Kinsta Review: Everything You Need to Know Before Signing up! (2021)

Despite WordPress powering about one-third of all websites, options like Kinsta always come around with a unique set of features to challenge the status quo.

Whether you want to start a blog with WordPress or build a music website, WordPress can make it happen.

But if you’ve ever tried looking for WordPress alternatives, you’ve definitely come around a neat option called Kinsta.

Kinsta homepage
You went through their fancy website, you found the features & support impressive, but still feel a bit iffy?

Well, no need to worry, we’ll help you decide.

We tried out their service and have a few words to help you decide. This review is purely based on our experience while using this hosting service.

On the surface, Kinsta provides managed WordPress hosting services for every sort of business, whether big or small.

Kinsta claims to be faster & secure with a great backbone of support.

Is it the right service for you? Well, decide it yourself after you go through each of these sections.

First, let’s start off with :

Kinsta Review: Uptime

Uptime is one of the concluding factors when considering a hosting service.

We mean, the entire point of the site is to be, well, UP. Any downtime on the way could hurt your prospects.

With pretty satisfying numbers coming from their Operational Status site showing this: 

Kinsta Uptime

The first & third modules are their own interface & support systems which show only a hairline amount of stagnation on an otherwise great server.

Even those few orange & red sticks indicate about an hour or so of downtime, which again, could be almost ignored for good.

So, all-in-all, Kinsta has a substantial advantage over uptime.

Kinsta Review: Ease of Use

“Ease of Use might be Invisible but it’s absence sure isn’t.”

User Experience of a service can make or break the deal when it comes to hosting. You can have the most enticing interface on display but if it makes the typical noob go over customer support every few minutes, something ain’t right.

Starting off, with the initial setup: 

Sign Up on their home website is fairly standard with the basic information required for quick and easy access.

Kinsta Signup

Once you have filled up all the required details then the site simply prompts for billing details.

Kinsta Signup

So that was done nice & easy.

Not that ease of use is an essential component of every hosting service but it sometimes is to a certain extent.

Hobbyists & Passion Bloggers don’t need a mountain of customizations to go through to simply edit a font they may not like.

Now, usability could very well be Kinsta’s paramount component. 

Take a look…

Kinsta Dashboard

Kinsta shouts unique with its majestic looking dashboard interface.

MyKinsta is your one-stop-shop for managing everything from bandwidth, traffic monitoring to response times & CDN usage over all your websites. Basically, a unified platform to handle everything over all your domains as well as sub-domains.

Whereas most other services on traditional cPanel or Plesk interfaces, a dashboard makes Kinsta offer an entirely different user experience or probably even better.    

Kinsta Review: Pricing and Features

Now, this could be a bit of a let down (or not) but Kinsta falls on the pricier side of things.

The praises you heard before in this review could very well be true but once the cost starts to bite your wallet, you may think twice.

But, hey, either it could be a cheap offer with poor service or a pricey offer with great service.

Nothing matters unless you have the money to back it.

Kinsta Pricing-Plans

Now, as we mentioned earlier, they can provide services to almost any financial enterprise.

The starter pack is a steep 30 bucks per month with 1 WordPress install & 10 GB of disk space.

This pack could run anything between a personal blog & a small eCommerce commodity website, depending on your appetite.

Yikes, sounds like a huge hike, not to mention the visits are limited up to 20,000 could probably upset some users.

The pro plan is basically double the starter pack with two WordPress installs twice the disk space, and twice the visit limit as well.

The higher tier business plans are just the same with higher cost & twice feature benefit stacks.

These plans could be regarded as much more preferable for a huge blog or software website where the visit limit has to be higher without sacrificing bandwidth. 

Kinsta also offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the service but ONLY to first-time customers, returning customers only get partial refunds.

Now, it could be a turn off for a few with limited budgets on their minds.

Let’s take a look at the features that Kinsta has to offer:

  • Kinsta uses LXD managed hosts which means is that every WordPress site lives in its own isolated space, which has all of the software resources required to run it.
  • Continuous monitoring for uptime, DDoS detection, hardware firewalls & SSL support.
  • Latest infrastructure that supports any & all development stacks, running on the latest framework versions.
  • Flexible Infrastructure for scaling your site without worrying about hardware limitations.
  • Unified dashboard interface to emulate the same comfort as cPanel & Plesk.
  • Ability to choose your own data center location to reach your target users easily.

Kinsta Add-ons

These are some of the optional add-ons available apart from the plan that you have opted for.

As much as our research says, the price could be your least of worries once your business starts to rise up.

Plus, on the brighter side, the next topic is bound to interest you.

See Kinsta’s current pricing and plans here…

Kinsta Review: Customer Support

Customer support is one of the factors that keep your customers stick to your services.

Believe it or not, one of the more enticing factors about Kinsta is its stellar customer support.

The only form of support contact medium is via intercom which is a hybrid chat/ticket solution.

We couldn’t find a live chat option on their website, so we went to the contact section and opened up the “Have a question?” tab.

We raised a query regarding this and received an email from them stating that they will revert back during their business hours.


So, we waited for their response for a few hours & received a reply from one of their associates with answers.


The response felt pretty clear & precise without any jargon and included subsequent links to further information.

Now, Kinsta likes to flaunt the fact that their downtime rate is substantially rare, which is really great, to begin with!

But, there’s a catch here too, they don’t offer a phone client for any on-the-go resolution.

So, to be around a computer, anytime anything goes awry on your site is the only way. 

Now, for the reasons that they aren’t available on an app is the fact they require a more pronounced definition of a problem for diagnosis, which simply isn’t viable for them from a mobile form factor.

But, for any of you who might be new or not very ordained on the technical side of things, this level of support could a huge plus, although a simple discomfort.

The bottom line is:

Kinsta offers maximum support coverage with its experienced engineers to help you maintain your site with albeit no mobile support.

Kinsta Review: Security

Kinsta boasts peace of mind on its homepage emphasizing security as a staple feature.

uptime checks

With over 720 realtime checks on every website, which is every 2 minutes per website, the upkeep seems impressive here.

Kinsta provides inspection and a deep scan of the site’s files to identify malware & suspicious activity taking place at any level.

In addition, overnight backups are provided and additional backup services are available as well (for an extra fee of course).

BUT, there’s a catch…

If your site gets attacked by malware, Kinsta ensures to replace the core WordPress files with a clean copy of new ones, but not any additional themes or plugins that you might be using.

kinsta security-gurantee

AND, they expect you to perform all the rituals of reinstalling fresh copies of themes/plugins within ONE DAY after the diagnosis is done OR they take away any free diagnostic runs in the future.

Moreover, their security guarantee page shows, that any malware detection/diagnosis during migration would incur an additional $100 fee.

Kinsta Infections

OR, you could also get that done from third party services & proceed with the migration.

Now, a bigger price doesn’t always mean better quality but $100 to remove malware during a migration process might kill some spirits. 


  • Great uptime numbers with little to no fluctuation.
  • Comfort of ample usability & easy navigation.
  • Round the clock engineers to help resolve any issue.
  • Bullet-proof security to prevent any mishappenings with consistent checks.
  • LXD-Managed Hosting, which provides more efficiency over most other methods of service.


  • No phone support for on-the-go diagnosis.
  • Tedious security measures like the uninstallation of additional WordPress tools/plugins during malware attacks.
  • Expensive starter options even for basic/beginner projects.
  • They only offer live chat support to those who have chosen a plan and subscribed to their services.
  • No shared hosting options as it exclusively specializes in Managed WordPress Hosting. 

Kinsta Review: Conclusion

So, you made it to the end, huh? Great, means you learned a thing or two (or maybe not).

So… is it worth it?

Short & simple :


Yes, the price is huge and Yes, the migration-malware resolve fee is steep too…

…BUT, you get great service with strong uptime, stellar support & unfailing security with only enough features to not sacrifice ease of use.

If your priorities lie strictly outside of shared hosting, (where you’ll have to share your resources with other sites) you can’t go wrong with Kinsta.

On the plus side, shared hosting takes away scalability & introduces hardware limitations, which in Kinsta’s case turn out to be superior. 

Besides the fact that there is some pretty tough competition in the WordPress market, Kinsta is your best bet against any other service offering the same features.

Overall, Kinsta proves to be highly recommendable, even with a few setbacks, it does not hold back in terms of features.

Did the above review help you make up your mind? Did you buy the service & experience something else? Leave a comment down below to let us know your thoughts regarding Kinsta. Thanks a bunch!

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