24 Best Website Designs for Your Inspiration in 2021

Building a website for anything has become a trend nowadays. You have websites for gaming, shopping, social media, video streaming, audiobooks, news and so many other things.

Want to start your own website, go on. But, how successful do you think your website might get after it’s launch? Can’t say anything, right? Well choosing an innovative design template for your website may give you an advantage over your competitors.

We have jotted down a few of the best website designs to inspire you to create a unique website design for yourself.

Take a Look…

1. Hi Fly

Inspiring Website Designs

Hi Fly is a website for aircraft lease specialists that offers charter and lease service to other airline companies. When you open this website, a set of moving clouds will be visible around and slowly an airplane pops out.

This can give you an idea of how you can work with the homepage design of your website if you want something that pops out to surprise your visitors.

2. Our Works

Inspiring Website Designs

This website is having amazing effects – the mouse pointer is a dot covered by a small ring which broadens up as we move the pointer towards any word that’s to be clicked. The homepage asks you to scroll, and as you do it, the background zooms in and it escalates to another page.

The pages have an effect of water wave and the slideshow of the pictures is really smooth as you scroll ahead.

3. Jomor Design

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Jomor Design

Jomor Design helps you create branded websites for your business. You can look at some cool website designs by this artist on the homepage and work segment. The effects are nice, when you take the mouse pointer to the links on the homepage, the links appear in the image format of the website or work.

While scrolling down, the titles and images rise, and the “view project” button keeps rotating and moving freely near the image of that project.


Inspiring Website Designs

A unique website of a digital production studio that helps you design and code all kinds of web-based projects. The website allows us to scroll both upwards and downwards all having different information about their work.

There is a sphere in the center of the screen that expands on the screen that gives a 360º view of the website sections which makes it creative and different.

5. Autonomy

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Autonomy has a very creative website design with a unique home screen. The Homepage is equipped with a poll to slide and move to another page. The other page also has a poll that slides as you increase the amount of loan that you want and select the duration below.

The design is attractive that makes the visitors engaged on the website for a longer time.

6. VS+CO

Inspiring Website Designs

This website provides a management platform for artists and photographers. The website appears simple when you visit is first, but as you move the mouse towards the logo, the background color keeps changing (one color at a time).

This design can help you if you want to pick a simple and creative layout for your website.

7. DeepCube

Inspiring Website Designs

As you scroll down, the background rises up and changes color and shape. Also on the right side of the screen, the atoms are shown connected to each other in a specific shape with lines. These lines disappear in the background leaving the atoms in the form of black dots.

8. Homecult

Inspiring Website Designs

The homepage of this website has a layout with pen-marks on the screen. The slideshow changes with a wavy effect and on click up the projects, it guides you to a new page where the design rises.

It is basically a website of the interior designers that want to bring innovation in the designs of your home.

9. Chameleon Media

Inspiring Website Designs

Your website design should be such that it conveys the quality of your work with the design itself. Chameleon Media is an advertisement agency and filmmaker which you can observe from their homepage design.

There is an effect of waves in the background as you move the mouse pointer anywhere on the screen.

10. Zeeman

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Zeeman has designed two sneakers, one that is limited edition hybrid and another one is simple in design. Both are displayed on the website, and there is a play wheel on the homepage that rotates when you take the cursor there.

11. Akufen

Inspiring Website Designs

The Homepage of this website has 3D Blocks that move as you move the pointers across them. When you click on the given sections, the slideshow of their designs starts with the blocks appearing in the translucent background.

12. Mercury Academy

Inspiring Website Designs

The website design is just amazing. If you are a space-game lover, definitely the visuals will be of interest. They basically teach you how to build software.

Asteroids and satellites keep moving around on the page and when you scroll down, the spacecraft travels down to the next section along with the pointer.

13. 36 Days of Type

Inspiring Website Designs

Deciding to build an interactive website design, well the layout of 36 Days of Type might help you. On each letter you move the pointer to, you will be able to control the movement of that letter. When you click on ENTER, you will be able to see the alphabets and numbers designed by various artists.

14. One Blue Slip

Inspiring Website Designs

The design of one blue slip is based on the sailor ship in the sea. On the center of the screen is the wheel or the helm which has different sections that look as if they are the handles. In the background, a continuous video of the seawater waves keeps on playing.

15. This is Beyond

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This is Beyond

A website of an event management company that is building up the right crowd to help them in business and personal growth. On the Homepage, there is a logo on the left behind which there is a video from the events they have done so far.

Simple in design, but yet with effective content, this website design can help you if you are a company organizing events.

16. ADN

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ADN is a digital marketing and website designing company. The mouse pointer on this website is a dot followed by a movable triangle that moves along with the pointer behind it. Slide down and see their work.

The website design just has 2 colors in font and background, nice and easy. Nothing much pops up and a simple layout.

17. Comptoir Libanais

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A restaurant website with a colorful background and old graphics. When you scroll down, the items will play in the form of GIFs.

18. Kazuki

Inspiring Website Designs

This is the portfolio website of an artist. As you move down, the slideshow of her artwork starts with a variable background.

19 ARVR Magic

Inspiring Website Designs

This is a website of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality creator. The homepage has a 3D Image showing up which moves on the opposite side to the motion of the cursor.

20. Mirrorball

Inspiring Website Designs

Another concept for a website of advertisement agencies or designers it Mirrorball. All the links to other pages and work are integrated into the spherical ball visible on the website. The slider below allows us to change the size of the ball.

Use control to zoom and click+move to rotate the ball. Once you click on any of the screens on the ball, the page with the info of that particular work zooms out.

21. Shout

Inspiring Website Designs

An interactive audiovisual website that is designed for a purpose to raise funds for women empowerment and stop domestic violence against them. Here the webpages proceed just like a story and there is a 3D female character that responds when the mouse pointer moves around.

22. H-thermo

Inspiring Website Designs

H-thermo is a website of the refrigeration system and air conditioning system installers in transport vehicles. When you scroll down, the machine (i.e. H-thermo box) unboxes itself showing the parts inside that with a brief about each part. This helps a visitor or a customer to understand how the product works.

23. Corphes

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This is a website for Organic and herbal products. It tells you to scroll up and when you do, the left side of your screen displays the slider which shows height that changes as you scroll.

24. Panda Monk

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Panda Monk

Panda Monk is a website of digital production and marketing studio. As you scroll up, the sections also rise to the top and form a strip. Also, an animated panda holds a bar of “Recent Cases” of their work which looks amazing.


So these were some great website design ideas to get inspiration from. Go ahead and create an aesthetic website with the best layout for it.

How did you find these websites? How did they inspire you? Which effect did you like the most and you would be using it in your website design?

Let us know everything in the comments section below…