecloud.

Pagecloud has community support where you can ask any question which would get answered. Each template as well as feature contains demos as well as user guide descriptions, making it simpler to get started.

Apart from this, Pagecloud has a customer support help. Live chat is a possible way to reach their customer support, though this is not available 24/7.

pagecloud customer support

Wix Alternatives 4: Ucraft

wix alternatives: ucraft

Ucraft is a website builder which can be used to build professional business websites as well as landing pages. Equally suitable for e-commerce building and logo designing.

Ucraft comes with a 14-day free trial. The platform is easy to use and can create visually appealing websites.

Here is why Ucraft is better than Wix:


When it comes to website builder features, Ucraft keeps up to the expectation. With this, you can design with zero designing knowledge.

It has good support for third-party apps for marketing, analytics, design and more. It’s perfectly mobile-optimized templates make mobile websites look appealing.

ucraft facilities

While Ucraft provides a free trial you also have a free plan which comes with Ucraft branding. Ucraft supports good customization and edit features for the website design.

Few of the included features are Google Analytics, multilingual website development, SSL, password protected pages, multiple currency support, and many more.

Ucraft provides an array of features for ecommerce development with zero transaction fees.

ucraft features

Overall, Ucraft is feature rich and makes as a perfect alternative for Wix.

Ease of Usage:

I have mentioned previously that Ucraft is simple to use. However, it’s not just simple to use but is also easy to get started.

Ucraft provides a free plan which can be started instantly. It has no complex sign up hassles. The dashboard is neither cluttered nor confusing.

ucraft dashboard

As you log in you can find menus on the left side which can be clicked to further view more options.

ucraft options

You can divide your website as blocks and manage them individually. Most elements can be customized independently and you can also add effects.

Ucraft lets you create websites in few clicks and does not require any coding expertise. However, Ucraft is flexible to also support code snippets.

Ucraft is equally simple to use for online store development.


When it comes to website builders, it’s incomplete in case it does not support sufficient templates. With Ucraft, you get a good set of intuitive template choice.

ucraft templates

Ucraft provides templates based on different popular categories.

ucraft category templates

All templates are completely responsive to multiple devices. With premium templates, you get hosting and subdomain for free.

Customer Support:

Ucraft provides bot driven chat support. Apart from this, you have live chat support.

ucraft customer support

Alternatively, you can also browse through their support sections. Ucraft contains a well-segregated topic wise knowledge base.

You can also check the system uptime and other metrics over here.

ucraft uptime

Ucraft also provides community support. Overall Ucraft has good customer support and it is easy to find help here. Apart from this Ucraft also has a separate guides section which contains marketing guide and blogs.

Wix Alternatives 5: Volusion

wix alternatives: volusion

Volusion predominantly targets e-commerce development and holds as a good alternative for Wix. It’s a perfect solution in case you are looking to launch an online store and market it.

While Volusion might not provide the cheapest plans, yet it has a lot to offer. With zero transaction fees and most features included in the plans, Volusion goes as a good choice for online store building.

Here’s why Volusion is better than Wix:


Volusion provides a 14-day free trial. When it’s about creating an enterprise-class online store, Volusion provides several intuitive features.

With absolutely no transaction fees, Volusion’s basic plan supports 100 products and provides unlimited bandwidth.

Volusion Features

Few of the other features included are – responsive templates, website editor, drag and drop tools, social media integrations, and inventory management.

More advanced plans include other features such as ratings and reviews, analytics support, abandoned cart reports, Amazon/eBay integration, advanced report building.

Templates and Themes:

Volusion has a good collection of themes. It has free as well as premium themes. Fully responsive, these themes can be customized as per your requirement.

Volusion provides 11 free themes and 34 premium themes. The themes include various widgets such as social sharing, product zoom, one-page checkout, newsletter, infinite scroll, and others.

wix alternatives: volusion Themes

The themes are completely supported by Volusion’s technical experts. You can contact their support for any help related to theme customization.

Volusion themes are built to be displayed across multiple browsers. These are completely retina ready.

Customer Support:

Volusion has customer support that is available round the clock. You can reach customer support via phone or live chat.

wix alternatives: volusion Chat

You can also search for various contents and help guides over the official website. Email based customer support is also available. It typically takes them a few hours to respond.

The help desk contains various tutorials covering most topics of website development and mainly focusing on online store building. This includes marketing and also analytics for online store.

Volusion also provides a separate blog and FAQ section which are equally helpful. Not to miss their technical support, this provides complete help on any aspect of website development.

Ease of Usage:

Volusion provides an easy to use editor. The editor provides a series of options, yet is simple to use.

wix alternatives: volusion Dashboard

Each section is well segregated and enables drag and drop features. Each element can be customized within the template.

wix alternatives: volusion design

Order management, inventory management, marketing support, analytical reports are all available within the dashboard.

For any help, there is a live chat available with customer support. Volusion has an easy to use interface much suitable for novice as well as advanced level users.

Wix Alternatives 6: Squarespace

wix alternatives: SquarespaceSquarespace is a website building platform and supports hosting. It was first launched in 2003. Squarespace is headquartered in New York, USA.

Squarespace uses inbuilt website templates and facilitates drag and drop features for website building.

It has support for e-commerce and provides e-commerce tools along with domain name services, analytics, and several other intuitive features.

Here’s few reasons why Squarespace is better than Wix:

Pricing plans:

Squarespace has its basic plan starting at $12/month for an annual plan. With this plan, you get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, unlimited pages.

wix alternatives: squarespace plans

This also has a free custom domain included on an annual purchase. Other features included are mobile optimized designs, analytics, SSL and 24/7 support.

In Wix, though the basic pricing starts at $5/month, this contains Wix Ads. In case you need unlimited bandwidth then you need to choose a higher priced plan.

This plan of Wix starts at $14/month. Again this plan supports only 10 GB storage against Squarespace which provides unlimited storage.

With Squarespace, you can launch your e-commerce website at $18/month. This has a list of e-commerce specific features. Wix provides an e-commerce plan starting at $17/month. However, this has a storage of only 20 GB.

Ease of Usage:

Wix as well as Squarespace, both are easy to use. Squarespace, though, has a more intuitive website builder.

Squarespace easy to design

It has well-segregated options.

Adding the required customization to your page is extremely simple. You can also use their Analytics and Online marketing support.

Squarespace has several e-commerce specific features which make e-commerce website development simpler.

Squarespace has ample advanced options for website creation as well as e-store development.

Along with this, it has a good support for other additional features related to SEO, marketing and good template support.

Overall Squarespace provides intuitive features for advanced users as well as easy to use for novice users.

Feature Rich:

This is probably the biggest reason why Squarespace is better than Wix. There are ample features that Squarespace provides.

Squarespace has a good collection of mobile responsive templates. You can customize the design of your website easily with almost zero coding efforts.

It provides font, color customization, where you can also add your own HTML, CSS or JavaScript. Here you can create visually impacting video backgrounds.

Other features included are CDN based hosting which provides fast speed, image SEO, responsive image loading, Adobe image editor and many more to improve your website loading.

Also there is advance support for SEO and e-commerce along with loads of third-party apps support. Squarespace allows you to quickly create visually appealing websites.

Customer Support:

When you start using its website builder, you would find a few video tutorials and initial briefings to explain the different features available in it.

Squarespace has a dedicated support which includes several video tutorials and guides. It has well-segregated topics.

You can also join Squarespace webinars or join their community.

wix alternatives: squarespace community support

They also support you over email & live chat. The live chat is available on weekdays and during working hours.

Overall, Squarespace has ample useful resources. Some of these are on advanced topics while some are meant for beginners.

Better e-store creation:

Squarespace fares better when it comes to creating an e-store. Not only does it have a good choice of templates, but is also feature rich.

You can start your e-store at $18/month. This supports advance website metrics, free custom domain, can sell unlimited products & e-commerce integration.

In case you want more advanced options for your e-store, then you can choose one of the more advanced plans which starts at $26/month.

The plans support inventory, orders, tax, coupons, Gift cards, Orders API, abandoned cart auto recovery and several other advance e-commerce options.

Each of this has a support for several third-party app integrations along with advance SEO support and marketing.

Wix Alternatives 7: GoDaddy

wix alternatives: Godaddy

GoDaddy is a popular web hosting and web development platform which has been prominently dominating the market.

GoDaddy was first launched in 1997 and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. It has over 17 million customers across the globe.

In 2017, GoDaddy launched its new improvised website builder called as GoCentral. This focuses on speed and is made more simple to use. It provides a 14-day free trial.

Plan and Pricing Flexibility:

When it comes to different plans available for website development, nothing beats GoDaddy. GoDaddy provides a variety of plans suiting your requirement and budget.

You can choose plans for simple website development, e-commerce website, and WordPress development. The plan starts at $4.99/month.

godaddy plans

E-commerce store development starts at $29.99/month. Choosing a Business plan would cost you $14.99/month. Overall, it has flexible plans. So you don’t pay for features which you might never require.


While the plans are flexible, so are the features. A basic website plan supports mobile responsive website development, 24/7 support and can be used to create a personal blog.

With more advance plans you get SSL, SEO integration, Email Marketing support, Social Media Integration, and Optimized speed.

The website builder automatically reviews your site and optimizes searches for search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

wix alternatives: godaddy seo

This is accompanied with several mobile responsive templates which can be adapted quickly. There are over 16,000 theme templates which can be customized.

E-commerce support:

Online store building has a separate website development plans. You can launch a visually rich store integrated with a shopping cart.

Supports mobile shopping and checkout, email marketing via social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram etc. Here you can add up to 5000 products with up to 10 images per product.

Other features supported are- Abandoned cart recovery, easy payment gateway integration, inbuilt shipping support, SEO tools, inventory tracking, Coupon codes and many more.

Customer Support:

It is easy to use GoDaddy’s customer support. You have a dedicated help section on the website.

Here you would find a list of guides on various topics which also includes website development and relevant features.

Apart from this, you have a GoDaddy community which can provide additional support. Also, the site includes a few relevant blogs and video guides.

Godaddy Community

You can also reach them over the phone or live chat. In case you do not have the relevant website designing expertise, then you can also hire a GoDaddy website designing expert.

Ease of Usage:

GoDaddy’s GoCentral website builder is designed to make website development simpler. You can create and publish your website on a phone.

It is user-friendly and allows quick customizations. Using the website builder, you can easily change color, fonts, style for your template.

wix alternatives: godaddy website builder

From here you can add a calendar, change menus, price list, images, videos and many more. This also supports linking to other social media platforms and optimizes your website automatically.

You can also launch marketing campaigns from the website builder. This makes it a suitable choice for novice users.


So finally, you can very well get rid of your Wix platform with one of these alternatives. Each of these Wix alternatives provides a different feature and can easily replace Wix.

In case you are planning to launch an e-store, then Site123 is among the best Wix alternatives. Shopify is specialized for e-commerce website designing.

For a simple website development, GoDaddy is a good choice for its plan flexibility.

And yes, if you need a simple and budget-friendly website development platform, then go ahead and choose Pagecloud.