2021’s Best Reseller Hosting Providers (No. 2 is Our Favorite)

Reseller hosting is something that some hosting platforms offer. However, not all hosting platforms offer reseller hosting option.

So, have you decided to start your own web hosting solution? Well, then here is an option that lets you do that.

Yes, I am talking about Reseller hosting.

Reseller hosting is conceptually very different from regular web hosting. This lets you be a web host at an effectively low maintenance cost and allows you to enjoy the profits you reap.

So, basically using reseller hosting you can pose as a web hosting provider. While this is a very brief definition of reseller hosting, let me give more details about what is reseller hosting and who does it benefit.

What is Reseller Hosting and Who is it for?

Like I mentioned above, reseller hosting lets you act as the web host. So as a reseller buyer you act as a mediator between the reseller provider and the end customer.

Here you can provide the required bandwidth, space, cPanel to end customer. Certain resellers also allow you to add your branding. This is a more easier way to provide web hosting services in case you do not have the required infrastructure.

You can check for reseller hosting options in case you wish to provide hosting services but do not have the following

  • Enough budget to setup the complete infrastructure
  • Enough technical expertise to deal with hardware/software updates or technical issues
  • Enough geographical distribution of locations or datacenters
  • Cannot provide 24/7 round the clock support for web hosting

In case you have one of the above problems, then reseller hosting is a safe bet. Reseller hosting gives you an all-in-one package solution in case you want to start your own web hosting business.

Many reseller hosting platforms provide additional services such as:

  • End user support
  • cPanel
  • SSL
  • Portal to manage all accounts – WHMCS billing software, Helpdesk software
  • Customizations

The reseller hosting features differ between the various options available in the market.

How to Become a Hosting Reseller?

A hosting reseller acts as an affiliate for the actual web host provider and can let the hosting reseller earn some extra money.

To become a hosting reseller, you need to the following:

  • First, do enough market research to choose an experienced and reliable hosting service
  • For this reseller provider, choose the best suitable package based on your requirement and budget
  • Choose required payment gateway options through which you can accept payment from customers.
  • Fill in the required details and pay as per the plan
  • Launch your website to facilitate selling of hosting services
  • Market your website to improve sales

Starting to be a hosting reseller is simple and does not require too much expertise.

This does seem exciting, isn’t it? It’s a dream come true for individuals who look forward to starting their own web hosting business but do not know where to start or have other constraints.

With this, let me speak more about the best reseller hosting available in the market.

hostingpillBest Reseller Hosting Providers
  1. ResellerClub
  2. GreenGeeks (My Favourite)
  3. MilesWeb
  4. InMotion Hosting
  5. GoDaddy

1. ResellerClub:


ResellerClub gives a better choice of the product since the platform supports multiple hosting which includes – shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS, Cloud-based hosting. ResellerClub provides a 30-day money back guarantee.

ResellerClub being completely dedicated to reseller hosting comes with a community support. Also supported is domain reseller option. It’s versatile reseller hosting options, seem to be one of its strongest points.

Here you get a free reseller account, free cPanel, free WHM, Softaculous installer, free host migration, performance optimization, upgrades, on-call support. So, while you are the web host, you can avail these features provided by ResellerClub.

The network is powered by CloudFlare CDN to give high performance and speed. This has support for Windows as well as Linux reseller hosting. The Linux reseller hosting plans are as shown below.

Bluehost plan Linux

All plans support unlimited cPanel, however have disk space restrictions. Similarly, you also have Windows reseller hosting which has host plans as shown below:

Bluehost Windows

Overall the plans are affordable for both Windows and Linux.


  • Versatile plans with support for Windows and Linux reseller
  • Includes basic security features
  • Includes unlimited cPanel and Plesk accounts


  • Average support
  • Renewals are high priced

2. GreenGeeks:

Greengeeks banner

GreenGeeks a popular hosting platform for its green hosting also has reseller hosting option. This does not include any specific disk space or bandwidth restriction, unlike ResellerClub.

However, GreenGeeks has a restriction on the number of cPanel for each plan. Additionally, the plan includes WHMCS as well. Below are listed all GreenGeeks reseller hosting plans.

GreenGeeks plan

In a way, GreenGeeks gets affordable as you scale your services. You can avail their wholesale account which starts as low as $2/month.

GreenGeeks supports domain registration, domain migration, instant resource scalability, free account migration. GreenGeeks provides fast performance with RAID-10, SSD, Caching, CDN, and optimization.

Private white label customization to show your brand’s logo and the domain name is possible with GreenGeeks. The services include advanced security features along with 24/7 monitoring and complete customer support.

All of this is tied with e-commerce support and other developer-friendly features. As a web host platform, you would be able to provide the below features to your customers.

GreenGeeks Features

Overall GreenGeeks provides affordable and multiple features in its Reseller hosting.


  • Supports white label
  • Good performance, reliable service with advanced security features.
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • Affordable and easy to scale
  • Good support


  • Limits the number of cPanel

3. MilesWeb:

milesweb reseller hosting
MilesWeb offers Reseller Hosting to budding freelancers who want to manage multiple websites or projects at once without the hassle of having to set up separate hosting for each one.

And like all other plans, Reseller Hosting prices have also been kept low & affordable but not lacking in features.

However, MilesWeb has a restriction over the number of cPanel accounts and storage space available in each plan. But all plans come pre-installed with WHMCS, which is a great addition. Below listed plans are what MilesWeb offers under Reseller Hosting.

milesweb reseller hosting pricing

As you can see, MilesWeb becomes more & more affordable as may expand your venture. You can start with 10 cPanel Accounts & 20GB storage at ₹290/month right away as the most affordable plan.

Unlimited domains, bandwidth, MySQL databases & email accounts are available in all reseller plans. Also included is a free SSL certificate, domain reseller a/c, cPanel & Softaculous.

MilesWeb supports domain registration, migration, resource scalability & free account migration. It provides fast performance with RAID-10, SSD, Website Builder, WHM, Malware & Scan protection.

milesweb reseller hosting features

All the above-mentioned features come along with MilesWeb’s 30-day money-back guarantee, 24/7 customer support & 99.95% uptime.


  • Includes WHMCS
  • Good performance with solid security
  • Affordable & easily scalable
  • Ample Customer Support


  • Limited Storage & cPanel

4. InMotion Hosting:

INmotion banner

Inmotion Hosting is well known for its versatile hosting options. This also doesn’t remain behind when it comes to reseller hosting option.

I would like to mention that, Inmotion Hosting does have a versatile reseller hosting option though purely restricted to Linux.

The plan includes free cPanel, WHMCS, SSL, dedicated IP, eNom and loads of inbuilt security features. Inmotion Hosting provides free cPanel transfers. eNom which is free domain reseller is also provided within Inmotion Hosting plan.

Inmotion Hosting gives a 90-day money back guarantee, softaculous installer, white label solution, SSD based storage, and free backups. The plans include email hosting along with DDoS protection and malware removal.

The plans are equally affordable. While this restricts bandwidth and disk space, the cPanel is unlimited.

There are 6 plans as highlighted below:

Inmotion plan

Inmotion plan

Inmotion Hosting allows full server backups and has substantial e-commerce support. All plans include a few basic but essential features.

Inmotion features

Overall all plans have support for loads of features. Below are the detailed features available in each plan.

INmotion plans

With all of this, you can avail the support of a reseller hosting expert. Again, I don’t have to mention this but it is included within the plan.


  • Versatile plans with multiple inbuilt features
  • Supports white label
  • Affordable pricing
  • Good security features with reliable services
  • Supports unlimited cPanel


  • Limits bandwidth and disk space
  • Renewals are high priced as compared to first time pricing

5. GoDaddy:

GoDaddy banner

Yet another giant hosting platform, does not remain behind in the race when it comes to reseller hosting.

GoDaddy reseller hosting provides WHMCS license, cPanel, white label solutions. This can support up to 250 accounts. All plans include unlimited bandwidth, database, and websites.

This also includes the reseller option for GoDaddy domains. For the first year, you get free SSL. You can scale at any time and can use up to 32 GB RAM. The advantage of GoDaddy is that it allows hosting as well as domain reselling.

GoDaddy provides round the clock support for reseller hosting. By using this plan, you can provide support to your customers.

GoDaddy also provides a Basic/Pro Reseller program which is different from Reseller hosting. Many a times users mistake this for a reseller hosting.

However, with Basic/Pro reseller program the payment handling is done by GoDaddy while you can have a customized storefront. Contrary to this, the reseller hosting provides more control to users where you are responsible for the payments.

Reseller hosting provides 4 different plans.

GoDaddy plan


  • Supports White label
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth
  • Good customer support to enable reseller hosting
  • Provides domain reseller option


  • Limited web space for each plan
  • Provides only basic security features with no backup solution
  • You have to completely handle customer support for your customers


Reseller hosting is a good choice for entrepreneurs or web design agencies who look forward to providing web hosting solutions but do not have the budget or infrastructure to do the same.

All of the above-mentioned reseller hosting options differ in many aspects. However, here I would like to highlight one such option which stands out.

GreenGeeks provides multiple features and is good to go option for reseller hosting. While all are good, GreenGeeks stands out to be best amongst others.