2020’s Best Drupal Hosting Providers (Number #3 is Awesome)

A lot of people are inclined to use Drupal as this is one of the free and open source content management platform written in PHP.

Drupal is flexible, easy to use, scalable and enhances web development in its own sense. As a matter of fact, Drupal has a good customer base.

Though WordPress has been a more popular CMS, a point to note is that Drupal is rapidly picking up in the market.

So, are you just starting to explore Drupal and need to know the best Drupal hosting platforms?

Here is exactly the place, where I will walk you through 7 best Drupal hosting options.

But do you need a good reason to check what is different between Drupal and WordPress? Then hold on, let us first check this before getting any further.

Drupal v/s WordPress

WordPress and Drupal both are popular CMS platforms. Both are open source solutions, have good community support and are easy to use.

However, more specifically there is some difference between Drupal and WordPress which I have highlighted below:

  • Pricing: With WordPress, you can start cheap and this is easy for anyone with basic technical expertise to learn it. While with WordPress you start at a low price, the costing increases with feature addition and customization.Drupal, on the other hand, requires a web developer with Drupal specific expertise. At the beginning it may be more expensive as compared to WordPress, however, there is not much additional investment required for customization.
  • Ease of Usage: WordPress interface is intuitive and easy to learn for beginners. On the other hand, Drupal might seem somewhat complex for beginners.Drupal requires more technical expertise and has a longer learning curve as compared to WordPress.
  • Customization: WordPress contains plugins while Drupal contains modules which are equivalent to plugins. WordPress provides around 5000 free themes and 53000 free plugins, while Drupal provides 2500 themes and 39000 modules.On a higher level, most people agree that WordPress provides more customization options as compared to Drupal. However, most of these customizations of WordPress are inbuilt within Drupal themes.Drupal hence becomes a suitable choice for larger content, though this might require a professional web developer
  • Security: Between the two platforms WordPress is more dependent on third-party plugins as compared to Drupal. This is an added advantage with Drupal, making it less susceptible to vulnerabilities.Hence Drupal is more secure as compared to WordPress.For a robust, more complex and customizable website, Drupal is a more appropriate choice over WordPress.Having seen what is the difference between the two CMS platforms, next let me provide more details about the Drupal hosting options.

Here we have given rank based on our experience.

2020’s Best Drupal Hosting:

Bluehost $2.95/mo 801ms 99.99% BEST ★★★★★
Fastcomet $2.95/mo 1299ms 99.99% GOOD ★★★★
GreenGeeks $2.95/mo 347ms 100% GOOD ★★★★
Siteground $3.95/mo 737ms 99.99% GOOD ★★★★
Hostgator $2.75/mo 1176ms 100% GOOD ★★★★
A2 Hosting $3.92/mo 1486ms 99.93% GOOD ★★★★
CloudWays $10/mo Average ★★★

Without further ado, let’s dive into a detailed review of each Drupal hosting.

1. BlueHost:

bluehost bannerBlueHost one of the well-known hosting platforms also provides Drupal hosting support. This comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

With this, you get a free domain and supports 1-click Drupal installation.


Bluehost does not upright provide any specific guarantee. Having been using BlueHost for some time now, I have monitored its uptime and response times. Here is what I have recorded the uptime:bluehost uptime

  • Apr 2020 – 99.99%
  • Mar 2020 – 99.96%
  • Feb 2020 – 100%
  • Jan 2020 – 100%
  • Dec 2019 – 99.98%
  • Nov 2019 – 100.00%
  • Oct 2019 – 100.00%
  • Sep 2019 – 100.00%
  • Aug 2019 – 99.93%
  • Jul 2019 – 100%
  • Jun 2019 – 96%
  • May 2019 – 99.98%
  • Apr 2019 – 100%
  • Mar 2019 – 99.99%
  • Feb 2019 – 100%
  • Jan 2019 – 99.94%
  • Dec 2018 – 100%
  • Nov 2018 – 100%
  • Oct 2018 – 99.99%
  • Sept 2018 – 99.91%
  • Aug 2018 – 100%

You can see latest uptime here.

Reliability and Security:

BlueHost provides redundant services with server backup and sufficient server configuration for each plan. It experiences least downtime.

BlueHost takes security seriously and as a basic step provides SSL certificate with every plan. This also provides SiteLock Security and CodeGuard along with SpamExperts.

While these are included in the higher end plans, this can be availed at separate pricing in the Basic plan.

Backup services:

BlueHost maintains redundant infrastructure to ensure no loss at any point due to a sudden disruption of services. BlueHost maintains a regular backup of websites on the servers.

The plans are supported with CodeGuard which provides a backup solution for the complete website. However, this is not part of the basic plans but can be included at separate pricing.


BlueHost Drupal hosting provides support with its 3 plans. The basic plan starts at $2.95/month. The plans include substantial web space, bandwidth along with free SSL certificates and email hosting.

Below are complete pricing details and features available with each plan:

Bluehost PlansA point to note is that the plans have a higher renewal as compared to first time pricing. For a more advance requirement, there is also a Go Pro plan which costs $13.95/month.

Bluehost GoPro planCustomer support:

BlueHost provides a dedicated support section which contains a knowledge base.

BlueHost Customer SupportYou can either chat or call the customer support or raise a ticket. I tried their chat and this is quick to start and you get an immediate resolution for your queries.

BlueHost ChatOverall BlueHost provides very good customer support.

Site Migration Services
For a Limited Time only – we are offering FREE Site Migration to those switching to Bluehost. To be eligible, you need to purchase BlueHost hosting by clicking the button below:
Once you are done, please fill the details here.

2. FastComet:

fastcomet bannerFastComet, a popularly growing hosting platform is also available with its Drupal hosting.

It has been around for over 9 years and has a good customer base. FastComet is well known for its SSD cloud hosting services blended with the latest infrastructure.


FastComet provides multiple server locations to ensure users get the right speed and maintains a good uptime.

I have noted FastComet’s uptime as highlighted below:
fastcomet uptime

  • Apr 2020 – 99.99%
  • Mar 2020 – 99.93%
  • Feb 2020 – 99.71%
  • Jan 2020 – 99.93%
  • Dec 2019 – 99.97%
  • Nov 2019 – 99.93%
  • Oct 2019 – 99.83%
  • Sep 2019 – 99.87%
  • Aug 2019 – 99.90%
  • Jul 2019 – 100%
  • Jun 2019 – 99.44%
  • May 2019 – 99.98%
  • Apr 2019 – 99.86%
  • Mar 2019 – 99.98%
  • Feb 2019 – 99.99%
  • Jan 2019 – 100%
  • Dec 2018 – 99.90%
  • Nov 2018 – 100%
  • Oct 2018 – 100%
  • Sept 2018 – 99.97%
  • Aug 2018 – 100%

In most cases, FastComet provides a consistent 100% uptime. You can see latest uptime here.

Reliability and Security:

When it comes to reliability and security, FastComet has several features to provide this. As a first step, every plan includes Let’s Encrypt SSL.

Additionally, every plan incorporates BitNinja Server security. Other security features include a Web application firewall, SpamExperts, and malware removal.

To provide reliable services, FastComet ensures backups and provides CloudFlare CDN caching for improved speeds.

The advance plan contains a rocket booster which provides 3 times more resources.

Backup services:

FastComet has a 45-day money back guarantee. It provides a free daily backup.

FastComet provides offline backups of past 7 to 30 days. To add on, there is also a one-click restoration manager. The customer support provides a 24/7 support for restoration services with no added cost.


FastComet is versatile when it comes to its plans. This has a total of 3 plans where the most basic plan covers most of the essential services.

However, in case you require more advanced features with better configuration, then you can choose other advance plans.

The 3 plans available are as highlighted below, with the basic plan starting as low as $2.95/month.
fastcomet plan

Customer support:

FastComet provides an exhaustive tutorial over its website. You can avail 24/7 support.

fastcomet drupal chat

You can reach their live chat over phone, email, live chat and tickets. Their live chat started instantaneously and customer support representative gave quick information.

3. GreenGeeks:

GreenGeeks BannerGreenGeeks one of the eco-friendly hosting platforms also has support for Drupal. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

GreenGeeks has Drupal optimized servers with SSD Raid-10 storage and a one-click Drupal installation making it an equally compelling choice for Drupal hosting.


GreenGeeks provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. I have noted the uptime for GreenGeeks as shown below.
greengeeks uptime

  • Apr 2020 – 100%
  • Mar 2020 – 98.97%
  • Feb 2020 – 99.87%
  • Jan 2020 – 100.00%
  • Dec 2019 – 99.96%
  • Nov 2019 – 100.00%
  • Oct 2019 – 100.00%
  • Sep 2019 – 100.00%
  • Aug 2019 – 99.97%
  • Jul 2019 – 100%
  • Jun 2019 – 99.98%
  • May 2019 – 100%
  • Apr 2019 – 99.96%
  • Mar 2019 – 100%
  • Feb 2019 – 100%
  • Jan 2019 – 100%
  • Dec 2018 – 100%
  • Nov 2018 – 100%
  • Oct 2018 – 99.96%
  • Sept 2018 – 99.99%

In most cases, GreenGeeks gives a 1005 uptime. Next, let me provide more details about its response time.

  • Apr 2020 – 508 ms
  • Mar 2020 – 509 ms
  • Feb 2020 – 538 ms
  • Jan 2020 – 517 ms
  • Dec 2019 – 439 ms
  • Nov 2019 – 285 ms
  • Oct 2019 – 299 ms
  • Sep 2019 – 321 ms
  • Aug 2019 – 312 ms
  • Jul 2019 – 305 ms
  • Jun 2019 – 413 ms
  • May 2019 – 373 ms
  • Apr 2019 – 402 ms
  • Mar 2019 – 367 ms
  • Feb 2019 – 347 ms
  • Jan 2019 – 424 ms
  • Dec 2018 – 406 ms
  • Nov 2018 – 442 ms
  • Oct 2018 – 326 ms
  • Sept 2018 – 269 ms

As seen above, the response times provided are good. You can see latest uptime and response time here.

Reliability and Security:

GreenGeeks provides SSD, Raid -10 storage for high speeds. The services are monitored 24/7.

GreenGeeks has redundant multi-gigabit connection. This is combined with SSL secure servers.

Additional security is provided by web server firewall, automatic brute force detection, real-time Drupal security scanning, and Spam Assassin protection.

Backup services:

GreenGeeks ensures to consistently provide fast, secure and reliable services. Every plan in GreenGeeks is supported by nightly backups.

The backups can be restored on demand for free once a month.


GreenGeeks has a single Drupal plan starting at $2.95/month. This contains most of the essential as well as add-on features.

GreenGeeks PlansThe plan contains a series of features along with Drupal-specific features.

GreenGeeks Drupal FeaturesA point to note is that the plans renew at higher pricing as compared to the first-time pricing.

Customer support:

GreenGeeks contains a dedicated support option which contains knowledge base, video tutorials, email support, phone support, and live chat.

GreenGeeks Live chat

The live chat is available 24/7/365. I tried their live chat which started with no wait time. The support experience was good where the queries were answered in no time.

Exclusive for HostingPill Readers

GreenGeeks now offers FREE Site Migration to all switching to Greengeeks from any hosting company.

For more details click here

4. SiteGround:

SiteGround BannerSiteGround which supports over 1,900,000 domains worldwide was started in 2004 and has a versatile range of services which also includes Drupal hosting. SiteGround has a 30-day money back guarantee and provides free website builder, free email hosting along with unmetered traffic.


SiteGround guarantees a 99.9% uptime. It supports SSD storage and provides 4 server locations to ensure faster loading.

SiteGround provides a free CloudFlare CDN to ensure good response times. For SiteGround, I have recorded their uptime.
siteground uptime

  • Apr 2020 – 99.99%
  • Mar 2020 – 99.92%
  • Feb 2020 – 99.99%
  • Jan 2020 – 99.73%
  • Dec 2019 – 99.73%
  • Nov 2019 – 100%
  • Oct 2019 – 99.97%
  • Sep 2019 – 100%
  • Aug 2019 – 100%
  • Jul 2019 – 99.98%
  • Jun 2019 – 100%
  • May 2019 – 99.99%
  • Apr 2019 – 99.99%
  • Mar 2019 – 100%
  • Feb 2019 – 100%
  • Mar 2019 – 100%
  • Feb 2019 – 100%
  • Jan 2019 – 99.96%
  • Dec 2018 – 99.99%
  • Nov 2018 – 100%
  • Oct 2018 – 100%
  • Sept 2018 – 99.99%
  • Aug 2018 – 100%

In most cases, SiteGround has given almost 100% uptime which is a good uptime metrics. You can see latest uptime here.

Reliability and Security:

SiteGround uses complete SSD storage powered with a redundant infrastructure to ensure reliable services with the least downtime.

The plans provide SSL and HTTP/2. SiteGround gives you an automatic patch update over anti-hack infrastructure. The plans contain SPAM Experts Spam prevention for email filtering.

Backup services:

SiteGround provides a 30-day free backup for your website. While restoration at any point is possible. This is free only in the premium plan.

You can create up to 5 instant backups and this can be restored on demand at any point in time. This again is free only in the premium plan.


SiteGround provides 3 plans in Drupal hosting. The most basic plan starts at $3.95/month.

SiteGround plansThe plans contain Drupal-specific features as well.

SiteGround Drupal featuresThe renewals for these are higher priced as compared to the first-time pricing.

Customer support:

SiteGround has sufficient help section guides. Though this is not exhaustive it is just sufficient to clarify queries.

siteground chat

You can reach them over live chat. Having tried their live chat, the chat starts quickly. Once you are connected the customer support representative was fast to answer the queries.

5. HostGator:

HostGator BannerHostGator is based out of Houston and has varied hosting options. Also supports Drupal hosting with a series of Drupal-specific features.

It has a 45-day money back guarantee and additionally provides a range of services along with its plan.


HostGator provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee. HostGator is yet another green hosting initiative.

With energy efficient and eco-friendly infrastructure, equal care is taken to ensure HostGator can provide high uptime. I have noted its uptime and here it is.
hostgator uptime

  • Apr 2020 – 100%
  • Mar 2020 – 99.89%
  • Feb 2020 – 99.91%
  • Jan 2020 – 99.93%
  • Dec 2019 – 99.74%
  • Nov 2019 – 99.82%
  • Oct 2019 – 99.97%
  • Sep 2019 – 99.37%
  • Aug 2019 – 99.60%
  • Jul 2019 – 99.98%
  • Jun 2019 – 99.97%
  • May 2019 – 99.85%
  • Apr 2019 – 99.95%
  • Mar 2019 – 99.96%
  • Feb 2019 – 99.97%
  • Jan 2019 – 99.97%
  • Dec 2018 – 100%
  • Nov 2018 – 99.99%
  • Oct 2018 – 99.93%
  • Sept 2018 – 99.99%
  • Aug 2018 – 99.94%

HostGator gives a significantly good uptime. You can see latest uptime here.

Reliability and Security:

HostGator provides redundant infrastructure to ensure high uptime and reliable services.

Drupal hosting is supported by a team of HostGator security experts. The servers and infrastructure are under 24/7/365 monitoring.

HostGator provides free SSL certificates for all its plans. Also included is SiteLock, and backup at separate pricing.

Backup services:

HostGator ensures to take automatic off-site backup. Apart from this in the basic plans, you can include a backup plan.

This includes backup powered by CodeGuard and takes backup of web files and database. Also supported is one-click restoration.


HostGator provides 3 different Drupal hosting plans. The basic plan also called a hatchling plan starts at $3.95/month.

The plans available are as shown below

HostGator PlansThe renewals are higher than first-time pricing.

Customer support:

HostGator provides 24/7 customer support. This can be reached over email, phone, live chat and via tickets.

HostGator Chat

The website contains over 500 video tutorials with over 680 Drupal support articles along with help from the Drupal community.

I tried their live chat which had about just a couple of minutes wait time. The queries were answered accurately.

6. A2 Hosting:

a2hostingA2 Hosting is a well-known brand and covers both Windows and Linux hosting. Along with its many hosting, A2 hosting also provides Drupal hosting.A2 hosting provides an anytime money back guarantee, unlike another hosting platform.


A2 hosting gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It has an option of choosing Turbo servers to give fast speed.

I have monitored uptime for A2 hosting and this is what I found.
a2-hosting uptime

  • Apr 2020 – 99.93%
  • Mar 2020 – 99.95%
  • Feb 2020 – 99.99%
  • Jan 2020 – 99.98%
  • Dec 2019 – 99.96%
  • Nov 2019 – 99.96%
  • Oct 2019 – 99.73%
  • Sep 2019 – 99.83%
  • Aug 2019 – 99.80%
  • Jul 2019 – 100%
  • Jun 2019 – 99.99%
  • May 2019 – 99.99%
  • Apr 2019 – 99.99%
  • Mar 2019 – 99.97%
  • Feb 2019 – 99.99%
  • Jan 2019 – 99.93%
  • Dec 2018 – 99.84%
  • Nov 2018 – 99.99%
  • Oct 2018 – 100%
  • Sept 2018 – 99.94%
  • Aug 2018 – 99.96%

The uptime is almost consistent except one month where the uptime has dropped below the average 99.9%. You can see latest uptime here.

Reliability and Security:

A2 hosting provides Drupal optimized servers which are pre-configured with industry best speed and security settings.

Each account includes free HackScan protection. A2 hosting provides regular security patches, brute force defense, dual firewall embedded with other security features.

A2 hosting provides distributed Denial of service (DDoS) protection. SSL certificate is included in all its plans

Backup services:

A2 hosting provides backup services at separate pricing. The backup plan starts at $1.99 for 5 GB

This also includes on-demand restoration. More advanced plans include backup services.


A2 hosting provides 3 Drupal hosting plans with the basic plan starting at $3.92/month. The plans are as shown below.

A2hosting plansAgain, over here the first-time pricing has discounts and hence are lower than the renewals.

Customer support:

A2 hosting provides a lot of tutorials, guides, FAQ and blog content. You can reach their customer support using email, live chat or via tickets.a2hosting chat

I tried their live chat and it started almost immediately. Within minutes the customer support agent replied to the queries.

7. CloudWays:

Cloudways Cloudways, as the name suggests, is completely managed over the cloud and provides managed cloud services. This ensures the server maintenance along with high speed and performance.

Using CloudWays you go live in minutes.


Cloudways claims to be providing high performance and this is evident from the feedback provided by customers and testimonials.

It provides an almost 100% uptime. Cloudways has SSD based cloud hosting, built-in cache, optimized servers, and Cloudways CDN to provide good response time.

Cloudways has over 60 datacentres spread across different countries which ensures good cloud hosting irrespective of the geographical location.

Reliability and Security:

The several layers of caching provided by Cloudways ensures it can provide reliable speed throughout.

The infrastructure is built in a way to have redundant services and hardware.

It has a one-click SSL installation, auto-healing servers, dedicated firewalls, two-factor authentication and IP whitelisting.

Backup services:

Cloudways provides automated backups. This can be scheduled at regular intervals.

You can take on-demand backups with no restrictions. While you can take backups, you can also restore on demand.

The round the clock technical support team assists users with backups.


You can start using the services for free. The plans support pay as you go, so you pay only based on your utilization.

Based on the data center the prices differ. The advantage of Cloudways is a large number of choice for infrastructure configuration.

The different hosting options available are:

Cloudways plansCustomer support:

Cloudways has a long list of support items. This includes knowledge base, blogs, FAQ, community forums.

You can reach their support via tickets, live chat, and email. It has 24/7 support.Cloudways chat

I tried their live chat. This is almost immediate with zero wait time. The queries were also answered rapidly by providing a lot of information.


When it comes to choosing Drupal hosting, I have provided my choice of good Drupal hosting platforms.

Each one is different and the features vary to a certain extent. Cloudways is a good choice if you are looking for large scale website hosting.

If your needs are moderate then GreenGeeks or FastComet are equally good options to try.

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