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9 Best Free WordPress Themes for Musicians: Handpicked Collection

If you are looking to Free WordPress themes for Musicians, then you have come at the right place.

WordPress is one of the most preferred platforms for website building. It is popularly known to facilitate the building of intuitive websites.

Creating a musician’s website is equalling simple using WordPress customizations. WordPress provides an extra touch of creativity with its themes.

A musician’s website needs to be creative, appealing, and quick to load. A known fact is, a well-designed website can do magic to your business.

So, you have taken up the task of building a musician based website. That’s amazing!!

Believe me, not all themes are suitable for building a musician’s website.

Well, hold on. I would simplify your search by providing an exclusive list of free WordPress themes for Musicians.

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hostingpillWordPress Themes for Musicians
  1. Flicker
  2. Sonorama
  3. Music Lite
  4. My Music Band
  5. Bingle
  6. TrapMusic
  7. Music Band
  8. Sungit-lite
  9. Fundit

I would start this by providing a list of free WordPress themes exclusively tailored for musicians.

Theme 1: Flicker

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Free WordPress Themes: Flicker

Flicker is another premium theme available for singers, musicians, and bands. This is completely widget ready and works with WordPress 4.9 and above versions.


Flicker allows you to choose between boxed or wide versions of the theme. The theme supports color customization along with commonly available fonts.

You can customize almost every aspect of your website with its PSD support. Social media integration is supported by using AccessPress.

Flicker features

Flicker supports marketing services using MailChimp. Other features supported are Contact Form 7 and SEO optimization of pages.

Ease of usage:

Flicker supports almost all types of customizations including widgets and headers. Incorporating these customizations are simple.

The page builder supports easy drag and drops features. To add on, the theme can be easily compiled with existing WordPress installation.


Flicker has a limited support where you can submit tickets. The theme is also supported by detailed documentation.

Once you purchase the theme, this also includes a 6 months support.

Theme collection:

The theme uses Unyson as its framework which supports easy drag and drop enabled features. Along with this, it supports Google Fonts library and FontAwesome icons.

This is completely responsive over multiple resolutions. This is built using PHP, JS, CSS, PSD and Layered PSD.

This works on common browsers such as IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge. Flicker is also compatible with Woocommerce 3.2.x and Bootstrap 3.x.

Theme 2: Sonorama

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Free WordPress Themes: Sonorama

Sonorama is a paid theme available for musicians, created in 2014. It has over 1000 active installations and works with WordPress 4.5 or higher.


Sonorama facilitates in building eye-catching music based websites. Its visual page builder allows you to create the most complex layouts without any coding efforts.

Sonorama features

You can easily embed audio and video content. This is compatible with Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Youtube and many more.

Sonorama is modular, highly customizable, retina ready and optimized.

Ease of usage:

Sonorama is accompanied with simple drag and drop options, making it easy to customize your design.

Integrating with WordPress is equally simple.


Sonorama has a strong documentation support. The official websites also include a separate help section.

Additionally, the theme is also backed by an extensive community support and forum.

Theme collection:

Sonorama is 100% responsive. It is widget ready and is compatible with most popular browsers such as IE9 and higher, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera.

The theme is built using JS, CSS, and PHP. The theme costs $39 for a regular license. This includes future updates and 6 months of support.

Theme 3: Music Lite

Free WordPress Themes: Musiclite

Music Lite is budget-friendly theme available for musicians. It is a lite version of the premium Music theme.


As part of its theme, Music Lite covers several useful widgets. This works well with WordPress version 4.9 or higher.

It supports Google fonts, multiple column layouts, easy customization, custom logos, custom background and several other features which help in building an appealing website.

Music lite features

Ease of usage:

It is easy to download Music Lite theme from the official website or from WordPress official website. The theme’s current version is 1.2.2 and supports over 2000 installations.

The theme’s usage is easy and is supported with several guides which makes it easy for someone who is beginning to use Music Lite.

Music lite guide


Music Lite is popular and hence you may find support for this theme on WordPress forum.

In case that doesn’t suffice, then Music Lite has its own technical support forum. You can also opt for priority support at $49 or theme setup support which would cost $199.

Theme collection: Music Lite lets you easily add social media links. It is built with a responsive framework and is retina optimized.

Music Lite supports HTML5 and CSS3. You can have multiple sidebars, featured images, slideshow and add a lot of creativity to website building.

Free WordPress Theme 4: My Music Band

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Free WordPress Themes: My music band theme

My Music Band is a simple to use free WordPress theme. Its current version is 1.2.3 and supports WordPress 4.7 and above.


As part of its top features, it allows easy customization which allows you to toggle features on or off. You can adjust layouts, change colors, fonts favicon, logos, backgrounds.

My Music Band features

Using My Music Band, you can add social media links and custom CSS. My Music Band supports most of the rudimentary features such as playlist creation in its free theme.

However, its paid theme supports more high-end features useful to build a musician’s website.

Ease of usage:

The website provides details on how to install this theme in existing WordPress as well as how to upgrade the theme to the latest version.

It has over 900 active installations. With the free theme, you can create a simple website which supports easy to manage customizations.


My Music band has its own support section which caters to FAQs and common topics around theme installation and usage.

My Music Band support

You can also raise support tickets or alternatively take support from its community forum.

Theme collection:

Combined with PHP, CSS My Music Band is completely responsive. It is Instagram ready and can support header video.

The theme follows WordPress standards in terms of security and is updated timely. Other good to use feature includes the addition of testimonials and portfolio.

Free WordPress Theme 5: Bingle

Free WordPress Themes: Bingle
Bingle is a free theme for events, musicians, bands, and overall music lovers. It has been a popular theme as it is capable of multi-purpose website building. The showcasing of your band and your music creativity is quite easy.

Simple yet elegant features will add extra uniqueness to your site. It is visually appealing and effortless in coding.


  • 10 preset Customizer based Header layouts with custom header builder
  • 3 preset Customizer based Footer layouts with custom footer builder
  • 10 prebuilt starter sites
  • Inner page options
  • One Click Installer
  • Compatible with Elementor
  • Responsive and Retina Ready
  • SEO Optimized
  • High-Speed Performance

Ease of Use:

The theme is available in the AccessPress themes website. You can directly download the theme from there. The installation and customization are quite easy.

As the theme is built targeting modern websites, coping up with the features is quite simple.

Theme Collection:

The free theme of Bingle offers you inner page options with header and footer customization options. You can display the latest events in detail in the blog section. Also, your unique brand logo, slogan, and images can be set in the background.

The most interesting is the theme is fully based on Elementor that helps in organizing the content with simple drag and drop options.

If you require more features you can always upgrade to Bingle pro.

Free WordPress Theme 6: TrapMusic

Free WordPress Themes: TrapMusic

TrapMusic is popular among people looking for free WordPress themes. Its current running version is 3.0.


While TrapMusic supports basic features such as scrolls, feedback forms, custom sidebars, it also has some good to implement features.

TrapMusic features

Few of these added features include GoogleMaps, dynamic content loader, translation options.

It supports custom widgets, custom menus, shortcodes, social media integrations, are few of the other features.

Ease of usage:

TrapMusic is easy to set up like most themes. Its multiple features are simple for experienced users.

However, someone who is starting to use it may take a while to get a hang of all the features.


Speaking about support, TrapMusic does not specifically have any separate support section or guides.

This is not listed in the WordPress’s official website and hence makes it a difficult in case you are looking for extensive theme related support.

Theme collection:

With no doubts, TrapMusic supports responsive designing. It is built on SMT Framework 2.0 and is Ecwid supported.

This is one of the few free templates which supports SEO optimization, provides translation options and has an antispam security feature.

Free WordPress Theme 7: Music Band

Free WordPress Themes: Music Band

Well, this again is Music Band which is a free theme. However, this is from Themezy. Themezy is a well-known resource for fetching free themes.


Music Band supports scrolls, image library and a few other basic features which can help you create a decently equipped music website.

You can add calendar set upcoming events, customize menus and supports social media integration. It is the perfect option for building a basic website.

Music Band features

However, in most cases, a musician’s website needs more creativity. This is something that could be difficult to achieve with Music Band.

Ease of usage:

Music Band has a limited set of features. Owing to this, it is simple to use. Very unlikely that you may find anything very complex while using Music Band.

No matter if you are starting fresh or experienced, this is going to be simple to use.


Themezy does have an FAQ section. However, this is not of much help if you are searching for more technical solutions.

Overall, it does not offer much support guides. You can reach them over a contact form which is available over their website.

Theme collection:

One of their worth-mentioning features is to add allow support for downloadable music which can also be streamed and listened.

This also contains sharable links with most popular social media platforms. The theme is responsive over desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Theme 8: Sungit-lite

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Free WordPress Themes: Sungit-lite

Sungit-lite is a completely user-friendly and interactive free theme available for musicians. This is part of Yudlee which also provides the same premium theme with more enhanced features.


With zero coding efforts, Sungit-lite allows you to build a fully customizable website. It is combined with several innovative features to build a visually appealing website.

Few of the features included are- social media integration, custom menu, customizable side banners, multiple page layouts, customizable footer section.

Sungit-lite features

The pages are translation ready and are optimized for high performance. Sungit-lite also supports custom CSS.

Ease of usage:

Sungit-Lite is easy to start using and integrating with WordPress. The theme options and customizations are easy to manage.

It is unlikely that you would find Sungit-Lite difficult to explore.


The official website of Sungit-Lite has documentation with its separate support section. Also available is a helpdesk and FAQ section to answer basic queries.

The theme is listed on WordPress official website and is also supported with WordPress community forum.

Theme collection:

Sungit-Lite has over 700 active installations. Its current working version is 1.1.10. The theme is completely responsive. This includes landscape as well as portrait mode across all commonly used devices.

The theme works across all well-known browsers and requires WordPress 4.0 or higher. Apart from WordPress, it is completely compatible with Bootstrap 3.x and WooCommerce.

Free WordPress Theme Paid Themes for Musicians:

While free themes are affordable, a fact is free themes come with few restrictions. Every free theme allows different features and blocks certain other features.

When you are creating a website, you never know which feature might come in handy. Worst if this is missing in the free theme you choose.

To avoid these hassles, many people opt for paid themes. You pay for the theme and enjoy all features with no terms and conditions.

Next, I have provided few paid themes available exclusively for musicians.

Theme 9: Fundit

Free WordPress Themes: Fundit

Fundit is a premium WordPress theme which focuses not only on musicians but also on artists, filmmakers and provides a solution that focuses on raising funds.


Fundit provides easy navigation and supports a one-page design. The theme allows building a comprehensive and easy to use website.

You can add images, videos, and slideshows. All of this is supported with basic customization.

To accept payments, it is integrated with PayPal.

Ease of usage:

Fundit supports an easy one-page creation. It supports basic customization, making it easy for even beginners to start using this theme.

To integrate it with WordPress, you can download it and start using like any other theme.


Fundit has a separate documentation provided on its official websites.

Fundit documantation

As part of the support, you will also find few FAQs.

Fundit has a separate support which can be reached in case of any issues, problems or queries regarding features.

Theme collection:

The theme is built using PHP, JS, CSS, PNG, and GIF. The theme is compressed in size and is just around 2MB.

The layout is completely responsive. Fundit theme costs $49 for GPL 2.0.


Free themes suffice most of the basic features and are a good option in case budget is a constraint. Choosing the right free theme depends on the list of features your website would require.

While features are important, an equally important factor is its support for WordPress version, ease of usage and support along with security.

Amongst the free themes, Music Lite is a good option in case you are using WordPress 4.9 or above.

If you are still not satisfied with free themes, then you can check one of the paid themes.

Sonorama and Flicker are both good options with a slight pricing difference. Flicker blends technology perfectly well to create a visually appealing musician’s website.