8 Best Website Builder for Musicians (No. #1 is Awesome)
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8 Best Website Builder for Musicians (No. #1 is Just Awesome)

We have Website Builders for Entrepreneurs, Website Builders for Accountants, Website Builders for Photographers but what about Website Builder for Musicians?

Have you ever wondered which website builders would be the best choices for musicians?

Combined with social media and a great website you can gain immense popularity and can quickly reach your target audience.

Choosing the best website builder for musicians needs you to look at several parameters, such as: cost, performance, speed, security, look-and-feel and so many other things.

In this post, I will walk you through some of the best website builders for musicians.

These are not simply hosting companies: they are oriented specifically towards out-of-the-box, easy customization. Hence, “website builders.”

hostingpillBest Website Builders for Musicians
  1. Bandzoogle
  2. Wix
  3. BandVista
  4. Obior
  5. BoldGrid
  6. Flazio
  7. Weblium
  8. Format

Let’s get started with the best one:

1. Bandzoogle: Commission-Free Store & FREE Domain

Bandzoogle was formed in 2003. It provides tools for musicians to build a professional website to promote their music.

The company is led by Chris Vinson and operates out of Montreal, Canada. Chris Vinson himself is a musician and Bandzoogle got started because Vinson built a website for his band, Rubberman.

Currently, there are more than 30,000 musicians and bands who use Bandzoogle.

Unlike others here on this list, Bandzoogle is just for musicians—instead of being an overall builder that is good for musicians.

With Bandzoogle, you get a free domain registration and a wide variety of responsive templates.

It also provides other features such as SEO optimization, social media integration, email integration and much more.

Not only can you build stunning and beautiful websites, but it’s also fast and reliable. Since it is a music-dedicated website builder, one can easily integrate several media formats.

If you’re intimidated about getting started, there are guides on that in the help section of Bandzoogle, in “account billing” to the template customization guide.

Hover to preview

Website Builder for Musicians: Bandzoogle Support

I went ahead and did sign up at Bandzoogle to know how it is easy to use:

Here’s what the Bandzoogle control panel looks like:

Website Builder for Musicians: Bandzoogle

You can set your logo, brand image, and more elements with simple drag-and-drop features.

These tools let you exert a lot of control over your site without hassle: you can set up a good looking site or page in minutes.

See the demo below:

Overall, this website builder is great because it’s easy for you to build a beautiful website from scratch. It’s got everything you need,

See Bandzoogle’s full plans here…


  • Good customer support
  • Dedicated musician based supported features
  • Free domain name
  • All plans contain the “Electronic Press Kit”
  • Good integration with almost all social media platforms.
  • Loads of templates.
  • Customizable CSS and HTML code
  • Every tier has a crowdfunding feature so artists can get support from fans.


  • Price is on the higher side, though pretty normal for mainstream website builders.

(No credit card needed.)

2. Wix

You’ve probably heard of Wix because it’s so dang famous. Out of all the names here, it’s definitely got the most recognition—and the most users.

While Wix is an all-around website builder, it’s big enough that it has a lot to offer in the niche of music sites.

Basically: Wix has just about everything you’ll need, but it’s a bit pricey.


  • Tons of customization and design control, but it’s never too complicated.
  • Lot of features valuable for performers: events calendars, lots of video hours, strong analytics.
  • There is a free version for those who want to experiment indefinitely.
  • Wix has hundreds of templates to explore in general, which means it has dozens of music-related templates—more than any other candidate on this list (by my count, 58).

builders for musicians-wix-templates


  • Pricey compared to a lot of options here, starting at $13 a month.
  • The first tier only has 3GB storage — enough for small bands and artists, but it’s not a lot for the price.
  • Some other options here offer features great for musicians at lower price points—like calendars—than Wix does.

3. BandVista

BandVista is the only name on this list other than Bandzoogle that is targeted solely to musicians, and it’s overall good, so it warrants a high rank here.

BandVista is a smaller, lesser-known and newer entrant in this niche.

However, it’s got some impressive points:

One of the best things about BandVista is its support for mailing lists and an easy newsletter editor. It’s great for marketing and is generously featured when taking price into account.

The main reason it’s lower on the list is some weaknesses in design and overall not totally outdoing the higher up options.


  • Easy to use premade tools that let you create newsletters, blogs, photo galleries, and have a music player on-site without having to go out of your way.
  • Additional pre-made features that I like: a calendar tool (integrated with Google Maps), a guestbook for fans who want to leave messages, polls.
  • Plans come with a free premier BandMix membership, which is basically a classifieds site for musicians to meet up with each other. This would otherwise cost $12.95 a month.
  • Minimal increases in price bring in WAY more features.


  • As BandVista is a smaller service, the support is more limited: email only.
  • Weak on design: not a huge amount of templates and many look similar.
  • A lot of the templates don’t look modern.

builders for musicians-bandvista-design

4. Website Builder for Musicians: Obior

Obior is a solid option because it does a great job of bringing even more accessibility into the website builder field.

It’s not solely for musicians, but more for creatives and artistic people in general—that said, it’s definitely musician-friendly.

It’s also geared more towards the little guy—Obior’s strengths are in its affordability and ease of use. A lot of artists strapped for cash and time will appreciate Obior.


  • Modern designs.
  • Integrations with social media, including Soundcloud, SEO, and a custom browser icon are available all from the first tier onwards.
  • Option of paying monthly or yearly. This is good for scrappier musicians and bands that would be more easily able to afford paying smaller amounts regularly than one amount all at once.
  • The yearly plans are overall pretty affordable in the long term, compared to other website builders:

builders for musicians-obior-price


  • Template selection is a little limited, though the templates are nice.
  • The design editor is a bit limited in how much it lets you change about a template—underlying page/site structure is harder to control.
  • Storage is a little limited for the first tier (1GB).

5. Website Builder for Musicians: BoldGrid

BoldGrid is a little different from a lot of the other options here. First, let me explain more what it is:

BoldGrid is actually not simply a website building software. It’s an ecosystem of WordPress plugins, services, and themes.

BoldGrid basically ranks highly because it can be super advanced and lets everyone (whether a beginner or experienced developer) exert control over their site.

The downsides…well, it involves more “moving parts” than the other options here.


  • Great support.
  • Great performance, themes, and flexibility (in terms of user control).
  • Because there are many different products in the ecosystem, it’s easy to scale up or down as needed. You can get extremely hands-on with building out your WordPress site or just tweak certain things.
  • Specifically, you can buy a website builder service, or a builder specifically for posts and pages, or the “Crio SuperTheme” that is basically a super customizable theme. Or all.
  • The basic website builder product is super cheap, especially compared to a lot of other website builders:

builders for musicians-boldgrid


  • Really only for people who are already using or will use WordPress.
  • Naturally more complicated than an out-of-the-box website builder.
  • Presumably, you’d be paying for this on top of whatever you’re paying for a web host with WordPress installed (and maybe a domain), so it’s not THAT cheap overall. Plus, if you pay for too many different products, costs can quickly add up.

6. Website Builder for Musicians: Flazio

Flazio is one of my favorites on this list, because it’s a great underdog character.

It’s a more recent entrant in the website builder market, hailing from Italy but offering services worldwide.

Despite being small and relatively unknown, it offers a lot of features at a competitive price. The main downside?

I just wish it had more of a focus on musician-related features and designs.


  • There’s one free version with the basic tools and ONE paid version with all the tools. Some may like the simplicity.
  • The paid version isn’t too expensive ($8.25 a month at the time of this writing), considering it’s has all the features and unlimited space.
  • As far as smaller, simpler website builders go, Flazio is strong on ecommerce and marketing tools.
  • Overall easy to use, but also flexible on design. Specifically, there are quite a lot of page elements and widgets available.

builders for musicians-flazio-widget


  • Not a huge selection of musician-specific templates.
  • Sometimes support and web pages can be a little clunky, with poor English and confusing wording. For an example, just look at the screenshot above.
  • The paid plan is overall a good deal, but some people may want more options: perhaps a cheaper tier with less features but that still lets you keep a domain, or a more expensive one with more advanced features.

7. Website Builder for Musicians: Weblium

This is a stark contrast to BoldGrid. The main selling point of Weblium is its focus on simplicity.

I mean, just look at this:

builders for musicians-weblium

You can probably guess where this is heading:

The things that make Weblium great for some people will also make it terrible for others.

In short, if you want your site to look good, but don’t want to fuss too much over the process, Weblium is great. If you want control and flexibility, Weblium probably isn’t for you.


  • Pricing overall isn’t super special, but is on the lower side. There’s also a free plan.
  • Despite the focus on ease of use, there are several integrations available to boost marketing.
  • Like I said, super easy to use.
  • Part of the ease of use is the “AI design supervisor,” which basically automatically adjusts certain details of a site while you edit (basically making sure you don’t mess anything up).
  • One of the most unique features I’ve seen: shared editing that basically lets you share access to the site for simultaneous editing. This is especially great for smaller bands.

builders for musicians-weblium-collab


  • The AI assistant can get annoying, especially if it curbs or undoes your intentional edits.
  • As you’d expect, the focus on simplicity means that it’s harder to fully customize or take control of page elements.
  • Limited amount of music-oriented themes.
  • Though there are some good features, certain basics are lacking: primarily, ecommerce. Not even the highest tier has ecommerce here.

8. Website Builder for Musicians: Format

Format is oriented towards photographers and other visual artists—the main drawback in this context.

So why is it on this list?!

Basically, Format has a lot of other strengths that make it a viable option for musicians, and many templates can be appropriated for a musician or band’s site without too much stress.

Plus, it does have SOME focus on musicians. At the end of the day, Format is really a portfolio builder above all.

Website Builder for Musicians: builders for musicians-format


  • Embedded audio, including embedded Spotify and Soundcloud tracks, which is easy to set up and design.
  • E-commerce tools that work great for selling music. An extra good point is that Format doesn’t take transaction or commission fees.
  • Very strong focus design and customization without sacrificing ease of use. Its strength in this area is a big part of what got it onto this list.

Website Builder for Musicians: builders for musicians-format-design


  • Like I said…Format is oriented towards photographers most strongly. Yes, there are musician-oriented tools and themes…but not as many as for photographers and visual artists.
  • On the pricier side, especially relative to many of the options here.
  • The first tier, which is $12 a month when I write this, only lets you sell 3 products. The second and third tiers are better on this, though.

Which musician website builder is the best?

As you can probably guess, this ranking isn’t going to be perfectly accurate for everyone.

Some people will prize low costs above all else, and others will prize features or performance. Many will be somewhere in-between.

But if you have enough budget for it, Bandzoogle is the best choice overall. It can fit the scrappy upstarts playing out of garages or very successful artists.

Basically, because it’s been in this niche for a while, it’s grown into the best candidate naturally.

If you don’t like Bandzoogle for some reason, Wix is kind of similar, but less focused on musicians specifically.

If you need something at a lower cost, BandVista and Flazio are solid. If you want a great WordPress augmentation, BoldGrid is great.

And so on, and so on—you get the gist.

But overall, Bandzoogle is top for a reason. Happy website building!

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