Perusahaan Web Hosting Terbaik untuk tahun 2024 (No. 1 adalah favorit kami) Best Web Hosting Companies for 2021 (No. 1 is our favourite) - Hostingpill

Perusahaan Web Hosting Terbaik untuk tahun 2024 (No. 1 adalah favorit kami)

Our Hosting Experts independently test and recommend the best hosting; you can learn more about our proses peninjauan di sini. We may receive commissions on purchases made from some of these links.

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Based on our extensive testing and experience, the best web hosting is BlueHost.

From the title, you may think: What does Hosting Web Terbaik sangat jahat?

  • Is it affordable pricing?
  • Is it a 99.9% uptime guarantee?
  • Or is it great security and customer support?

Our answer: A bit of everything

There are so many web hosting services out there that choosing is risky. You can find a web host that is very inexpensive, but does a terrible job keeping your site up.

Anda juga dapat menemukan paket web hosting mahal yang sepertinya akan memberikan layanan premium, tetapi tidak memiliki fitur yang Anda butuhkan.

Siapa Takut:

We have tried and tested over 100 web hosting services, (and counting) have helped 2,158+ bloggers and businesses select their suitable choice of hosting service.

Berdasarkan pengalaman itu, dan dengan mempertimbangkan faktor-faktor penting seperti kinerja, harga, fitur, dukungan, dan banyak lagi, kami telah menemukan lima host hebat berada di puncak.

Layanan Hosting Web Terbaik

Tanpa basa-basi lagi, mari selami ulasan terperinci dari setiap hosting Web.

1. Bluehost (Keseluruhan Terbaik)

bluehost homepage

Bluehost Pro
  • Uptime has been excellent lately.
  • Alokasi sumber daya umumnya bagus.
  • Bluehost sangat mudah digunakan, dan bagus untuk pemula.
  • Dukungan pelanggan yang unik dan bagus.
Bluehost Kekurangan
  • Uptime was a tad poorer prior to a year, and response times aren’t special.
  • Ya, fitur dan sumber daya secara keseluruhan bagus, tetapi beberapa hal dapat ditambahkan ke tingkat kedua atau ketiga, menurut pendapat saya, untuk mengimbangi pesaing fitur-berat.
Mengapa kami merekomendasikan Bluehost?

Dari semua nama dalam daftar ini, Bluehost kemungkinan yang paling populer.

It’s one of the most popular hosts around, in the big leagues of hosting: around since 2003, Bluehost mendukung lebih dari 2 juta situs web dan memiliki ratusan staf pendukung yang siap berangkat.

saya melihat BluehostDaya tarik utama untuk menjadi host web hebat secara keseluruhan yang ramah pengguna. Berkinerja baik, itu di harga standar keseluruhan, dan memiliki kemudahan penggunaan dan dukungan pelanggan.bluehost rencana

Meskipun ruang penyimpanan tidak terbatas, seperti halnya dengan GreenGeeks, Saya ingin mengingatkan Anda tentang analogi apartemen yang disebutkan di atas: jika semua orang di akun hosting bersama memutuskan untuk menggunakan ruang penyimpanan sebanyak mungkin karena itu "tidak terbatas," seluruh platform hosting bersama tidak akan berfungsi.

Jadi ya, Bluehost memang membatasi Anda secara teknis, tetapi secara praktis tunjangan penyimpanan cukup murah hati, terutama untuk akun tingkat pemula. Plus, ini adalah penyimpanan SSD, bukan penyimpanan HD.

Selain itu, Anda mendapatkan bandwidth yang tidak terukur, SSL dasar, domain yang disertakan, beberapa domain parkir, dan satu situs web. Tingkat yang lebih tinggi mendapatkan lebih banyak segalanya, ditambah tawaran pemasaran dan cadangan situs.

Fitur-fitur ini cukup murah hati bagi sebagian besar pengguna, bahkan jika itu tidak terlihat begitu mengesankan di atas kertas. Karena itu, saya pikir Bluehost bisa menjadi sedikit lebih murah hati untuk bersaing dengan beberapa pesaingnya yang lebih kecil, seperti GreenGeeks (yang akan datang selanjutnya!).

Misalnya, termasuk backup atau lebih banyak situs web untuk akun entry level akan lebih baik.

Sesuatu Bluehost melakukannya dengan sangat baik adalah keramahan pengguna. Sementara semua host di daftar ini pada dasarnya mudah digunakan, Bluehost sangat kuat di sini.

Pembuat situs web adalah intuitif dan Bluehost cukup percaya diri dengan itu bahwa Anda dapat mencobanya secara gratis di situs web mereka.

Tata letak dan manajemen akun secara keseluruhan sangat ramping dan mudah digunakan. Dukungan pelanggan sangat baik: perwakilan sangat membantu dan basis pengetahuan luas.bluehost sumber daya pendukung

Sejauh waktu aktif berjalan, Bluehost isn’t number one. However, throughout 2018-2019 Bluehost was usually at 99.99% or 100% uptime.

Unfortunately, some months were poorer:

bluehost old uptime

Namun baru-baru ini, Bluehost has been better. Take a look at the last year:bluehost uptime

That’s nearly 99.99% over the course of a whole YEAR straight. That means that the uptime has been VERY consistently high lately.

Unfortunately, the response times aren’t as good as the uptime, historically or recently. They’re not super slow, but about average or on the higher side of average.

Untuk menjadi tuan rumah yang hebat secara keseluruhan dengan harga yang layak, kinerja yang baik, fitur yang solid, dan kemudahan penggunaan dan dukungan, Bluehost has earned our first place on our GoDaddy Alternatif.

On the off chance that if you’re already on the other side with GoDaddy then we have a comprehensive guide that’ll get you over from GoDaddy untuk BlueHost mudah.

Masih penasaran Bluehost? Kami membantu Anda.

2. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks homepage

GreenGeeks Pro
  • Performa luar biasa
  • Good introductory/first-term prices
  • Fitur hebat
  • In particular, good security
  • Easy to use and solid customer support
  • Ramah lingkungan
GreenGeeks Kekurangan
  • Renewal prices are on the higher side
  • Knowledge base could be a bit more extensive
Mengapa kami merekomendasikan GreenGeeks?

GreenGeeks is easily one of the most unique hosting companies around. As you might expect from the name, a lot of its identity comes from its eco-friendliness:

For every amp that GreenGeeks pulls from the grid, it matches 3x that amount in renewable energy through an environmental foundation. That’s why it’s “300% green hosting.”

But on top of that, it’s also just one of the best web hosts out there right now.

So let’s check out what GreenGeeks' web hosting plans offer:

greengeeks rencana

Before getting into the features, a quick word on price:

The big prices listed are great for what’s offered, there’s no doubt about that. They’re about in-line with the normal discounted hosting prices, but the plans offer more than most.

However, it’s worth noting that the renewal prices are a bit higher than average, starting at $11 a month.  Luckily, it’s still within the norm of a higher renewal price, and well-proportioned to what’s on offer.

Okay, let’s talk features:

The resources are obviously pretty nice—unmetered bandwidth, and unlimited storage, email, and databases from the first tier onwards, with the second tier onwards also allowing unlimited websites.

On top of that, the entry level option also has a couple features that enhance performance:

CDN is included for free, which means your site will load quickly for visitors all over the world. Meanwhile, LSCache will also help your pages load even faster.

And when you get to the second and third tiers, performance is significantly boosted.

Juga, sementara GreenGeeks is generally beginner-friendly, it’s also got developer-friendly features: multiple PHP versions, free SSH and secure FTP access, Perl and Python support, and more.

Importantly, the security is pretty good, with all of these thrown in for consideration:


And in addition to the features listed above, GreenGeeks support will also clean up your site for free, if it’s hacked or infected with malware. Taken together, all of this is impressive:

Security on normal web hosting plans tends not to be very good. Although VPS dan server khusus will usually have the best security, it’s nice to see GreenGeeks up the ante on security, as web hosting is the most realistic option for many small businesses.

Meanwhile, the ease of use is top-notch and customer support is great as well. GreenGeeks provides several nice features towards ease of use, including a website builder, an easy-to-use dashboard, and a one-click installer, plus free website migration if you’re coming from another host.

The knowledge base is overall pretty good, though it could be a bit more extensive. Representatives are great, and can be accessed through ticket/email, live chat, and phone.

Namun demikian GreenGeeks good with its hosting performance, the thing that’s absolutely key for making sure your site stays up?

Just look at the last 3 months of uptime on our test site:

greengeeks uptime

That’s incredible. 99.99% uptime over the course of three months means that it’s functionally perfect. The performance has been similarly consistent over the course of the last year, aside from a single drop almost a year ago.

On top of that, the response time has consistently been faster than average. So all together, GreenGeeks’ performance has been excellent.

And taken together with everything else, it’s hard to see what GreenGeeks does wrong. It might not be an ideal budget host, but aside from that, it’s well-priced for what’s offered—and a lot is offered.

Still want to know more? You can check out penuh kami GreenGeeks ulasan for an in-depth breakdown of the company’s offering overall, and an even longer uptime record.

3. TMDHosting

TMDhosting homapage

TMDHosting Pro
  • Great speeds, consistently
  • Choice of Linux or Windows based hosting
  • Low renewal/regular prices
  • Pretty good feature set, especially Weebly’s website builder.
  • Detailed tutorials for a range of open source software and content management systems.
TMDHosting Kekurangan
  • Uptime suffers a bit
  • Knowledge base is weak, as it’s basically a forum and thus less organized, and with less official input.
Mengapa kami merekomendasikan TMDHosting?

If you like to pay attention to underdog and lesser-known hosting companies, you’ll want to pay extra-close attention to this one.

TMDHosting has built a strong reputation, and since its founding in 2007, it’s received many impressive accolades.

TMDHosting is also a bit unique for its focus on hosting open-source software. It’s been credited by several content management systems (CMS) for being a great host through the years.

But now? Let’s take a look.

The first thing you might notice is that TMDHosting offers both Linux and Windows-based options. This is less common for shared web hosting, but it’s a welcome choice.

Windows hosting is a bit more expensive, but proportionately has more generous features. To keep things simple, I’ll focus on the Linux shared hosting.

TMDhoating plan

The promotional/first-term prices are pretty normal. Good, but normal. But take a look at those regular prices:

They’re noticeably cheaper than most regular prices. So in the long term. TMDHosting is actually cheaper than many competing hosts.

And as for the features:

TMDhosting fitur

They’re pretty generous, as neither storage nor bandwidth has caps at any tier.

Most of the other stuff is basic at the first tier, but the money-back guarantee is longer (which shows confidence on TMDHosting’s part) and basic caching speeds things up.

But the Weebly website builder is great. Several options here include their own website builders for free.

That’s great, but many hosting companies’ native website builders are a bit sub-par. Weebly is a company wholly dedicated to making a great website builder. So its inclusion here is extra impressive.

Anyway, the second and third tiers are also impressive for adding performance-enhancing features.

Lastly, the shared plans come with free daily backups, and are more isolated than traditional shared hosting.

So just looking at prices and features, TMD looks excellent.

But let’s take a look at the performance. We’ve been testing TMD Hosting since early 2019 (detail lengkap di sini).

Through half of 2019, TMD’s month-to-month uptime was kind of shoddy. Three months were well-below 99.9% uptime.

But the last year has been a bit better:

TMDhosting uptime

Typically, most days will be at 100%, but then a few days will consistently fall below the 99.9% mark.

The last three months, for example, has averaged 99.92%.

So that’s not ideal. But there IS good news:

The response times have been GREAT. In fact, they have been, without fail, among the lowest of all the hosts we’ve tested, and have been so consistently since early 2019.

Anda dapat memeriksa our full analysis of TMDHosting di sini if this caught your eye.

4. DreamHost

dreamhost homepage

DreamHost Pro
  • Jaminan uptime akan memberi Anda kredit untuk downtime
  • Sebagian besar, uptime yang baik
  • Penetapan harga yang fleksibel memungkinkan pembayaran bulanan alih-alih komitmen selama satu tahun atau 3 tahun
  • Sangat ramah terhadap WordPress, terutama untuk pemula: WordPress sudah diinstal sebelumnya, plugin migrasi gratis disertakan, dan pembuat situs web WP disertakan secara gratis
  • Juga, cadangan otomatis untuk situs WordPress
  • Salah satu jaminan uang kembali terpanjang yang pernah saya lihat, pada 97 hari
DreamHost Kekurangan
  • Email tidak gratis untuk tingkat pertama
  • Menggunakan panel kontrol khusus alih-alih cPanel yang lebih umum, yang dapat membuang beberapa pengguna (tapi ini adalah poin yang sangat kecil)
  • Hanya dua paket harga, yang tidak sebagus jika Anda ingin memiliki banyak opsi
  • Secara umum, sementara DreamHost bagus jika Anda ingin hosting murah untuk WordPress, itu lebih biasa ketika datang ke shared hosting umum
  • Downtime is rare but CAN be pretty bad when it happens
Mengapa kami merekomendasikan DreamHost?

DreamHost adalah nama utama lain di dunia web hosting, untuk alasan yang bagus.

Seperti yang dapat Anda lihat dari gambar di atas, DreamHost mendukung lebih dari 1.5 JUTA situs web — menempatkannya di liga besar web hosting bersama, bersama dengan Bluehost dan GoDaddy.

DreamHost secara keseluruhan solid bagi mereka yang menginginkan web host yang terjangkau dan berkinerja tinggi dengan fitur solid.

Agar kami jelas, ini adalah fitur dasar dan harga yang kami lihat:dreamhost rencana

People looking into WordPress will feel right at home. DreamHost is 2nd place in our Best Wordpress Hosting Services. Seperti Bluehost, DreamHost is one of the three major hosts that WordPress.Org itself recommends.

Seperti yang Anda lihat, DreamHost memiliki beberapa fitur yang dirancang untuk mempermudah pengguna WordPress — seperti plugin migrasi gratis untuk orang yang menggunakan WordPress pada host sebelumnya, pembuat situs gratis untuk WordPress, dan pra-instalasi WordPress.

Selain itu, DreamHost telah layak di harga, dalam kisaran umum yang ditawarkan sebagian besar host web tetapi sedikit di sisi bawah.

Dan sebagai bonus tambahan, DreamHost memiliki rencana pembayaran bulanan untuk mereka yang tidak ingin berkomitmen di muka setahun.

Sejauh kinerja berjalan, DreamHost cukup bagus. Mereka menjamin 100% uptime dan akan memberi Anda kredit untuk jumlah downtime tertentu.

Tapi DreamHostWaktu aktif sebenarnya? Sedikit lebih rumit. Coba lihat:

dreamhost 12 months uptime

Biasanya DreamHost does indeed offer 100% uptime. But there was one day in February and a day in January that threw off our average..

There was also one day in late August where uptime dipped to about 96%. But aside from those days, almost EVERY day has been at 100%.

Jadi, DreamHost still has pretty solid uptime. As you’d guess, days like that are rare.

Anda dapat melihat kami penuh DreamHost statistik uptime di sini. Dan Anda bisa membaca evaluasi penuh saya DreamHost di sini untuk informasi yang lebih menyeluruh.

5. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting homepage

A2 Hosting Pro
  • Consistently good uptime
  • Perhaps the best feature set of all the items here
  • First-term prices are decent, making the features even more impressive
  • Good customer support: representatives are responsive and helpful, and knowledge base has good articles for getting started
A2 Hosting Kekurangan
  • Renewal/regular prices are on the higher side of average
  • Doesn’t cater as strongly to ease of use or simplicity as some other options here
  • Domains not included for free, and if you purchase them on A2, they’re more expensive than usual anyway
Mengapa kami merekomendasikan A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting isn’t a super famous host, but it’s got a well-established reputation in the hosting industry, and it’s been around for a little while (2001).

It offers a range of hosting products, but its shared hosting is especially good.

There are four web hosting options offered by A2:

A2 Hosting rencana

The price range is pretty standard, but a bit higher at regular rates/upon renewal.

The resources and features are pretty impressive. For example, just the first plan gets 100GB of storage—that’s a lot for just one website at a few bucks a month.

But there’s more. ALL tiers (including the first tier) comes with all this:A2 Hosting fitur

That’s pretty good. To be specific, website staging (which lets you create a clone site to experiment with big changes) is usually for advanced plans.

Additionally, CloudFlare CDN (boosting performance), choice of data center location, and a website builder—all included for free—are great adds. All these features make the first tier loaded.

But the remaining tiers have even more features:

The second plan onwards has free automatic backups, plus no limits on storage or sites. Plus this:

A2 Hosting growth features

Meanwhile, the third and fourth tier get another extra set of features:A2 Hosting turbo features

And that’s on top of the basic features/resource upgrades that come with the plans, which I already showed you.

So A2 is absolutely loaded with features, more than most hosts, and the cost is only a bit higher than a lot of the competition long term. And about the same at first buy!

Performance is key now.

We’ve been testing out A2 Hosting for a long time. Some months in 2017-2018 had sub-average uptime (the lower side of 99.9%).

But it’s been a long time since such issues have come up.

In particular, the last year has been pretty good:

A2 Hosting uptime

And the last three months have been even better, at 99.984% uptime.

That’s a pretty strong uptime record, and the best part is that it’s from consistently good uptime.

Some other hosts (including some options here) might not have bad average uptime over a long period, but they fluctuate with some days having a lot of downtime.

The speed isn’t fantastic, but it’s decent. And, while it fluctuates some, it’s relatively consistent overall.

So not only is the performance good, but you can rely on it.

Anda dapat memeriksa kami A2 hosting test site for uptime records that go as far back as July 2017, or our A2 review for a holistic look at the company.

6. GoDaddy

GoDaddy homepageYou probably know this, but GoDaddy is a big name in the hosting (and domain) world.

GoDaddy Pro
  • Very good uptime over the course of two years.
  • Similarly good speeds.
  • Promotional prices are low (when they happen)
  • Ability to purchase more resources as needed
  • choice of Windows or Linux hosting
GoDaddy Kekurangan
  • Non-promotional prices are higher than average for the first term.
  • A lot of upselling, pushiness to buy add-ons
  • GoDaddy’s live chat is often busy
  • Some included free features renew at cost after the first term
  • Especially: SSL not included for free at first two tiers, and renews at cost for the third tier
Mengapa kami merekomendasikan GoDaddy?

In fact, it’s almost certainly the biggest hosting company on this list. To put a number on it, GoDaddy services over 20 MILLION customers.

That’s a level above the other big names here (Bluehost dan HostGator).

Namun GoDaddy is also infamous for untransparent pricing and a very corporate approach. That’s also what holds it back on this list.

But it’s been so successful for a’s good. Check out our full breakdown of GoDaddy di sini untuk lebih lanjut tentang itu.

Anyway, let’s look at the web hosting plans:GoDaddy rencana

The first-term prices are higher than average. But the renewal prices are overall normal (if a bit higher than average as well).

Namun, GoDaddy frequently has big promotions that drop the prices to dirt-cheap levels for the first term.

As for the features...the resources are pretty generous. 100GB of storage (SSD by the way) is more than enough for the vast majority of people hosting just one website, and it only gets higher after that.

A cool feature is that you can easily buy more resources—not just storage, but also CPU or RAM—very easily as you need to.

But aside from the good news on resources, that’s about it for features.

Yes, you get a domain with annual plans, but it renews at cost after the first year. To be fair, that’s a common deal. But it renews at a higher cost than average.

Plus, the email has only 5GB of storage and is free for the first year only, but renews at cost.

The SSL? The feature that’s crucial to having a trustworthy site, which is included for free in almost all hosting plans? It’s not included for free for the first two tiers, and renews at cost for the third tier.

Juga, GoDaddy is constantly upselling. You’re always pushed to purchase add-ons or higher-priced packages.

The website builder is one of those add-ons. Sometimes GoDaddy will even include it for free (for a year) during promotions.

It’s great when hosting companies include their own website builders for free. But many of them are sub-par compared to the popular website building software.

GoDaddy is a bit different. It’s a big company, and has invested into its website builder to be a more mainstream offering.

Anda dapat memeriksa our investigation of GoDaddy’s website builder here for more info. But the short version is that yes, it’s pretty good.

Tapi secara keseluruhan, GoDaddy is on the weaker side for features and price.

As for the uptime:

Kita sudah ukur GoDaddy through a test site for two years (starting August 2018).

Selama waktu itu, GoDaddy basically always had great performance. Most months have at least 99.99% uptime, and it’s rare when they don’t.

Secara keseluruhan GoDaddy has done well for the last year. But some instances of downtime have lowered the average:

godaddy uptime

Most of the time, it’s 100%, but there are consistently days just over 99.9% that lower the average.

In the last three months, however, uptime has been closer to 99.98%, which is good.

Not to mention, the response times have also consistently been low since we started measuring.

So overall, while not perfect, GoDaddy is a pretty good performer and has been such for two years.

7. HostGator

HostGator homepage

HostGator Pro
  • Overall, good uptime, particularly recently
  • Generally good features (including a website builder, unlimited email, etc)
  • Sumber daya yang murah hati
  • Lower starting prices and lower renewal prices compared to competitors
  • Solid customer support (both representatives and knowledge base)
HostGator Kekurangan
  • Waktu respons lebih lambat
  • May be a bit risky for highly important sites/projects that need excellent uptime
  • Some upselling and add-ons that can be frustrating and build cost
Mengapa kami merekomendasikan HostGator?

HostGator is a very well-established name in the hosting industry. It claims to have hosted over 8 MILLION domains and has hundreds of employees, putting it in the big leagues.

HostGator’s plans are mostly low-cost, and have generous resources:HostGator rencana

The main impetus to upgrade would be for more domains, and/or stronger SSL and a dedicated IP.

HostGator has a decent set of features available for all plans:HostGator fitur

So proportionately to price, HostGator definitely seems to be on top of things.

And on that note, HostGator has both lower starting prices AND renews at a lower cost than many of its competitors (though you’d have to commit for a long period of time to get those lower prices).

toh HostGator seems pretty solid thus far. The key factor now is performance.

Selama setahun terakhir, HostGator has overall done well:

HostGator uptime

It’s been keeping its uptime guarantee of 99.9%. In fact, most of the time it’s easily at 100% uptime or pretty close—there were just a few days where uptime dipped to the lower side of 99.9% that took down the average.

If you look at the last 3 months in particular, it’s pretty good:HostGator 3months uptime

Unfortunately, the response times are on the slower side both overall and recently.

You can check out fully detailed uptime records for our HostGator test site here, going all the way back three years.

Juga, Anda dapat membaca kami HostGator ulasan for a full run-down of the hosting company.

8. TurnKey Internet

TurnKey Internet homepage

TurnKey Internet Pro
  • Very good uptime, especially lately
  • Consistently great speeds
  • Choice of Windows or Linux hosting
  • Good three-year prices and yearly prices
  • Sumber daya yang murah hati
  • Independently owns its data center, which is also a green data center
TurnKey Internet Kekurangan
  • Domain name not included
  • Not loaded with features compared to some options here.
  • Particularly, not a lot of features that would appeal to beginners.
  • Knowledge base/informational support a bit limited
Mengapa kami merekomendasikan TurnKey Internet?

TurnKey’s a less famous host, but it’s been around for quite a while—since 1999, in fact.

Its history is also a little unusual. Unlike just about all the other names here, TurnKey didn’t start as a host.

It first was a consultant for ISPs, and then transitioned to hosting. But its transition has resulted in a pretty impressive hosting company.

TurnKey gives you a choice of Linux hosting (which comes with cPanel) or Windows hosting (which comes with the Plesk control panel).

As is usually the case, the Windows hosting is more expensive:

TurnKey Internet rencana

These are pretty friendly to developers and those hosting more dynamic projects.

As for the Linux plans:TurnKey Internet cpanel hosting plan

There are just two options, and they’re pretty low-priced but with generous resources.

However, the price tag for those Linux plans only applies to a three-year pre-payment. This is often the case with hosts.

BUT: even if you pay on a yearly or monthly basis, the prices are still good. This is for the first tier:

TurnKey Internet billing cycle 1

The month-to-month price is pretty standard, but just 5 bucks a month for a year of service is still on the lower side.

So all in all these prices are still good even when you don’t buy three years in bulk.

Moreover, the Windows plans do not have this same disconnect. The price tags shown for Windows here are what you pay month-to-month. If you pay on a yearly basis, it’s marginally cheaper:TurnKey Internet billing cycle 2

So all in all it’s a well-priced set-up.

The features available tend to be more about resources and support for various scripts.

That’s great, but it does matter a little less to people looking for an “easy” and simple host (such people may want website builders included, for example).

But ultimately, the cheapest plan (Linux) can support up to 10 domains and doesn’t cap storage, which is a lot better than most hosts. That’s great value. Uptime will make or break TurnKey now:

So let’s examine the performance. TurnKey’s uptime, over the course of a year, is pretty impressive:TurnKey Internet uptime 12months

There was basically one day with poor uptime, but other than that, it’s been 100% almost every day with minimal exceptions.

To prove it, take a look at the last 3 months, which have a nearly perfect uptime score:TurnKey Internet 3 months uptime

And the speed? The average response time is among the lowest we’ve seen of the hosting companies we’ve measured.

Kita sudah measuring TurnKey since March 2019, and the performance was a bit worse in the middle part of 2019. A couple months were below 99.95%, but not much.

But that hasn’t been an issue for a while, with performance overall looking quite strong (especially lately).

Let’s get to a summary of the pros and cons. But if you’re already really curious, you may as well learn some more about TurnKey with our full review itu.

9. InterServer

interserver homepage

InterServer Pro
  • Very good performance for the last year
  • Harga satu ukuran untuk semua berarti fitur hebat sebanding dengan harga
  • Tidak ada harga perpanjangan yang berlebihan
  • Secara khusus, fitur default yang bagus untuk keamanan situs
  • Dukungan pelanggan yang solid
  • Server bersama menjalankan hanya 50% dari kapasitas, memungkinkan untuk pertumbuhan. Ini kurang umum untuk server bersama.
  • Waktu uptime dan respon yang baik BARU.
InterServer Kekurangan
  • Domain tidak gratis, meskipun murah di $ 1.99
  • Meskipun saya pribadi menyukai paket harga tunggal, beberapa orang mungkin menginginkan lebih banyak opsi
  • Catatan Spottier pada waktu aktif dan waktu respons lebih lama (kebanyakan sebelum Agustus 2019).
Mengapa kami merekomendasikan Interserver?

InterServer bukan web host paling terkenal, tapi masih cukup terkenal. Dan seharusnya:

InterServer telah ada sejak 1999 dan telah berhasil menegakkan reputasi yang solid sepanjang waktu.

Pada harga, InterServer sangat sederhana. Sebagian besar host web, seperti yang mungkin sudah Anda perhatikan sekarang, menawarkan beberapa opsi bertingkat. Fitur dan kinerja semakin banyak Anda membayar.

Selain itu, setiap tingkatan harga biasanya memperbarui pada tingkat yang lebih tinggi setelah jangka waktu pertama, dan harga rendah yang diiklankan tergantung pada Anda mendaftar untuk periode waktu tertentu.

Dengan InterServer, tepatnya ada SATU paket web hosting. Biasanya $ 4 per bulan jika Anda berkomitmen untuk 3 tahun, atau $ 5 per bulan secara teratur. Seperti yang Anda lihat, ada diskon pada saat penulisan.

Ini adalah paket hosting satu ukuran untuk semua, yang masuk akal dengan fitur-fiturnya (lebih dari itu dalam sekejap).

Itu masih harga bagusmeskipun begitu. $ 4- $ 5 per bulan sedikit lebih tinggi dari hosting entry-level termurah, tetapi lebih murah daripada hosting tingkat tinggi dengan perusahaan lain.

Secara proporsional, ini adalah harga yang mahal. Jadi mari kita masuk ke apa yang ditawarkannya:

Salah satu hal terbaik tentang InterServer adalah bahwa ia menawarkan banyak fitur. Maksud saya, lihat saja dasar-dasar ini:

interserver fitur

Beberapa di antaranya mungkin Anda harapkan, seperti migrasi gratis, SSL, dan penyimpanan SSD.

Tetapi Anda juga mendapatkan pembuat situs web gratis, dan email bahkan tidak terbatas untuk tingkat pertama. Heck, penyimpanan bahkan tidak terbatas.

Plus, InterServerFitur keamanan default — dikenal sebagai Perlindungan Intershield — melampaui norma untuk hosting bersama:

interserver keamanan intershield

Mereka juga memiliki sesuatu yang disebut "Inter-Asuransi," yang berarti mereka akan membersihkan akun yang diretas atau terinfeksi — terutama situs WordPress — secara gratis.

Itu bagian dari InterServerDukungan pelanggan yang luar biasa. Ini fitur tersendiri.

Akhirnya, salah satu poin yang lebih unik dan menyenangkan InterServer adalah alokasi sumber dayanya. Saya sudah memberi tahu Anda bahwa Anda mendapatkan penyimpanan SSD tanpa batas. Tapi ini sebabnya:

interserver kapasitas server

Menempatkan pelanggan pada rencana bersama seperti ini kurang umum, karena tentu saja itu kurang menguntungkan. Lebih masuk akal untuk menjejalkan pelanggan dengan konsumsi rendah secara bersamaan.

Tetapi dengan memastikan setiap server berjalan dengan setengah kapasitas, InterServer memungkinkan pelanggannya memanfaatkan hosting bersama — dengan perusahaan lain, mereka akan dipaksa untuk meningkatkan ke paket yang lebih tinggi jika mereka menghabiskan terlalu banyak sumber daya.

Sekarang, pada titik ini InterServer mungkin terdengar seperti opsi pertama yang tidak perlu. Tidak terlalu cepat:

Salah satu hal yang disimpan InterServer dari naik lebih tinggi pada daftar ini adalah kinerja, komponen penting.

Kita sudah pengujian InterServer untuk sementara. The newer results are better, but some of the older results still affect the evaluation.

Ini adalah hasil yang lebih lama, dari sekitar setahun yang lalu:

interserver old uptime

Seperti yang dapat Anda lihat, sekitar satu tahun yang lalu uptime dapat menjadi besar, tetapi seringkali sering kali sangat rendah. Apa pun di bawah 99.95% berada di sisi yang lebih miskin dari rata-rata, dengan Mei dan Maret 2019 menonjol.

Juga, waktu respons sangat lambat di akhir musim panas 2019.

Ini adalah hasil yang lebih baru:

interserver uptime

Seperti yang Anda lihat, waktu responsnya sangat cepat.

And the uptime has been closer to 99.99% or 100% month to month (99.977% uptime is pretty decent over the course of a whole year).

The uptime and response times have been good for the last year, but earlier in 2019 things have been spottier.

Anda dapat melihat catatan waktu aktif penuh kami di sini, mencakup lebih dari satu tahun dan sampai sekarang.

Bagaimanapun, itulah masalahnya InterServerPerforma.

Akhirnya InterServer is a great bargain for many looking for affordable hosting that provides good features and still performs very well.

But if your absolute bottom line is having performance as close to perfect as possible, something else on this list may be better.

Anda dapat membaca lebih lanjut tentang InterServer di sini jika Anda masih ragu.

10. BigScoots

BigScoots homepage

BigScoots Pro
  • Jaminan uptime yang tinggi
  • Flexible pricing, which is particularly good for those who’d prefer to pay monthly or yearly
  • Generally solid features
  • Although bandwidth is capped at each tier, it’s a generous allowance relative to price
  • Very easy interface and highly qualified support staff that can handle a range of problems
  • Managed WordPress plans on shared servers available in addition to the main web hosting options
  • 45-day money back guarantee is longer than the typical 30 days
BigScoots Kekurangan
  • Storage limits are a bit low, especially per price
  • Price on the higher side relative to standard web hosting packages
  • First tier doesn’t come with a free domain
  • Overall, probably not as cost-effective for people who can confidently manage their website with standard web hosting
Mengapa kami merekomendasikan BigScoots?

BigScoots is a fairly unique hosting company; it offers managed hosting only. But unlike most managed-only hosting providers, BigScoots also offers web hosting, not just dedicated or VPS hosting.

Let’s start looking at those web hosting plans. BigScoots offers more flexible pricing than most hosting companies, so let’s focus on the prices first:

Ada tiga tingkatan: 105CC, 155CC, and Turbo Diesel. They can be paid at monthly, annually, or two-year intervals:


Now, at first glance, you might find these a bit pricey. Compared to standard web hosting, they might be, but remember that these are MANAGED web hosting plans.

And managed hosting almost always included a significant price increase. Because you’re paying extra for ease of use and customer support.

With that taken into account, these prices are not big increases from the standard web hosting price range. In fact, it’s impressive how close these are to “normal” web hosting prices, despite being managed.

But we can’t really evaluate price fully without talking about the features, so let’s look at what those numbers will get you:


The gist of the feature list is that it’s a mixed record:

On one hand, allowing up to 5 domains for the first tier alone is pretty unusual, and most sites limit the entry-level plans to one site only. So that’s a nice, unique feature.

In addition, allowing all tiers to get free daily backups, unlimited databases, mailboxes, and DDoS protection is great, and good value.

Plus, allowing a free domain registration for the second and third tiers is a nice bonus, though it’s a bit unusual to not make that available for the first tier. The dedicated IP is a nice feature as well.

But the resource allocations are where things get a bit more complicated:

First, placing a clear cap on bandwidth for each tier is unusual. But does that mean BigScoots is cheaping out on bandwidth?

Not at all:

Although most hosts claim to offer “unlimited” or “unmetered” bandwidth on paket hosting bersama, the reality is that almost all web hosting plans come with limited bandwidth. These are usually informal limits.

So if you exceed them, there may not be an overage fee, but you may be asked—or forced—to upgrade your plan. After all, shared web hosting wouldn’t work if everyone sharing a server used as much bandwidth as possible.

So placing a bandwidth allowance isn’t that big of a deal, despite how it looks. The bigger issue is the number:

And on that note, BigScoots is still doing fine. 100GB is plenty of bandwidth for an entry-level plan. In fact, many hosting providers with “unlimited” or “unmetered” bandwidth may ask their first-tier users to upgrade if they use more than just 30 GB of bandwidth.

So being realistic, the bandwidth allowances are plenty for web hosting plans. The bigger issue is the storage, though:

Frankly, this is a larger weakness of the plans. 5GB of storage isn’t that much:

A standard (un-managed), entry level web hosting plan will usually offer AT LEAST 10GB of storage on the low side, with many hosts offering up to 50GB or simply not capping storage. This often will cost less than BigScoots’ plans as well.

So relative to competing web hosts, 5GB is kind of low, and comes at a higher price too. That’s true for the second and third tiers as well, and if you’re managing multiple websites, it might seem a bit limited.

However, it’s also common for managed hosting plans to limit storage. So it’s not a huge deal.

And that leads us to the next point: what does the “managed” part of these packages entail? How good is the ease of use and customer support?

For starters, just about everything you need taken care of can be handled by BigScoots’ staff. That includes:

Handling site migrations; handling software or CMS installations; offering recommendations; fixing broken plugins; setting up email accounts; setting up SSL; and just generally being always available to help with site issues.

The support staff are highly trained and qualified. The general approach of BigScoots is to prioritize quality of support staff over quantity, which is great for managed hosting:


To make things even smoother, BigScoots’ interface is designed to make things as easy as possible.

So all you really need to do is manage your website. That’s a nice change from standard web hosting, which is easy compared to other forms of hosting, but still requires users to do a lot of work on their own.

BigScoots is also impressive on the level of its hosting infrastructure. BigScoots is one of the increasingly rare hosting companies that manages its own data centers:


Even independent hosting companies often pay third parties to operate data centers. Independently-run data centers does not necessarily mean the security is better, but it does mean the common pitfalls of data centers run by third parties are avoided:

For example, transparency. Having just Big Scoots running things makes the hosting a lot simpler and more trustworthy. Plus, their set-up looks good, with on-site security and high redundancy in case things go wrong.

Sedangkan untuk kinerja, BigScoots makes a high guarantee:


Most hosts offer an uptime guarantee, but that guarantee is usually 99.9%, with the higher end being 99.95%. Although it sounds small, there’s a BIG difference between 99.9% uptime and 99.99% uptime over the course of just a month.

Selain itu, BigScoots guarantees 100% power and network uptime. So performance-wise, it’s all set.

Jadi serba bisa, BigScoots is a pretty great web hosting option, though it may not be for everyone. If anyone is looking for hassle-free web hosting that’s still affordable, BigScoots adalah yang terbaik dari kedua dunia.

But if you’re just looking for affordable web hosting, and you’re comfortable with the responsibilities that come with regular (un-managed) web hosting, then BigScoots is probably not super cost-effective for you, as you can find more affordable hosting with better resources and even features.

Jika Anda penasaran BigScoots, Anda dapat memeriksa ulasan mendalam kami di sini.

Are other kinds of web hosting better for me?

Jika Anda telah membaca artikel ini sampai sekarang, dan curiga bahwa tidak ada yang merupakan pilihan terbaik untuk Anda atau bisnis Anda ...

Kamu mungkin benar. Web hosting sangat bagus untuk banyak orang, itulah sebabnya mengapa sangat populer, tetapi ada jenis hosting lainnya.

Best web hosting for small businesses:

Mari kita mulai dengan hosting web untuk bisnis. Sekarang pada dasarnya, ini masih web hosting bersama. Dan shared hosting reguler dapat dan IS sering digunakan oleh bisnis.

But, many hosts offer web hosting that’s better for businesses. And many hosts offer special web hosting plans for businesses—take Hostwinds misalnya.

Manfaat utama adalah bahwa Anda mendapatkan kompromi yang lebih baik: lebih banyak sumber daya, kinerja yang lebih baik, tetapi tetap hemat biaya dan kemudahan hosting web. Untuk melihat lebih banyak, lihat daftar web hosting terbaik untuk bisnis.

Beberapa opsi tersebut:

Best WordPress hosting providers:

Jenis hosting lain yang tumpang tindih dengan shared hosting adalah WordPress hosting.

Beberapa hosting WordPress pada dasarnya berbagi hosting web dengan fitur tambahan. Beberapa hosting WordPress adalah VPS atau cloud hosting — lebih banyak uang, tetapi juga keamanan dan kinerja yang lebih baik.

Versi singkatnya adalah bahwa hosting WordPress dapat merujuk ke berbagai jenis hosting, dengan komponen yang mendasarinya, tentu saja, bahwa paket dioptimalkan untuk WordPress.

Jadi jika Anda benar-benar menginginkan host yang baik untuk WordPress secara umum, beberapa opsi dalam daftar ini bagus — tetapi masih ada yang lain di luar sana, dan mereka layak untuk dilihat.

Berikut ini beberapa penyedia hosting WordPress terbaik, sekilas:

Penyedia hosting Drupal terbaik:

WordPress adalah sistem manajemen konten paling populer, atau CMS, sekitar, itulah sebabnya Anda sudah pernah mendengarnya.

Tetapi ADA sistem manajemen konten lain yang sangat kuat. Drupal adalah salah satu CMS tersebut: ini juga open-source dan dapat digunakan pada sebagian besar host.

Namun, Drupal berorientasi pada manajemen situs yang lebih maju. Karena itu, beberapa host lebih cocok untuk Drupal.

Inilah beberapa host terbaik:

Penyedia hosting Magento terbaik:

CMS populer lainnya adalah Magento. Magento adalah untuk mengelola situs-situs e-commerce, dan merupakan salah satu platform e-commerce paling populer di dunia.

Poin kunci di sini, tentu saja, adalah Anda dapat memiliki situs e-niaga dengan semua host web yang tercantum di sini, atau WordPress atau bahkan Drupal.

Tetapi Magento adalah untuk mereka yang ingin membawa manajemen situs e-commerce mereka ke tingkat berikutnya, di mana seluruh CMS adalah tentang bisnis online. Secara alami, beberapa host lebih baik untuk Magento.

Terbaik Moodle penyedia hosting:

Dan jika Anda mencoba untuk membangun situs pendidikan, Anda dapat menggunakan lebih dari sekadar pembangun kursus yang sederhana tetapi mahal — bahkan ada CMS hanya untuk secara fleksibel membangun situs pendidikan.

Untuk itu, Anda harus menggunakan Moodle, dan host yang sangat bagus untuk Moodle.

Inilah beberapa host terbaik untuk Moodle:

Penyedia cloud hosting terbaik:

Sekarang selain dari host yang baik untuk perangkat lunak CMS populer tertentu, Anda dapat mencari penyedia berdasarkan sifat teknis hosting itu sendiri.

Tentu saja, ada juga cloud hosting. Cloud hosting pada dasarnya memberi Anda sepotong DEDICATED sumber daya server, melalui server virtual yang terhubung bersama.

Karena sumber daya Anda bersifat pribadi, Anda dapat menggunakannya lebih bebas tanpa khawatir akan memengaruhi keseluruhan server. Dan mereka lebih aman.

But one of the best things about cloud hosting is that it's scalable: because you’re not as limited by physical hardware, you can start with a smaller amount of higher-quality resources and then scale up to larger and larger amounts as your site grows.

Secara alami ini lebih mahal daripada hosting web biasa, tetapi jauh lebih murah daripada hosting khusus.

Berikut adalah beberapa penyedia cloud hosting yang hebat:

Penyedia hosting khusus terbaik:

Pada catatan itu: host khusus sangat bagus jika Anda memiliki bisnis yang lebih besar dan membutuhkan hosting premium yang bisa Anda dapatkan.

Dedicated server adalah seperti apa suaranya: mereka adalah seluruh server yang didedikasikan hanya untuk pelanggan yang membayar, dan tidak dibagikan kepada orang lain.

Tetapi berhati-hatilah: meskipun Anda bersedia membayar untuk layanan premium, Anda menginginkannya pastikan Anda berinvestasi di server khusus terbaik untuk Anda.

Sekilas, berikut adalah beberapa penyedia terbaik dari server khusus:

Penyedia hosting PHP terbaik:

Sekarang, selain melihat berbagai jenis hosting, atau host yang lebih baik untuk sistem manajemen konten tertentu, Anda dapat melihat host yang lebih baik pada jenis bahasa tertentu.

PHP adalah bahasa scripting yang sangat kuat yang digunakan untuk membangun beberapa situs yang paling banyak dikunjungi di dunia, dan host tertentu menyediakan fitur dan dukungan hebat untuk mengembangkan situs dalam PHP.

Beberapa penyedia hosting PHP terbaik ada di sini:

Penyedia hosting Java terbaik:

Atau, Anda bisa lihat host yang bagus untuk Java. Java adalah salah satu bahasa pengembangan web paling populer selain dari PHP, dan sering digunakan sebagai alternatif untuk itu. Ini sangat baik untuk konten interaktif dan aplikasi seluler.

Anda menebaknya. Berikut adalah beberapa host terbaik untuk Java:

Terbaik ASP.NET penyedia hosting:

Terakhir, disana ASP.NET. Ini bukan bahasa, tetapi kerangka kerja aplikasi web (yang menggunakan bahasa .NET) dan sangat bagus untuk proyek dinamis.

ASP.NET hosting adalah ceruk yang sedikit lebih, tetapi pasti ada host yang lebih cocok untuk itu daripada yang lain, dan bahkan host yang bagus untuk hosting ASP.NET khusus.

Beberapa host tersebut:

Jelas, ada banyak jenis hosting yang berbeda di luar sana — tetapi jika semua ini terdengar terlalu berlebihan bagi Anda, maka Anda mungkin harus mengembalikan perhatian Anda ke web hosting bersama.

Itu masih dapat memberikan kombinasi terbaik dari keterjangkauan dan fungsionalitas, dan itulah sebabnya ini adalah jenis paket hosting yang paling dicari.

Best HIPAA hosting:

If your website will be handling (U.S.) healthcare information at all, you can’t just have any old hosting.

You can’t just slip by with “more secure” hosting, either.

No, you need to have hosting that’s compliant with HIPAA, which is the regulations for how healthcare information is handled digitally.

HIPAA-compliant hosting is niche, so you can’t just get it from any web host.

Luckily, I’ve investigated the best HIPAA-compliant hosting providers: you can view the full list of the best here. These are the best 3:

Best Joomla hosting:

If you want to run your site with a powerful content management system, you have plenty of options.

But you might not want a CMS that’s too easy, like WordPress, or one that’s too hard, like Drupal.

Joomla is a great intermediary CMS: it’s got a manageable learning curve for the less familiar, is easy for those with experience, and allows for powerful site management.

Anda dapat memeriksa my list of the best Joomla hosting here. And for your convenience, here are the 3 best companies for hosting Joomla:

Best Node.js hosting:

For those who want to host dynamic projects, apps, and websites, it’s worth looking into Node.js hosting.

Node.js is a runtime environment for JavaScript. It’s lightweight, fast, stable, and widely used. Plus, if you already work in web development, it’s not too hard to learn how to use.

Node.js ticks off so many boxes that it’s become popular among many high-profile corporations, like GoDaddy, Netflix, Walmart, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and more.

So here’s my full list of the best Node.js hosting providers, and here’re the top 3 of those providers to save you time:

Best ecommerce hosting:

Everyone wants hosting for their website. And do they all want hosting for hobby sites?

A few, sure. But a huge portion of them want hosting for their BUSINESS.

And that means finding hosts that can support transactions, the possibility of scaling up, and can perform well. Not to mention hosts that are friendly towards ecommerce software or include their own built-in.

If you’re going to host a site for business, it’s super important you find the best one. Because if your host causes website issues, that can translate directly to lost sales, and bad customer experiences.

So if you want to find the best ecommerce hosting, check out my full list of the top 10 providers. Until then, here’re the top 3:

Best Wiki hosting:

Wanting to host a wiki is far from common.

But it’s an established tradition (of a sorts), and one that can prove incredibly useful in certain areas—whether that’s for hobbyists or the workplace.

But as it’s rarer to seek wiki hosting, you can expect that a normal list of the best web hosting may not be a perfect fit.

Some hosts prioritize support for Wiki management software, or are high performers that can accommodate wiki software without a hitch.

Jadi, periksa a full accounting of the best wiki hosting providers here. As a preview, these are the 3 best:

Dan pada catatan itu ...

What’s the best hosting for my country?

While this article is mostly relevant everywhere, it should go without saying that it can’t be perfectly accurate for everyone.

In particular, where you live may have some variation. Some local hosting providers could offer deals and performance better than more mainstream, global providers, for example.

Or, even global providers could be uniquely better in your country than others.

So let’s check out of the best web hosting in a few countries.

Best web hosting in India:

India has tons of internet users, and an increasingly robust hosting industry stepping up to support them.

The best hosting in India includes a mix of Indian hosts and global providers that have special offerings for Indian businesses and websites.

Beli my full review of India’s 12 best web hosting companies here. Otherwise, here are the top 3:

Best web hosting in Australia:

Australia has a relatively unique topography, as countries go. Remember, Australia is not just a country—it’s a continent!

Given its massive size, it’s not surprising that many people live in coastal metro areas and that much of the country is sparsely populated.

This also means running a high performing Australian site can be a bit tricky: you want to make sure your site can perform well for people living in areas with spotty internet.

So you can read a detailed list of Australia’s best web hosting here, but here are some of the best, to save you time:

Best web hosting in Canada:

Canada has a similarly unique topography as Australia: it’s a huge country, the world’s second biggest, with most of the population in denser metro areas, and others more spread out.

But despite internet performance varying by area, Canada has a robust population of internet users…and a large number of hosting providers.

So on the one hand, you need to find a host that can perform well for Canadian users, but you also have to cut through the options to find a host that’s good for you.

Berikut the full list of Canada’s best hosting providers. But to be quick, here are the top options to check out:

How to choose the best web hosting service?

Meskipun ada info-dump pada jenis-jenis web hosting lain di sana, bahkan hanya web hosting biasa yang memiliki jangkauan luas.

Anda dapat melihatnya dari item yang dibahas: beberapa memprioritaskan WordPress lebih lanjut. Yang lain memprioritaskan kesederhanaan. Dan yang lainnya lebih baik di fitur.

What we prioritize while reviewing a hosting service are the following paradigms:

Harga dan Fitur

Budget while selecting a hosting service is essential to your motive. The features usually go hand-in-hand to what you pay.

There’s also the theory that if you pay more, you get more but there’s also a difference between what you want and what you require.

Kemudahan penggunaan

Newcomers are always welcome in the hosting community but innovation happens so fast that the learning curve keeps getting steeper. Which is why we test to find out how the average guy figures things out.


An underrated aspect of a hosting service. Most companies get it done with an SSL. Others offer an entirely custom solution. After all, you need to know what works best for you.

Customer Support

When you get tired of figuring stuff out yourself or get into some kind of trouble, customer support is your best chance. Whether it is guides, chat or email support, it can be measured.

Jika Anda baru atau hobi, mungkin ada baiknya memprioritaskan "fitur kemudahan penggunaan" seperti pembuat situs web, metrik situs, dll.

Dan jika intinya Anda adalah biaya, pergi untuk host apa pun yang termurah tetapi memiliki waktu yang layak Anda dapat menginstal WordPress di atasnya secara gratis, atau CMS lain, dan mengelola situs dengan sedikit pembayaran ekstra.

Jika Anda membutuhkan saran lebih lanjut, saya sarankan Anda membaca panduan kami tentang cara kami meninjau perusahaan hosting web—Ada banyak tumpang tindih yang bagus yang akan membantumu memilih.

Recap: The Best Web Hosting for 2022

Meskipun menemukan web hosting terbaik mungkin awalnya menakutkan, semoga daftar ini membantu menyederhanakan banyak hal.

Seharusnya tidak perlu dikatakan bahwa Anda perlu melakukan riset sendiri tentang host mana yang terbaik untuk Anda.

Dan sementara saya berdiri di peringkat ini sebagai peringkat KESELURUHAN yang baik, itu tidak akan menjadi yang paling cocok untuk semua orang.

Beberapa dari Anda mungkin memprioritaskan biaya rendah set fitur InterServer or DreamHost. Orang lain mungkin menyukai kesederhanaan dan keefektifan Bluehost, dan seterusnya, dan seterusnya.

Saat daftar ini berdiri sekarang, saya pikir ini awal yang cukup bagus. Semua host ini adalah opsi hosting web yang bagus, tetapi masing-masing memiliki kekuatannya sendiri.

Bluehost mungkin adalah tuan rumah sederhana namun dapat diandalkan: harga dan fitur tidak apa-apa, kinerjanya sangat baik, dan unggul dengan keramahan pengguna dan dukungan pelanggan.

GreenGeeks adalah host unik yang hanya memiliki SATU paket dengan banyak fitur. Ini juga serba bisa, tetapi terutama bagus untuk pelanggan yang murah atau bernilai.

Anda dapat mencoba semua ini setidaknya selama tiga puluh hari, dan dalam beberapa kasus lebih lama — jadi jangan menunggu. Selamat hosting!

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