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Based on our extensive testing and experience, the best web hosting is BlueHost.

From the title, you may think: What does 最佳网页寄存 实际意思?

  • Is it affordable pricing?
  • Is it a 99.9% uptime guarantee?
  • Or is it great security and customer support?

Our answer: A bit of everything

There are so many web hosting services out there that choosing is risky. You can find a web host that is very inexpensive, but does a terrible job keeping your site up.


No need to worry:

We have tried and tested over 100 web hosting services, (and counting) have helped 2,158+ bloggers and businesses select their suitable choice of hosting service.


Best Web Hosting Services


1. Bluehost (最佳整体)


  • Uptime has been excellent lately.
  • 总体来说资源分配很好。
  • Bluehost 非常易于使用,非常适合初学者。
  • 独特的良好客户支持。
  • Uptime was a tad poorer prior to a year, and response times aren’t special.
  • 是的,功能和资源总体上不错,但是我认为可以在第二层或第三层中添加一些内容,以保持功能丰富的竞争对手的地位。
Why we recommend Bluehost?

在此列表中的所有名称中, Bluehost 可能是最受欢迎的。

It’s one of the most popular hosts around, in the big leagues of hosting: around since 2003, Bluehost 为超过2万个网站提供支持,并准备了数百名支持人员。

我懂了 Bluehost的主要吸引力是成为一个易于使用的整体出色的虚拟主机。 它表现不错, 价格 是整体标准,并且具有极大的易用性和客户支持。bluehost 计划

尽管存储空间不是无限的,但实际上 GreenGeeks,我想提醒您前面提到的公寓类比:如果共享托管帐户上的每个人都因为“无限制”而决定尽其所能使用尽可能多的存储空间,则整个共享托管平台将无法工作。

是的, Bluehost 确实从技术上限制了您,但是实际上来说,存储配额是非常慷慨的,尤其是对于入门级帐户而言。 另外,它是SSD存储,而不是HD存储。

除此之外,您还可以获得不受限制的带宽,基本的SSL,一个包含的域,一些托管域和一个网站。 更高级别的用户可以获得更多的东西,此外还有市场推广和一些网站备份。

这些功能对于大多数用户来说已经足够慷慨了,即使在纸面上看起来并不那么令人印象深刻。 话虽如此,我确实认为 Bluehost 与一些较小的竞争对手保持同步可能会更慷慨一些,例如 GreenGeeks or FastComet (接下来要来!)。

例如,包括 备份 或更多入门级帐户的网站将是不错的选择。

东西 Bluehost 用户友好性尤其出色。 虽然此列表中的所有主机从根本上都易于使用, Bluehost 在这里特别强大。

网站构建器直观且 Bluehost 有足够的信心,您可以在他们的网站上免费试用。

总体布局和帐户管理非常简化且易于使用。 客户支持非常出色:代表非常乐于助人,知识库广博。bluehost支持资源

就正常运行时间而言, Bluehost isn’t number one. However, throughout 2018-2019 Bluehost was usually at 99.99% or 100% uptime.

Unfortunately, some months were poorer:

bluehost old uptime

But more recently, Bluehost has been better. Take a look at the last year:bluehost正常运行时间

That’s nearly 99.99% over the course of a whole YEAR straight. That means that the uptime has been VERY consistently high lately.

Unfortunately, the response times aren’t as good as the uptime, historically or recently. They’re not super slow, but about average or on the higher side of average.

为了以合理的价格,良好的性能,可靠的功能以及易于使用和支持的便利成为总体上出色的主机, Bluehost has earned our first place on our GoDaddy替代品.

On the off chance that if you’re already on the other side with GoDaddy then we have a comprehensive guide that’ll get you over from GoDaddy 至 BlueHost 容易。

仍然对 Bluehost? 我们已经为您提供保障。

2. FastComet

fastcomet 网页

  • Excellent budget option for those who want many features for low cost (for the first term).
  • The entry-level option in particular is one of the most well-featured first tier web hosting packages I’ve seen.
  • The second and third tier have advanced features that are uncommon even for other companies’ higher tiers.
  • Uptime and response times aren’t as good as some of the other options here.
  • 甚至在更高层上也有一些存储限制。
  • Used to not have higher renewal prices, but changed its pricing model. So it’s less of a bargain than it used to be.
Why we recommend FastComet?

FastComet 起价为2.95美元,处于平均值的下限,并沿三个层次扩展至5.95美元。快速竞争计划

You get pretty much every feature that is common on other hosts:fastcomet 特征

But you also get some features that are less common on other hosting companies, especially for the price points.

For example, the first tier has unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases, unlimited FTP accounts, BitNinja Server Security, free CloudFlare CDN, SSL, and daily backups:fastcomet important features

These are strong features for a first tier. There’s also a website builder included.

The second and third tiers pile on even more features, especially ones related to performance. For example, the second tier and third tier include this:fastcomet 高级功能

And the third tier comes with this:fastcomet rocket booster features

Plus all the other stuff I showed you.

So FastComet is clearly loaded with features, and is in fact one of the strongest candidates on this list if you’re prioritizing features and performance boosts on higher tiers.

It makes the prices very reasonable. The first term prices are excellent bargains/value purchases given the features.

Unfortunately, they do renew at higher (but reasonable) cost. FastComet didn’t use to have higher renewals, so the change is unfortunate.

Nonetheless, it’s a very solid set of hosting packages.

另外,以我的经验, FastComet is easy to use, has great customer support, and good security.

So what’s the problem? For people who want shared hosting options, isn’t FastComet the pinnacle? After all, it is easily a great bargain in terms of features and price.

而 FastComet is a great deal, it falls short on the most important item in hosting: the actual hosting!

FastComet is overall fine, but in my experience, historically the uptime was a bit worse than some of the others here, and the response time was too. .

More recently (in the last year or so) this trend has held up:快速正常运行时间

There are many days where uptime drops below 99.95%, and below 99.9%. Most of the days are good, but the drops happen often enough.

So even the last three months have also been at the 99% mark overall.

While the response time and uptime aren’t the end of the world, it does make me think FastComet 对于那些强烈优先考虑性能的人来说并不是最好的选择。

But for anyone willing to risk these numbers, and looking for a very cost-effective solution, FastComet is probably going to be your number one pick.

如果您想先了解更多,我们的 FastComet评论 拥有更多信息,还有更长的正常运行时间记录以供签出。

3. TMDHosting

TMDhosting homapage

TMDHosting 优点
  • Great speeds, consistently
  • Choice of Linux or Windows based hosting
  • Low renewal/regular prices
  • Pretty good feature set, especially Weebly’s website builder.
  • Detailed tutorials for a range of open source software and content management systems.
TMDHosting 缺点
  • Uptime suffers a bit
  • Knowledge base is weak, as it’s basically a forum and thus less organized, and with less official input.
Why we recommend TMDHosting?

If you like to pay attention to underdog and lesser-known hosting companies, you’ll want to pay extra-close attention to this one.

TMDHosting has built a strong reputation, and since its founding in 2007, it’s received many impressive accolades.

TMDHosting is also a bit unique for its focus on hosting open-source software. It’s been credited by several content management systems (CMS) for being a great host through the years.

But now? Let’s take a look.

The first thing you might notice is that TMDHosting offers both Linux and Windows-based options. This is less common for shared web hosting, but it’s a welcome choice.

Windows hosting is a bit more expensive, but proportionately has more generous features. To keep things simple, I’ll focus on the Linux shared hosting.

TMDhoating plan

The promotional/first-term prices are pretty normal. Good, but normal. But take a look at those regular prices:

They’re noticeably cheaper than most regular prices. So in the long term. TMDHosting is actually cheaper than many competing hosts.

And as for the features:

TMDhosting 特征

They’re pretty generous, as neither storage nor bandwidth has caps at any tier.

Most of the other stuff is basic at the first tier, but the money-back guarantee is longer (which shows confidence on TMDHosting’s part) and basic caching speeds things up.

But the Weebly website builder is great. Several options here include their own website builders for free.

That’s great, but many hosting companies’ native website builders are a bit sub-par. Weebly is a company wholly dedicated to making a great website builder. So its inclusion here is extra impressive.

Anyway, the second and third tiers are also impressive for adding performance-enhancing features.

Lastly, the shared plans come with free daily backups, and are more isolated than traditional shared hosting.

So just looking at prices and features, TMD looks excellent.

But let’s take a look at the performance. We’ve been testing TMD Hosting since early 2019 (这里有详细信息).

Through half of 2019, TMD’s month-to-month uptime was kind of shoddy. Three months were well-below 99.9% uptime.

But the last year has been a bit better:

TMDhosting 正常运行时间

Typically, most days will be at 100%, but then a few days will consistently fall below the 99.9% mark.

The last three months, for example, has averaged 99.92%.

So that’s not ideal. But there IS good news:

The response times have been GREAT. In fact, they have been, without fail, among the lowest of all the hosts we’ve tested, and have been so consistently since early 2019.

您可以检查出 our full analysis of TMDHosting 时间表 if this caught your eye.

4. DreamHost


DreamHost Pros
  • 正常运行时间保证将使您计入停机时间
  • 在大多数情况下,正常运行时间
  • 灵活的定价允许每月付款,而不是一年或三年的承诺
  • 非常适合WordPress,尤其是对于初学者:预先安装了WordPress,包括一个免费的迁移插件,并且包括一个免费的WP网站构建器
  • 此外,WordPress网站的自动备份
  • 我见过的最长的退款保证之一,有效期为97天
DreamHost Cons
  • 电子邮件不是第一层免费的
  • 使用自定义控制面板,而不是更常见的cPanel,这可能会甩掉某些用户(但这是非常重要的一点)
  • 只有两个定价计划,如果您想拥有很多选择,那就不好了
  • 一般而言, DreamHost 如果您想要廉价的WordPress托管,那就太好了,它在一般共享托管方面更普通
  • Downtime is rare but CAN be pretty bad when it happens
Why we recommend DreamHost?

DreamHost 有充分的理由,它是虚拟主机世界中的另一个主要名称。

从上图可以看出, DreamHost 拥有超过1.5万个网站的强大功能-使其成为共享网络托管的大联盟, Bluehost 和 GoDaddy.

DreamHost 对于那些希望获得价格低廉,功能强大的虚拟主机的用户来说,总体而言是不错的选择。


People looking into WordPress will feel right at home. DreamHost is 2nd place in our Best Wordpress Hosting Services。 如 Bluehost, DreamHost is one of the three major hosts that WordPress.Org itself recommends.

正如你可以看到, DreamHost 具有许多旨在简化WordPress用户操作的功能-例如,针对在先前主机上使用WordPress的用户的免费迁移插件,针对WordPress的免费网站构建器以及WordPress的预安装。

最重要的是, DreamHost 有体面 价格,在大多数网络主机所能提供的一般范围内,但价格偏低。

作为额外的奖励, DreamHost 对于不想提前一年承诺的人,有月度付款计划。

就性能而言, DreamHost 很好 他们保证100%的正常运行时间,并将为您确定一定的停机时间。

但是, DreamHost实际的正常运行时间? 稍微复杂一点。 一探究竟:

dreamhost 12 months uptime

平时 DreamHost does indeed offer 100% uptime. But there was one day in February and a day in January that threw off our average..

There was also one day in late August where uptime dipped to about 96%. But aside from those days, almost EVERY day has been at 100%.

所以, DreamHost still has pretty solid uptime. As you’d guess, days like that are rare.

你可以看到我们的完整 DreamHost 此处的正常运行时间统计信息。 你可以读 我对 DreamHost 时间表 有关更多总体信息。

5. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting 网页

  • Consistently good uptime
  • Perhaps the best feature set of all the items here
  • First-term prices are decent, making the features even more impressive
  • Good customer support: representatives are responsive and helpful, and knowledge base has good articles for getting started
  • Renewal/regular prices are on the higher side of average
  • Doesn’t cater as strongly to ease of use or simplicity as some other options here
  • Domains not included for free, and if you purchase them on A2, they’re more expensive than usual anyway
Why we recommend A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting isn’t a super famous host, but it’s got a well-established reputation in the hosting industry, and it’s been around for a little while (2001).

It offers a range of hosting products, but its shared hosting is especially good.

There are four web hosting options offered by A2:

A2 Hosting 计划

The price range is pretty standard, but a bit higher at regular rates/upon renewal.

The resources and features are pretty impressive. For example, just the first plan gets 100GB of storage—that’s a lot for just one website at a few bucks a month.

But there’s more. ALL tiers (including the first tier) comes with all this:A2 Hosting 特征

That’s pretty good. To be specific, website staging (which lets you create a clone site to experiment with big changes) is usually for advanced plans.

Additionally, CloudFlare CDN (boosting performance), choice of data center location, and a website builder—all included for free—are great adds. All these features make the first tier loaded.

But the remaining tiers have even more features:

The second plan onwards has free automatic backups, plus no limits on storage or sites. Plus this:

A2 Hosting growth features

Meanwhile, the third and fourth tier get another extra set of features:A2 Hosting turbo features

And that’s on top of the basic features/resource upgrades that come with the plans, which I already showed you.

So A2 is absolutely loaded with features, more than most hosts, and the cost is only a bit higher than a lot of the competition long term. And about the same at first buy!

Performance is key now.

We’ve been testing out A2 Hosting for a long time. Some months in 2017-2018 had sub-average uptime (the lower side of 99.9%).

But it’s been a long time since such issues have come up.

In particular, the last year has been pretty good:


And the last three months have been even better, at 99.984% uptime.

That’s a pretty strong uptime record, and the best part is that it’s from consistently good uptime.

Some other hosts (including some options here) might not have bad average uptime over a long period, but they fluctuate with some days having a lot of downtime.

The speed isn’t fantastic, but it’s decent. And, while it fluctuates some, it’s relatively consistent overall.

So not only is the performance good, but you can rely on it.

您可以检查出 在水底采捕业协会(UHA)的领导下, A2 hosting test site for uptime records that go as far back as July 2017, or our A2 review for a holistic look at the company.

6. GoDaddy

GoDaddy 网页You probably know this, but GoDaddy is a big name in the hosting (and domain) world.

  • Very good uptime over the course of two years.
  • Similarly good speeds.
  • Promotional prices are low (when they happen)
  • Ability to purchase more resources as needed
  • choice of Windows or Linux hosting
  • Non-promotional prices are higher than average for the first term.
  • A lot of upselling, pushiness to buy add-ons
  • GoDaddy’s live chat is often busy
  • Some included free features renew at cost after the first term
  • Especially: SSL not included for free at first two tiers, and renews at cost for the third tier
Why we recommend GoDaddy?

In fact, it’s almost certainly the biggest hosting company on this list. To put a number on it, GoDaddy services over 20 MILLION customers.

That’s a level above the other big names here (Bluehost 和 HostGator).

然而 GoDaddy is also infamous for untransparent pricing and a very corporate approach. That’s also what holds it back on this list.

But it’s been so successful for a’s good. Check out our full breakdown of GoDaddy 时间表 有关更多信息。

Anyway, let’s look at the web hosting plans:GoDaddy计划

The first-term prices are higher than average. But the renewal prices are overall normal (if a bit higher than average as well).

然而, GoDaddy frequently has big promotions that drop the prices to dirt-cheap levels for the first term.

As for the features...the resources are pretty generous. 100GB of storage (SSD by the way) is more than enough for the vast majority of people hosting just one website, and it only gets higher after that.

A cool feature is that you can easily buy more resources—not just storage, but also CPU or RAM—very easily as you need to.

But aside from the good news on resources, that’s about it for features.

Yes, you get a domain with annual plans, but it renews at cost after the first year. To be fair, that’s a common deal. But it renews at a higher cost than average.

Plus, the email has only 5GB of storage and is free for the first year only, but renews at cost.

The SSL? The feature that’s crucial to having a trustworthy site, which is included for free in almost all hosting plans? It’s not included for free for the first two tiers, and renews at cost for the third tier.

也, GoDaddy is constantly upselling. You’re always pushed to purchase add-ons or higher-priced packages.

The website builder is one of those add-ons. Sometimes GoDaddy will even include it for free (for a year) during promotions.

It’s great when hosting companies include their own website builders for free. But many of them are sub-par compared to the popular website building software.

GoDaddy is a bit different. It’s a big company, and has invested into its website builder to be a more mainstream offering.

您可以检查出 our investigation of GoDaddy’s website builder here for more info. But the short version is that yes, it’s pretty good.

但总的来说, GoDaddy is on the weaker side for features and price.

As for the uptime:

我们去过 测量 GoDaddy through a test site for two years (starting August 2018).

During that time, GoDaddy basically always had great performance. Most months have at least 99.99% uptime, and it’s rare when they don’t.

整体 GoDaddy has done well for the last year. But some instances of downtime have lowered the average:


Most of the time, it’s 100%, but there are consistently days just over 99.9% that lower the average.

In the last three months, however, uptime has been closer to 99.98%, which is good.

Not to mention, the response times have also consistently been low since we started measuring.

So overall, while not perfect, GoDaddy is a pretty good performer and has been such for two years.

7. HostGator

HostGator 网页

  • Overall, good uptime, particularly recently
  • Generally good features (including a website builder, unlimited email, etc)
  • Generous resources
  • Lower starting prices and lower renewal prices compared to competitors
  • Solid customer support (both representatives and knowledge base)
  • Slower response times
  • May be a bit risky for highly important sites/projects that need excellent uptime
  • Some upselling and add-ons that can be frustrating and build cost
Why we recommend HostGator?

HostGator is a very well-established name in the hosting industry. It claims to have hosted over 8 MILLION domains and has hundreds of employees, putting it in the big leagues.

HostGator’s plans are mostly low-cost, and have generous resources:HostGator 计划

The main impetus to upgrade would be for more domains, and/or stronger SSL and a dedicated IP.

HostGator has a decent set of features available for all plans:HostGator 特征

So proportionately to price, HostGator definitely seems to be on top of things.

And on that note, HostGator has both lower starting prices AND renews at a lower cost than many of its competitors (though you’d have to commit for a long period of time to get those lower prices).

无论如何 HostGator seems pretty solid thus far. The key factor now is performance.

在过去的一年里, HostGator has overall done well:

HostGator 正常运行时间

It’s been keeping its uptime guarantee of 99.9%. In fact, most of the time it’s easily at 100% uptime or pretty close—there were just a few days where uptime dipped to the lower side of 99.9% that took down the average.

If you look at the last 3 months in particular, it’s pretty good:HostGator 3months uptime

Unfortunately, the response times are on the slower side both overall and recently.

You can check out fully detailed uptime records for our HostGator test site here, going all the way back three years.

Also, you can read 在水底采捕业协会(UHA)的领导下, HostGator 检讨 for a full run-down of the hosting company.

8. TurnKey Internet

TurnKey Internet 网页

TurnKey Internet 优点
  • Very good uptime, especially lately
  • Consistently great speeds
  • Choice of Windows or Linux hosting
  • Good three-year prices and yearly prices
  • Generous resources
  • Independently owns its data center, which is also a green data center
TurnKey Internet 缺点
  • Domain name not included
  • Not loaded with features compared to some options here.
  • Particularly, not a lot of features that would appeal to beginners.
  • Knowledge base/informational support a bit limited
Why we recommend TurnKey Internet?

TurnKey’s a less famous host, but it’s been around for quite a while—since 1999, in fact.

Its history is also a little unusual. Unlike just about all the other names here, TurnKey didn’t start as a host.

It first was a consultant for ISPs, and then transitioned to hosting. But its transition has resulted in a pretty impressive hosting company.

TurnKey gives you a choice of Linux hosting (which comes with cPanel) or Windows hosting (which comes with the Plesk control panel).

As is usually the case, the Windows hosting is more expensive:

TurnKey Internet 计划

These are pretty friendly to developers and those hosting more dynamic projects.

As for the Linux plans:TurnKey Internet cpanel hosting plan

There are just two options, and they’re pretty low-priced but with generous resources.

However, the price tag for those Linux plans only applies to a three-year pre-payment. This is often the case with hosts.

BUT: even if you pay on a yearly or monthly basis, the prices are still good. This is for the first tier:

TurnKey Internet billing cycle 1

The month-to-month price is pretty standard, but just 5 bucks a month for a year of service is still on the lower side.

So all in all these prices are still good even when you don’t buy three years in bulk.

Moreover, the Windows plans do not have this same disconnect. The price tags shown for Windows here are what you pay month-to-month. If you pay on a yearly basis, it’s marginally cheaper:TurnKey Internet billing cycle 2

So all in all it’s a well-priced set-up.

The features available tend to be more about resources and support for various scripts.

That’s great, but it does matter a little less to people looking for an “easy” and simple host (such people may want website builders included, for example).

But ultimately, the cheapest plan (Linux) can support up to 10 domains and doesn’t cap storage, which is a lot better than most hosts. That’s great value. Uptime will make or break TurnKey now:

So let’s examine the performance. TurnKey’s uptime, over the course of a year, is pretty impressive:TurnKey Internet uptime 12months

There was basically one day with poor uptime, but other than that, it’s been 100% almost every day with minimal exceptions.

To prove it, take a look at the last 3 months, which have a nearly perfect uptime score:TurnKey Internet 3 months uptime

And the speed? The average response time is among the lowest we’ve seen of the hosting companies we’ve measured.

我们去过 measuring TurnKey since March 2019, and the performance was a bit worse in the middle part of 2019. A couple months were below 99.95%, but not much.

But that hasn’t been an issue for a while, with performance overall looking quite strong (especially lately).

Let’s get to a summary of the pros and cons. But if you’re already really curious, you may as well learn some more about TurnKey with our full review 它。

9. InterServer


InterServer 优点
  • Very good performance for the last year
  • 一刀切的所有价格意味着与价格成比例的出色功能
  • 没有夸大的续约价格
  • 具体来说,网站安全的良好默认功能
  • 坚实的客户支持
  • 共享服务器仅运行50%的容量,从而可以实现增长。 对于共享服务器,这种情况不太常见。
  • 良好的正常运行时间和响应时间。
  • 网域不是免费的,尽管价格便宜1.99美元
  • 虽然我个人喜欢单一定价计划,但有些人可能需要更多选择
  • Spottier记录了较长时间的正常运行时间和响应时间(大部分在2019年XNUMX月之前)。
Why we recommend Interserver?

InterServer 不是最著名的网络托管商,但它仍然众所周知。 应该是:

InterServer 自1999年成立以来,就一直保持着良好的声誉。

在价格上 InterServer 很简单 您可能已经注意到,大多数Web主机都提供了许多分层选项。 功能和性能提高,您支付的费用越多。


患有 InterServer,恰好有一个网络托管软件包。 通常,如果您承诺使用4年,则每月需要支付3美元,或者定期每月需要支付5美元。 如您所见,在撰写本文时有折扣。


仍然是 价格划算不过。 每月4至5美元比最便宜的入门级托管略高一点,但比其他公司的高层托管便宜。

按比例来讲,这是一个很大的价格。 因此,让我们来看看它提供了什么:

一个关于最好的东西 InterServer 它提供了很多功能。 我的意思是,请看一下这些基础知识:



但是,您也可以获得免费的网站构建器,并且电子邮件甚至不限于第一层。 哎呀,存储甚至没有限制。

另外, InterServer的默认安全功能(称为Intershield保护)超出了共享主机的规范:



那是 InterServer的客户支持一般很好。 它本身就是一个功能。

最后,关于 InterServer 是它的资源分配。 我已经告诉过您,您将获得无限的SSD存储空间。 但这是为什么:

interserver server capacity

在这样的共享计划中分散客户的情况并不常见,因为这当然会减少利润。 将低消费客户聚集在一起更有意义。

但是,通过确保每个服务器都以半容量运行, InterServer 让其客户充分利用共享托管服务-与其他公司一起,如果他们消耗过多的资源,将不得不升级到更高的计划。

现在,在这一点上 InterServer 听起来像是无可争议的首选。 不太快:

保持的一件事 InterServer 性能在此列表中的上移是至关重要的。

我们去过 测试 InterServer 一段时间. The newer results are better, but some of the older results still affect the evaluation.


interserver old uptime

如您所见,大约一年前的正常运行时间可能很棒,但通常通常很短。 低于99.95%的比率处于平均水平的较差方面,2019年XNUMX月和XNUMX月表现突出。





And the uptime has been closer to 99.99% or 100% month to month (99.977% uptime is pretty decent over the course of a whole year).

The uptime and response times have been good for the last year, but earlier in 2019 things have been spottier.


反正就是这样 InterServer的表现。

最终 InterServer is a great bargain for many looking for affordable hosting that provides good features and still performs very well.

But if your absolute bottom line is having performance as close to perfect as possible, something else on this list may be better.

你可以阅读更多关于 InterServer 时间表 如果您仍然不确定。

Are other kinds of web hosting better for me?


你可能是对的。 Web托管对很多人来说很棒,这就是为什么它如此流行的原因,但是还有其他类型的托管。


让我们从企业的虚拟主机开始。 现在基本上,这仍然是共享的虚拟主机。 普通共享托管可以被企业经常使用。

但是,许多主机提供的网络托管更适合企业。 许多主机为企业提供了特殊的虚拟主机计划,例如Hostwinds。

主要的好处是您可以得到更好的折衷:更多的资源,更好的性能,但仍然具有成本效益和易于网络托管的优点。 要查看更多,请查看 我的最佳企业虚拟主机列表.




某些WordPress托管基本上是具有额外功能的共享网络托管。 某些WordPress托管是VPS或云托管-资金更多,但安全性和性能也更高。


因此,如果您总体上真的想为WordPress提供良好的托管服务,则此列表中的某些选项很好-但是还有其他选项,并且 他们值得研究.




但是还有其他功能非常强大的内容管理系统。 Drupal就是这样一种CMS:它也是开源的,可以在大多数主机上使用。

但是,Drupal面向更高级的站点管理。 因此,某些主机更适合Drupal.



另一个流行的CMS是Magento。 Magento用于管理电子商务网站,并且是世界上最受欢迎的电子商务平台之一。


但是,Magento适用于那些希望将其电子商务网站的管理提升到一个新水平的人,其中整个CMS都是关于在线业务的。 当然,有些主机更适合Magento.

畅销款式 Moodle 托管服务提供商:


为此,您需要使用 Moodle和 主机特别适合 Moodle.

这是一些最好的主机 Moodle:



当然,还有云托管。 通过托管在一起的虚拟服务器,云托管实质上为您提供了专用的服务器资源片。

因为您的资源是私有的,所以您可以更自由地使用它们,而不必担心会影响整个服务器。 而且它们更安全。

But one of the best things about cloud hosting is that it's scalable: because you’re not as limited by physical hardware, you can start with a smaller amount of higher-quality resources and then scale up to larger and larger amounts as your site grows.






但请注意:即使您愿意为优质服务付费,您还是要 确保您为自己投资了最好的专用服务器.




PHP是一种非常强大的脚本语言,用于构建世界上一些访问量最大的网站,并且 某些主机为PHP开发站点提供了强大的功能和支持.



或者,你可以 查看适合Java的主机。 Java是除PHP之外最流行的Web开发语言之一,并且经常被用作Java的替代语言。 对于交互式内容和移动应用程序特别有用。

你猜到了。 以下是一些Java最佳主机:

畅销款式 ASP.NET 托管服务提供商:

最后,有 ASP.NET。 它不完全是一种语言,而是一个Web应用程序框架(使用.NET语言),尤其适合动态项目。

ASP.NET 托管是一个小众市场,但肯定有比其他托管商更适合它的主机,甚至 特别适合ASP.NET托管的主机.





How to choose the best web hosting service?


您可以从涵盖的项目中看到其中的一些内容:一些对WordPress的优先级更高。 其他人则优先考虑简单性。 而其他人则在功能方面更好。

What we prioritize while reviewing a hosting service are the following paradigms:


Budget while selecting a hosting service is essential to your motive. The features usually go hand-in-hand to what you pay.

There’s also the theory that if you pay more, you get more but there’s also a difference between what you want and what you require.


Newcomers are always welcome in the hosting community but innovation happens so fast that the learning curve keeps getting steeper. Which is why we test to find out how the average guy figures things out.


An underrated aspect of a hosting service. Most companies get it done with an SSL. Others offer an entirely custom solution. After all, you need to know what works best for you.


When you get tired of figuring stuff out yourself or get into some kind of trouble, customer support is your best chance. Whether it is guides, chat or email support, it can be measured.


而且,如果您的底线是成本,请选择价格最便宜但正常运行时间的主机。 您可以免费在其上安装WordPress或其他CMS,并且只需支付很少的额外费用即可管理网站。

如果您需要更多建议,建议您阅读 我们如何审查网络托管公司的指南—有很多很好的重叠之处,可以帮助您选择。

Recap: The Best Web Hosting for 2020




你们中的某些人可能会优先考虑功能集的低成本 InterServer or DreamHost。 其他人可能会喜欢 Bluehost, 等等等等。

从现在的清单来看,我认为这是一个不错的开始。 所有这些主机都是不错的网络托管选项,但是每个都有自己的优势。

Bluehost 可能是最好的简单但可靠的主机:定价和功能还可以,性能非常好,并且在用户友好性和客户支持方面表现出色。

FastComet 是一个只有一个计划且具有大量功能的独特主机。 这也是一个很好的全能手,但对讨价还价或有价值的客户尤其有用。

您可以尝试所有这些方法至少三十天,有时甚至更长的时间-因此请不要等待。 祝您托管愉快!