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Your Own SEO Team

SEO is complex, time consuming marketing activity. That’s why you need a team of experts to get going. Our SEO Experts have specialized skills to help your website rank higher on search engines.

SEO Manager
SEO Strategist
Senior Content Writer
Content Writer
WordPress Developer

Continuous Improvements Every Month

SEO is an ongoing process. Hence, our SEO support team gets into action from day one. For achieving the best results, the team creates and publishes new content every month keeping in mind your keyword strategy, thereby optimizing keywords and ranking higher in search results.

Custom Content Creation

Custom content is necessary to impress your visitors and establish trust. Hence, the dedicated team ensures custom content is uploaded regularly.





Standard ~800 words


Long ~1500 words


Monthly Strategy & Reporting

You will receive regular monthly reports on how your site is performing in terms of traffic and rankings. You can also have regular calls with our dedicated SEO manager who will keep you up to date on our SEO strategy.

Powerful, Affordable SEO Plans

Get the power of our proven techniques to boost your website traffic


Best for New or Small Businesses starting SEO for the first time.


  • 15 Keywords 
  • 25 Image Alt Tags 
  • 1 Standard Content Post 
  • 1 Long Content Post 
  • Local Targeting
  • Dedicated SEO Manager 
  • SEO Audit & Optimization 
  • Search Engine Submission 
  • Keyword Research & Strategy  


Best for Businesses looking for serious growth and national targetting.


  • 30 Keywords 
  • 100 Image Alt Tags 
  • 2 Standard Content Post 
  • 3 Long Content Post 
  • National Targeting
  • Dedicated SEO Manager 
  • SEO Audit & Optimization 
  • Search Engine Submission 
  • Keyword Research & Strategy 


Best for enterprises looking to improve traffic ranks across keywords globally


  • 50 Keywords 
  • 200 Image Alt Tags 
  • 2 Standard Content Post 
  • 3 Long Content Post 
  • Global Targeting
  • Dedicated SEO Manager 
  • SEO Audit & Optimization 
  • Search Engine Submission 
  • Keyword Research & Strategy  

Chat with an SEO Expert

We'll answer your questions and share advice on best next steps to get more traffic to your site.

Features Included in EVERY Plan

Every SEO plan includes everything to get ranking improvements for your website.



The first step towards your SEO journey. Discuss your requirements with the SEO manager to chalk out the best SEO strategy for your website.

Keyword Research

Once you convey your requirements, our SEO experts will research the most ideal and impactful keywords as per your goals.

Search Engine Submission

Once the keywords research is done, and your website is SEO optimized, the team will submit your site in major search engines to get it indexed.

SEO Plugin Setup

Your SEO team will set up an SEO plugin for continuous optimizations of your content to improve your website ranking.

Sitemap Audit

We ensure that the robot.txt file allows search engine bots to crawl through all the content pages of your website for better indexing.

FAQ Page

We build a much-needed FAQ page designed to inform and improve the experience of incoming visitors. We ensure this page contains keyword-optimized content.

Google Search Console

For getting an insight into your website’s performance and rankings in Google, we set up the Google Search Console.

Google Analytics

For better monitoring and evaluating the traffic and getting an insight into customer’s behaviour, we set up Google Analytics on your website.

404 Page

We create a 404 page search engines to treat resulting error pages when a link to a particular section is broken. This helps in avoiding negative SEO impacts.

Ongoing SEO Optimization

Strategy Sessions

Every month, you will be on a 30-minute call with your SEO strategist to get the status of your website’s performance and progress.

Keyword Optimization

We continuously analyze your target keywords so that your website can pull more organic traffic than your competitors.

Monthly Report

Get regular reports on your website’s ranking on Google SERP. This also helps in adjusting the SEO strategy for better performance.

Custom Content Creation

We regularly create and upload impressive and 100% unique content relevant to your business to enhance inbound organic traffic and user engagement.

Page Optimization

We regularly check and analyze all pages on your website to make it in line with the latest search engine algorithms.

Google Search Snippets

We ensure that your website attracts potential customers in search result snippets by maximizing your chances of appearing at the top of the result.

Broken Link Repair

We take great care to regularly check and fix any broken links on your website to avoid search engines labeling your website as broken or dangerous.

Image Alt Tags

We also optimize all the images on your website by adding Alt Tags to improve your website’s accessibility scores.

Market Targeting

Depending on what plan you choose, we focus your keyword strategy to widen your business to reach beyond your local market.

3rd-Party Backlinking

To achieve higher domain authority, we focus on link building from 3rd party articles.
This helps in increasing the domain authority of your site.

PR Backlinking

We publish regular press releases with links back to your website. This improves your domain authority with Google and also helps to promote your business.

Google "My Business"

Lastly but most importantly, we optimize your website with Google My Business, so that it is displayed in search results of local customers.

Ready to Get More Traffic?

Share your goals with us and our SEO experts will take it from there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to techniques used to tailor your content and web pages to rank higher in the results of search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo. In other words, SEO is the process to let the search engines know that your website has relevant information as searched by users.

Hence, SEO helps in increasing traffic (the users who search for something on the internet) to your website.

What is an SEO strategy?

SEO strategy involves optimizing a website as per the search algorithm of search engines.

Although no one knows what exactly these algorithms are, there are some common factors that are considered by the search engines. These common factors include improvements in the page loading speed, the inclusion of relevant keywords in the content, and a well-planned sitemap.

Other factors like backlinks from other external websites are also essential as it helps to improve the website’s domain authority.

How are your SEO services helpful in business growth?

People generally visit the websites that appear on the first page of search results, that too, mostly, they click the top five links appearing on the page. That means people will more likely visit your website if it appears higher on the search engine result page.

Our SEO services help to improve the ranking so that it appears higher in the search results. This SEO has been a proven marketing tactic to generate traffic for the growth of your business.

Will my website’s ranking jump higher with your service?

We do assure that our SEO team will help your website generate traffic.

While certain keywords are difficult to rank higher than others due to heavy competition, we take up the responsibility to conduct thorough research to identify potential keywords to rank higher and use them to generate traffic.

Once the keyword strategy is prepared, our SEO team will give an estimated time frame to see a positive change in your ranking.

Is there any minimum commitment for your SEO plans?

We require a minimum commitment of 3 months for any SEO plan you choose.

Unlike paid advertisements which give results overnight, SEO is a long term strategy. While an excellent SEO strategy needs proper planning and execution, time, and patience are also equally important. You must remember that improper and amateurish SEO can risk your website's reputation or credibility.

Why should I prefer HostingPill over others for my SEO requirements?

With years of SEO experience, we have been rendering our service to more than 150 happy and satisfied clients.

We are always open to long term partnerships with our clients who seriously need growth in their business. Once you convey requirements and goals, we will take care of everything, right from the scratch.

We will do all the work for your business growth while you relax or focus on other important aspects of growing your business. Even our charges are nominal as compared to the market price. We strictly refrain from fake promises. We ensure transparency and proper communication is maintained.

How do I know the status of my website’s ranking?

We ensure that you receive a monthly report on your website's performance.

We will provide a summary of our planned steps and activities. Also, you will receive traffic and ranking improvement status across the various target keywords.