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5 Best Magento Hosting Providers (Number #1 is Just Excellent)

For those of you who haven’t heard of Magento, this is an open source e-commerce platform.

Over the years this has been segregated as Magento Opensource or Community edition platform and Magento commerce which is an Enterprise edition platform.

Did you know, Magento can be alternatively used instead of WordPress for online store creation.

In most cases, WordPress along with WooCommerce is used for online store creation. This can simply be done using Magento hosting.

Both of these being equally powerful platforms, let me walk you through the actual differences between them.

Magento v/s WordPress

Choosing between Magento and WordPress is certainly a hard task. Both are open source platforms and are good in their own way.

Over here, I will highlight the differences between the two platforms on a few specific parameters.

  • E-commerce development: Magento is primarily an e-commerce platform. Both Magento as well as WordPress support most basic and advance e-commerce features. However, with WordPress, you would need an additional plugin for e-commerce development. Conversely, with Magento, you would need a plugin for blog support.
  • Development support: WordPress users would completely agree with me, that WordPress is simple to use. However, on the other hand, Magento is for more advanced users and requires technical expertise. This caters to enterprise level e-commerce building.
  • Extensibility: Along with basic support, both WordPress and Magento have good third-party plugin support. Both give you the required platform flexibility.
  • Security: Both WordPress, as well as Magento, has good security features along with plugins. WordPress having more plugins is more susceptible to security vulnerabilities as compared to Magento.
  • SEO support: With few plugins, Magento, as well as WordPress, provide excellent SEO support. WordPress is built with content in mind and hence SEO is more intuitive over here as compared to Magento. With Magento, you would have to do your bit to optimize.
  • Support: WordPress comes with good community support. Magento does have basic support but this is lesser as compared to WordPress. Owing to the advanced capabilities available in Magento, the support requires more technically oriented users.

To simplify further, I would say if your main focus is growing your business and online sales, then Magento is a good choice. However, if your main goal is towards digital publishing and content marketing, then WordPress is good to go option.

But wait that’s not all. If you want the best of both world’s then you can also use a combination of Magento and WordPress.

Well, all said, Magento is certainly a powerful platform and what could be better than knowing the Best Magento hosting options available in the market.

hostingpillBest Magento Alternatives
  1. GreenGeeks (My Favourite)
  2. Nexcess.net
  3. A2 Hosting
  4. Cloudways
  5. MilesWeb

Without further ado, let’s dive into a detailed review of each Magento hosting.

1. GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks BannerGreenGeeks a complete eco-friendly hosting solution supports Magento hosting. This comes with a custom Magento installation and is optimized for Magento.


The services come with a 30-day money back guarantee. GreenGeeks provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

I have been monitoring GreenGeeks uptime and here is what I found:

greengeeks review

You can see latest Uptime here.

The uptime can’t be any better than what I have provided above. This is an excellent uptime to maintain.

Reliability and Security:

At a basic level, GreenGeeks uses SSD to give good speed. The websites are powered by CloudFlare CDN along with PowerCacher technology.

This ensures to give good load times. GreenGeeks puts several technologies together to give a good performance.

This includes hardware and power redundancy along with container-based technology, hosting account isolation, constant server monitoring, real-time security scanning, enhanced SPAM protection, and automatic updates.

Overall, I would say GreenGeeks provides good security features.

Backup services:

GreenGeeks by default provides a nightly backup to ensure your data remains protected at all times.

The plans also include a free website migration. The data can be restored from the cPanel. The backups are maintained for 24 hours and are intended for disaster recovery.


GreenGeeks provides Magento hosting with its shared hosting plan. This has a single plan which is supported.

The plans start at $2.95/month and renew at $9.95/month.

GreenGeeks PlansCustomer support:

GreenGeeks provides a good knowledge base covering most topics. This also contains website tutorials.

The website also contains several video tutorials. You can reach their customer support via email, phone or live chat.

While the phone is available during specific working hours, live chat is available 24/7. Similarly, email has a wait time of about 20 minutes.

The live chat starts immediately.

GreenGeeks Chat

2. Nexcess.net

Nexcess well known for its managed cloud hosting is a platform that has been in the market for over 18 years. This has its headquarters in Michigan and hosts over 45K websites.


If I mention Nexcess has good uptime, then this would be an understatement. Nexcess maintains a whopping 99.99% uptime.

With its cloud infrastructure, Nexcess provides Magento 2 optimized with PHP, Apache optimization. Auto-scaling of resources ensures, your website remains unaffected with an increase in traffic.

The service uses Nexcess Cloud Accelerator which is used to improve load times and is powered by NGINX, to improve loading speed for static content.


Reliability and Security:

When I speak about reliability, Nexcess ensures it provides reliable services.

Along with Cloud accelerator, Nexcess has a MicroCache which maintains contents such as images, JavaScript etc. This ensures the loading is faster.

SSD along with Nginx gives Nexcess hosting good speed, performance, and reliable service. The services are constantly monitored.

Nexcess includes an SSL certificate along with OpenVPN which can be optionally included.

Backup services:

With so many features readily available, Nexcess does provide its own backup services. It contains a daily backup which is archived for 30-days.

Over here you can create development sites with database scrubbing which ensure a good level of security.


All plans include a free migration. I found that Nexcess does give its users a lot of choices when it comes to pricing.

Here there are a total of 5 plans with different configurations and cater to different website traffic. So basically, if you know your website requirement, then you can choose the most appropriate plan.

The most basic plan supports up to 100 daily visitors and costs $19.95/month for an annual plan.

Nexcess PlansCustomer support:

Nexcess customer support can be reached over the phone and this is undoubtedly the easiest way to reach them.

Apart from this, Nexcess has a dedicated help section which contains a vast knowledge library, blogs, and

FAQ. You also can raise tickets or email customer support.

Nexcess provides a 24/7/365 dedicated customer support.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 BannerA2 hosting is a name you must have heard frequently. However, did you know A2 also supports Magento hosting? Since 2008, A2 has been hosting Magento. With fairly good speed, this is again a not to miss Magento hosting option.


A2 hosting provides Turbo servers which give almost 20 times the speed. The services are accompanied with a 99.9% uptime.

Next, let me provide more details about their uptime.

A2-hosting review

We have been monitoring A2 hosting server performance over the years that history you can see here.

A2 hosting has given an almost consistent uptime, though it’s very rarely a 100% uptime. December has seen a bad uptime.

Reliability and Security:

With A2 hosting, Magento is pre-installed as well optimized. The auto settings ensure to give the best performance along with the highest security.

So, this is something, you don’t have to worry about during the basic setup.

The turbo servers with developer-friendly features, SSD, RAID-10 storage give good speed with reliable services. The Optimised site accelerator supported by Turbo Cache, APC/OPcache and Memcached provides faster load times.

You can choose between their multiple data centres. The services are supported by CloudFlare, Railgun optimizer, and redundant network.

With every plan you get free SSL, perpetual security which contains – DDoS protection, virus scanning, server hardening, brute force defence, continuous server monitoring, dual web hosting firewall, and kernel care.

Also included is a free hack scan along with patchman enhanced security tool.

A2 Magento hosting provides ample security packed features making its services more reliable.

Backup services:

A2 hosting does a free migration of your website. All plans include a Drop My Site (Off-site) backup. This stores the backup at a separate location and can be done from the cPanel.

You can also avail their server rewind backups which protects you against accidental deletion or data corruption. This again can be done via cPanel.


A2 hosting provides Shared hosting and VPS hosting for Magento. Each of these plans is well-built and provide several inbuilt features.

The shared plan – Turbo costs $9.31/month and supports unlimited websites. The managed VPS plans costs $32.99/month.

A2 hosting PlansCustomer support:

To reach their customer support, you can use chat, phone or via submitting tickets.

A2 Hosting provides a huge resource guide and has a good collection of the FAQ.

To explore this further, I tried their live chat. Well, this certainly had a long queue. Though it was mentioned I could also drop a message to their support.

A2 hosting SupportThey do have good and versatile support which is helpful.

4. Cloudways

Cloudways BannerCloudways a managed cloud solution provides Magento hosting. The best part about Cloudways is that you can completely depend on their support for technical complexities.


With 62 data centers, Cloudways Magento hosting maintains a good uptime. I would admit that in most cases this is a 100% uptime.

Magento hosting is fast over here and there is a reason why it is fast.

Cloudways uses an inbuilt Thunder stack formula which uses advanced caching technologies such as

Memcached, Varnish, full page cache plugin, in house Cloudways CDN, to boost the website performance.

cloudways magento features

The advanced technologies ensure the servers are always up and running to provide that almost perfect uptime.

Reliability and Security:

As I mentioned earlier, the multiple data centers with advanced caching technologies ensure Cloudways can provide reliable services at all times.

Be it server scaleup or speed or performance or load times, all of these are excellent with Cloudways. Cloudways provides the benefits of having infrastructure over the cloud.

This has a 24/7 server monitoring, security patch update with an added layer of firewall security. Other security features include dedicated firewalls, SSL, auto-healing servers, IP whitelisting, two-factor authentication.

The security is auto-managed by Cloudways engineers and you don’t have to be really bothered about it.

Backup services:

Being an intuitive hosting platform, Cloudways provides backup and restoration services included as part of the plan.

This can be done from the dashboard with a single click. Apart from backups and restoration, Cloudways also supports scaling and cloning.

Cloudways also provides a scheduled automatic backup with a configurable frequency of your choice. This can be varying between hourly to weekly based on your backup requirement.

Cloudways provides a separate staging environment to ensure your production code remains secure and with least risk at all times.


Cloudways provides a pay as you go, model. This means you pay only for the resources you have consumed. It has support for various cloud service providers.

CloudWays PlansYou can try the plans with a 3-day free trial.

Customer support:

Cloudways gives constant support with chat, inquiry form or via phone. It has a knowledge base which covers several topics.

You can also reach them via email. Before you start to chat, you will be shown a series of reference links to help you on different topics.

CloudWays ChatThe website is also covered with multiple FAQs which are equally helpful.

5. MilesWeb

milesweb magento hosting

MilesWeb offers Magento hosting with LiteSpeed Web Server to handle irregular traffic. LiteMage clogs down clusters of cache to make your online store run smooth & fast.

Based on 500 users, MilesWeb has accumulated data verifying its efficient servers.

milesweb magento features

Magento features include:

  • Redis backend & session cache
  • Optimized Server
  • Cloudflare CDN & Railgun
  • Free Installation
  • Customer Support

As far as pricing goes, MilesWeb is a little expensive here but not to the point of unaffordable due to the features & benefits.


MilesWeb offers the same uptime scores as all the other plans in its catalog. MilesWeb promises 99.95% uptime on its Magento hosting plans as well.

milesweb magento uptime

They have global tier 3 & 4 datacenters to facilitate as low as possible downtime with reliable connections to make sure your eCommerce site never goes down.


LiteSpeed offers its own in-built DDoS protection feature. It protects you from the most common to severe HTTP attacks that could damage or shut down your website.

A lot of companies stay under constant threats of DDoS attacks that could impact their business and incur irrecoverable losses.

milesweb magento security

Magento 1 and Magento 2 are very common examples of a category that are usually victims of a DDoS attack.

MilesWeb’s DDoS protection identifies common patterns inside your traffic. It alerts you of any malicious activity in your traffic from reaching your site.

Customer Support

MilesWeb offers complete consultancy support for their Magento hosting service. They provide help with everything regarding upgrades, suggestions regarding various issues, and even support for database related queries.

milesweb customer support

MilesWeb claims to offer professional support through its qualified expert team. It makes the service even more reliable for consideration. It’s difficult to usually find this amount of support with other services.

Pricing & Features

milesweb magento pricing

MilesWeb provides Daily Backups, LiteMage, Redis Backend, Cloudflare CDN, SSL Certificate & Dedicated IP as default in all plans. Also, White-label customization to show your brand’s logo and the domain name is possible as well.

At ₹1,960/month, you can get started right away with the M1 Tier plan. It includes 1 Site, 250 Visitors, 30GB Storage, 200GB Bandwidth, Dual Core CPU, and 4GB RAM. Given these features are not very high-tech but good enough for starters.

M2, M3 & M4 plans are very identical to M1 with the only difference being double the amount of sites hosted, storage, bandwidth, visitors, CPU, and RAM. So basically, as you scale up, you pay for what you need.


  • LiteSpeed & LiteMage for fast performance & cache reduction
  • Free Magento Installation
  • High-end features
  • Magento Consultancy for Upgrades & Suggestions


  • Expensive for someone on a budget
  • Renewals are high-priced


All the above options are equaling good in case you want to explore Magento hosting.

Either of these options do serve the purpose.

These have good support which is one of the key aspects for Magento hosting, given the fact that Magento is more complex.

However, on a final note, I would give a nod to try GreenGeeks or Nexcess. Equaling competing choices, these are sure go-getter options for Magento hosting.