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How to Make a Podcast Website Using WordPress (No coding needed)

The world of content marketing demands that content is diverse and is not just about content writing. If you have started a podcast, you will want to create a podcast website to host your content.

A podcast website allows your listeners to get to know you and the inspiration behind your content. WordPress is the simplest tool available to use to build a good looking and user-friendly website.

With a simple and professional website, it will become easier to manage your content and innovate ways to connect with your audience.

Here are simple ways to get started:


Step 1: Find domain name

Finding a domain name is quite simple. You need to always ensure that you are choosing a name relevant to your content and the name is unique. A good place to register a new name for your domain is NameCheap.


The service allows you to search for the relevant name, ensure that it is available for you to use. There are various options for you to use when it comes to finding the ideal domain.

A site like NameCheap ensures that you are able to register for as long as possible without it getting hijacked or duplicated.

Step 2. Get Hosting

After deciding on your website name, the internet offers a wide range of options when it comes to hosting. Having a wide range of options can confuse the novice website creator and for them, we recommend BlueHost.


It allows you to easily sign up. Finding an easy platform to host from is ideal, and is even good for beginners. It offers an active support network and minimal site downtime to ensure that your site is always available to visitors.

Hosting companies like BlueHost make it easier to host your website from a single platform and ensure that your service is always optimal and safe from cyber harm.

Step 3. Install WordPress

A WordPress hosting account gives you access to cPanel. In cPanel, you can access a dashboard that allows you access to a wide range of tools. The dashboard will give you the option to use the Softaculous.

softaculous cpanel

Apps Installer to install WordPress to your website domain.

You will select the option to install WordPress by clicking on the ‘Install Now’ button. You will automatically have WordPress integrated to your website and you can use the allocated administrative link to.

You can do some background research on WordPress if you have never used the app before. The version on your website is quite similar to the blog version and the CMS is quite simple and straightforward.

Step 4. Install Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting plugin

Why Blubrry?

Blubrry is ideal for a podcaster because it is developed by experienced podcasters who understands your needs. The plugin is simple to install and works in two modes, Simple and Advanced to easily integrate content from various directories.


If you create a website aimed at academics, you might want to create an episode centered on the topic: “where can I buy a research paper”.

Blubrry easily integrates content from different sources, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Blubrry Podcasting.

Once you have installed the plugin go to “Installed Plugins”, locate the Blubrry Podcasting plugin and click on activate. The plugin will appear on the left side of the WordPress Dashboard.

Blubrry has the following features:

  • Full Apple Podcasts & Google Podcasts support, meaning you can add your podcast feed to your WordPress site
  • Integrated HTML5 Media Players, which supports audio and video web players through embedded support from third party sites.
  • The plugin simplifies your call-to-action to gain subscribers as you are able to embed a directly subscribe button on the site.
  • Blubrry also improves your SEO score to ensure that you are easily discoverable online, and you can import content from SoundCloud, LibSyn, PodBean, Squarespace and you can add an RSS feed.
  • You can migrate content from other platforms, so if you are moving from another content host or service provider, you do not lose content or any older episodes.
  • You can also categorize your content according to the post type and you can generate reports for media statistics and gain real-time insights.
  • Blubrry also supports various languages and you can enable various features into your site.

Step 5. Add theme

Once you are up and running with the essential plugins for SEO, security, your podcast and galleries, you can think about a theme. One of the sleekest themes you choose for your podcast is the Tusant WordPress Theme.

Hover to preview

Tusant wp theme

Tusant is the ideal podcast website template because it is specifically designed for music and video streaming. The website can integrate various elements to accommodate multimedia content and it accommodates sites that host individual and network podcast content.

Tusant full supports various content and is extremely flexible and designed to meet the needs of the podcaster.

Step 6. Choose Proper Podcasting Equipment

Any podcaster will tell you that the path to a good podcast is paved with good equipment and we have compiled a list of essential equipment for someone starting a new podcast.

Microphone Kit

This kit is available on Amazon and offers a Professional USB Microphone with a microphone designed to produce a quality sound. You don’t have to wait to install intricate software because it features a user-friendly plug and play setup and has easy to use USB microphone kit.


  • The USB Podcast Condensor Microphone Kit is very cost effective
  • It is also very easy to install and most models do not require installation software.


  • USB condenser mics tend to lack in the same quality as a proper mic with accompanying equipment. They are fine as a first step but rarely work as a long term investment.
  • At times, they are also not compatible with certain computers and PA systems if you are doing public gigs.
  • Portable Pro Audio Condenser Recording Desk Mic – Pyle PDMIUSB50

Portable Pro Audio Mic

This is an easy-to-use desk mic that ideal for a podcast is hosted on the move and in the studio. All you have to do is connect it via USB to a laptop or PC and you can select your settings accordingly. The mic is extremely versatile and easy to use.


  • Setting up this mic is easy and it is designed for podcasters and offers a simple plug and play installation.
  • You can also record while listening much like a professional set up and it also has a mute button to block out unwanted sounds.


  • It might lack compatibility with certain PA systems and PCs, and it might not work very well for exterior recordings.

Step 7. Pick a Podcast Player

There are quite a few options to choose from on the market and it can be overwhelming for someone who is new to podcasting. The services that are out there truly depend on your needs and the ideal podcast player depends on your goals.

When it comes to your podcast, it might be best to host your podcast on more than one podcast player. So, you can host it on three different sites because the audience base tends to differ.

Using multiple sites can also increase your online visibility and ensure that you are a top podcast addict website.

Here are some of the popular Podcast Players to choose from:

1. Podbean


Podbean offers the newcomer five hours to experiment with content and is quite a self-contained network where you can gain an audience. It is quite simple to use and sign up to and create a community of listeners.

Podbean features podcasts across categories and ranks quite highly in SEO searches. You can upgrade to a premium version once you have created enough content for more hours and you can embed the Podbean player your website.

2. Soundcloud


Soundcloud offers 3 hours of free time, and the premium package offers unlimited hours. Soundcloud has truly transformed the world of content with some of the world’s leading artists and podcasters using the site to host their content.

Soundcloud is ideal for a beginner and an advanced podcast creator. You can basically embed and share content to any website, including your own website, and it updates every time you add new content.

3. Apple Podcasts

apple podcasts

Apple Podcast offers unlimited hours with a subscription and is quite accessible to Apple users. Apple offers a simple and sleek interface to work with, and you can also focus on building a community within Apple.

There are various advantages of using Apple because it simplifies the process of uploading your content and optimize it according to your target market and your content is always available.

There are plenty more to choose from, and you can research the ones which will suit your target market best. Each platform has its own perks, and you can use the free hours to decide if a specific network suits your platform.

You should research something that will easily reach your audience and ensure that you meet your goals.


Once you have set up your podcast, you should work towards using social media to market it. Dealing with a new website might be intimidating but it does not have to be difficult.

We hope that the tools in this article brings you closer to establishing a website for your podcast.

In some instances, you might encounter challenges and learn new things along the way. Please share your experiences in the comments section.

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