49+ Most Creative 404 Error Pages of 2020 (No. 23 & 49 are awesome)

Users don’t like to be stumble upon 404 page but it’s an owner task to keep them interested within the site, even in error.

So, why does 404 error occur?

404 occurs when a web page requested is not available.

It occurs due to your visitors typed the wrong address, or they’ve visited a page that no longer exists, or there is a link on the site that leads to a “dead end”.

Here, we are listing 49 most creative 404 page designs you will ever see.

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The world famous Pixar has defined the unhappiness of stumbling upon the 404 error by showing the adorable Sadness from the movie ‘Inside Out’, with a cute text to empathize their users.

404 page

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Crystal Ball by Nikita Melnikov

Let’s just hypnotise our users with our magical crystal ball, not really lol, but this colourful magic ball does lure the users to keep watching it over and over again.

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TripAdvisor use their error page to promote their lowest price hotel price services, smart!

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Chargebacks911 404 video
Play the game! by Chargebacks911

Like an old 90’s video games, Chargebacks911 have gamified their 404 error page. The slider below moves horizontally and shoots bullets to kill those bugs and there is also a score counter displayed in which the score increases as the bugs are killed.

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Sundown like the page! by Taras Migulko

Here, Taras has describe 404 error with a beautiful sight of the day, sunset- which not only attract the users but also engage them into the site to find out more.

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Godaddy has kept it simple to its users, just with a dang explains that the user has been lost, without even mentioning the 404 error! Points for that!

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Confused Workers
Confused Workers by Yup Nguyen

With the animation itself we can figure out that nobody knows ‘what’s happening’, the same way we did, when we stumbled upon the error page.

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For all the dog lovers out there, (which many are) yelp has hired a detective dog to find out the problem! Isn’t that delightful!

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Surreal atmosphere
Surreal atmosphere by Edgar Vehbiu

This strange surreal animation has shown us that we have fallen into the loop of deadend, creative way to describe without actually telling.

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CXL (conversionxl)
CXL (conversionxl)

Cxl, being one digital institute have showcase their skills in the error as well by taking the most loved and internet sensation Keanu Reeves from Matrix to entice their readers into their webpage.

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The walking dead hands
The walking dead hands by Tony Babel

By the walking dead hands we all can conclude that we have entered in the land of the dead, which is so creative and cool, targeting all the fans of the walking dead.

12/ 50

Being the most creative one, goodreads has showed the error in context with their stories and poems which are all lost and trying to find a way to the light. It changes every time which makes their readers to search for more.

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Missed the right flight!
Missed the right flight! by George Finnbogason

Have you ever taken a wrong flight? Probably not, but yikes here you have, this can be the perfect way to tell that readers have taken a step into the wrong flight or link.

14/ 50

Ted is keeping it casual and easy for their users that they might have entered a wrong link, but quickly draw attention as they apologize on their behalf and give a search option right there for further surfing.

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No Lights
No Lights by Marko Stupic

Marko has presented no lights in the ocean clearly defining the error of being lost in track.

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This is the hilarious one from all, Imgur have just taken a next level to entertain their users by letting them engage in playing with the looks of the well known animals.

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Wrong Planet
Wrong Planet by Salestinus Sustyo H

Wrong planet by salestinus sustyo is a cute alien monster shooing away the Astronaut who has taken a step into the wrong place, which is adorable!

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Hubspot has shown its error page as ‘heartbroken’ as you have gotten to a page that no longer exists, very sweet indeed.

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Space infinity
Space infinity by Mary

A lost astronaut swinging in the space with the rocket on standby, what better describes the situation the user is in.

20/ 50

Slack has made efforts to put the 404 page to be found in an amazing jungle scene where there are chickens and pigs just hanging around, it also scrolls horizontally with the mouse movement.

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Couldn’t connect the dots by Ivo Mynttinen

This interactive animated gif can keep their users engage in their error site for fun purpose, which allows them to move and connect the dots off the digits.

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Have you ever lost one pair of your socks, mashable claims to find it out for you! Points for understanding the feels.

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Caveman by Markus Magnusson

This entertaining animation of a caveman who doesn’t know what to do with the wires explains itself the condition of the user with a funny gesture yet creative storyline of the caveman, who ends up getting shocked.

24/ 50

Like the picture wasn’t cute enough to make us aww, but the courtesy in directing the way, just won our hearts.

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At a depth
At a depth by Vlad Timeless

This image describes that you have wandered deep into the ocean where you find the cute octopus in astonishment of the intruder and a crab acting innocent of what’s happening around.

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How stuff works
How stuff works

We couldn’t stop chuckling at the wise work of ‘howstuffworks’, presenting their articles of the lost and missing mentioned after the error.

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Exclaimed by Sofy Dubinska

Exclaimed? You and me both, this 3D image shows how the reader is exclaimed over this error, and error balls coming right out of the phone screen!

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Ucraft shows off their designing skills by presenting us this pleasing look of the green world.

29/ 50
Bunny by Manu

Show us one person who wouldn’t like to listen to this adorable bunny, with that much cuteness in the error page, it’s hardly any error there.

30/ 50
Lost John Travolta
Lost John Travolta by Gabriel Stefanescu

The hilarious scene of Pulp fiction where Vincent Vega (John travolto) is trying to find Mia wallace (Uma thurman) is the best way to communicate our situation of finding an error and the amazing graphics are an add-on!

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31/ 50
Some nice place
Some nice place by Kuba Zelichowski

Taking the users into a virtual dreamy place rather than just showing a highlighted 404 error would always work better for people out there.

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Lost in space
Lost in space by Viktor Kern

This 2D – 3D illustration works really on point to interpret the problem while also directing the way to go back home.

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Got Lost
Got Lost by Anastasiia Andriichuk

An artistic way to tell, you have lost your way, with showing a map and searching for ways of direction.

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Error Error by Damien Da Costa

When the ATMs show error when your card cannot get through likewise this animation has a self explanation that an error has occurred somewhere in the link.

35/ 50
Spinner by Mate Stojić

This animation is mesmerizing and cool, great way to showcase of the design capabilities of Mate Stojić.

36/ 50
Disappearance of skateboarders by Likeve

Likeve has explained the error in a fun way with his animation, by showing the missing skateboarders from the ramp.

37/ 50
What on earth are you doing here
What on earth are you doing here? by Chris Bramford

This is a well accurate design by chris who is asking us the same question which we have! What are you doing here! I typed the right link, didn’t I? Oops! maybe I didn’t.

38/ 50
Cinema in the backyard!
Cinema in the backyard! by Andrej Radisic

Andrej Radisic just distracted us with his amazing representation of cinema in our backyard, I mean who doesn’t want that!

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Error cat
Error cat by Theda Ideker

This happens to us all the time! (Well only if you have a cat) this cute little kitty just wants to play with you! What else can eliminate your frustration but a relaxing kitty.

40/ 50
Foliage farm
Foliage farm by Ann

This appealing artwork by Ann is just captivating us into focusing on the beauty of the page, almost missed that 404!

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Skateboarder missing!
Skateboarder missing! by Bad Taste

Ooops! The skateboarder has gone again leaving us into error, well “bad taste” has some good flair!

42/ 50
Useberry by høly

This lovely berry bumping into the wrong doorway is the cutest way to label the 404 error.

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Club Lights
Club Lights by Andrew Bobko

The flickering lights shaping 404 is the coolest way to bring all the memories of the club, making it more fascinating than it already is.

44/ 50
hug by Sara Farnsworth

Sara has just top the list by putting us in awe with this lovely animation of hugging to apologize for the inconvenience the user has received.

45/ 50
Sad by Maxim Berg

Maxim have created such an innovative animation describing the emotion of being ‘sad’ with only lines which generated from the 4-0-4!

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Avengers Theme
Avengers Theme by Vivek Jose

Where’s the Marvel fan at! This image is designed for all those truly Avengers fans, great work by Vivek Jose.

47/ 50
Elevator not working
Elevator not working by André Ferreira

Some bears can take things a bit too much to heart, this is one of those moments!

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404 error
404 error by Łukasz Głuch

Have you ever entered a wrong room and everybody starts staring at you like you are some kind of alien! Well this is a total representation of that.

49/ 50

Out of all the 404 error page examples, this page deeply understands why their customers are there, and then works hard to give those customers that content wherever they go.

50/ 50

Our dear Lego explains the error in the simplest way by putting the plug out from the socket, followed by three user’s emotions in the background! Very clever!

404 page

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Best 404 pages in our opinion was of Imgur and Caveman to be the funniest and most entertaining.

So, which one is your favorite?

And, are there any better ones that we missed?

Please comment below and let us know.

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