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Host-World Review: Will they change the hosting world?

VPS and Dedicated web hosting companies are rare due to their specialization options. Although they can offer your typical hosting options as well, they opt to serve a certain userbase that prefers to use VPS and Dedicated options only.

Host-World Capture

Host-World is one such hosting company that specialized in VPS and Dedicated domains exclusively with major locations all over Europe and they have a few in the USA, Latvia, and Hong Kong as well.

Host-World niche_vps

They offer a bunch of nice VPS options from Bitcoin to even gaming VPS plans. Since we here at HostingPill keep up with everything new in the hosting world, we decided to take a closer look into Host-World.

On the surface, they have all the goodness of a typical hosting service like great uptime, competent hardware, stellar support, and a slew of positive reviews to back those as well.

But we’ll be going a different route, exploring and comparing every facet of their offering.

Let’s dive in now, shall we?

Pricing & Features

When it comes to plans, they obviously have 2 options: VPS & Dedicated. As mentioned before, they have a plethora of VPS options that go above their main VPS plans and that is what we’ll be discussing.

Host-World pricing_11

So here’s the thing: Host-World sells the same plan in different locations. There is a hierarchy of price and features but you will be compromising in the number of locations.

Anyways, the plans begin with KVM VPS 512 (the last digits stand for the amount of RAM) that offers 1 Xeon Core, 15 GB HDD, 100 MB Bandwidth, and 512 MB RAM.

Not gonna beat around the bush here but it lacks in bandwidth and HDD instead of SSD storage. But for the price, you’re looking at a nice boilerplate site for €8/month.

Moving on to the 2 GB plans, you have 2x Epyc Core CPU, (which if you may know is AMD’s most powerful processor yet) 30 GB NVMe SSD, 1 Gbps Port, and of course the 2 GB RAM.

This plan is available for Poland, Australia, Singapore, Canada, France, and the UK for €10/month. So what can you do with this? A blog for sure, an About Us page, a custom project, or even probably a minimal store.

Host-World xeon_pricing

There is also a Xeon Core version of the same plan but of course, you compromise the performance of the Epyc. It can also depend on your budget if Xeon fits your needs.

Host-World 16gb_plans

The last plans we’d like to discuss are the high-tier 16 GB plans that come with 16x Xeon Cores or 8x Eypc Cores, 16 GB RAM, and options for 200 GB SSD or HDD (wonder why anyone would opt for an HDD), and 1 Gbps bandwidth speed.

It is obvious that you can get a lot done with these specifications. If you go with Xeon, you get more cores but it is older tech. Epyc is more value for money and in this case, a no-brainer.

The main criticism to point out is their unorganized presentation of web hosting plans but regardless, the pricing and features are worth having.

Ease of Use

Host-World ease_of_use

The signup process is as simple as it comes that we’ve seen with tons of other services. Not necessarily a bad one, its widespread use is evident to its robustness and popularity.

The page above is the ‘Configure’ page which you get after clicking on ‘Order Now’.

On this page, you can select your billing cycle, input your preferred hostname, OS (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and Windows Server), add additional IPs, and the location you chose. And in the right you can see you can see your order summary.

Host-World review&checkout

The next page is a simple review page where you can take a final look at your selection before moving on. This step is important because you can’t make any changes beyond this point.


And that’s it. This is the final page. You input your basic details, billing information, set up account security, payment details, and select a payment mode to complete the transaction.

You can skip a few details but setting up security, basic details, and payment method are mandatory. If you’re already registered on the portal then this step can be skipped altogether.

Regardless, it can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes to set up the whole thing. The ordering process is neatly packed in a 3-step process. Hence, easier for beginners.

Host-World: Customer Support

Customer support is a huge deal in the hosting world. Managing a hosting server by yourself is a task that even hosting veterans can get lost into making beginners feel like walking on egg shells.

Hence, customer support is crucial for people from all walks of life. With that said, what does Host-World have in store for support?


Host-World does not have a knowledge base, instead they have a company blog that has an intuitive archive of articles that can educate you on the trends of web hosting.

Not the best alternative but definitely worth checking out if you want to learn about web hosting technologies.


The articles themselves aren’t bad. Some are longer than others, some are short and to the point like the one you see above. Don’t let the length take you away, the article is to the point and brief in description of the subject.

Moving on…


The Live Chat application on their website is again, very standard but effective nonetheless.

It took about a minute or so to connect with a chat representative. The client itself supports file attachment options so you can screenshot your issue for better resolution.


We asked why does Host-World not have a dedicated knowledge base and it turns out that the representative itself had no idea and proceeded to inform us that he can put in a query about this with the technical team.

One of the reasons for the absence of a knowledge base could be its niche field of service. People simply come around, buy what they want, ask a few questions if any, and get on with managing the server which is why the website looks so minimal in aesthetics.

But back on the main subject, the blog is great but not quite a replacement of an actual knowledge base and the Live Chat service works perfectly without any issues.

Host-World: Conclusion

So, what is our final verdict? Should you order a hosting plan from Host-World?

The answer is a two-parter.

If your operations require more robust control with the least interference, affordable pricing, and customer support that just works out of the box. Congratulations, Host-World is what you need.

BUT if you require a more uniform service that gives you more hand-holding with great documentation and service features than probably Host-World isn’t your game.

Host-World’s scattered approach to web hosting could be very hit-and-miss for beginners. But some experienced folks will feel right at home with all the freedom that it provides.

So we gave our answer and now its your turn. Is Host-World your piece of cake? Or is it something that needs more work? Would you order VPS or Dedicated?

Whatever your thoughts may be, please let us know in the comments below.

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Dec 05, 2022



Value for money

Customer Service

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I am a web developer and needed hosting to test a new website. I bought this hosting for three months, which is the smallest package. It is quite inexpensive, so it was great for testing.

Nov 16, 2022



Value for money

Customer Service

Overall Rating

This is one of my first hosting providers. I have used it for three months and then decided to try something else. But then I went back to this server because I think it is the best. I would recommend it to everyone. The server is reliable and effective, and I had no problems with it.