5 Best Podcast Name Generators in 2021

Did you know, 23% of Americans listen to podcasts regularly. Podcasts are getting famous day by day.

One of the most important parts of the podcast is deciding a name for the channel that you are going to start.

Podcast Name Generators

That’s right, these websites will do the work for you. Name generators ease your work by giving you a few suggestions for the names of the podcast.

These are the websites that will ask you to input some information from you like your name, second name, the genre of your podcast, etc.

hostingpill5 Best Podcast Name Generators
  1. Crowdspring
  2. Kopywriting Kourse
  3. BizNameWiz
  4. BNG
  5. Portent

Let’s take a look at some of the best podcast name generators:

1. Crowdspring


Crowdspring provides for all kinds of branding needs. You can create a naming project and get professional collaborators to work with you. The duration for the project usually lasts for a week but could also end in a day as well.

The site tries to understand your requirements through an interactive QA. What’s more, every finished project comes included with legal contracts. So there are no chances of copyright disputes.

2. Kopywriting Kourse


Kopywriting Kourse is a copywriting agency as well as a training agency for entrepreneurs, content writers, etc. to train them in copywriting. They have developed this podcast name generator tool that helps you by suggesting names for your podcast.

kopywriting kourse example

Here on their page, you are asked to enter a few details such as your topic, your name and your city. Once entered, it will generate 100+ name ideas within a few seconds. These podcast names will be creative and will use your name, city or topic in them.

Further Information

3. BizNameWiz


This is a website built by some of the branding name specialists to help you generate names for your business. Here, it asks you to enter any random words that you want to keep in the name of your podcast.

BizNameWiz Example

Once you enter them, this website will generate a few suggestions and then take you to the GoDaddy website if you want to purchase a domain name as well. You can use the name of the show and also develop a website for your podcast.

The branding experts on this website have shared their thoughts on how the business names should be in order to attract a large audience.

4. BNG


BNG – a website that helps in generating names for your business has developed a tool to generate names for the podcast and check its availability. First, what you need to do is enter the words that you want to be in your podcast name and then click on generate.

BNG example

This tool will redirect you to a page where you need to filter out the type of industry and the number of characters in the podcast name.

You can keep the podcast name shorter or a lengthy one, whichever fits the best. Pick the one that is best for your podcast and then proceed to buy the domain name for the podcast website.

5. Portent


Portent is basically a title generator or in other words, a content idea generator. Still, it can be used for generating ideas for the name of your podcast.

portent example

All you need to do is enter words you need in your title and this tool will generate a name explaining to you the strategy of the words used in the suggested title. Portent is a Digital Marketing service that helps in generating content ideas.

Here are some tips on how to decide what the name of your podcast should be.

1. Use words similar to your topic

Similar Words

This means that pick a name that goes with the topic you are speaking on. The name of your podcast should be such that it is related to the niche of your podcast.

This makes no sense if your podcast is about Science and you call it “The art of Music”. It should be easy enough for your user to guess the niche of your podcast just by looking at the title of your podcast.

2. Use your name in the title

Use your name

You can also add your name to the title of the podcast. You can creatively fit your name in the title just like: Scott Hanselman did in his podcast Hanselminutes.

It could help you decide name of your podcast rapidly and you won’t have to worry about what topic you speak upon.

3. Use Interjections or ask questions in the title

Questionsin Podcast

This is a very different and creative approach to give the title to your podcast show. Using exclamations or questions as your title develops curiosity in your podcast listeners.

Types of Podcast Genres

Yes, even the podcast has different genres. Podcasters talk about different things on their show and the topics they cover decides the genre of their pod-show.

It may happen sometimes that you decide to start a podcast show and pick a name as well, but don’t know what it should cover and how should you proceed. So, here are some genres to clear your confusion and help you to start your podcast show:

1. Story-telling podcast

Story Telling

This may sound boring but yes, this is a genre. Here in this type of podcast, the host narrates a story. Sounds so simple, right?

But it isn’t as simple as you think. It requires suitable background music, the ability to change the tone of your voice whenever required, pauses and breaks in the sentences and the ability to get your listeners to imagine what they listen to.

So, not only a great story (fiction or nonfiction) but the way you narrate it decides how successful your story-telling podcast will be.

Examples – Snap Judgement, Risk!, Radiolab, etc.

2. Solo Podcast

Solo Podcast

Here, you host the show yourself and you are the only one speaking and making the commentary. This helps you create your own brand because you directly speak to your audience.

For example – a comedian, an expert, etc. can host a solo podcast. Example – 99% Invisible.

3. Interview Podcast

Interview Podcast

When you call someone on your show and interview them, then it falls under this genre. Here, you require a lot of research to do on the person who will be interviewed on your podcast.

It is good for you to reach out to a variety of audience but on the other hand, you will find hard to book guests for an interview and will have to schedule the interview according to their convenience.

Examples – WTF with Marc Maron, The Tim Ferris Show, etc.

4. Panel Show

Panel show podcast

This is an informative type of podcast show where you conduct discussions or call an expert for a talk on a particular topic. Sometimes the discussions end well while sometimes it might convert into a heated argument and it might go a bit off-topic.

The best thing is, the discussions can be carried out in a room by calling everyone or even on skype or any other communication platform.

Example – The Beancast.

And Thus…

Podcasting is way more than just talking. It is one of the ways that will help you make money online. It is just not limited to entertainment only. Various topics like Talk shows, educational shows, stories, tech-discussions, etc. are being covered under podcasting.

Even deciding the name isn’t everything, you need the proper equipment for your podcast show as well as platforms where you can publish your podcast.

Not only the best recording and audio software are important, but having an effective and unique title can help you to gain an audience.

So, which of these generators will you pick to create a brand for your podcast? Share your thoughts on this and feel free to leave a comment below…