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So, you have decided to build your music website? That’s great!! While you decide to build your music website, there is a basic question that needs to be answered. Where do you get ideas and inspirations to build your music website?

Building a music website needs tons of creativity and if you have decided to do it yourself, then surely you need helping hands to get bits of inspiration to build that first-ever music website.

Do such websites exist which can provide you with inspiring ideas for your music website?

Well, luckily there are a couple of such websites which can give you some out of the box concepts for your music website.

Hold on, while I speak about each of this in more detail.

1. Pharrell Williams:

Pharrell Williams

The website contains multiple cards which are fan’s projects about music. By clicking on any fan card, you can check the design. You can also create your own card.

The unique design provides ample of inspirational ideas.

Here is what I found good about it.

  • Navigation: As you open their landing page, you would find that it has simple scrollable navigation. Not only does this look classy but is also quick to glance. It’s well segregated based on the genre.
  • Visuals: The placement of each section is done in such a way that most prominent once is placed at the very top. It starts with Featured music followed by songs gallery. Next followed by music videos and the other music.
  • Gallery: Each section has its own gallery collection. Each of this has side sliders which allows you to explore easily.
  • Easy to Use: The page is quick to load and easy to use. You can listen to music as well as watch videos. This also allows you to buy via iTunes. At the very bottom, you would find a section about other artists which are directly linked to a reference website.

2. Yaybrigade:


The landing page on opening gives a list of favorite albums of 2017. Numbered and added based on two authors choices, this provides a music list.

On hitting the page, you would see that the page looks simple yet has several customizations.

Here is what I found good about it.

  • Innovative Visual: As you open the page, with no doubts you would realize its visually appealing. First, you can see a well-segregated list which can be viewed in the form of a CD.
    YaybrigadeThis can also be viewed in the form of listing. You can choose any view. It includes songs across multiple years and for each year the visuals are different.
  • Well-organized: Though the landing page provides a series of music albums. It does not look cluttered and seems to be easy to navigate.The page layout is used effectively to provide eye-catching visuals and at the same time, each option is well-placed.You can also choose songs from other years which is an option available at the very bottom of the page.
  • Customization: It not only provides customizations on view but also has additional customizations for audio. These options are placed at the bottom.As soon as you click on any of these options, the theme color changes automatically. To listen to a song, you just need to hover over the song option.The autoplay allows users to listen to all songs one by one.
  • Listening Options: It provides multiple listening options for music. While you can listen on the page, you can also choose to listen to it over YouTube or Spotify.

3. Henrysaiz:


As you load the page, this does take some time; however, the loader showing percentage of loading makes it seem easy.

This is more than a fan page where you would also see sections showing details about shows and events.

Each section gets highlighted on hover.

Here is what I found good about it.

  • Page Layout: As you load the page you would be able to hear music till you scroll down over the page.
    With a collapsible side menu, the complete page is used to show more content in less space. The page starts with an introduction with a bio, followed by other listings.All details including galleries and show dates are captured in one single scrollable page.
  • Styling: The page uses a lot of minute styling elements. First, it starts with a collapsible main menu. Every section gets highlighted on hover.
  • Gallery: The page includes different places from where you can access the music.It has a link to complete discography. The gallery is listed with thumbnails and is easy to browse.
  • Easy Navigation: As you move from top to bottom, the navigation is simple and you get a lot of information on a single page. It’s almost self-explanatory with details about live show, dates, and gallery.The galleries can be viewed over Beatport.

4. Devotchka:


This is a simple website with not much multimedia content. This is a good example to refer in case you do not wish to create a media-rich website.

While this is simple, yet it gives a good resonance about the website.

Here is what I found good about it:

  • Simple Layout: The website has a suave layout with not much flashy graphics. It has a well-segregated menu and is easy to navigate.
  • Tours: The website contains a separate tours section where you can buy tickets.
  • Gallery: The gallery shows a list of all music which can be played over the website. There are multiple options using which you can either download or play.
  • Sell Merch: The website contains a separate section about merchandise, where you can buy products.

5. Auberive Music:


This is a band based website and the essence of the website is pretty much clear from their media graphics.

Over the website, there is very less description used since most of the pieces are evident from their visuals. This almost gives you a feeling like you are attending a live show.

  • Strong graphics: The complete website is filled with media content and the background contains graphics.The website is designed in a way to make it easy for users to try different music by staying on the website.
  • Tour details: A dedicated section shows all the tour details and lets users listen to sample music on the go.
  • Multiple Options: Over the website, there is an autoplay which can be turned off if required. Apart from this, you can hear the music over various channels.
  • Side scroll: To browse through different music galleries, it has a side scroll. This is easy to use and at the same time is different from most conventional websites.

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6. Artempivovarov:


The page over here has a simple website design with menus right at the top. You would find audios gallery, videos gallery and concert information.

While at first glance the website looks simple, yet it has few customizable options.

Here is what I found good about it.

  • Simple: With no second thoughts, the page is simple to view and does not require too many navigations. All options are clickable tabs.
  • Customizable: Over the website, you can listen to any music by clicking on the audio button.
    You can listen to it over iTunes, Google Play or Sound Cloud.
  • Videos: Viewing videos is almost like YouTube. While you can view it on YouTube, you can also view it embedded within the website.
    It has options to Share, Watch Later. Except for the comment section, like and dislike options, it is like YouTube where you can also change speed or quality.
  • Audio Library: The audio library is placed compact showcasing thumbnails. On clicking any album, you can view all the available song options. This can be downloaded via Google Play or iTunes or you can play it using Yandex music.

7. Sound-of-change:

sound of change

The page loads quickly to provide you with a complete journey of the website. By default, when you enter the music plays, which can be turned off if required.

As you visit the page, you can get the essence of the music. This involves street music more from a busker.

Here is what I found good about it.

  • Visuals: The landing page over here is visually rich as well as appealing to the listener. It is meant for buskers and this is easily evident from its design and theme layout. As you move around the website you would find more visually impactful graphics.
  • Easy Navigation: The page is designed with a side menu button which can be clicked and viewed whenever required. It does not provide too many options, but at the same time has sufficient options to segregate content and make navigation easy over the page.
  • Add musicians: Musicians can be added here and each of their collection can be viewed by clicking on buskers tab. It has a map which can be used to locate musicians.
  • Customizable: You can turn on or off the music which is an option available on the page.You can hear the music embedded within the website or on Google Play or on iTunes. Similarly, you can watch a video. This also provides an option to view in HD quality.You can immediately share the music over Facebook and Twitter.

8. Timdavisvocals:


This is an all in one musician’s website. It provides a brief introduction about the musician and the different work developed by the musician.

Unlike other examples, this one is exclusively dedicated to a single musician’s work.

Here is what I found good about it.

  • Page Layout: The graphics along with page layout and color theme make the website look more appealing.
    The page has a scrollable option to view each section on the page. The sections are well-segregated and the page layout has been used effectively. Includes slide shows wherever possible.
  • Verbose: Each section provides a brief verbose stating the significance of the section.
    The description provided is just appropriate to get a gist of the website and the services available.
  • Easy navigation: Page contains a side menu which can be expanded or collapsed. The menus come with a close button.
    The website looks professional having images and references of popular celebrity works done by the musician.
  • Multiple services: The website offers multiple services and its well showcased. Contains enough information about being a performer, coach, vocalist, and music producer. There is a separate section showcasing different singers and you can also listen to their music.

9. Wolfthemes:


The landing page opens to show a host of services it provides. It is a complete music package website with not only gallery but also ticket selling options.

As you browse down the single page you can see the different services with a contact form at the very bottom.

Here is what I found good about it.

  • Visually appealing: Though the page has several images and media, it loads quickly. The layout is well-segregated into sections
    The graphics and images used are most appropriate for a musician website.While it is visually appealing, it is at the same time simple to navigate.
  • Gallery: On the page you can buy the music from Amazon, iTunes and on the go, listen to it.
    With music, it also has videos gallery.
  • Tickets: This has a dedicated section indicating ticket availability at different locations along with status and allows you to buy tickets.
    Along with tickets, it also shows a section showcasing the latest release which can be listened.
  • News section: Not many musician websites incorporate much text content. However, here is one which has a dedicated news section.
    Since this is a demo of WolfThemes, there is a mention of this one-page music WordPress theme.

10. Odensesymfoni:


This is a website which has multiple music connections with concerts, orchestra and includes teaching.

The website gives a good listing of orchestras and the different upcoming shows.

Here is what I found good about it.

  • Versatile: This is a website which offers multiple services starting from listing orchestra bands, concert time, and their courses. Their versatile services are well segregated to avoid cluttering around the website.
  • Menus and design: The page does not contain too many graphics or media links. Yet, it has well-separated menus showcasing a lot of details about each musician. It clearly mentions the instruments linked to the musician.
  • Details: You would find loads of details about any orchestra you choose. It also mentions the upcoming shows and allows you to book tickets. Similarly, for concerts, you have a good detailing of information provided.

11. Alexandergadjiev:


The page loads with an introduction, which can be skipped if required. There is a side music button which can be turned on to listen to music.

This is a portfolio of a single musician and highlights the different aspects of music.

Here is what I found good about it.

  • Menus: Since this is a single musician’s website, it speaks louder about the musician in all terms. The page layout shows the musicians profile along with well-aligned menus.
    It clearly puts forth the name, picture and other basic details and lets users share the link over social media channels. The theme used clearly indicates this is related to piano.
  • Biography and Testimonials: The page provides a brief biography stating the musician’s journey along with key events.
    The page also contains testimonials.
  • Library and Calendar: There is a mention of the good collection of audio as well as video libraries along with press releases.
    You can listen to this or also buy it.The page contains a comprehensive calendar event where you can also buy tickets.
  • Awards and social presence: At the very beginning as well as at different locations on the website, there is a mention about the different awards. This is a good way to establish credibility.

12. Ensemblecorrespondances:


This is a good place to consider in case you have your own music band and are looking forth to add details about your concert over the website.

Here is what I found good about it.

  • Images: The website is filled with a lot of eye-catching musician and concert images. This with least verbose provides more details about the website.
    The images are with high resolution making it appear clear as well as attention-grabbing.
  • Journey Road-Map:  The page dedicates a section to explain their journey from inception. It’s interesting to note, how for each year they have a significant image. This adds on to their credibility.
  • Gallery: The music gallery linked to concerts and programs lets you auto listen to music.
  • News and Team: The website contains a news section which provides news related to their concerts.
    It has a dedicated team section, which does need a special mention. It provides all the key person’s details along with contact information.

This completes my list of best music websites for inspiration.

So, the next question to answer is how can you create such mesmerizing music websites?

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bandzoogle plan

All plans have unlimited bandwidth.

Promotional features included are as highlighted below-

bandzoogle promotional feature


Having a glimpse of existing musician websites gives you great insights into what you can weave into your music website.

Lots of creativity, good look and feel, inspiring design and a good hosting partner is all that you require to get your musician website up and running.

Getting on further while I have provided you with my list of best music websites for inspiration, to make this a reality you can try Bandzoogle.

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free Music sites Infographic

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