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Free WordPress Hosting: Host WordPress Without Paying a Cent

Have you been looking around for free WordPress hosting services?

In that case, your search ends here.

Free services are always exciting. Even more exciting is the fact that you can avail WordPress hosting for free.

Whatever be your reason to choose a free WordPress hosting, I would like to mention that there are several free WordPress hosting providers available in the market.

Well, as a point of caution I would like to mention that free WordPress hosting comes with its own downsides.

So, take it with a pinch of salt.

Few of the limitations are-

  • Low Speed with no guaranteed uptime and performance
  • Low priority customer support
  • Issues with WordPress installation and plugins
  • Inbuilt Ads which are unavoidable
  • Low on security features
  • Less storage

Almost Free Web Hosting Company:

With no doubts, each one of us loves free goodies. Especially if this is web hosting, then there is a big reason to celebrate.

So, the question is: Are free WordPress hosting really 100% free?

Well, not so easy. A free web hosting can have multiple risks, additional costs, unavoidable Ads, bandwidth restrictions and a lot of other things which can pause your website functioning.

Hold on while I provide you with the best free WordPress hosting providers.

Almost Free: Bluehost (Best Configuration)

bluehost logo


(30 days money back guarantee)

  • Website: 1 Managed WordPress site
  • SSD Storage: 50 GB
  • Email: Microsoft Office 365
  • Free domain: Yes
  • Marketing Credit: $200
  • Parked Domains: 5

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See the more valuable WordPress Hosting here.

hostingpillBest Free WordPress Hosting
  1. WordPress.com
  2. 000webhost
  3. Accuweb
  4. AwardSpace
  5. WPnode
  6. Free Virtual Servers

1: WordPress.com

WordPress as free hosting

I am sure, as a WordPress user you do not need much introduction about WordPress.com.

One of the popular CMS launched in 2003 and developed in PHP with MySQL has changed the complete web experience perspective.


WordPress is known all over as a free and open-source CMS. Starting out free, WordPress has a good collection of domain-based free templates which are also mobile responsive.

WordPress themes

This is supported by basic customization.

The free plan would have a WordPress.com subdomain. Here you get a 3GB storage which is a sufficient storage for a beginner’s websites.

This plan supports basic SEO and allows social media sharing.

Security and Reliability:

In most cases, when its free you can’t expect too many good security features.

On the contrary to this assumption, there are some good security features here.

WordPress includes a JetPack which protects from spammers and gives you access to detailed logging for your website.

Other Paid Plans: Well, in case you wish to upgrade to a paid plan in the future, then there are 3 other plans.

  • Personal – $4/month
  • Premium – $8/month
  • Business – $25/month

Customer Support:

In case you are familiar with WordPress, then you would know that WordPress is backed by a strong community support.

The website offers a dedicated resource section covering most of the common topics.

You can avail their 24/7 live chat support only if you are a paid member.

Ease of Usage:

With no second thoughts, WordPress is easy to use.

WordPress dashboard

Selecting a theme or customization or navigation across different menus, all of this is equally simple.

What could be easier for beginners!!

A suitable option for WordPress enthusiasts.


  • Easy to use
  • Good collection of free templates
  • Free plan does not have any hidden fees
  • Good basic features included in the free plan

  • Advertisements and Banners are included in the free plan
  • Free plan does not support plugins

2: 000webhost

000webhost free WP hosting

Anything on free hosting, is incomplete without 000webhost. Hostinger is its parent company.

000webhost was established for free hosting services way back in 2007.


The free WordPress hosting provides a 1 GB storage with 10 GB bandwidth. It supports 2 websites.

000webhost features

To begin with, 000webhost provides free Control Panel, website builder, instant backups, PHP support, MySQL support, and several other features.

It provides a 99% uptime. Speaking about templates, 000webhost provides a good collection of around 100 free templates.

Security and Reliability:

000webhost maintains a decent uptime even for free WordPress hosting.

What’s more!!

You get hotlink protection, password protected directories, BitNinja protected servers, DDoS protection, and IP Deny manager. Fairly a good deal of security filled features.

Other Paid Plans:

Though 000webhost has a good feature list for its free plan, chances are you may want to upgrade to a paid plan either for more storage, bandwidth or more advanced features.

You have 2 other affordable paid plans which are available-

  • Single WordPress hosting – $0.80/month
  • Premium WordPress hosting – $3.49/month

These are first time pricing and the renewals are higher than this.

Customer Support:

000webhost does have its own support forum.

And then you have a knowledge base, FAQ, WordPress tutorial which is available over the official website.

Since this is free, you would not be supported by live chat.

Ease of Usage:

000webhost seems it’s easy to use at the first glance. However, it does not have a convenient interface which makes it difficult to access.

000webhost dashboard

This is how the interface would look, where it would keep giving you alerts to upgrade to Hostinger plan.


  • Supports plugins
  • Good collection of templates
  • Good security features
  • Feature-rich free plan suitable for basic website developments

  • Low storage and bandwidth for the free plan

Free WordPress Hosting 3: Accuweb hosting

accuwebhosting as wordpress

Accuweb hosting is fairly a less popular company, however, has a good growth curve.

It has been around for over 14 years and has catered to about 55,000 web hosting accounts.


A positive side of its free plan is the absence of Ads and Banners. Accuweb hosting supports SSD storage with 2 GB storage.

The free plan supports a bandwidth of 30 GB. Unlike other free services, Accuweb hosting supports email hosting.

accuwebhosting features

It has support for SEO plugins, PHP, MySQL, Perl Python. The configurations are just sufficient for a start-up website with limited traffic.

Security and Reliability:

Accuweb hosting provides a multi-layer DDoS protection. With its free services, it aims to offer more reliable and secure hosting.

Its hyper caching technique provides good speed. Accuweb hosting supports account isolation and ensures to provide a highly secure WP environment.

Other Paid Plans: Apart from the free plan you have 2 other paid plans.

  • WordPress Personal – $3.49/month
  • WordPress Business – $5.58/month

Customer Support:

Accuweb hosting has a ticketing service for free hosting, though this is not a priority support of any kind.

It has a good resource collection along with discussion forum and FAQ. It has sufficient support content for beginners.

The only challenge is you would not find too many helpful resources outside its official website.

Ease of Usage:

To start using their free WordPress hosting, you need to oblige to certain verifications including an ID proof.

This is one of the road blockers in quickly getting started to use Accuweb hosting services.


  • Good security features
  • Feature-rich free plan
  • No Ads, pop-ups, and banners

  • Limited template collection
  • Complex sign up process

Free WordPress Hosting 4: AwardSpace

Awardspace as wordpress hosting

AwardSpace another not so popular platform has been around since 2003. Around 2016, it launched the free WordPress hosting services.

AwardSpace provides other premium hosting services along with free WordPress hosting.


With the free plan, you get a 1 GB disk space. The hosting platform manages to maintain a 99.9% uptime.

AwardSpace free hosting includes 1 email account hosting. Supports advance Control Panel, MySQL, PHP, Perl, CGI, and several Perl scripts.

Awardspace features

Additionally, as part of SEO, it provides traffic statistics.

Security and Reliability:

AwardSpace does try to maintain a consistent uptime.

It has a 50 GBits connectivity and power supply back up to ensure reliable services.

Domain Privacy protection is available but at a separate pricing of $10.

Email hosting covers spam protection, virus protection, and email filter. Additionally, available is the firewall protection.

Other Paid Plans: So, for whatever reasons if you wish to choose a paid plan, then you have 3 options.

  • WordPress Basic – $0.17
  • WordPress Web Pro – $4.75
  • WordPress Max Pack – $5.83

I would like to highlight that these are the starting prices. The renewals are higher than these.

Customer Support:

Here is something that AwardSpace excels over others. It has a good knowledge base, tutorials, and video tutorials section.

It also supports a Sales Live chat. Though this is not available 24/7, it allows you to email your query which will be addressed within the next working hour.

Ease of Usage:

AwardSpace has several options available on its interface. While this is in no way complex, yet it could confuse a lot of users.

Awardspace.net dashboard

However, once you get a hang of it, it is just a piece of cake.


  • Good customer support
  • Well inbuilt feature list
  • Easy to use website builder
  • No Ads in the free plan

  • Less storage of only 1 GB for the free plan

Free WordPress Hosting 5: WPnode

wpnode as wordpress hosting

WPnode is popular for its freebie approach. In case you have been vigorously searching for free WordPress platforms, this is something that would have caught your eyes.

Well, why is this an option you just can’t miss?

Hold on while I tell you what exactly WPnode offers.


This is free, so are others. This has no Ads, neither do many others. The thing that really matters is the inbuilt technology that WPnode embraces.

It uses LEMP stack, W3 Total Cache plugin, and CloudFlare CDN. In short, this has good technology blend which can offer reliable and high-speed services.

WPnode supports a 5 GB storage, much higher than most others. It has unlimited data transfers with 1 GB email hosting on RoundCube.

wpnode features

It has several pre-installed artefacts which makes it a suitable option for technology dominant development.

Security and Reliability:

The architecture that WPnode manages allows reliable services. It has DDoS protection along with CloudFlare which prevents spammers, SQL injection and many other threats.

WPnode is built to prevent Brute Force attacks. The configuration files are hidden to avoid any sort of data leaks.

Other Paid Plans: If you need a more advanced plan, then WPnode offers 3 other plans.

  • Single – $3.92/mo
  • Premium – $4.90/mo
  • Business – $9.31/mo

Customer Support:

WPnode does not specifically have too many documented content or knowledge base.

However, it has a series of FAQ which is helpful. You can also reach them over email.

Ease of Usage:

It is easy to use for WordPress users since WPnode does not have any separate console. All you need to do is log into WordPress and start using the same interface.


  • Good Speed and performance
  • Stable uptime and reliable services
  • Considerable security features
  • Easy to use

  • Plugins and theme installation help are paid service at $19 per site

Free WordPress Hosting 6: Free Virtual Servers

free virtual servers as wordpress hosting

This again may be a less heard name. As the name suggests, it’s free.

This is a UK based hosting platform which was first started in 2004.

Free Virtual Servers, you would find in most places being referred to as FVS. It has a complete UK based servers and support.

This again has a few interesting features.


With the free plan, you get a 200 MB bandwidth and 100 MB web space. This also includes Weebly website builder which allows access to several templates.

Free Virtual Servers supports 1 Database, 1 email account, and 1 FTP account. You can install most of the popular CMS platform which also includes WordPress.

freevirtualservers features

With these features, it also supports PHP, CGI Perl, Postgre SQL, and several other technically diverse features.

Security and Reliability:

As mentioned earlier, this has all its servers located in the UK, which means you get completely reliable services if you are located in UK.

As part of security, Free Virtual servers provide password protected directories, Hotlink protection, and leech protect.

Other Paid Plans:

With the free plan, you additionally have one paid plan to which you can upgrade for better configuration.

  • FVS Essentials – $39.3

Customer Support:

As part of support Free Virtual servers has a good knowledge base. You can reach their customer support directly by submitting a ticket.

It has the provision to submit tickets based on different categories such as Technical support, complaints, sales, abuse, and customer service.

Ease of Usage:

Overall, Free Virtual servers is easy and self-explanatory. The video guides make the usage of the interface easier.


  • Good inbuilt security features for the free plan
  • Technology-rich features
  • 24/7 support using tickets
  • Guarantees 99.9% uptime

  • Low web space as part of the free plan

Free WordPress Hosting: CONCLUSION

Having seen these free WordPress hosting providers, I am sure you would prefer choosing the one which gives you maximum benefits.

The good point about being free is, you can try each one of these.

So, which of these would be a deal to strike?

As I have mentioned above, there are few options like WordPress.com which has those annoying Ads while some like AwardSpace, Accuweb hosting which eliminates these.

Of all I have put forth, 000WebHost satisfies most of the expected features and provides versatile functionalities with a decent amount of free storage.

By and large, 000WebHost gives the best value proposition and is worth giving a try.