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Host-Tracker Review: Based on our Experience

Overall Rating:

Host-Tracker not only provides website monitoring services but is equipped with several other services and can provide a detailed report for these parameters. This is specifically designed to keep your website reliable and secure at all times.

In fact, I have listed Host-Tracker as a Pingdom alternative in another article.

Pros of Host-Tracker:

  • Provides versatile feature for monitoring and security driven monitoring
  • A good number of server locations to monitor services
  • Detailed reporting features
  • Supports API, Domain/IP blacklisting
  • Good support for alerts with provisioning for alerts via different mediums
  • Configurable monitoring duration, error messages, report format

Cons of Host-Tracker:

  • The support does not have a facility for tickets or chats. Though this is totally not a con but is a good to have feature

Overview of Host-Tracker:

Uptime monitoring is extremely essential for any website to provide reliable services. Not only for maintaining continuous uptime, but also to ensure the website is secure.

Host-Tracker provides round the clock monitoring of your website. It can give reports specifying the uptime and response time for your website.

Host-Tracker can send instant alerts in case of website downtime or if it detects any issues with your website. This could be a technical snag or an issue due to malicious intent.

Additionally, Host-Tracker provides a host of other services. At a high-level Host-Tracker can be considered as a multi-purpose, single stop solution to a variety of monitoring tasks.

Ease of Use:

Host-Tracker provides a simple to start and use dashboard. You would find the uptime metrics straight into the dashboard home page.

Its usage is quite effortless where websites can be added for uptime monitoring. At the same time, you can edit your configuration based on the requirement.

Website Monitoring

To start with, the Host-Tracker team supports the initial setup and configuration. This can be accessed via multiple locations. Currently, there are 142 monitoring locations.

The dashboard provides uptime metrics reports which can be selected for any specific duration.

Host-tracker Ease of use report

Here you can configure the contact persons and the medium of alert.
Ease of Use Contact

The dashboard menu is as shown below:
Host-tracker Dashboard Menu

The Google Ads management option lets you start or stop Google Ads based on the status of your website.

To publicly display your website uptime status, you can use uptime informers. You can customize it.

Uptime informers

Your website might have scheduled maintenance and you definitely do not want that to impact your actual uptime metrics. This can be very well excluded by specifying a planned maintenance work schedule.

Dashboard Maintenance

At a given point you can check the exact locations of the servers from the dashboard. It is widespread, distributed and you can know where exactly is the location from here.
Host-tracker Dashboard server location

On the whole, Host-Tracker is simple to use and it’s unlikely you would need much help irrespective of whether you are technically inclined or not.


Host-Tracker gives its users a list of features in every plan. This provides a free as well as 30-day free trial. The free service does a basic uptime monitoring at an interval of 30 minutes and additionally provides reports.

The plans are covered with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case, you check the free trial, let me assure you, this as well as a host of services.

Most of the plans include monitoring of response time, content monitoring, custom error/response monitoring, database monitoring, maintenance scheduling, SNMP/Https monitoring.

If you need more, you can very well choose a better plan where you would also get domain expiration monitoring, certificate expiration monitoring. The plans can also monitor infra usages such as CPU, memory, and others.

The daily reports are detailed and also there are reports provided at regular intervals with consolidated results.

For each plan the interval of monitoring varies and also the number of contact persons which can be configured varies.

Few other features included in more advanced plans are – DNSBL monitoring to blacklist domain or IP, cron job scheduling, transaction monitoring, API access, and support for multi-user account.

Host-tracker Features and Notification
Overall, Host-Tracker lets you monitor ping, https, trace, page speed, DNSBL. You can receive alerts via Email, SMS, Skype, Hangout, or Voice call.

Host-tracker Help and Support:

It’s unlikely that as a user you would find Host-Tracker too complex. It has decently sufficient help guides covering the key topics.

You can reach the Host-Tracker’s support over email. The website explains the basic usage of uptime monitoring.

The website is well covered with blogs and FAQ which are equally helpful.
Host-tracker FAQThe guides provided are self-sufficient and provides an overview of the services.


Like I mentioned earlier, if you have a very rudimentary requirement, then Host-Tracker provides a free plan. Apart from this, you get a 30-day free trial which lets you get a hang of most of the inherent services of Host-Tracker.

The most basic plan starts at $5/month. Overall there are 4 paid plans.
Host-tracker Plans
The plans grow bigger and better as you trend upwards. If you choose a yearly plan then you certainly would save a lot.

The interval of monitoring is also adequate, where at a maximum it does 10 mins interval monitoring for the most basic plan.

A benefit of these plans is, the basic plan satisfies the most common uptime monitoring requirement. The plans cater to most basic as well as advanced monitoring requirements.

Host-tracker Verdict:

Host-Tracker does end up making an impact. Its monitoring services are certainly varied and come with several add-on features.

It has 30-day free trial which is a great benefit along with a basic free plan. The plans again are versatile and affordable.

The security-driven features are yet another positive aspect of Host-Tracker. The level of customization Host-Tracker allows is certainly worth giving a try.

Host-Tracker is a choice which is worth trying and is one hat that would fit all.

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