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Site123 Review 2022: Is It the Right Website Builder for You?

In the past, we’ve reviewed the GoDaddy Website Builder, a service as popular as its name and delivers on all promises except a few. Since that received a positive reaction, we decided to bring you another yet well-known service called Site123.

Site123 cover

Site123 is a promising DIY website builder that looks super intuitive and user-friendly. The signup process is neat, customization options are on par with WordPress without the overload of options, helpful customer support, and much more.

If you’ve been wanting to build a new website, Site123 could be a great introduction. But just don’t take it at face value. We have an entire review to discuss here.

Let’s start with the Pros first:

Site123 Pros: Ease of Use

Site123 ease_of_use

Site123 ease_of_useSite123 ease_of_use

The signup process feels like a fun activity to get into.

First, you get to select what your website is going to be about. As you can see from the options above, there are quite a lot of options.

In step 2, you get to select a name for your website. Not a domain name mind you. Just what your users will see when entering your site.

Finally, on step 3 you get to do the real signing up. Just your name, email, and password are necessary.

Site123 cover_site

Voila! Your website is up and running (not quite online though) and you can access the frontend to start working on your site. As you see the ‘Host n’ Chill’ title that input earlier.

You can start messing with the UI from here on out. You can add images, text, graphics, fonts, or just simply slap a template on the entire site and be done with it.

You can click on anything on the page to make changes. The icon at the top left displays notifications.

The side panel offers 6 options to explore: Notifications, Homepage, Pages, Design, Settings, and Domain. Let’s go through each one by one.


The Homepage button lets you edit the above options. You can edit anything within the side menu location for instant output, including the entire website structure. Yes, you can change your website’s layout on a whim.

Site123 pages

The Page section does precisely what you might think. You can add new pages, edit the current ones, rearrange them, rename them and delete them. There are also a few quick settings under the nut symbol like show on menu, show on footer, hide page from users/mobile, etc.Site123 design_sec

Now the Design section is interesting. It allows quick color and font scheme changes along with the header, footer, mobile, and other settings. The color section offers different variants to choose from.

By default, you get a set number of combinations that work the best together. However, you can also get custom colors but that’s a PRO deal. Not bad for a free plan.

The same goes for the fonts as well. There is a set combination of 2 fonts that work well together. The PRO plan would have more custom options as well.Settings

The Settings section offers very basic customization options. You can change your logo style, the website type option lets you set a single or multiple page layout, and the country locale option lets you adjust the time and date of your country or region of choice.

The PRO features include customization for website languages, app settings, plugin support, and custom code. Regardless, the free plan offers multiple page output which is great.Site123 domain_sec

Lastly, the Domain section is pretty typical. You can see our current domain isn’t exactly ideal. Right under it, there is an option to buy a new domain. If you click on Available, you’ll be redirected to their registrar site where you can buy that domain.

All in all, it is a great introduction for beginners to website builders. The UI customization is simple, yet offers the tools to make the site yours.

Site123: Features and Pricing

PricingThe pricing tree is as simple as it gets.

The FREE plan doesn’t even require credit card details. You can just log in and go straight to customization.

However, you only get a small wiggle room to explore. Both the storage and bandwidth are locked to 250 MB, which is modest but not for the long run. But also, you do get a subdomain.

The Premium plan costs $5.80/month. You get a free domain for a year, 10 GB storage, remove the site’s banner tag, eCommerce tools, and 5 GB bandwidth.

So there’s something else. Turns out, they have 2 kinds of pricing plans. The one we found on their main site and another one we got from the customer support.Site123 pricing

Take a look at this. There are 4 plans apparently. This happened because we were looking at the website while being logged out. Logged in, this is what you get.

There are Gold, Professional, Advanced, and Basic plans to choose from.

The Basic plan costs $3.48 and offers much of the same stuff as the Premium plan. However, the Advanced plan is more business suitable with 2 mailboxes and 30 GB storage.

The Professional plan comes with everything from high storage to additional mailboxes and languages. The price is $10.68 if you go annual. Other than that, the pricing model can only go as low as 3 months.

Now, the Gold plan is all out with storage, bandwidth, and mailing lists. Nothing unlimited but then how many people actually NEED unlimited capacity.

Now to compare with something like Godaddy, Site123 won’t stand a chance. But we are talking about a company with a much smaller scale, which means that they can pour more resources towards individual entities.

So pricing was a bit complicated but affordable overall. The biggest thing is that it all comes packed with a 14-day money-back guarantee. So you can try the paid plan out for a short time without any risks.

Site123: Customer Support

Support CenterThe support section is easy to get by. There’s a search bar at the top. You can search through any category with a keyword or phrase. Nothing too complex.

For the sections themselves, you can read up about everything in detail. Each section has a sub-section that leads to an article with separate topics.Editor

As you can see, there are topics with short explanations accompanied by short video demos of what the text says. You can also read up more about that topic through follow-up links.

So there is certainly some effort here. But what about the 24/7 live chat?Chat with Support

Their chat client looks, unlike anything we’ve ever seen. It has an average messenger-like UI. You can attach emojis or screenshots to it for better communication.Chat with Support

We put in an inquiry for their pricing plans. The reply took a few minutes, but then redirected us to another representative. Reply delay is ok but that redirection was a bit jarring at first. We got our answer so no big deal.

However, it is unlikely you won’t find a solution to your problem in either the FAQ section or the live chat support.


So the Pros took some time to get through but rest assured the Cons will be short. A few issues need to be brought up.

Firstly, the pricing section thing was a bit confusing. Their main Site123 site has 2 plans. The FREE one and the Premium one. None of which are mentioned in the one that we discovered later.Site123 support_5

When asked further why is that the case, the representative just simply implied that that is how it is. If it is a technical issue that remains unnoticed then they should update it on their website.

If not then it comes off as a bit misleading.

Another one is their pricing models. You can’t go on a monthly basis. You HAVE to select between their 3 to 60 month leasing periods. There is a money-back guarantee but some people might have different priorities.

The live chat redirection isn’t actually a big deal but could be a bit time-consuming.

And that’s it for cons.


So we said a lot of good stuff about Site123 and some bad stuff. Now, not every service is going to be pitch-perfect. GoDaddy is huge in its scale but has become somewhat notorious for its poor service.

What can be a final say on Site123 is that being a smaller venture, their priorities are more targeted towards smaller individuals and businesses as well.

If you happen to have one of those ventures that could benefit from the low-cost, optimized resources, and the flexibility of UI that Site123 offers then you’re the one they’re looking for.

The sketchy pricing and live chat shenanigans can be looked over in the long term anyway.

So what do you think? Is Site123 the mark of quality? Do you have an idea for a website that could work great with Site123?

Whatever your thoughts may be, please comment down below and let us know.

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