Google Domains vs GoDaddy; Tested and Compared, 1 Winner

If you have been exploring options to find the most suitable domain registrars, then Google domains and GoDaddy are names you wouldn’t have missed.

Both, Google Domains and GoDaddy are equally spread across the market. Notably, there are few similarities with few differences between Google domains and GoDaddy.

Google domains as the name suggest is offered by Google, a domain registration service. This was initially started in 2014.

Apart from domain registration, Google domains also offer a host of other services.


Now moving on next to GoDaddy. GoDaddy is a popular brand well-known for its hosting services.

In a series of services, it provides, GoDaddy also provides domain registration services. Started in 1997, this has been in the market for a long time now.

godaddy domain banner

Google domains is a pure domain registration and maintenance service, unlike GoDaddy which also provides hosting services.

So, Google Domains or GoDaddy which one should you choose?

Well, to know this you would need to get to the crux of the services that both these brands offer. Over here, I would give you an apple to apple comparison between both these domain registration services.

Speaking about any domain registration services, mentioning the supported TLDs and other domain options is the most basis-essence of the comparison.

Domain Options:

ICANN which is the governing body for domains has permitted several top-level domains (TLDs), which are more relevant to your business.

These TLDs are more flexible and are other than the commonly occurring TLDs such as .com or .net.

While ICANN provides these functionalities, one must be also aware if this is part of the domain registration services you choose.

Google domains do provide a good collection of domain extensions. It supports almost 272 domain extensions. Few of these include extensions such as .cafe, .photography, .restaurant.


Google domains do have a good collection of domain extensions. Let’s check the same for GoDaddy.

GoDaddy has few extensions which are available right away, while some which will be coming soon.


Overall GoDaddy provides 644 extensions. This is spread across multiple businesses from which you can choose.


Choosing something like .yoga is possible using GoDaddy. This is not available in Google domains.


It would be clear now, that though Google domains, as well as GoDaddy, provide a good list of TLDs, GoDaddy specifically is more versatile as compared to Google domains.

Ease of domain selection:

Google domains on the upper level have an easy to use interface for domain selection.

It has a simple search tab, where you can type in the preferred domain.


You can also add filters and refine your search.


So, you can choose your extension and select a domain. It will prompt you with multiple suggestions relevant to your domain name selection.


So, overall, Google domains have nothing very complex in its domain selection. Within the interface, you can manage your domains, transfer domains, and billing details.

Moving on to GoDaddy, this also has a search tab.

godaddy domain search

GoDaddy also allows you to refine your search by providing filters and removing unnecessary searches.


GoDaddy provides a suggestion of other domains along with the domain you choose.

godaddy domain selection

GoDaddy also gives you few hints on how popular would your domain look. It gives you a few insights about the keyword.


On the whole Google domains as well as GoDaddy is easy to use in terms of domain selection.


Each domain you choose has pricing attached to it. This can be different based on the domain registrar you choose.

Google domains also provide privacy protection along with domain registration.

godaddy domain privacy

The renewal also happens at the same initial pricing. A basic .com would cost you approximately $0.99/year.

A similar selection on GoDaddy starts low at $27.99. However, GoDaddy only offers low first-time pricing. The subsequent pricings are much higher.

godaddy domain pricing

The plan includes basic privacy protection.

godaddy domain privacy

Full domain privacy and protection is available at $9.99/year initially and renews at $9.99/year.

godaddy domain full privacy

Along with domain selection, you can include hosting and email hosting at separate pricing if required.

With GoDaddy, basic .com would cost you $0.99/year initially and on renewal cost you $17.99/year. GoDaddy provides a link showcasing product limitations.

godaddy domain .com

Between the two, GoDaddy is slightly high priced as compared to Google domains.

Domain Transfer:

Google domains support domain transfers using its interface.


This would cost approximately $0.99. This is easy to initiate and would take about 20 minutes for the complete process to finish.

GoDaddy supports individual as well as multiple domain transfers. You can transfer a .com for $1.17 apart from an ICANN fee and additional taxes.

With GoDaddy, the advantage is that you can do a bulk transfer. Both Google domains and GoDaddy are almost similar when it comes to domain transfer.

Customer Support:

Speaking about both customer support, though domain management is relatively simpler, still you may need customer support help in certain instances.

Google domains provide a help section available within its interface.


There are a host of topics available in its help section.


Apart from this, Google domains incorporate the support of Google.


GoDaddy has customer support which can be reached over a call or live chat. The live chat is not available 24/7.

It has a help section that covers domains.


Between Google domains and GoDaddy, specific to domains you would find that Google domains cover more topics. This is owing to the fact that Google domains are purely a domain registrar.

Between the two, though by a small fraction, Google domains has a better customer support as compared to GoDaddy.


Google domains have 24/7 support along with privacy protection and easy domain management. You can use GSuite with your Google domains. This is a straight forward process.

Though Google domains do not offer hosting services, it is partnered with various hosting providers.

GoDaddy provides all under one roof. It has domain registration along with web hosting, email hosting and website building using GoCentral.

GoDaddy also supports domain auctions along with several other domain management services.



Choice between Google domains and GoDaddy is very close. Needless to mention both provide a series of exceptional services suitable as a domain registrar.

Google domains are simple to use provided you know where to look for your website hosting. It does have good customer support which is an added advantage.

If you are starting afresh then GoDaddy is a more suitable option. An advantage, you get all under one roof.

GoDaddy is high priced as compared to Google domains. However, in terms of other services, GoDaddy domain registration provides a good collection of available TLDs.

Though the choice depends on your requirements, if you are a beginner then GoDaddy is good to go option for hosting and domain registration.