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11 Awesome Free Business Name Generators (No. 2 is Our Favorite)

“What is in a name?” – Let’s tell Juliet that names and titles are really important. You may have good content or the best ideas to share but without an effective title, people might not consider looking at it.Do you own a business or are you a startup but still are struggling with bringing customers to your website? Do you want to create a Brand?

To help you with this problem, we have jotted down a few amazing FREE business name generators. Yes, you don’t need to pay them for helping you.

Let’s take a look at each one of them and check how beneficial they are for your business…

hostingpill10 Awesome Free Business Name Generators
  1. Crowdspring
  2. Namelix
  3. TurboLogo
  4. Brandlance
  5. BNG
  6. NameBounce
  7. LOGO.com
  8. Business Name Generator
  9. Namesmith
  10. Naminum
  11. Novanym

1: Crowdspring

Business Name Generators: crowdspring

Crowdspring isn’t only an answer to your company/product naming needs but it’s an entire branding solution. After selecting ‘Company/Product name’ from the dropdown and click on ‘Start a naming project’ to initiate the interactive Q&A process.

Crowdspring is NOT a business name generator. It’s a team of experts and designers that utilize their skill set and data from the Q&A to come up with personalized business names that come with a 100% refund guarantee and legal contracts to protect your unique name.

2: Namelix

Business Name Generators: Namelix

Namelix is a Business Name Generator that suggests business names for you. It asks you to enter the keywords related to your business or can describe your business. It then processes the words that you have entered and generates a unique word with limited letters.

It suggests all the possible branded words that can be made by combining the keywords that you have entered. There are other two criteria that this website asks us to enter – word length and style of the word.

For example, we entered the name “hostingpill” to generate suggestions:


Below are the results that we got from Namelix: (and many more)


It allows you to save the names that you like and you can directly purchase the domain from this website.

3: TurboLogo

Business Name Generators: Turbologo

Turbologo Business Name Generator is a service that allows you to find a name for any kind of company. All you need to do is enter keywords describing your company and choose the industry of work for the generator to pick up suitable names. After that it will automatically generate more than 90 unique names from which you can find the appropriate option.

Here is an example of the name for a company working in the field of architecture, with the keywords “construction”, “architecture”. The generated names are divided into 3 types: invented names, compound names, multiword names.

Inverted Names

Compound Names

Multiword Names

Overall, its a good tool with  pretty good name generation capabilities. You should definitely give it a try!

Free Business Name Generator 4: Brandlance

Business Name Generators: brandlance homepage
Brandlance can suggest available business names, catchy business names, ideas for your business and even a detailed guide on how you can go creating your unique names with unlimited revisions.

brandlance features

Brandlance offers 2 services: Logo Designer and Business Name Generators. The Logo Designer has a large number of premade logo designs to choose from and customize.

The Business name generator lets users describe their business and then suggest names based on that description. You can also check for an existing name to verify its availability.


Free Business Name Generator 5: BNG

Business Name Generators: BNG

Here, you need to enter the words that are related to your business and BNG will generate suggestions from which you can pick the name and check the availability of that domain with GoDaddy.


We used the word “Hosting Pill” and clicked on the search to see the results. The above picture contains a list of suggested words. They also have an industry filter option where you can select the categories.

For instance, you can select categories such as “Technology”, “Sports”, “Health”, etc. and this generator will suggest the business name ideas accordingly.

Free Business Name Generator 6: NameBounce

Business Name Generators: NameBounce

NameBounce is a business name generator where you can type the keywords as well as select the extension that you want for your domain. Once you type the keywords, it will then generate a few ideas using the synonyms of the written words and combining them.


We generated a few suggestions using the words “hosting” and “pill”. It allows you to filter the words by length and the placement of the word. You can add the words you like, in the favorite bar and finalize the business name later.

Free Business Name Generator 7: LOGO.com


The LOGO.com business name generator is a sophisticated tool that makes it easy and fun to come up with a great business name. Simply enter a keyword relevant to your business and click “Generate.” The tool will generate an extensive list of unique and catchy business names from which to choose.

Another useful feature of this business name generator is that it shows names that have available domain names, making it simple to establish your online presence.


LOGO.com’s Business Name Generator also provides a free logo maker that you can use to design a professional logo to go along with your new company name and domain name. Choose a logo template you like, change the colors, icons, layout, and font, and then download it for free!

It’s a one-stop shop to set up and launch your brand in a span of minutes.

Free Business Name Generator 8: Business Name Generator

Business Name Generators: BusinessNameGenerator

This name generator tool helps you by generating the suggestions for the word that you have entered. It will generate names by adding a few letters before and after the word that you have entered.


We used the word “hostingpill” and these were the suggestions that we got. It generates random business names for you from which you can pick a name for your business website.

Free Business Name Generator 9: Namesmith

Business Name Generators: Namesmith

Namesmith uses the keywords that you have entered to generate creative words. Your entered data i.e. keywords won’t be shared with anyone and they won’t register the domain names generated by you. In order to register your domain, check out domain registrars here.


We got the above suggestions from the words “hosting” and “pill”. They check the available domain names and suggest the words accordingly. You can select the names that you like and add them to favorites.

Free Business Name Generator 10: Naminum

Business Name Generators: Naminum

Naminum asks you to enter a base word or a keyword that you want to include in your business names.


We generated a few suggestions for the word “hostingpill”. This tool allows you to set the suggestions according to the location of the target audience. You get the suggested names with the letters added before and after the keyword.

Once you select the name that you like, you can buy and checkout with that domain name from GoDaddy.

Free Business Name Generators 11: Novanym

Business Name Generators: Novanym

Novanym is a tool that doesn’t use the exact keyword that you have entered. Instead of that, it will find and use similar words to it.


Here, you can set the business type and name style so that the tool can generate the names accordingly. The business names generated by this tool can be bought from here itself and are available with the “.com” extension.

The design of the logo is also available with the domain name that you select and buy. So, you don’t need to worry about getting the logo designed.

Tips for selecting a name for your Business

The above-given list was a set of tools that can help you generate ideas for your business names. You may find many tools that will help you pick a domain name but won’t help you decide which is the best or which would bring more customers on your site.

You never know whether the name that you have decided to go with, will bring the visitors or increase the conversion rate. But, you can certainly follow some tips that would at least prevent you from making bad choices of the name.

Ready? Let’s check out all the tips one by one –

1. Get Feedback from People


When you have shortlisted a few names from the Business Name generators, show them to your close ones i.e. friends, family members, your colleagues, etc. and get their opinion.

See how they find it, take their feedback on the names and then decide which name is to be finalized. You can also get feedback from the audience that you will be targeting.

2. Avoid having a name similar to competitors’


Check what are the names of your competitors’ business and DO NOT pick a name that is similar to theirs. Often people may confuse your business with theirs’ and you might end up losing customers.

You can’t use similar logos, similar names as well as similar fonts just like your competitors’. You want your business name to be a brand. For that, it needs to be unique.

3. Use a “.com” extension


A “.com” is a top-level-domain which is used extensively and has SEO benefits. Using this TLD gives you benefits over other domain extensions. Around 52% of the websites have “.com” as their extension.

4. Simple and easy to pronounce/remember


See this – A graphics designer has two creative names in suggestion: “Hyphenostalgic Graphonical” or “HyGraph” – which one would you pick?

A majority of people would say “HyGraph” and this is because it is short, simple and easy to remember. Plus, it conveys the meaning of the work that the designer is carrying out.

So, keep the names short, simple and easily understandable for everyone. It should also be effective and creative to become a brand.

5. Do not use hyphens or special characters


Have you noticed, top brand names like Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Cocacola, etc. have something in common. Of course, they are simple to spell and read but have something else that they don’t use.

That is correct – Special Characters. So, avoid using special characters in your brand name as well as in the domain name.

6. Be Creative but not Extra-Creative

Business Name Generators: GoldenGaytime

LOL! That’s true. Be creative in choosing your name but not extra creative. Like this ice-cream brand from Kwality Swirls was called “Golden Gaytime”, and a toothpaste brand called “Oral-me” (literally your brain thinks from a different perspective).

These names could be really worst and you might end up losing customers or become a meme material. So, avoid being extra-creative or sometimes it would make your brand a DISASTER.


Choosing a name is difficult because you can never be sure whether it would help you achieve success in business or not. Having a short and simple brand name gains more traction. But, being creative (not extra-creative) is also necessary.

So, the above-listed tools are some of the best business name generators in the market which you can use for suggestions. Also, do not forget to keep in mind the tips that have been mentioned here.

Tell us which tool would you choose for brand name for your business. If you have some other name generators or tips that we have not covered, do write them in the comment section and we would be happy to include it in this list.

Now go, make a Brand!