Amezmo Review (2021): Is it Secure & Trustworthy PHP Host?

With the growing popularity of PHP Hosting and all the misconceptions around it debunked, Amezmo has risen among hosting enthusiasts as the destination for quality PHP Hosting.

Amezmo is one such hosting service that makes php hosting super accessible and affordable for everyone. It supports all the mainstream technologies and platforms so you can make full use of its plan & features.

Let’s take a deep look into Amezmo to find out exactly what it has to offer and if you’re looking to get into the service yourself. Starting with…

Amezmo Review: Ease of Use

Amezmo Start free trial

What better way to test ease of use than testing the service yourself? Hence, we decided to sign up for the free trial to take a look inside. Above you see is the form to start a free trial after creating an account.

You can also see all the features of a free account like managed PHP cloud hosting, GitHub/GitLab support, managed databases and money-back guarantee.


After inputting all the details we were in the service almost instantly which was fast. From here, you can just click on ‘Launch first instance’ and get to work right away. So that’s what we did.

Launch instance

As you might see, you can decide a name to save on your private network, a dedicated domain name, and the ability to share the instance securely. We input appropriate details and clicked on ‘Next’.

amezmo Launch instance

The top of the next page says that our instance has access to all PHP versions as well as Node.js installed. Next you can choose your own PHP version, default database, username/password, and redis package manager for data optimization.

Launch instance amezmo

Clicking on next will prompt you with an option to choose a plan. There ‘Amezmo 256’ is a free plan that you can start right away or get a 7 day free trial with ‘Amezmo 512’ which is a paid plan.

Hence that is all for Ease of Use. Setting up an account and configuring server preferences are simple and take less than a few minutes. You can also click on ‘Learn More’ on every page if you have difficulty navigating.

Amezmo Review: Pricing & Features

In our opinion, the pricing is as important as the performance. The features are more often than not relative to the price. The more you pay the more features you get.

But the pricing matters where you could be limited on your resources or just want the bare minimum to run your online store. The best thing is Amezmo does have a free plan.

Pricing for PHP App Hosting Amezmo

But the free plan requires your credit card info which isn’t that big of a deal as this is the norm with most companies. However, Amezmo offers a long list of features as you can see.

The main features to note with the free plan are Unlimited Zero-downtime deployments with Git, Smart package manager™ for Composer and Node, 1-day metric retention, Advanced server metrics, and automatic security updates and security.

If there’s one major thing that makes Amezmo stand out from the competition, it would be the integration for GitHub/BitBucket/GitLab. So if you’re a heavy coder, you can get away with much simplicity.

Another great thing is that the successive plan includes all the present features of the preceding plan which means that the ‘Standard’ plan @ $8/month includes all the features of the free plan and more.

The Standard plan includes premium features such as increased RAM, unlimited SSD, deployment hooks, 7-day metric retention, remote MySQL via SSH tunnel, unlimited network transfer, up to 4 retained releases, etc.

Besides having all the features included from the Standard plan, the Advanced plan comes at $30/month and has the highest tier of features like a dual core CPU, 6 custom domains, SSH access, instance sharing, etc.

Hence, everything looks clear at the side of features. Besides having a free plan, the price of the premium plans feel worth the cost due to the list of features and if compared to AWS, and Heroku, the pricing also feels predictable.

Amezmo Review: Security & Customer Support

Security is no doubt a huge concern among all kinds of hosting services. And yet it’s also overlooked often which is why there are multiple instances of websites being breached and their data leaked.

PHP Servers for Modern Applications

Amezmo has multiple features to combat such an event. First of all, Amezmo is NOT a shared hosting. Hence, you get dedicated resources with a separate CPU, RAM and storage which is much efficient due to an isolated environment.

Amezmo likes to keep itself on the forefront of all PHP deployments, which is why you get all the latest updates and extensions bundled in the package. Amezmo monitors the update cycle of PHP releases so you can apply them automatically or manually.

Another thing to note here is that where companies like Digital Ocean and AWS require additional firewall configuration with every shared instance, Amezmo automatically configures the firewall by default.

That’s it for the security of Amezmo. The only main security you get is the one bundled within PHP releases which is good but nothing to get excited about. There’s additional stuff like Automatic firewall and automatic ssl but that’s about it.

Next, let’s talk about customer support:

Amezmo offers high priority and 15 minute response Email/chat support in its high tier plans. But since a majority of people like to go over the free plan, that’s what we’ll cover as well.

amezmo Instances

The free plan only offers Email support which is okay if it does what we need. More often than not Email proves to be an effective solution when you’re dealing with a lot of information.

amezmo Instances

Clicking on the Email option, threw this form our way which is mandatory to get our query solved. Thus, that’s what we did. We filled in a question and sent the Email and awaited for a reply.

We waited & waited but there was no response in sight which was a bummer. We think its safe to guess that the premium plans offer you more priority. Let’s move on.

Getting Started on Amezmo _ Amezmo

Other than the Email support, Amezmo also has some great documentation on its website so you can learn to get around the service painlessly. It is easy to read and includes external links to topics for further reading.

Databases _ Amezmo

We wanted to look around some more so we clicked on Databases. The information seemed very brief and easy to understand. There were also sub topics under databases which expanded on Amezmo’s service.

That concludes security & customer support. The security is agreeable to say the least and the email support & documentation felt satisfactory.

Amezmo Review: Conclusion

So by far the biggest gripe with the service can be chalked up to the less than par security and poor live support. Those are pretty big concerns today. You can get away with poor chat support but the security is still essential.

Since PHP is open source, hackers or phishers can easily get their hands on it and penetrate your app/site. So should you let the security aspect hold you back from getting into the service?

Well, no. Not really.

Although poor security is a risk. You can take a lot of manual precautions and measures to make your site safe. Plus, PHP gives you a lot of flexibility in that aspect. If you have some experience with the web, it shouldn’t be too hard.

But what about the Email/chat support?

If we didn’t get a reply doesn’t mean, you won’t as well. We were on the free plan afterall.

So is Amezmo worth the price? Sure. There’s a free plan anyways, so definitely check out the service.

That concludes the review. What do you think about Amezmo? Did you try it? What are your thoughts? Please comment down below and let us know.

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