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Podcasts are widely used these days. It’s not just used in education but in several other fields. But did you know there are few hosting platforms which are more suitable for podcast hosting? If you are planning to incorporate podcasts to your website, then you would require knowing which one of the hosting platforms are suitable for podcast hosting.

So here I go, this is exactly what I would cover with my 11 best podcast hosting options.

In case if you are in hurry, here are my 11 Best Podcast Hosting:

Before I get any further, let me give a brief on what exactly should you look for while choosing a Podcast hosting platform.

What to look for in Podcast hosting platforms?

There are some of the obvious features to look out for while choosing any hosting platform. Speed, performance, uptime, reliability, customer support are common features one needs to check while choosing any hosting service.

However, while we speak about Podcast hosting, there are certain other features that need to be considered.

Below I have mentioned a few features to check for while choosing any Podcast hosting service.

Storage and Bandwidth: Podcasts require more storage space and good bandwidth. A lot of podcast hosting platforms limit the storage, bandwidth or the number of episode upload based on hours. While this is true, there are few other platforms which provide unlimited storage and bandwidth.

Video Podcast: If you are looking out to host just audio podcast, then this may not be a concern. However, if you would also need video podcast then you need to be aware of which plans provide you video podcast support.

User-friendly: As any hosting platform, podcast hosting too should be user-friendly. Migration, uploads, directory listing should be simple to use.

Customization: Podcasters prefer media player customizations along with basic website customization, mobile responsiveness, and branding. Added features such as the addition of transcriptions make podcasting more interesting.

Plugins: With podcast hosting support, the platforms should in some way also support platforms such as WordPress along with popular podcast plugins. This should include podcast plugin guides and videos.

Podcast directories: Once a podcast is created, the podcast also needs to be advertised. Suitable social media integration should be available. The podcast hosting platform should provide easy listing over popular podcast directories.

Other features: Few other features to be checked based on your requirement include podcast player support, podcast generator, blogs, support for other streaming software such as Shoutcast or LoudBlog.

Pricing: Pricing is one of the key parameters while choosing any hosting platform. This is true even for podcast hosting. Before choosing, one should be aware” how much does podcast hosting cost”. Not only should this be affordable but should also not contain hidden fees.

Now, that you know what to look for while choosing a Podcast hosting platform, let me quickly provide you with the best Podcast hosting options.


As the name suggests, Podbean is a whole podcast hosting package. It’s popular for enterprise podcast solutions.

Podbean supports unlimited podcast hosting and has been in the market for over 10 years with more than 230,000 podcasters.

Podbear Banner


Podbean is feature rich and is backed with a fast and reliable network. With Podbean you can easily create an SEO friendly website and gather intuitive stats.

Adding your podcast branding is simple. Podbean provides customizable, editable podcast player. Distributing your podcast is simple using Podbean’s social media integration.

Podbean Features

Along with this it supports listing over most well-known podcast directories. To add on, you can start using Podbean for free.

Plans and Pricing:

Podbean supports multiple podcast relevant features such as sharing, a video podcast. You get tons of useful resources and good support.

Podbean is a suitable place for Podcast enthusiasts looking to start for free. The most basic plan is for free and you can continue free forever.

Podbean provides 4 plans.

Podbean Plans and Pricing

Except the basic plan, the rest have unlimited storage and unmetered bandwidth.

Pros of Podbean:

  • Supports free Podcast
  • Unlimited space and bandwidth
  • Several advance podcast oriented features
  • SEO support with optimization

Cons of Podbean:

  • Video podcast is expensive
  • Low on customer support


Transistor is another podcast hosting option. It comes with a 14-day free trial. It has a series of podcast rich features.

Transistor was first started in 2013. It has a help section which has basic and advance level guides along with tutorials. Banner


Transistor provides all the basic features required for podcast hosting. You can host unlimited shows and give multiple users access to your shows.

It has a good podcast analytics support where you can check a number of downloads, subscribers and several other stats.

The audio player can be embedded anywhere including twitter. You can distribute it over multiple directories. Featues Featues

Plans and Pricing:

Creating a podcast website is simple using Transistor. You can easily promote your podcast as well as import your shows.

Transistor supports player customization along with branding. It does not restrict the storage or the hosting of episodes. However, it has restrictions based on the number of downloads.

With Transistor you get 3 different hosting plans. Plans and Pricig

Pros of Transistor:

  • Good analytics support included in all plans
  • Affordable pricing
  • Unlimited storage
  • Easy to setup

Cons of Transistor:

  • No added security feature included in the plans
  • You need to provide payment details to avail free trial

3. Buzzsprout:

Now, this is a more streamlined and podcast dedicated hosting platform. Buzzsprout is a popular and widely used podcast hosting option.

Using Buzzsprout you can easily get listed in one of the top podcast directories such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, Amazon Alexa and Stitcher. Buzzsprout gives a whopping 90 days free trial.

Buzzsprout Banner


If you are starting new, then you would find ample resources for podcast creation within Buzzsprout. This includes dedicated guides as well as videos.

Buzzsprout provides SEO support, a dashboard which can provide your podcast performance metrics. You can simply upload audio and Buzzsprout would optimize it.

It supports quick setup and migration along with WordPress plugin supports. This is mobile optimized and you can easily add audio players for your website.

Buzzsprout Features

Plans and Pricing:

Buzzsprout allows you to start for free. You can avail the free trial for 90 days before you choose any other plan.

Buzzsprout has 3 plans. This is based on per month upload duration.

Buzzsprout Plans and Pricing

All plans support unlimited storage, 250 GB bandwidth per month, Podcast migration tool and do not include any advertisements.

There is also another Buzzsprout Pro plan which provides 1 TB bandwidth at $79 per month.

Pros of Buzzsprout:

  • Versatile plans with dedicated podcast support
  • Provides sufficient bandwidth
  • Supports multiple directories and players
  • Good SEO and stats support

Cons of Buzzsprout:

  • Lacks security-specific features and video podcasts
  • Provides the low number of upload hours and hence not suitable for extensive podcast contents


Blubrry is a completely podcast specific platform which not only provides hosting but caters to several other podcast related features.

Blubrry allows you to search and be part of the largest directories. Over Blubrry you would find ample of podcast driven resources explaining the basics as well as several advance topics.

Blubrry Banner


Blubrry provides podcast tools for Podcast statistics and hosting. It is simple to search for largest directories and add you podcast.

Blubrry provides WordPress integration with support for Podcast plugins. This has options to avail unlimited bandwidth and storage. The plans support advertisements as well as social media integration.

Blubrry Features

For certain plans with storage limitation, there are overage included. The stats allow you to measure podcast specific trends such as downloads, geographical distribution, and several others.

Plans and Pricing:

Blubrry has over 30000 subscriptions. The plans allow you to choose to host only as well as podcast website which is optional.

You can choose an optional basic free WordPress website or use your domain at a pricing of $20/month.

There is a total of 5 plans available.

Bulbrry Banner

Pros of Blubrry:

  • Good support for directory listing
  • Supports basic video podcasts
  • Affordable pricing
  • Includes intuitive stats support

Cons of Blubrry:

  • Limited storage for continuous podcasters
  • No specific out of the box security features


Castos is an all in one podcast hosting platform. It provides several intuitive podcast features.

Castos provides a 14-day free trial. This has sufficiently good customer support and helps resources embedded within its official website.

Castos Banner


Getting on in more details about the features of Castos, you get a customizable media player which can be embedded anywhere.

Castos provides a few interesting stats such as insights into which episodes resonate more with the audience.

Castos Features

It is easy to start working on podcasts with Castos. Castos provides WordPress integration along with fully mobile responsive podcast websites.

Plans and Pricing:

Castos has support for an audio podcast, video podcast and republishing into YouTube. It supports unlimited storage and unlimited episodes for all its plans.

A simple one-click import of existing content, personalized website content and in-depth statistics is available across all plans.

Castos has a total of 3 plans.

Castos Plans and Pricing

All plans support unlimited storage.

Pros of Castos:

  • No restrictions on storage and uploads
  • Affordable pricing
  • Good stats support
  • Supports audio, video podcasts and podcast directories.

Cons of Castos:

  • No added security features


With Ausha you can create, share, manage as well as monetize on podcasts. You can start using their podcast services for free with its 14-day trial.

Ausha makes it easy to create podcasts. It provides unlimited storage and has the capability to provide complete podcast stats.

Ausha banner


Ausha’s podcast hosting is simple and easy to get started. Using this you can get access to several podcast directories and make your podcast rapidly be available across multiple platforms.

This provides a simple layout manager with custom player support. Well, it does not provide too many advanced features.

Ausha Features

With Ausha, you can start using basic podcast featuring with no bandwidth or storage restrictions.

Plans and Pricing:

Ausha provides basic podcast features. It has a limited resource and helps guides.

Uploading your podcast and broadcasting is simple using Ausha. Marketing and advertising your podcast is equally simple using Ausha.

It does not have a feature specific plan. However, it has 2 plans based on the duration of plan payment.

Ausha Plan and Pricing

Pros of Ausha:

  • Affordable pricing
  • Supports basic podcast hosting
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth

Cons of Ausha:

  • Free trial requires you to first fill payment details
  • No out of the box advance features


Pippa makes podcast hosting simpler and easier to share. Podcast hosting, as well as sharing, is immensely supported by Pippa.

Pippa is filled with resource and help materials. A great place to start learning more about podcast hosting.

Pippa Banner


Pippa includes most of the essential features that podcasters usually look out for. It provides podcast hosting, analytics, marketplace as well as sharing.

Pippa has support for audio as well as a video podcast. All plans include a 14-day free trial. You can add multiple podcasts.

Using Pippa, you can monetize on your podcasts. The Pippa marketplace allows podcasters to get connected with advertisers, increasing the chances of generating revenue.

Pippa Features

Plans and Pricing:

Pippa provides time to time discounts as well as student discounts. A starter plan allows you to sign-up for free.

Pippa provides support to Snipper tool to add episode transcripts. The Starter plan allows 5 new episode upload with full analytics support

There are 3 plans available.

Pippa Plans and Pricing

All plans support unlimited storage.

Pros of Pippa:

  • Allows easy import for podcasts
  • Affordable pricing
  • No limitation on storage and bandwidth
  • Access to Pippa marketplace helps in monetization

Cons of Pippa:

  • Lacks mention of security features
  • To avail free trial you need to provide payment details


As the name hints, this is yet again a fully dedicated podcast hosting platform. With its 24/7 support, Podcastwebsites has exhaustive support documents.

It provides a simple to start and use, drag and drop design along with unlimited podcast hosting. You can also avail its free demo to know more about Podcastwebsites services.

Podcast Banner


Podcastwebsites allows you to add your brand and quickly launch podcasts. There are no specific limit restrictions in terms of website pages, landing pages, blogs.

Using Podcastwebsites, you can easily publish your podcast into one of the well-known podcast directories. It provides free podcast migration.

Here you get advance developer tools for podcast creation. This comprises of SEO tools and includes stats pertaining to podcast performance.

Podcast Features

Podcast Features

Plans and Pricing:

Podcastwebsites gives a 24/7 personal support. To add on, you get additional features such as Gravity forms, Simple Podcast Press and several others.

The plans include free SSL, daily backups along with basic security features. Podcastwebsites supports audio as well as video podcasts.

Podcastwebsites provides 2 plans:

Podcast Plans and Pricing

Pros of Podcastwebsites:

  • Supports audio and video podcasts along with directory listing
  • Good security features included
  • Includes advance tech support
  • Easy customization and branding for podcasts

Cons of Podcastwebsites:

  • Expensive plans
  • Podcast media hosting and download stats are charged separately

9. (using the plugin):

Greengeeks which is well-known for its high speed, scalable and eco-friendly solutions is a part of the podcast hosting list.

Well, it does not provide a direct hosting option. However, it supports podcast hosting through plugins. For instance, you can setup podcast hosting by installing Blubrry PowerPress Podcast hosting plugin in WordPress.

GreenGeeks Banner


GreenGeeks provides a more rudimentary podcast hosting support. With this, you can upload files to their server and progressively listen to it, though true streaming video like Shoutcast is not supported.

GreenGeeks allows you to upload media player directly to the website so that visitors can listen to it.

Like I mentioned one of the multiple podcast plugins can be quickly installed in WordPress and used for Podcast hosting.

GreenGeeks WordPress Hosting

GreenGeeks provides sufficient guides to help with installation and to add on you get dedicated customer support.

Plans and Pricing:

GreenGeeks does not provide a dedicated podcast hosting option, so you do not have multiple plans available over here.

GreenGeeks supports a one-click WordPress Installation. The plan provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee, SSL, CloudFlare CDN, Unlimited SSD web space and WordPress security.

The plans start at $2.95/month. The renewals are higher than the first-time pricing.

GreenGeeks Plan and Pricing

Pros of Greengeeks:

  • Includes basic security as part of the plan
  • Affordable pricing
  • Good customer support and knowledge base

Cons of Greengeeks:

  • No dedicated podcast hosting options
  • Complex Plugin installation for beginners

10. A2hosting:

A2hosting, yet another popular hosting platform that provides considerable podcast hosting support.

It maintains a 99.9% uptime and the hosting is done over SwiftServer platform to provide high and reliable performance.

A2 hosting banner


Getting on further, A2hosting provides a good mix of podcast oriented features. When it comes to storage, A2hosting gives loads of storage.

The basic plan supports 4GB RAM and 75 GB of storage. Even better you get 2 TB bandwidth which can help in seamless podcast hosting.

All plans work over SSD and include a free SSL along with cPanel and root access. It has multiple podcast options which include Shoutcast, podcast generator and LoudBlog.

A2 Hosting Features

Plans and Pricing:

A2hosting has a good podcast driven features. This includes video podcasts as well. Significant storage helps in accurately providing a good podcast hosting capability.

Speaking about their plans, you get a total of 3 options.

A2 Hosting Plan and Pricing

The renewals are higher priced as compared to the first-time pricing.

Pros of A2hosting:

  • Versatile podcast support and enhanced features specific to podcast hosting
  • Significant storage and bandwidth
  • Good security features
  • Includes SSL, cPanel, root access, and any time money back guarantee

Cons of A2hosting:

  • Expensive pricing
  • Renewals are highly priced

11. GoDaddy:

GoDaddy needs no specific introduction and probably is one of the Podcast hosting options you just can’t avoid including in this list.

GoDaddy provides a dedicated Podcast hosting plan which is covered with a series of other useful features.



GoDaddy’s podcast hosting provides a series of hosting capabilities with dedicated resources and a 99.9% uptime.

Other features included are – free SSL certificate, on-demand backups, multiple caching and 24/7 support. The basic plan supports 10GB SSD storage and auto backup and restoration for up to 30 days.

Godaddy Podcast PricingYou can create multiple podcasts as well as retain existing subscribers while importing an existing podcast into GoDaddy.

Plans and Pricing:

This comes linked with WordPress hosting and has 4 different plans.

Godaddy Podcast Pricing

The basic plan offers 10 GB SSD storage.

The plans renew at the same pricing which is an added advantage. The more advance plans support SEO, One-click staging site, Malware scan, and repair.

Pros of GoDaddy:

  • Can retain existing podcast subscribers
  • Affordable pricing options
  • Good inbuilt security features
  • Uptime guarantee with dedicated resources

Cons of GoDaddy:

  • Malware scan and SSL is included in only more advanced plans.
  • Low storage for low and middle tier plans


Through this review, I have covered top podcast hosting platforms. Some of these are purely podcast hosting platforms, while some additionally provide support for podcasts.

Platforms such as Podbean also offer free podcast hosting with certain restrictions. Most platforms such as Castos provide a limited free trial.

When it comes to value for money with unlimited storage and several other additional features, you would find that Pippa has it all.

Pippa is affordable, provides versatile plans, supports audio as well as video podcasts. More importantly, helps to monetize with podcasts.

A top choice amongst the best would be Pippa, which is certainly worth trying.

best podcast hosting infographic

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