HostNoc Review: How Does It Perform? (2021)

Since the boom of the internet, the world has taken a very open approach to innovative ideas. Back then, people needed to jump through a lot of loops to get their business idea off the ground.

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Now, it is as simple as buying a hosting, creating your website, and registering as an LLC. So since the process has become less complex, what part makes people think twice?

The one thing we have in abundance: hosting. Hosting services have grown exponentially in the past decade. We have options and variety in all kinds of hosting services, we have one such to discuss today.

HostNoc is a hosting that promises 99.9% uptime, port monitoring, disk usage analysis, server performance monitoring, network accessibility, IP traffic monitoring, and much more.

So let’s take a deeper look into HostNoc to find out what more does the service offer.

HostNoc Review: Pricing and Features

HostNoc featuresFor this section, we’ll be taking a look at the Dedicated and VPS server pricing.

HostNoc plan

In our opinion, dedicated hosting is very underrated. Having isolated resources for your website is great in the long run. HostNoc’s dedicated plans are a mix of power and performance.

The ‘HN-B1’ plan costs $34.99/month, and you get the Intel Atom C2750 with 8 cores, which is a lot of power, to begin with. Then there’s a 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB HDD, unmetered bandwidth, and 1 GBPS speed.

Now that is a lot of power for a dedicated server. It might not be for everyone considering the price or if you think your website could work with something low-profile and less cost.

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Next, the ‘HN-B2’ plan offers a quad-core Xeon processor with 24 GB DDR3 RAM and 500 GB HDD at the price of $44.99/month. There’s more processing power but at the cost of less storage.

The ‘HN-B3’ plan is simply a RAM and storage upgrade from HN-B2. You get 48 GB DDR3 RAM and the full 1 TB SATA storage. It costs $10 more and the most value for money plan out of all.

There’s a fourth plan, ‘HN-B4’, that offers the same 16 GB RAM but with an Intel X5670 that has a 12 core chip. Plus, you get one 240 GB SSD and two 1 TB SATA HDDs. This is the most power you’ll probably ever get for 64.95/month.

Moving let’s take a look at HostNoc’s Budget VPS servers.

HostNoc vps plan

There are 3 tiers for VPS servers: Budget, Best Value, and Performance. The budget plans offer just enough power to begin, including unlimited traffic.

To put it simply, the prices are worth the features. Also, there is an option to customize your own custom dedicated plan. You get the mix of power, storage, and performance in all plans. But certainly not for some looking for budget options.

HostNoc Review: Ease of Use

In the section, we’ll cover the ease of use of ordering and setting up a HostNoc dedicated server.

HostNoc ease of use

Right after clicking order, you get to configure options. You can’t touch the billing cycle but there a bunch of configurable options that you can customize like RAM, OS (Linux and Windows Server 2012), Control Panel, IPs, additional drives, etc.

Of course, any addons would increase the price, for example, adding an additional 120 GB SSD would cost $7.00 which would bring the total cost to $71.95/month.

HostNoc checkout

The next is a simple review and checkout page. You can review all your options here or you can also empty your cart and start from scratch.

HostNoc review

The last step is obviously the checkout page. You have to input your basic personal details, billing address, account, and payment details. Every detail is mandatory so it’s important to get these right.

To top it off, the process is in 3 steps: Configure, Review, and Checkout. A very common & simple procedure among hosting companies.

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HostNoc Review: Security

When your website is out on the internet, you have many concerns to look after like DDoS attacks, phishing, malware attacks, data theft, spamming, etc.

So what tools does HostNoc equip you with?

HostNoc security

For starters, HostNoc promises security monitoring over Port and IP traffic.

What’s Port and IP traffic Monitoring?

  • Port Monitoring oversees all the services running in TCP/IP, Telnet, TFTP, etc. ports. If there’s anything harmful in your port services, your website could fail to load and cause a headache worth of troubleshooting.
  • IP traffic Monitoring is done through a tool that lets you monitor all your traffic in real-time. You can see which connections eat up the most traffic and keep daily logs to look out for anything suspicious.

HostNoc monitoring

Next up is SpamAssasin that comes bundles with shared web hosting plans.

SpamAssasin is an opensource anti-spam platform that gives you the power to block unwanted bulk email with an easy-to-use filter to classify by priority.

SpamAssasin implements algorithms that check for email headers, body text, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and filtering databases.

HostNoc spamassasin

You might be already familiar with the security features given above like WAF security, DDoS protection, DNS protection, etc. But the elephant in the room might be HostNoc’s addon Cybersecurity suite.

HostNoc cyber security

HostNoc’s Cybersecurity & Risk Management plans offer the utmost protection against all kinds of cyberattacks. You can get 24/7 protections for all your websites and web applications.

Cyberattacks are not only recurring but they also adapt to protective measures. In cases like these, HostNoc’s security implements the latest methods of protection and counter.

HostNoc premium security

Now, the price for premium security is premium as well. The only difference between the two plans is that the ‘Pro’ plan runs malware scans every 6 hours, while the ‘Basic’ plan does every 12 hours.

Other than that, if you’re serious about protection and your livelihood depends on your website, then you don’t get safer than this.

To round up, security with HostNoc is satisfactory. Even if you might not go for addon security, the default one would get you far as well.

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HostNoc Review: Customer Support

The majority of people in the eCommerce and internet circle usually do know the ropes of a hosting service. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t newcomers every now and then.

For those new to this field, need proper guidance to get through every task. If you’re looking into buying a plan from HostNoc and feel inexperienced, then you require its customer support.

HostNoc kb

The Knowledgebase is the number one place for anyone to find answers. However, HostNoc’s Knowledgebase was a bit difficult to find at first. The way we found it is that we first clicked on ‘members login’ which slightly changed the navbar and Knowledgebase appeared at the top.

Though the Knowledgebase itself is easy to use. The side panel displays categories. Clicking on a category leads you to probable questions. These articles contain solutions…

HostNoc cpanel

…like the one above. We expected the articles to be just bland text and a few external links for further reading. But it turns out, they put more effort into adding visual instructions to habituate new users.

In our opinion, it will surely serve its purpose. Let’s move on to live support.

HostNoc live support

The live chat client is your standard tawk client. It works in a separate window, instead of being embedded into the browser. But the important thing is if it works or not.

HostNoc chat1

At first, we thought we might not get into contact with someone, due to the all personnel being busy but we got in touch with someone right away.

We posted a simple query about the integrity of their servers, to see if they owned all the datacenters and no third party was managing anything.

HostNoc chat2

The answer felt a little complicated, so we tried to clarify further and found out that HostNoc is a giant reseller that incorporates multiple datacenters.

Now, many people hold a certain distaste toward reseller hosting. But we have tried reseller hosting services before and can firmly say that they aren’t all the same.

Regardless, its safe to say that HostNoc’s customer support will get the job done.

HostNoc Review: Conclusion

If you made it to the end, then congratulations! You know enough about HostNoc to make an informed decision.

We laid down the essential whatnots from pricing to setup to customer support. So the only thing remaining is our opinion of HostNoc.

So should you buy HostNoc’s hosting services?

Our prompt answer would be YES. Being a reseller hosting, the dedicated hosting plans offered here are by far one of the best we’ve seen. Security is commendable, signing up is easy, and customer support is fine.

BUT here’s the kicker. If you feel like HostNoc isn’t happening for you, the money-back guarantee is merely 15 days instead of the usual 30 days. So that is one thing to consider before being sure.

That wraps up the review. What do you think of HostNoc? Have you used their dedicated plans or any plans? How was your experience? Please comment down below and let us know your thoughts.

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