Top 4 BigCommerce Alternatives (As low as $9/mo, 2000+ Apps)

This article was revised and updated on Oct 12, 2020.

While BigCommerce powers several websites, there are a lot of concerns raised by its users like unintuitive jargon for beginners or difficult to use advanced features which is why you should consider BigCommerce Alternatives.

So BigCommerce wasn’t that big for you and BigCommerce Alternatives is the first thing that came to your mind after going through all the hefty jargon and advanced features.

Below are few reasons why you would wish to choose an alternate to BigCommerce.

  • BigCommerce is expensive around pricing options
  • It Limits online sales per year based on pricing plan
  • Third-party apps, plugins, and software are priced separately
  • Though it mentions no transaction fees, this is applicable only to few selected payment gateways
  • Propagates leading payment gateways. No standardized payment options for credit cards
  • Smaller app marketplace
  • High switching cost to alternate platform
  • Low on inventory management
  • Expensive themes with very few selection of free themes

Clearly, these are some of the concerns you have to ponder about in case you are a BigCommerce user.

Through this post, we will discuss, top 4 alternatives to BigCommerce to provide you a wider spectrum around the next set of options.

hostingpillTop 4 BigCommerce Alternatives
  1. Volusion
  2. Shopify Lite ($9/mo.)
  3. Selz
  4. Shift4Shop

BigCommerce alternatives comparison at glance

Details Volusion Shopify Lite Selz Shift4Shop
Staff accounts Unlimited 1 1 Unlimited
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Features A A+ B A
Price $29/mo. $9/mo. $17.00/mo. $29/mo.
Move now Move now Move now Move now

Now take a thorough look at the Top 4 BigCommerce Alternatives:

BigCommerce Alternative 1: Volusion

volusion banner 2

Volusion is a fully cloud-based e-commerce platform which was started in 1999. It is headquartered in Austin, Texas. (Review)

They provide almost all necessary services to successfully run your store as well as have some features which are market differentiators.

To their credit, Volusion has more than 40000 online retailers. Over the years Volusion has constantly been watchful and making quick amendments to their services.

It is popular amongst store owners owing to its simple to use features which are integrated within the dashboard.

Volusion has helped several customers worldwide including well-known brands such as Motorola, Disney, Chicago Tribune and 3M.

Let us now understand how can Volusion be a good alternative to BigCommerce.

Reason 1 – Pricing:
Volusion has a low priced starting option. Pricing is something that Volusion does better than BigCommerce. Their starting plan is at $15 per month with a support for 100 products.


With BigCommerce you just can’t choose a less expensive plan.

Reason 2 – Rich Knowledge Base:
Volusion has a good collection of the knowledge base with starter videos and a large number of how to guides. Worth noting is their efforts to ease out development by providing content-rich resources almost about every feature.


BigCommerce does not support such a rich knowledge base. With BigCommerce a lot of times, you will end up searching for support outside of their official website.

Reason 3 – Transaction Fees:
Volusion does not have any terms attached to transaction fees. They do not charge a transaction fee. A point where they score above BigCommerce.

Reason 4 – Themes:
Volusion has more free themes as compared to BigCommerce.


The themes are not only responsive but are also more creatively designed. Definitely, BigCommerce scores low on this with a mere 7 free themes.

Reason 5- Intuitive Dashboard:
Volusion has an easy to use and intuitive dashboard with most of the features embedded into the dashboard, making it easier to use. BigCommerce provides a dashboard, however not all the features are embedded in the dashboard.

This makes it slightly complex for beginners.

Reason 6 – Inbuilt recurring billing:
Recurring billing which is used to sell subscription-based products is part of Volusion’ s every plan. However, with BigCommerce you have to install a separate Paywhirl app for recurring billing.

Here’s a breakdown of the Volusion pricing for each plan:

Features Personal Professional Business Prime
Transaction Fees 0% 0% 0% 0%
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Products 100 5,000 Unlimited Unlimited
Price $29/mo $79/mo $299/mo Custom
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(No fees. No credit card. No risk.)

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BigCommerce Alternative 2: Shopify Lite


Shopify’s e-commerce solutions provide a unified platform to run your business with ease. It helps in building a fully customizable online store with its several innovative and inbuilt solutions.

Shopify is a Canadian based e-commerce solution provider based out of Ottawa, Ontario. There are several large-scale entrepreneurs depending on Shopify.

There are more than 600,000 businesses powered by Shopify, with more than 1,000,000 active users and over $55 billion sold on Shopify.

Next moving on to the benefits of using Shopify over BigCommerce.

Reason 1 – Themes:
Shopify has more improvised theme collections as compared to BigCommerce. It has a good collection of user rich experience themes and focuses more on the look and feel of the website.


The free templates are equally appealing as the paid ones. With Shopify, you can access more than 100 templates and can also customize it.

Reason 2 – Pricing:
Both Shopify and BigCommerce have approximately similar pricing model. However, Shopify is more flexible on this with its Shopify Lite version which is $9 per month.


This is a good option for smaller scale websites and businesses with a limited number of products. With Shopify, you would not have to spend a huge amount in case you wish to develop a small website.

The same with BigCommerce would cost you at least $29.95 per month

Reason 3 – Sales Limit:
One very big advantage of using Shopify is, it does not have too many sales limitations. In a way, it is more flexible as compared to BigCommerce.

BigCommerce limits the sales for each plan. So with BigCommerce, if you exceed sales then you need to switch over to a more expensive plan

Reason 4 – Third-party Apps:
Shopify supports more than 2000 apps as compared to BigCommerce which is a little low on third-party apps support.

Here is guide to install apps in your store:

The comprehensive list of apps on Shopify allows you to quickly integrate almost any added feature.

Reason 5 – Mobile apps:
Shopify offers quite a few distinct smartphone apps to its user base. The main ones are ‘Shopify’ and ‘Shopify POS’ for iOS and Android.

BigCommerce does not have any dedicated mobile app support.

Reason 6 – Expert Help:
Shopify has a larger base of expert help for design, analytics store setup, and marketing as compared to BigCommerce.

Here’s a breakdown of the Shopify pricing for each plan:

Features Lite Basic Shopify Shopify Adva. Shopify
Products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Staff accounts 1 2 5 15
Price $9/mo. $29/mo. $79/mo. $299/mo.
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BigCommerce Alternative 3: Selz


Selz is a good alternative for BigCommerce and provides a range of e-commerce specific features.

Selz was first started in 2013 and is headquartered in San Francisco, USA.

It comes with good support for multiple themes and templates. Quickly customizable, Selz is a great option for beginners and is simple to use.

Selz is equally flexible and each plan handpicks e-commerce driven features. You can start building a store with least efforts and zero coding knowledge.

Below I have listed a few benefits of using Selz over BigCommerce:

Reason 1 – Pricing:
Selz will not burn holes in your pocket and is a much affordable option as compared to BigCommerce. So here is where it is different.

Selz Lite plan starts at $17/month whereas BigCommerce starts at $29/month.

Selz Pricing

This basic plan supports unlimited products and comes with handy features.

Reason 2 – Customization:
Selz has good support for customization where almost every element can be tweaked as per your choice.

Selz Customization Options

While you can add custom code, you can very well rely on its drag and drop features and have complete customization.

Reason 3 – User-Friendly:
Selz makes e-commerce development simple and is perfectly user-friendly.

Once you have logged into the dashboard, the options are readily available to design your website.

Selz Dashboard

With a few clicks, you can use Selz marketing features. Overall the dashboard is intuitive and easy to start using.

Reason 4 – Security:
Selz comes with fairly good security features. This is included within the plan. Free SSL is included in all its plans.

Payments via Selz is completely secure and is fully PCI compliant. Selz comes with real-time fraud protection.

Selz includes secure digital file delivery.

Reason 5 – Sell Digital Products:
Selz is a perfect option to sell digital products. This has secure downloading features as well as pay what you want options.

You can sell e-books, videos, courses, apps. It can also limit the downloads and supports automated PDF stamping. For videos, you can limit downloads based on a number of views or time or you can also rent them as a streaming video.

Selz provides automated product updates and can automatically email previous buyers to tell them an update is available for download.

Additionally, Selz provides a license key to prevent illegal usage of your products. You can generate and provide this license key to users as part of the purchase.

Reason 6 – Customer Support:
Selz has good customer support which is available round the clock. It has live-chat and email support.

Over the website, you would find a lot of helpful guides and resources along with videos. This also includes a free e-commerce training.

selz help center

Selz also has FounderU support. This has resources which would help you increase your sales. Apart from this for the more advanced plans you can enjoy priority support or book a personal appointment.

Here’s a breakdown of the Selz pricing for each plan:

Transaction Fees 2% 1% 0%
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of products Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $17/mo. $23/mo $35/mo
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BigCommerce Alternative 4: Shift4Shop


Shift4Shop provides e-commerce solutions for online businesses. It was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Tamarac, Florida. It provides numerous features at competitive pricing.

Not only is it easy to use, but also is scalable. It has lined up several tools together to build visually appealing websites. As of 2014, it powers more than 17,500 global merchants.

Let us check why Shift4Shop is a better option over BigCommerce.

Reason 1 – Pricing:
Shift4Shop is more flexible around pricing. The Start-up plan is at about $19 per month which supports 500 products with a sales limit of $10K per year.

Shift4Shop plan

This is pretty much sufficient for small-scale website development. With BigCommerce this is expensive since the minimum you need to choose is a $29.95 per month plan

Reason 2 – Transaction fee:
This is again a place where Shift4Shop serves better since it does not have a transaction fee for any of the plans. Though BigCommerce claims to have no transaction fees.

When you get closer you realize, for only certain payment gateways there are no transaction fees.

Reason 3 – Payment Solutions:
Shift4Shop supports more than 160 payment solutions as compared to BigCommerce which is restrictive overpayment gateway options with the support of about 40 popular payment gateways.

Reason 4 – API access:
With Shift4Shop, there are no additional fees to access API. With all plans, you can access their complete set of APIs. With BigCommerce, you can access all API calls only for the most expensive plan.

Which means with BigCommerce, in any of the basic plans you will have to pay separately for the additional API.

Reason 5 – Customer Support:
The live chat options are almost instantaneous in Shift4Shop as compared to BigCommerce. BigCommerce does not have upright customer support live chat.

Reason 6 – Internal Resource Guides:
Shift4Shop provides an exhaustive resource guide along with expert consultations. The knowledge base is well segregated into different categories.


In BigCommerce you have a separate Resource section, but the knowledge base is very minimalistic with only a general overview of the topics.

Reason 7 – Templates:
It has more than 100 templates and designs to choose from. Something which they excel on is a well-created template collection.

Shift4Shop's theme

BigCommerce is very limited over Template selection, with most of them being only paid templates and common looking interface.

Reason 8 – Inventory Control:
Shift4Shop has a powerful inventory control and can monitor low stock items. This is something BigCommerce is poor on, with no much flexibility in inventory management.

Here’s a breakdown of the Shift4Shop pricing for each plan:

Features Startup Basic Plus Pro
Transaction Fees 0% 0% 0% 0%
Storage Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
No. of products 500 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $19/mo. $29/mo. $79/mo. $229/mo.
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If you want to switch your website from BigCommerce to Shift4Shop, you can hire our Site Migration Expert by clicking here.

BigCommerce Alternatives: VERDICT

Above I have given a detailed walkthrough about the various alternatives to BigCommerce. Each of this has set of features which have a cutting edge advantage over BigCommerce.

A fact which is clear is there is no specific guideline on which e-commerce you should choose, but it purely depends on your business requirement.

If you purely have a requirement to customize your look and feel, then Selz or Shift4Shop (Review) is a good to go option, provided you have enough front-end development support.

Both of these have affordable pricing options and additional supported features. But a point of caution, this is definitely less beneficial for first-time divers.

Volusion and Shopify are easy to use. While a general review is, Volusion has a slightly steeper learning curve.

However, again Volusion is rich on knowledge base so things can be learned easily.

With Shopify, you have the luxury of having a larger community support since this is a popular platform for website development. It has a low priced option  (Shopify lite $9/mo.) for the smaller website and additionally you have access to more than 2000 apps which is just phenomenal.