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15 Best Free Social Media Monitoring Tools of 2024 (No. 1 is Great)

In this article, we shortlist 15 Best social media monitoring tools.

But first, think about this:

It’s tough for everyone to get recognized, for a business to rise and for artists to promote their work online. But thanks to Social Media which has made this simpler now by offering a Platform to everyone.

But, don’t you want to know –

Where do you stand in the competition?

Whom have you reached till now?

Is your product popular, how to engage everyone talking about it?

We have compiled a few of the best social media monitoring tools with free option or trials.

hostingpillSocial Media Monitoring Tools
  1. Brand24
  2. Mention
  3. Agorapulse
  4. Fammio
  5. Social Pilot
  6. Hootsuite
  7. Mediatoolkit
  8. Social Report
  9. Social Bakers
  10. Smart Moderation
  11. Kuku.io
  12. Vista Social
  13. Keyhole
  14. Sprout Social
  15. Alerti

Tool 1: Brand24


Brand24 is a social monitoring tool that helps you in managing online reputation. It notifies you by detecting all the positive, negative or neutral mentions.

Regardless of the size of your business, this tool helps you to improve your business online and boost it by tracking your reach.


  • Hashtag Tracking
  • Automated Report Generation
  • Instant Notifications via email/in-app to all social mentions
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Discussion Volume Chart


A 14 days free trial option is available followed by 3 other plans;

  • Personal – $49/Month
  • Professional Premium (10 users) – $99/Month
  • Professional Max (99 users) – $399/Month

Tool 2: Mention


Mention is a social media marketing suite which empowers agencies or Enterprise to boost the awareness of their brands and check their mentions.

Moreover, it is a Social Media listening tool that monitors any keyword of your brand, competitors and industry. It also helps you filter out unwanted content.


  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Boolean Alerts (for Enterprise Plan)


Free Plan available

  • Solo – $25/Month
  • Starter – $83/Month
  • Enterprise – $600+/Month

Tool 3: Agorapulse


Another unique social media management tool is Agorapulse. With a variety of publishing options, this tool helps you post the right content at the right time.

You can combine all the conversation at one place i.e. in one inbox. With an automated inbox assistant, the important messages or queries could be filtered and sent to the right delegates.


  • Full coverage of all ad comments
  • Automated Inbox Assistance
  • Built-in CRM to track followers
  • Flexible Scheduling of contents to be published


  • It has an option of a free trial for 28 days followed with a price variation from $89/Month to $459/Month

Free Social Media Monitoring Tool 4: Famm.io


Famm.io is a social media monitoring service that lets you track & monitor your brand’s invaluable insights on every social media site and manage your company’s reputation.

Famm.io can track millions of pages from social media, blogs, and forums to news sites & online journals to provide you with authentic data. Plus, you can also research influencers for better marketing strategies.


  • Track every mention in every post
  • Reply to every question & query on any site from one place
  • Reach out to social media influencers
  • Performance measurement


  • Essential Plan – $29/month
  • Expert Plan – $99/month
  • Enterprise Plan – $159/month

Free Social Media Monitoring Tool 5: SocialPilot

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a tool with similar features to that of Agorapulse. This tool helps you analyze growth patterns to engage with a larger audience and also discover the best influencers who can attract the audience on your behalf.


  • Powerful Social Media Analytics (For Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin & Google My Business)
  • RSS feeds automation
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Post on Facebook directly from Social Pilot’s Dashboard


14 days free trial option followed by

  • Professional – $25/Month
  • Small Team – $41.66/Month
  • Agency – $83.33/Month

Free Social Media Monitoring Tool 6: Hootsuite


Hootsuite is another social media management platform with social media tracking as a part of it. This tool helps you search by keyword, hashtag or location. It also consists of monitoring apps that allow doing everything – from reviewing site ratings to sentiment analysis.


  • You can set up unlimited social streams
  • Monitor by Keyword or Location
  • Review site rating


  • Free 30 days trial available

Free Social Media Monitoring Tool 7: Mediatoolkit

media tool kit

Another versatile social media monitoring tool for business is Mediatoolkit. This acknowledges you about every single comment, hashtags or mentions over the internet all over the world.

The website crawlers work 24×7 to find all the social mentions from any source in the world or by any profiles from Instagram, Twitter, forums or blogs.


  • Compatible to monitor in any language
  • Best filters with location, language, boolean search, tags, etc
  • Real-Time Alerts & mobile notifications
  • Unlimited Data storage
  • Generate custom PDF or Excel reports


  • Free 14 days trial available after which prices start from $117/Month

Free Social Media Monitoring Tool 8: Social Report

social report

As the name suggests, this website helps you with social monitoring in an organized manner. It works with a pattern of 3 basic directors: Analysis, Comparison & Execution.

Analysis – Acquires all your data for research

Comparison – Looks over multiple social accounts and co-relates all data with your business

Execution – Generates customized report and manage client credentials


  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Occupied with presentation-ready report templates
  • Add unlimited team members to a project
  • Track Phrases and hashtags
  • Cost-Effective Pricing


  • Free 30 days trial after which prices start from $49/Month

Free Social Media Monitoring Tool 9: Socialbakers

social media monitoring tools: social bakers

This is a social media listening tool that focuses primarily on sentiment analysis. Just like every other media monitoring tool, this also helps you track the conversations of your brand across the internet. It is also equipped with a lot of free tools by which you can easily track influencers, persona mapping, etc.


  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Search influencers and shortlist them
  • Find influencers with fake followers
  • Promote your brand to new audiences


  • Free plan available

Free Social Media Monitoring Tool 10: Smart Moderation

social media monitoring tools: Smart moderation

Looking for a tool that can help you get rid of negative comments, this is the one. Smart Moderation helps you to detect and automatically remove all illegal comments, trolls and spam against your website or business.

This protects your online reputation and that too 24×7. “Just the tool you want for maintaining your image online.”


  • 24×7 analysis of inappropriate comments
  • Erase Brand-damaging comments within a minute
  • Easy to use


  • Free trial available after which basic plan starts from $99/Month

Free Social Media Monitoring Tool 11: KUKU.io

social media monitoring tools: kukuio

Owning a small business or in-house marketing team, this is the right tool for your social media management. Here you can manage schedule posting, marketing and analyzing multiple social media accounts. It is a cloud-based social media management tool.


  • User-friendly platform
  • Track followers growth rates
  • Supports 10 social media network


  • Free 14 days trial followed by a plan of $7/Month for an individual

Free Social Media Monitoring Tool 12: Vista Social

Vista Social is a modern, all-in-one social media management tool that’s perfect for agencies and brands.

The platform is packed with unique and powerful features that help agencies execute and streamline their social media marketing campaigns with as little effort as possible–while yielding tremendous results.


  • Direct publishing
  • Highly customizable reports
  • Post Scheduling
  • Analytics
  • Review management


  • Free: 1 User | 3 Social profiles
  • Pro: $3 per month per social profile: Unlimited users | Unlimited profiles

Free Social Media Monitoring Tool 13: Keyhole

social media monitoring tools: keyhole

Keyhole is an advanced hashtag tracking tool specifically for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. It is a social monitoring tool both for Agencies and Enterprises by helping them track conversations and online competitors.

What does it do- Campaign Monitoring, Influencer Marketing, Brand and Event Monitoring.


  • Hashtag analysis
  • Keyword monitoring
  • Social media account monitoring
  • Gets historical data from twitter


  • Offers a free 7 days trial after which the professional plan starts from $179/Month

Free Social Media Monitoring Tool 14: Sprout Social

social media monitoring tools:

Sprout Social offers a one-stop-solution for all your social media management queries right from monitoring your social reputation to strategic decision making to reach the maximum audience. Track the chats about your brand and hear honest opinions so that your service could be improvised accordingly.


  • Extraction of historical, ongoing and real-time data
  • Quantitative and qualitative keyword analysis
  • Hashtag tracking


  • Free 30 days trial available followed by a standard plan of $99 per user/Month

Free Social Media Monitoring Tool 15: Alerti

social media monitoring tools: alerti

“Alert, Something’s wrong!” This software makes the same impact as this sentence does. Alerti is a software that helps you preserve your online reputation:

– Identify the conversation of the customers about your business and competitors

– Withdraw all useful information

– Act upon it and keep up your image


  • Collection and analysis of reviews
  • Easy to configure and set up
  • Track the accounts of your competitors


  • Free 30 days trial available (Also an option for a free plan)


Listening to what people have to say about your brand seems pretty much a good handle on the ladder to the success of your business. (because killing them isn’t an option)

I would recommend Smart Moderation as one of the best social media monitoring tools. It has the best feature of erasing the negative comments. Still, it depends upon what exactly you use these tools for.

Are these tools helpful to monitor and maintain the standard of your business or brand? Which one and How? Let us know in the comments section below…