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Building your website can be a challenge. All of the options, colors, and layouts; how are you supposed to choose?

Well, we’re here to help!

The 56 best WordPress Themes of 2019 are at your service.

Handpicked by our staff to give you the best opportunity to create a stunning and effective website. Our selections are proven worthy because of these top 3 reasons:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Flexible customization and design
  3. Increased consumer conversion rate!

And after you select your WP theme, check out Beginners Guide: How to Install a WordPress Theme to learn how to structure your new website.

Fitness Training WordPress Themes

1. Gym Edge

Gym Edge

Bold. Edgy. Interactive. Gym Edge comes equipped with 10 different home page layouts, and Visual Composer for live drag-and-drop design.

Special features include class schedules, trainer display, and video tutorials! It’s a powerful theme for new, and seasoned fitness fanatics!

2. Fitzeous


Fitzeous is one of the intelligent personal fitness WordPress templates that’s designed for style and features.

Sleek gallery and testimonial pages, flexible home page designs, and trainer-specific plugins, creates a mobile-friendly interface for your on-the-go clients.

It’s compatible with WooCommerce, so you can sell your classes and fitness merchandise online!

3. Health Coach

Heath coach

Are you a health professional? Then Health Coach is the WP template for you.

Interactive response buttons, along with large slider headers, and emphasis on success stories, will showcase your key content.

Also, its strategic social media integration will present your latest benefits and services across your major media platforms.

4. Alex Stone

Alex stone

Great for timetables and fitness scheduling, the Alex Stone theme allows for an organized, and professionally aesthetic website.

WPBakery creates easy drag-and-drop design, and the WooCommerce plugin grants your clients access to your courses, trainings, and latest updates.

Key features include multi-layout pages, and adjustable colors and typography!

Photography WordPress Themes

1. Photographer


With an easy to use gallery structure, video embedded plugins, and zoomable images, Photographer presents a minimalistic, distraction-free theme for your creative website.

Its responsive design scheme, and complete blog system are key components that will display your vivid gallery, and connect you and your photos to more viewers!

2. Fluxus


A photography WordPress theme that focuses on content portfolios.

The distinctive horizontal and grid layouts, along with video support, makes it easy to showcase your images side-by-side.

And with functional features like animation, social media integration, and lead-generating buttons and tabs, Fluxus represents a professional and efficient photography theme.

3. Bridge 180

Bridge 180

The “Best Selling Theme” Bridge 180, applies an open-ended customizable design to your website.

It’s artistic and concise, and comes fully loaded with notable features like Visual Composer for smooth web building, and flexible typography and colors.

Fun fact! It also includes 4 premium apps, worth over 100 dollars!

4. Pinhole


Fully compatible for gallery showcase and design, Pinhole is a unique WP theme that engages in significant features like photo proofing and image downloads.

Have a photography service? Then WooCommerce is a necessary plugin that will help your website generate leads, and convert your viewers into clients!

5. Blacksilver

Black silver

The most intriguing parts about Blacksilver is its elegantly designed full-screen slideshow elements, and filter capabilities for each photo for easy gallery management.

More impressive is the in-built proofing plugin for images and typography, as well as being able to market and sell your photos with WooCommerce, which is included!

Dentistry WordPress Themes

1. Dentist

Dentistry WordPress Themes

Dentist is professional and upgraded. With a cascading and interactive home page, custom features, and an art gallery, your portfolio will be stylishly displayed!

Powered by Bootstrap for optimized web traffic, and Cherry Framework for customizable apps, this WP theme is scalable, and search engine friendly.

2. Dentistry

Dentistry WordPress Themes

Dentistry creates a vibrant design, with priorities apps like Visual Composer and Timetable for a beautiful and effective layout.

WooCommerce is also an asset, and apps like Contact Form 7 will manage your client information.

There’s even a FREE lifetime update for your site!

3. SmileCare

Dentistry WordPress Themes

SmileCare is a well-rounded theme for the healthcare and dentistry professional. With lots of design templates, and specialized apps, it makes for a fully customizable website.

The mobile-friendly enhancements make it scalable and accessible, so you can use apps like Revolution Slider, to show-off your service and testimonial gallery!

4. Dental Clinic

Dentistry WordPress Themes

Dentistry Medical themes for WordPress like Dental Clinic use a one-page system to showcase your layouts and various color schemes.

Enjoy primary features such as Animations and Content Composer.

And because it’s payment friendly, you can also sell your Dental or Medical care devices through your website.

5. Dental – Medical Multipurpose

Dentistry WordPress Themes

Dental – Medical Multipurpose provides a precisely-built web page for optimal engagement. Elementor Page Builder sends a strong message of creativity and expertise, and vivid page layouts for an attractive visual.

The philosophy of Mobile-Friendly First makes viewing the website from a smaller screen easier on the eyes too.

Lawyer WordPress Themes

1. Justitia

Lawyer WordPress Themes

Justitia is one of the premium WordPress themes that delivers a quality legal website, using powerful plugins like Elementor, and Slider Evolution, for a contemporary style.

Pre-built pages, and the Header Footer features helps with easy web-page navigation, while it’s highly customizable color schemes provides free-range for your tailored creativity.

2. Williamson

Lawyer WordPress Themes

A one-page website that delivers a clear and bold message, M. Williamson has an innovative design, and app support like WPBakery, for highly customizable image and video display.

Selling any legal content, or consultations? WooCommerce is fully compatible, and will come in handy for online transactions.

3. Lawyer Base

Lawyer WordPress Themes

Fully responsive, multi-layered page options, with the free Master Slider layout? Lawyer Base is one of the most viable WordPress templates for legal websites.

It’s loaded with features like Page Builder and Attorney Post Format for unique section designs, while WooCommerce supports the online sales of your courses and trainings!

4. Justly

Lawyer WordPress Themes

Justly is creatively direct with its forefront, full-length sliders, and real-time animation designs. Build a beautiful and strong website using Visual Page Builder, and skyrocket your web traffic with Bootstrap, all included as featured apps.

It’s search engine friendly, and mobile device ready! Perfect for professional law and consulting websites.

5. HumanRights

Lawyer WordPress Themes

Want to make a strong case? Then choose HumanRights.

It’s Drag-and-Drop Builder plugin will create custom layouts, and Slider Revolution shows must-see images and effects.

It’s language Translation Ready, and the advance theme options allow distinctive web page construction! It’s one of the safest WordPress themes for business and law.

Forbes made accurate predictions about music trends in 2019, saying “Major labels are losing their mojo” and “Streaming is changing song structures”.

That tells us that a musician, band, and even songwriter’s website should be equipped with exciting images and content, and more importantly, quality sound music that can be streamed live on your website!

Coming up next is our latest WordPress themes for musicians; and you tell us, which one of our choices will rock-out-loud as your official website?

Musician WordPress Themes

1. Flicker

Musician WordPress Themes

Flicker is an optimal WP theme for musical career expansion. It’s completely customizable, with the Unyson app to drag-and-drop different layouts and sections.

Did we mention AccessPress, which will set and display your media accounts for your fans?

And keep your subscribers informed with your updates using the Mailchimp app!

2. Nika

Musician WordPress Themes

Homepage box post, carousel gallery for your images, and Share Post apps ensure that Nika is part of the music WordPress themes that produces an eye-catching design.

Custom banners and backgrounds create vivid imagery, and it’s equipped with Bootstrap and streaming capability to increase your site visits!

3. Musico

Musician WordPress Themes

Live lettering with real-time effects, Musico is a lead-generator with forefront plugins like Music Player, and Discography layouts for an exciting look.

By taking advantage of the included apps like Social Media Post, and WooCommerce, your website will be able to showcase your concert gallery, and accept money online.


Musician WordPress Themes

For a stunning design, MUZIQ is a prime-time choice for music artists. Its sharp layout, and optional one or multi-page website, generates creative control.

Internal support for major streaming services are included, and fun features like Audio Player allows you to play your music straight from your page!

5. Lush Awake

Musician WordPress Themes

The most interesting feature of Awake is the 3D menu, which allows you to push, scale, or rotate it! An energetic model with Visual Composer for crisp landing pages.

The Gig Manager app schedules and displays your next appearances, while also streaming your music live!

Recipe Blogger WordPress Themes

1. Culinier

Recipe Blogger WordPress Themes

A premier WordPress recipe theme for a fun culinary site is Culinier WordPress.

It has features like full-length slider, and customizable posts, so your culinary network can view your recipe, or leave a comment on your blog.

The MegaMenu app lets you create your menu, your way! (Our favorite feature!)

2. Epicer

Recipe Blogger WordPress Themes

Epicer comes fully loaded with beneficial features for both your recipes and blogs like unlimited color schemes, Visual Composer compatible, customizable page options, and easy buttons design for navigation.

And by using the epic grid-style gallery layout, it creates a professional website for the passionate chef.

3. Talisa

Recipe Blogger WordPress Themes

Talisa presents a simple and fully customizable one-page website design, with emphasis on features related to food favoriting, recipe posting, and gallery layout.

With unlimited colors, video support, and the Recipe Rating feature, it’s set up to be a flavorful website for all of your viewers.

4. Spiced Blog

Recipe Blogger WordPress Themes

Spiced Blog is definitely designed with the food blogger in mind. Visual Composer and WP Customizer create a crisp website by using the diverse premade Blog-Style formats.

Social Media Feed and MailChimp are also supported!

This recipe theme is highly responsive for showcasing your quality food.

Katie Lundin of Crowdspring Blog says, “75% of consumer judge the credibility and trustworthiness of your company by your website design.”

So how do you create a website that customers find positive and easy to work with?

Katie has the answer in her article describing the 7 Modern Web Designs Trends for 2019, that will give you the best tips on how to make a top-tier website with WordPress themes for Blogs.

Travel Blog WordPress Themes

1. Vagabonds

Travel Blog WordPress Themes

With its huge and diverse blog layout, and drag-and-drop capability, Vagabonds uses theme core features to interactively enhance your website.

It’s easily customizable, has lots of gallery designs, and free apps like Revolutionary Slider to showcase your landscape images, and Give for accepting donations for your next trip!

2. Advertex

Travel Blog WordPress Themes

Advertex is a prominent WordPress travel blog theme because it’s image-focused. It uses functions like Smart Slider 3 to illustrate your photos in clean fashion.

Be sure to use the Social Links functions, MailChimp, and its diverse post formats to share your experience with your travel tribe.

3. Ailsa

Travel Blog WordPress Themes

Multiple layouts, different blog formats, unlimited color schemes, Web Builder for ultimate customization, video and image support… Ailsa is an excellent choice for the smart personal or professional blogger.

Did we mention that it’s also search engine friendly? That makes it easier for viewers to find your site on Google!

4. TripTastic

Travel Blog WordPress Themes

TripTastic is fun, vibrant, and highly customizable for your travel website.

It has two types of interactive galleries, video support, and Audio Player for an exciting design!

It’s also accompanied with Bootstrap, which makes it very search engine friendly, so be prepared for lots of website visits!

5. Blogy

Travel Blog WordPress Themes

For the minimalist blogger, Blogy is the ultimate travel theme.

Its one-page web layout creates a personal user experience, while being set up for fast web loading with the Advance Theme options.

It gives you design control, which makes your pages extremely customizable, and highly responsive for your viewers.

Our friends at Advancing Travel Insight Globally shared a fun fact: People are always showing their tasty meals via social media, so about half of all travelers will plan their next adventure based on food.

It’s an ongoing, expanding trend called “Food Tourism”. How creative!

What does this mean for Travel Bloggers? It proves that the web design of travel themes are important for growing your business.

So become connected with your local restaurant chains, mom-and-pop stores, and even the neighborhood winery, and use it to develop a delectable website that will add rich value to your viewer’s savory adventures.

Yoga Trainer WordPress Themes

1. Gym Edge

Yoga Trainer WordPress Themes

Want a clean design that is also mobile friendly? Then check out Gym Edge.

It’s equipped with more than 10 home page styles, and features like Class Schedules, Trainer Style grids, and even a Body Mass Index calculator!

Stay relevant by using this complete Fitness Personal Trainer theme!

2. Yoga X

Yoga Trainer WordPress Themes

Yoga X is a fully functional fitness theme that supports necessary apps like TimeTable Scheduling, coaching and class details, and member login.

Create new content with the drag-and-drop app Visual Composer, and play around with the unlimited color plates for a highly personal, holistic, and fun website!

3. Cosmedix

Yoga Trainer WordPress Themes

Cosmedix places emphasis on imagery and a sharp layout. It has flexible one-page or multi-page formatting, and is easy to customize.

If you want to show off your gallery, send updates, or sell your yoga merchandise, then enjoy the Social Sharing and WooCommerce apps that are included.

4. Leezen

Yoga Trainer WordPress Themes

An awesome theme for the Health Wellness Yogi, Leezen has a purpose-oriented design to promote your classes, testimonials, or courses.

The Blog Post formats make your content look more attractive, and Bootstrap is a feature too, so lots of visitors can easily find and visit your website!

5. Namaskar

Yoga Trainer WordPress Themes

Make your web design easy with Namaskar! The Elementor plugin makes for simple drag-and-drop construction, and distinctive blog layout creates a responsive design.

Oh, and take advantage of the cool Cherry Social app, which allows for your social media feed to be live on your website!

6. Coach

Yoga Trainer WordPress Themes

Coach has a service-first priority, by using its featured apps to present your classes, TimeTable and Schedules, and updates, at the forefront of your website for generating more clients.

Elementor will build your website and display your gallery for you, which is a great time-saver for Health and Yoga instructors.

Business WordPress Themes

1. R.Cole

Business WordPress Themes

Stylish, professional, and fresh! R.Cole is a premier Life Business theme that showcases your primary products, services, and Blog Post like testimonials and awards.

Design a leadership-style website by using features like Visual Composer for easy customization and color changes, and WooCommerce for efficient online transaction.

2. Philip Jaymes

Business WordPress Themes

Your website will be strong and bold with the Philip Jaymes web theme. Interactive apps like Live Time Clock and Visual Composer let you create a powerful presence for your site.

It has superb customization for backgrounds and text styles, while still being simple enough to be mobile friendly!

3. Business Consulting

Business WordPress Themes

Present your skills to your clients with the strategically professional Business Consultant theme.

Choose your layout style with features like pie charts, background videos, or Blog Post to promote your services, and design cool and customizable landing pages to attract visitors, and convert them to clients!

4. Consultek

Business WordPress Themes

Consultek is a fun and modern template that has several options for homepage designs, Slider Revolutions for image display, search-engine ready so you can be found on Google, and MailChimp to reach your clients more effectively!

Overall, it’s a complete and customizable website to start using today!

5. Moreno Modern

Business WordPress Themes

Interactive and professional, Moreno Modern gives you access to custom header designs, Slide Revolution for your professional gallery, and Advanced Portfolio and Blog for your content and services.

The Advanced Panel is a special feature that’s included to assist you in creating distinctive content, style, and transitional designs.

Accounting WordPress Themes

1. Wapuula

Accounting WordPress Themes

Wapuula has a contemporary design, and a crisp layout for services, blogs, and latest updates. Complete with Visual Composer for page editing, creating your site will be a breeze.

It also has a Mobile First philosophy, so your site will also be responsive and attractive on your phone and tablet!

2. Amwal

Accounting WordPress Themes

Amwal keeps corporate businesses in mind with its in-depth design features such as Page Builder, and WordPress Theme options for custom layouts.

Of course, WooCommerce is supported for easy online transactions, and Contact Form 7 will help you make digital forms for effective client management.

3. Financial Vision

Accounting WordPress Themes

Financial Vision is a top-notch business template with an intelligent customization design to catch your client’s eye, like the drop-down menu for efficient site navigation.

With functional apps like Bootstrap for official designs and easy web search, and Mobile enhancements for on-the-go viewers, your website will be interactive and profitable!

4. Momex

Accounting WordPress Themes

Whether small or corporate, Momex provides a simple business design with in-depth functionality.

Apps like Cherry Layouts grant access to a smooth design and social media sharing!

Other features like Favicon for interactive buttons, Live Customizer, and Menu Management will keep you website attractive and sharp.

Pet Trainers WordPress Themes

1. Pet World

Pet Trainers WordPress Themes

Pet World has all the fixings for a stupendous website: MegaMenu for site navigation, Pet Forms for client organization, unique pet pages, and video tutorial for trainings and courses!

Use the Blog and Gallery page builder to display your pet content with your viewers, and design your new website today!


Pet Trainers WordPress Themes

Want to attract more pet parents? PETO can help.

It has multiple homepage options, WPBakery for effective page building, and is mobile-friendly and search-engine ready!

Best part? You can interactively showcase your products in 360 view! Don’t worry, it also comes with WooCommerce so you can accept online payment.

3. Petz

Pet Trainers WordPress Themes

Petz is a colorful Pet Club theme that allows for an interactive and entertaining design. Features like the Video Slider, along with unlimited color templates, create an illustrative website for your viewers.

Have a blog? Use the Blog Formats to relay your content in a stylish and noticeable fashion!

4. Pet Kennel

Pet Trainers WordPress Themes

With diverse homepage options, Full Screen Sliders and Videos, alongside Menu and Content personalization, and speedy page loading, site design with Pet Kennel is easy!

Pets and Vets, rest assured that it will provide you with flexible customization, search-engine enhancements, and online payment options for your new website.

5. Animal Planet

Pet Trainers WordPress Themes

Animal Planet is a 100% editable pet theme that has specialized post types, multiple color options, and amazing Sliders to display your pet images.

It’s also optimized for top listing on search engines, and enjoy the interactive apps that allow you to share your content across your social media platforms.

6. Dogs

Pet Trainers WordPress Themes

The Built-in Theme Customizer for Dogs creates a solid web design by using apps like Bootstrap to upgrade your pages, and quality responsiveness so it will be attractive across your mobile devices.

The page layouts and various color schemes will also add a specialized touch to enhance your website!

7. White Animals and Pets

Pet Trainers WordPress Themes

White Animals and Pets is a strong pet theme because of two features: Bootstrap and Cherry framework; they give the most powerful boost to your website pages.

And with optional specifications for multicolor layout, content formatting, and Sliders for your images, it will create an improved and positive web design!

Are these features beneficial to you? And even with these awesome themes, how do you actually build the website?

What about WordPress themes for business? Will it really help increase your web traffic and clientele?

Yes! The themes are designed with your success in mind!

So… are you capable of designing your own website?

Comment your thoughts on how you’ll design it, and let’s see how your new website will turn out!

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