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Turnkey Internet Review (2024): My Honest Opinion + Pros & Cons

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“We have been a paying customer for Turnkey Internet since March 2019.

We are monitoring Turnkey Internet’s shared hosting servers for Uptime and Performance through our Test Website.

This review of Turnkey Internet is based on actual testing done on their servers.”

What is Turnkey Internet?

Turnkey Internet, does this name sound familiar to you? If you have never heard, then don’t worry.

Many people admit of not being aware of Turnkey Internet or simply never heard about it. On the contrary, there are also few geeks who have heard as well as used Turnkey.

Overall, in terms of popularity, you would find a mixed reaction towards Turnkey. Before I get any further, let me give a brief introduction about Turnkey.

A simple answer is – Yes, Turnkey Internet provides hosting services. Interestingly, unlike most other hosting platforms, Turnkey was not initially focused on hosting services.

It was first started in 1999 to provide consulting services to ISP and Enhanced Telecommunication Providers, before gradually moving on to be one of the several hosting solutions.

Turnkey is based out of Latham, New York and provides green hosting services.

So, does Turnkey Internet turn heads?

Stay on to know more interesting findings of Turnkey Internet!!


Before checking on what is good about Turnkey, let me provide details on what I found is concerning in Turnkey.

Turnkey has a versatile list of services, no doubt about it. However, what I found concerning is their lack of equal security enriched features.

Well, this in no way implies Turnkey isn’t safe. It does have SSL, spam filters for emails, regular updates, password protection for directories. What’s missing is any out of the box industry distinguishable security feature.

Another concerning factor is their support for SEO and analytics. Apart from AWStats, there is no other advanced analytics support.

Turnkey has a separate SEO hosting, which would make most of us wonder if choosing any other hosting plan would be the right thing to do.

seo plans

Well, Turnkey had few SEO pertaining issues in the past.

While most of these SEO concerns have been addressed over the years, still this is something that you should be aware of.

Finally, like most hosting platforms Turnkey has a higher renewal rate for its hosting plans as compared to the first-time pricing.

Having said this, these downsides do not hint to completely discard Turnkey.

Stay On!! You would know more about it, further ahead.


Moving on, now it’s time to check what is good in Turnkey. Definitely Turnkey has few interesting and jaw-dropping features which do require separate mention.

So, what are these features?

Well, hold on while I unveil the best parts about Turnkey Internet.



Turnkey Internet uses the latest technology which is Green renewable energy based. The power is produced on-site at their green data centers.

Data Centeres

However, more impressive is their reliability which provides a 100% network uptime guarantee.

In addition to availability, Turnkey Internet also provides a guarantee for network latency and packet loss.

As per the SLA, average monthly latency will not exceed 95 milliseconds round-trip and the average monthly packet loss will not exceed 1%.

Plans and Pricing

Turnkey does provide multiple options since it’s not restricted to just Linux but supports Windows as well.

At a high level, there are 2 Linux plans available. To everyone’s surprise, it offers almost 75% discounts for first-time users.

Well, these discounts are applicable in case you choose a 3-year pricing plan.

The Linux plans available are-

Turnkey Internet Linux Plans

Another important plan to check is its Windows Shared hosting. Here you have a total of 3 plans.

Windows Plan

Yet another plan which may be of interest to most bloggers around is the SEO hosting. Over here you have 3 plans.


Apart from this, you get to choose a list of dedicated servers, self-managed and fully managed servers.

While the plans are not the cheapest on renewal, however, it still offers considerably affordable pricing and gives the best value for money.


A lot of features provided are as part of the plan. Speaking about their Linux hosting, Turnkey provides unlimited RAID-10 SSD storage. Definitely a great deal!!

Hold on, there is more to it.

The plans provide unlimited bandwidth, multiple domain support, IPv4/IPv6 support. Turnkey provides unlimited SSL and an optional 2048 bit SSL.

Cpanel features

Similarly, Windows-based hosting provides a good set of features. You get 20 GB to 100 GB RAID-10 storage with unlimited bandwidth.

Also included is support for MS SQL, MySQL, ASP, PHP, CGI, Perl, Python, Server 2012 and IIS. Overall supports multiple Windows-based technologies.

Customer Support

Turnkey Internet provides sufficient resources over its websites. You may not find too many resources pertaining to Turnkey anywhere else.

However, most of the basic usage is completely covered in its knowledge base. You can reach their customer support over phone, mail or live chat.

Each section is covered with commonly occurring FAQs. Also included is a newsletter and blog section which are equally interesting and appealing at the same time.

The customer support is available 24/7. To check this further, I tried their live chat option. However, the live chat was unavailable.

Turnkey Internet customer support

Backup services

Over here, the backup does require a special mention. For backup services, there is a Turnkey Vault which uses advanced technologies and an easy to use GUI to schedule backups.

This is based on cloud backup technology which is reliable and secure at the same time. This allows any time restoration.

That’s not all.

The first 10 GB is free.

Turnkey Internet backup-service

Over and above that you can back up for $25.


Turnkey Internet helps you migrate everything which includes emails, databases, applications, websites. Everything on your website can be migrated.

Moreover, this is a free service. In case you are not sure how to migrate, then Turnkey Internet also supports with a free consultation.

Turnkey Internet Migration Services

You can back-up from your existing web host and Turnkey would help in restoration.
In a situation where you want Turnkey to create backups from your existing host, then Turnkey takes backup and migrates up to 20 accounts.

Above this limit, Turnkey charges a minimal fee of $1.50 per account transfer.


So, what more do you get with Turnkey?

In case you aren’t satisfied with Turnkey services, then Turnkey offers no questions asked 30-days money back guarantee.

Turnkey Internet money back

Turnkey assists not only with website migration but also assists in a server migration. It provides free migration assistance along with free services.

Turnkey provides multiple server configuration options based on speed and storage. You would never run out of resources. At the same time, you pay for only configurations that you would use.

Turnkey supports a huge list of softaculous scripts which make the website, blog and e-commerce creation simpler.

Do I recommend Turnkey Internet?

Finally, now it’s time for the verdict. So, is it Turn ON or Turn OFF for Turnkey Internet?

Well, Turnkey provides multiple free services which are included as part of the plan. Something for which you may require paying in case of several other hosting services.

The server configurations, cloud technology, consistent uptime, reliability, wide spectrum of features is definitely attractive and attention-grabbing.

A great choice if you are looking for budget-friendly dedicated and managed server hosting options.

To conclude, Turnkey internet is impressive and is a great deal to try. Big thumbs up is something that Turnkey surely deserves.

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Jan 03, 2022



Value for money

Customer Service

Overall Rating

The word that best describes this company is "pathetic". After you sign up, they treat you like a criminal and demand you to send them personal documents. But, the messages platform is buggy and you will have problems uploading the images. The welcome email is outdated and lacks information. After you manage to work around all of this and upload your files to their server, you have no way to test the website before changing DNS. I asked their support if there was a temporary URL that I could use for testing, they told me that I had to buy a dedicated server if I wanted to test my website before updating the DNS… LOL! On top of all this, there are several PHP and htaccess features that they don’t support, while any standard shared hosting does. Last but not least, after all this nightmare, my website was put on a server with a blacklisted IP address and adult content.
Darren Howard

Feb 22, 2019



Value for money

Customer Service

Overall Rating

I am using Turnkey internet vps with free windows license for marketing software. The performance of VPS is not very good but still, it is better for most Windows software.