Beautiful, 100% Original Designs

Move beyond a stock template. Get a one-of-a-kind, mobile-friendly website that makes your brand truly shine.

Design Before Code

Our coding gurus can design a working blueprint of your new site before shipping the complete product. This way you can review and suggest what needs to be added or removed. Once we shape it to your liking, we code it into a finished website.

Your Own Web Team

Our professionally trained developers are always at your disposal if you need anything done for your website. They know your website like the back of their hand and will get anything from fixing bugs to installing new features for you.

Custom WordPress Web Design Plans

The below plans cater to different budget tiers with the respective features.
We don’t want to tie you to one uniform package for the best experience and hence, provide options for varied purposes.


Perfect for novice & newcomers on their first venture. Get a stellar custom homepage and an SEO-optimized blog.


No Commitments or Contracts

  • 100% Custom Homepage 
  • 5 Subpages 
  • WordPress Implementation 
  • Web Style Guide 
  • SEO-Friendly Blog 
  • FREE Domain & Email Address 
  • Analytics Setup 


A level playing field for the highly experienced that want more custom content, subpages, and functionality.


No Commitments or Contracts

  • 100% Custom Homepage 
  • 10 Subpages 
  • WordPress Implementation 
  • Web Style Guide 
  • SEO-Friendly Blog 
  • FREE Domain & Email Address 
  • Analytics Setup 


A must-have for people aiming for the sky and need all the power they can get.


No Commitments or Contracts

  • 100% Custom Homepage 
  • 15 Subpages 
  • WordPress Implementation 
  • Web Style Guide 
  • SEO-Friendly Blog 
  • FREE Domain & Email Address 
  • Analytics Setup 

Chat with a Web Design Expert

Get some free advice. Our experts can answer your questions and recommend next steps.

Features that come with EVERY plan

We give your website the tools and props it needs to reach its determined destination while giving you a solid foundation.


Our onboarding process lets you get on a 1-on-1 call with a project manager. He/she will go over the requirements & recommend the next steps.

Project Manager

We provide you a project manager that oversees your website’s construction, manages the web team, and is your one-stop contact advisor.

Branding Sheet

We template your logo and branding into a neat, one-page reference document to make sure that the website design follows your branding.

Sub Pages

Simple pages that can be customized to match your uniform branding and identity like FAQ section, Testimonials, About Us, etc.

Custom Home Page

No templates or reused code - we design everything from scratch with your branding sheet in mind and give you 100% uniqueness and high-performance.

Multiple Revisions

Errors and bugs are imminent to website design and which is why we provide 2 rounds of both design and code revisions for proper quality control.


We provide you with a preset blog framework so you can start working on your content with additional SEO optimization.

Contact Forms

Contact forms are helpful in situations that include customer support, feedback or inquiries that can be supplied to your given email address.


We equip your website with the best SEO practises and code optimization so you can strategize your website content for better ranking.

Mobile Responsiveness

As more and more users go online using their smartphones, we make sure that your site supports and renders correctly on all screen sizes.


We work in WordPress due its robust environment and ever-growing list of features and these very features give your website the performance it needs.


If you sell online, we can install WooCommerce on your site, for free! Plus, we can also upload all products to your online store, for a small fee.

Safe & Secure

We protect your site with the latest security patches. We install tools that shields the website against viruses, malware and hack attempts.

Free Domain & Setup

We’ll help set up your own unique domain name so you don’t have to go anywhere else and we’ll oversee the entire process up to the point your site goes live.


We incorporate your website with Google Analytics for complete performance monitoring from traffic data to user behaviour analysis.

Custom Logo & Branding

We can reshape your business aesthetic with new logos, brand image & refreshed documentation, that gives your website a unique corporate identity. (Optional)

Plugin Implementation

We can also install and configure plugins as per your desire. We will also ensure they are regularly updated and work well with your site.

Who’s ready for site makeover?

Tell us what your dream website looks like and we’ll make it a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the designing process like?

Our aim is to make the designing process as intuitive as possible. When you first sign up, we’ll assign you with a project manager that will assess your requirements and goals through an insightful questionnaire that you can use to throw any ideas or images you might have for design. This questionnaire will then be evaluated by our dev team and finally converted into a finished website with all the backend technical aspects taken care of as well.

How much time does a design project need?

A typical design project can be up and running in just under a month! However, a larger Pro project or a website that will deal with a larger quantity of data, like an e-store can take a bit longer than that - your assigned project manager can detail you on the timeline and progress of your site. But If you happen to be in a hurry to launch your site, we can put your site on priority as a Rush project to get it done fast.

Can I give feedback on my website design?

Of course! Your project manager and our devs work closely to create the 100% unique and best version of your concept website which will be then sent to you for review. We include 2 rounds of visual and code design revisions to mold your website into perfection.

How can I update my website after it's online?

Once your website is fully designed and published, the update process becomes simpler than ever: You simply login to your WordPress account and update or remove whatever you want. If you want, we can take care of this for you anytime just at a moment’s request.