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Uniregistry Review – 5 Pros & 2 Cons

In this article, I am going to talk about Uniregistry and what they offer a domain registrar.

The uniqueness of Uniregistry is that it’s specifically built to cater to the requirements of domainers who invest in purchasing generic top-level domains (gTLD) in bulk.

I have dealt with many registrars over the course of the last few years, but the concept of Uniregistry looked impressive. It seemed to be built entirely around the core needs of the people who deal with domains in bulk and that was enough to ignite my interest.

I was thinking to consolidate my portfolio at that time. So I decided to try them out and moved around 10% of my registered domains to Uniregistry to see if they could live up to my expectations.

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Although there was an iota of doubt in my mind initially, Uniregistry managed to exceed all my expectations. Since then, I have already transferred more than 50% of my domains to them and hope to complete the remaining in next couple of months’ time.

You might be wondering what made me take such a drastic decision. I do accept, it’s not an easy task to move hundreds of domains out to a new registrar. But when the pros overweigh the cons by such a handsome margin, it’s no less than a crime to let the opportunity go begging.

Let’s now get into the finer details of what Uniregistry offers, including the advantages and drawbacks, so that you can figure out whether to register/transfer your domains to Uniregistry.

About Uniregistry.com:

Uniregistry.com was founded by Frank Schilling in 2012. It has witnessed rapid growth in last few years. The company has a clear mission statement – to make the process of domain registration as simple, quick and straightforward as possible.

Uniregistry is different from the other traditional domain name registrars in the sense that it doesn’t offer many of the “extras” that other registrars provide, such as web hosting or website building service.

According to Frank Shilling, Uniregistry is “the most service-based and holistic approach to registry operations that the industry has ever seen” – and so far from my own experience, I have no apparent reason for not trusting that candid assessment.

Uniregistry Pros:

1. Added Security


Security is an important consideration for any domain investor and I am no different. The cases of domain stealing are on a steady rise and the best way to deal with that is two-factor authentication.

My biggest issue with GoDaddy has always been the lack of this important feature. GoDaddy doesn’t offer two-factor authentication facility outside of the United States, but Uniregistry has implemented this feature across the globe at no extra cost. To be frank, the availability of two-factor authentication is one of the many reasons that has prompted many to tie-up with Uniregistry in the first place.

2. Easy-to-Use Domain Management Tool

Uniregistry Domain Tool

Anyone with a little bit of experience with GoDaddy would admit that their domain manager tool is not only complicated but quite slow at the same time. Uniregistry, on the other hand, has come up with a simplistic domain management interface which is clean, fast and easy-to-use.

They have built the tool from scratch with a keen eye on user convenience. The best part of Uniregistry’s domain management tool is that there is no upselling options or any other distractions to get you confused. It offers just plain and simple domain management capabilities with the right kind of features and options to support the requirements of domain investors.

3. Customized Pricing

If you are a domain investor with a decent portfolio size, Uniregistry is happy to offer you a custom bulk pricing. They were kind enough to provide me customized domain registration/renewal/transfer pricing which was significantly lower than the current market price.

I can’t reveal the exact price quoted for me, but I am quite satisfied with the margin I was offered. I would suggest you get in touch with your account manager to find out what custom price they are willing to offer you.

4. Privacy Protection at No Extra Cost

Uniregistry Domain Privacy

Uniregistry provides WHOIS privacy protection at no extra cost. While all other popular domain registrars offer you this option at additional cost, Uniregistry is providing free privacy on all domain names that you register here.

5. Prompt Customer Support

My experience with their customer support has been a pleasant experience so far. For every account, there’s a dedicated account manager to answer all your queries. Whenever there is any concern, I can just ping my account manager over Skype to get the issue resolved immediately. And in-case your account manager is not at hand, for the time being, you have the option to reach out to the entire support team to clarify your doubts.

Besides a ticket-based support system, Uniregistry also provide you direct phone support, live chat support, and support over Skype.

Uniregistry Cons:

1. No Pre-Order Facility

Uniregistry doesn’t offer pre-order facility for soon to be released gTLD domain extensions. Only when the new extension is live, you can place your order. So if someone else has already put a pre-order on your preferred domain name at some other registrar (that has pre-order facility), you are unlikely to get that domain name added to your portfolio.

2. No Add-on Services

No Hosting

As I have already pointed out at the very beginning, Uniregistry purely deals with domain names – there is no upsell of any other relevant add-on service.

It means, if you are looking for web hosting as well as domain name registration, you need to look elsewhere for your hosting needs. In other words, your domain will be registered at Uniregistry, but your website will be hosted by some other third-party web hosting service provider. It can cause a little bit of inconvenience to someone who is on the lookout for a one-stop solution for domain name registration and web hosting service.

Final Words:

Personally, I am quite satisfied with the service that Uniregistry has offered me till now. Security and custom pricing are the two main factors that have influenced my decision to tie-up with Uniregistry for my domain registration needs. There are, of course, a few drawbacks as well, such as the absence of a pre-order facility. But let’s face it. You can’t expect to get them all in a single deal, so it’s better to be prepared to take the ‘cons’ alongside the ‘pros’.

To sum things up, Uniregistry has built a great platform to simplify the process of domain registration for domain name investors.

But don’t just take my words for granted. To measure how good (or bad) a service is, you need to experience it in person. So create an account with Uniregistry and get a first-hand experience to gauge its true value yourself.

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