Webflow Review: 8 Pros & 2 Cons of Using Webflow Site Builder

Today building and designing a website has reached new heights, some beyond imagination. What seemed complex a few years back, has been completely eased out by a lot of website builders.

Knowing which website builder suits your requirement requires some background knowledge about the builder along with understanding what it exactly offers.

One such website builder which has been increasingly popular is Webflow.

Webflow is a drag and drops website builder to build responsive websites. It was first started in 2013 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California, USA.

So, is Webflow suitable for you?

Well, hold on, before you decide if Webflow is suitable for you. Through this post, I will unveil some of the pros and cons of using Webflow.

Pros of Webflow:

One of the biggest advantages with Webflow is that you can start using it for free. Well, this is free forever. A suitable place for individuals having a low budget.



It would be appropriate to add their features as one of the pros. Well, certainly there is a reason for this.

Its drag and drop website builder immensely supported by HTML, CSS, JavaScript is powered to build visually appealing and interactive websites which can also support animations.

The CMS and E-commerce supported by Webflow allow easy website designing. Similarly, the editor along with seamless hosting capabilities makes it quicker to launch your website.

The plans include advance SEO controls and the sites developed with Webflow are all SEO friendly.



Apart from this, you get access to over 100 responsive templates. Webflow provides a REST-based API which you can use to update/add/delete items from your CMS.


Plan Flexibility:

Webflow provides versatile plans. As I mentioned you have the option to choose their free plan which remains free forever. With the free plan, you can use two projects with full designing and publish on webflow.io.

The plans are divided as –

  • Site Plan – This is a basic website building
  • Account Plans – This is a more advanced website building with added features.


Site plan provides 2 types of plans-

  • Website Plans
  • E-commerce plans


There are 3 website plans with the basic plan starting at $12/month.


The E-commerce plans also contain 3 different plans, starting at $29/month.


The basic plan contains a 2% transaction fees, while the other plans do not have any transaction fees.


The plans support a host of marketing features with few basic and advanced level marketing support. This is available irrespective of the plan you choose.

The e-commerce plans possess a revenue cap for each of the plans.


A point to note is that the renewals are higher priced as compared to the first-time pricing. While the Site plan looks versatile, similar is with Accounts plans.

Accounts plans have 2 types of plans:

  • Individual plans
  • Team plans


In the Individual plan, you have one free plan along with 2 other paid plans. The plans available are as highlighted below.


The Team plan has 2 plans available as highlighted below. This is a good choice for sharing and collaboration.


Overall the plans are affordable for the loads of features each plan offers. Given the fact that you have so many plan options, you can choose the best plan based on your requirement.


Along with providing several features, Webflow also has appropriate basic security controls. Each plan is supported with free SSL.

All its plans include a backup and versioning.


Beyond this, the complete website can be password protected and secured.


Webflow provides enhanced security by ensuring it has the required compliance mandated.


Ease of Usage:

Webflow has been good in several terms. But how good is it to start using?

Well, I am sure you would not want to be struggling with a complex editor!! Sound’s a nightmare right.

There is a lot of intuitive features added onto Webflow. Your website designing only requires simple drag and drop functionality with zero coding.


The website editor provides a simplistic view with all menu aligned at extreme left.

You can select an element and customize it. Webflow supports over 2000 fonts.


While I say each element can be customized, I would also mention that this in no way is basic customization. You can create some really complex customizations.


Templates: Webflow as a website builder provides a good over 100 template collections. These templates are completely mobile responsive.


You can customize this using the inbuilt Webflow’s code-free editor.

Webflow provides a list of website’s templates to search from.


Webflow also provides a good collection of free templates for e-commerce, CMS, Business, and others.

Webflow segregates each of the template based on the domain and presents a list of template designs.


In all probability, Webflow does provide a huge template collection which is strongly evident. A place where you would not fall short of template designs.

Response and Uptime:

Webflow with its hosting provides uptime guarantee. This guarantees a 99.99% uptime along with a 24/7 monitoring.


Along with uptime, Webflow also provides a good response time with fast speed support. The infrastructure used by Webflow is designed to ensure consistent, fast speed.


Webflow supports the immediate scaling of resources. All plans include CDN for fast speed. While the more advanced plans include Advanced Global CDN.

The most basic plan supports 25,000 visits per month.

CMS support:

Webflow with its plans and the editor provides good CMS support. You can quickly create a blog post.

To illustrate this better, Webflow also provides elaborate videos showcasing each feature in more detail.


E-commerce support:

Webflow has an equally good support for e-commerce designing. This is not only evident from its e-commerce plans, but also from the customizations it provides in its editor for e-commerce store development.


Setting up and designing your store can be completed in a matter of a few clicks.

Customer Support:

If you ever feel lost while using Webflow, then no need to worry, since Webflow provides enormous resource material with varied options.


Apart from the host of customer support options, Webflow also provides an instant resource finder option.


If still, you need help, then you can also message their customer support. The customer support typically provides email response within a few hours.


Webflow has a good blog collection which is equally informative.


Webflow provides support with a lot of video tutorial covering each topic.

For any additional help, Webflow has an FAQ section as well.


Cons of Webflow:

Webflow has a lot of intuitive features, no doubts about this. But does this also have any shortcomings?

Like every other platform, Webflow does have few shortcomings, which I would highlight over here.

I will not speak about their higher renewal rates or transaction fees in the e-commerce basic plan. This is something that a lot of its competitors also incorporate.

So, what exactly are these cons?

Code Customizations:

Webflow is easy to use with its drag and drop options. However, if you are looking for complex code level customizations, then this is not possible using Webflow.

While Webflow works well with its predefined templates and editor customizations, it provides minimalistic code-level customization.


The plans provided by Webflow are versatile, as I have highlighted earlier. While this gives a huge choice, in several cases users may find these plans confusing.

On first glance, this does take some time to decipher which plan is the most suitable one. Having said this, I would also like to mention that, Webflow’s customer support guides you through your queries pertaining to suitable plans.

Steep learning curve:

Webflow provides a huge list of features is something we have already seen. With a long feature list also comes a steep learning curve.

So, if you are just getting started, this may require going through multiple tutorials before actually starting to explore and using their editor.

Thanks to their good resource collection along with a number of video tutorials which eases the learning curve to a greater extent.


Speaking about Webflow, there has been so much I have highlighted in terms of its pros and cons.

Like others Webflow does have few cons, but nothing that is a serious concern.

Webflow provides plans which would fit any budget and is affordable. Its feature list, ease of usage, template collections, seamless editor and great customer support, are something which you just can’t miss.

If you are truly looking for a simple to use drag and drop editor which can create visually appealing website designs, then Webflow is a one-stop shop for all of these.

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