MilesWeb Review: Is It Value For Money? (2021)

Are you looking for a hosting service in India? Chances are you came across MilesWeb Hosting service but can’t seem to make up your mind?

Well, this review is certain to help you decide whether MilesWeb is worth your time or not.

You can check out how we review hosting services. Based on certain procedures, methods & parameters, we determine a great hosting service.

Who is MilesWeb?

milesweb homepage

MilesWeb is an Indian Web Hosting Company with over 10,000+ customers worldwide. It has WordPress, VPS, Reseller, Magento, Dedicated & Cloud hosting services. They cater to small and large businesses.

MilesWeb started in 2012. Since then, they have acquired a lot of traction by winning many awards and big customers.


Their clients include Kotak Mahindra Bank, ETMoney, ExpressInn & Searchengine Guru.

So, is it right to think that MilesWeb can deliver on all its promises regardless of its size?

Can it give you ‘The Best Bang For Your Buck’?

Well, that’s what we’ll cover in this review today.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

MilesWeb Review: Uptime

Uptime determines the time that the server your site runs on stays working.

More downtime can mean fewer chances of people being able to access it.

If the users can’t open your site, that’s a lost opportunity.


MilesWeb offers an uptime guarantee of 99.95%. According to SLA Uptime Calculator, this would mean downtime of:

  • Daily: 43.2s
  • Weekly: 5m 2.4s
  • Monthly: 21m 54.9s
  • Yearly: 4h 22m 58.5s

Yep, that’s almost 4 and a half hours of downtime per year.

So, is that a bad thing?

Well, it is pretty great compared to a few other services that offer the same features with more price. BUT it is still a far cry from the competition.

The biggest companies in the race tend to offer a NEAR perfect uptime score of 99.99% which put in downtime numbers:

  • Daily: 8.6s
  • Weekly: 1m 0.5s
  • Monthly: 4m 23.0s
  • Yearly: 52m 35.7s

That’s a difference of over 3 hours compared to MilesWeb’s 99.95%.

So as far as uptime goes, MilesWeb is not perfect but definitely good enough.

MilesWeb Review: Pricing & Features

Things on the pricing side are rather lenient with MilesWeb. As mentioned above, MilesWeb is one of the most affordable hosting services in the market.

Starting off with their shared hosting, the standard or ‘Tyro’ plan as they call it has a tempting deal.


With ₹60/month (or less than a dollar) you get 1 website, Unlimited Bandwidth, a Website Builder, cPanel & 1GB of SSD Storage. Now, the bummer here is no free domain & 3 Databases.

Not a deal maker, sure, but not that bad for the price either. You can get a running website for under the expense of a mug of coffee.

Here’s a list of the full features in Tyro which also reveals an absence of addon domains.


But yeah, the base plan alone won’t land you any sales. For that, you’ll need something more high tier or the ‘Swift’ plan which has a better deal going for it.


So ₹185/month, you do get a Free Domain with this one so that’s good. Also bundled with Unlimited SSD, Unlimited Databases, Unlimited Email & cPanel + Softaculous.

The Swift plan seems like a much better option compared to Tyro. The limitation of Databases & Email Accounts does cut off a lot of flexibility.

A list of the full features reveals the same unavailability of addon domains here as well.

shared hosting features

Still, not that huge of a deal-breaker considering the price.

But it still depends on your need for addon domains which may make this plan unsuitable for your purpose.

To look at a more premium version or ‘Turbo’ could be a more suitable choice for consideration:


For ₹285/month, you get Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth. Including the same features as the Swift plan. BUT…

shared hosting features1

…no restrictions over addon domains this time.

The Turbo plan is a complete boost in all aspects with the given affordable price tag. No limitation on any features whatsoever considering its the highest-tier plan.

Its firm to say that things on the Pricing side are pretty fair and square. See MilesWeb’s unlimited hosting plans & features.

MilesWeb Review: Ease of Use

You see, a cPanel is your base of operations when operating the backend of your website. This is the place where you spend 90% of your time while managing & running your site.

The good thing about MilesWeb Home page is: it lets you get a taste of their hosting via a Live cPanel Demo.

If you go to their ‘View Plans’ page & scroll over to the plans. You could see a green badge saying ‘Demo’ right next to cPanel + Softaculous.

You can also click the ‘Check our Live cPanel Demo’ link below the pricing table.


Clicking on either will open a new tab in your browser with the name ‘cPanel – Main’. This means it’s a live process running on a server.


And Voila! A live demo of MilesWeb’s server running right here in your browser with no issues(or at least we didn’t notice any). Except that it runs slow.

This explains the fact that we aren’t the only ones trying to use it.

We tried to click on the File Manager tab to see if the presentation actually worked. It did display the contents on the demo server, albeit slow.


We expected some sluggishness, but taking a good look around was still satisfying.

Next, we tried clicking on the Images tab & that didn’t disappoint as well.


As you can see, there are 3 options – for creating thumbnails, scaling images & converting images to different formats.

Thus, the live cPanel tour was a pleasant experience, although we can’t account for the speed & performance…

…we can definitely account for the ease of use that it aims to provide making it a great selling point.

MilesWeb Review: Customer Support

Customer Support is one of those aspects of a service that could be poor & it wouldn’t make a difference. But when a problem occurs it could also mean the world.

And if it is poor, it could complicate the situation.

Web Hosting is a service where you will need customer support 9 times out of 10.

MilesWeb provides 24/7 Support via email or Live Chat.

We went the Live Chat Support route to test their customer support service & have to say…not that bad.

A lot of times, chat clients are not real people but chatbots – replying canned responses.

Not the case here. The chat representative that we talked with was REAL & responsive with his answers.

We raised a query to learn about their security options & features on various plans. So as to learn more about their security terms & conditions.


live support

So we got on with the sales guy to talk about our query.

We just wanted to know where the security page is so we can read it in full detail rather than be done in short.

live support

For the time being, we thought of an eCommerce website to get a valid response.

live support

After that, the ‘Sales Guy’ listed out a set of security features that they offer on their VPS servers which was helpful…

…but pointed out the fact that they didn’t have a security page to go to.

Next Up, we headed over to MilesWeb’s Knowledge Base page which was located way below, at the end of their homepage.

knowledge base5

We thought it would be a glorified FAQ page but it turned out to be much more interesting.

knowledge base

When it comes to an FAQ section, MilesWeb might take all the marks.

A lot of FAQ sections are infamous for having a bland UI with little to no user engagement involved.

MilesWeb introduces more uniform management of each separate section containing questions & answers.

knowledge base

Also not to forget are the colors & fancy UI that make this FAQ section more inviting than most.

We clicked on the first ‘Web Hosting’ tab to look into it. It redirected to a clean FAQ section with little time stamps.

knowledge base

The effort is definitely visible here. MilesWeb didn’t cut any corners when it comes to a reliable FAQ section. Further clicking on a link goes to a blog page that explains the answer in brief…

knowledge base

…so it’s very evident that the FAQ section is great. The Live Chat Support is ‘bout okay, nothing too great or bad.

MilesWeb Review: Security

Upon further research, we did happen to come around their security page.

Well, it’s not a full-blown security page detailing everything. But its their sitemap page that lays out every corner of their website. Here’s where we happen to find their security options.


More on that later, let’s first discuss what we found out about their security on the servers.


According to Cloudflare, WAF or Web Application Firewall protects web applications on your website by monitoring over the interactions that take place between the application & the rest of the internet.


MilesWeb provides a WAF in the form of Cloudbric. It’s the aforementioned add-on security that is sold separately.


Basically, Cloudbric monitors every bit of data that comes to your site in the form of HTTP/HTTPS packets to protect anything malicious from ever reaching your site.


The pricing for Cloudbric is a humble ₹585/month for 1 website.

Price for similarly every other subscription model like quarterly, semiannual or annual stays the same as well.




CodeGuard monitors every change on your website and creates daily backups in case of failsafe, malware/spam attack or data loss.

How It Works
  • First, CodeGuard connects to your website through SFTP or MySql, automatically initiating backup. CodeGuard also offers the WordPress plugin to backup your WordPress site.
  • Secondly, it also performs regular checks & monitors over every change in your website & databases to create backups accordingly.
  • Lastly, CodeGuard offers restoration of files both in the form of individual files & screenshot restoration method to any previous point.

codeguard pricing

CodeGuard offers 4 tiers of pricing which go by CG-1, CG-2, CG-5, CG-10 with variation of features in each one:

  • CG-1 offers backup services on 1 Website with 1GB storage, unlimited databases, on-demand backup & complete restoration features.
  • CG-2 offers backup services for 2 websites with 5GB storage & the rest same features as CG-1
  • CG-5 offers backup services for 5 websites with 30GB storage & no changes in the feature model.
  • CG-10 offers backup services for up to 10 websites, 50GB space & the same features as mentioned above.

SSL Certificate

Besides a WAF & CodeGuard backup, MilesWeb offers a SSL Certification service to make your website secure & verified under standard internet regulations.

SSL basically creates a secure connection between you & the website, so as to not let any third party access or manipulate your interaction with the site.

Although MilesWeb offers a free SSL Certificate on all their hosting plans already. This service is an extended security feature that they offer to all websites separately. It offers SSL Certificates in 4 categories respectively:

  • Domain SSL : It offers validation, 256-bit encryption along with Site Seal Static & COMODO Internet security for protection from malware & viruses.
  • Rapid SSL Standard: applies a single certificate to unlimited subdomains within the same domain along with GeoTrust SSL management & security.
  • WildCard SSL :offers pretty much the same features as Domain SSL but also provides Rapid SSL’s certification along with an asterisk in the domain name.
  • True Business EV :is the highest level of SSL certification which ensures trust & safety with your customers. MilesWeb will also provide the Green Bar feature in your domain. The Green Bar affirms legitimacy & security of your website. 



Lastly, MilesWeb has SpamExperts, an Email filtering service to help you avoid or troubleshoot spam-related issues.

What It Does
  • SpamExperts immediately detects new spam emails, malware or viruses to detect new patterns & identify variations. SpamExperts collects data based on this information to notify its entire userbase to help create awareness and protection.
  • SpamExperts offers a frontend filtering protection to support your email structure so that you save time & resources while clogging down chunks of email.
  • SpamExperts provides advanced protection against phishing, ransomware, viruses & spam attacks to keep your network free from any issues, and detect any contingencies from happening.

Thus, MilesWeb offers security in the form of Cloudbric, CodeGuard, SSL Certificate & SpamExperts to protect your website from any external threats.


  • Good Uptime numbers with relatively high tier global data centers
  • Convincing features with the lowest prices possible
  • Live cPanel Demo to let you know everything about ease of use
  • A great FAQ section with an intuitive UI to help you search your query easily
  • Cloudbric WAF monitors all & every activity to protect your site from any malicious content.


  • Live Chat Support could be better by eliminating the requirement of contact details to further the conversation.
  • No proper information about security except the Cloudbric WAF which is an addon & not an added feature.
  • Uptime numbers still have some room for improvement.

MilesWeb Review: Conclusion

Now you can make up your mind about MilesWeb’s services in terms of what it offers & what it delivers.

If cheap is the name of your game then Milesweb could be your player. Plans do offer cheap pricing with marginal features that could get the job done.

But is it really worth it?

To be honest:


They have good uptime numbers, the live cPanel demo is impressive, customer support & FAQ does their job and security is admissible.

We’d say if there’s one thing bogging MilesWeb down would be better uptime numbers or a more polished Live Chat Support but its still nitpicking.

You can go right ahead & give MilesWeb a shot, we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

So, that concludes the review.

Did you subscribe to MilesWeb’s service or have a suggestion you might like to share?

Then please comment down below & let us know!

Milesweb FAQ

Does MilesWeb Offer A Full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee With All Their Plans?

Yes, they do. MilesWeb has a complete, no questions asked, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all their Web to Dedicated hosting plans.

You can regain all your investment under a given period of time if things just don’t seem to work out.

Hence, you don’t avail any sort of risk when subscribing to their service.

Does MilesWeb Offer Completely Free Site Migration?

MilesWeb offers a complete & free migration from your previous service to theirs for no nickel at all.
No matter the size of your site, all migration will be done without any extra charge or fee. Or you can also use an external service for site migration.

Is The Lack Of Addon Domains In MilesWeb’s 2 Shared Hosting Plans, A Deal-Breaker?

It depends on what your size & requirement of the site could be. Addon domains are just extensions of your main domains running on the same cPanel.

If there is more than one component or sections that you might want to stretch out into then yes addon domains are a necessity.

But if your site works fine within one domain with less stuff to manage then addon domains aren’t required or the extra pay to incur.

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David William Percy

Mar 08, 2021



Value for money

Customer Service

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I was with Milesweb for a very short time, Eventually, after serious confrontation and persistence, I got my money back, unlike many who have had horrendous experience and suffered financial loss. Having paid for 3 years of reseller I moved my hosting to Milesweb. I had been tempted by the prices, convinced by the advertising and blinded by their reviews. Their prices are cheap but not the best. I am now with a small company in Manchester UK, where I have an excellent deal with people who care. Just to clarify, MIlesweb don't. In fact in their very restricted provision they said that they were about to suspend my account because I had video in a website. I was intimidated by their threat and concerned for the safety of my data. As I delved more into some of their reviews, many looked suspicious. Further investigations since, convinces me that a small proportion of their good reviews may be genuine but I am convinced also that a large proportion are fake. For certain their advertising and marketing is dishonest. They do not, for instance have the international offices which they boast. This, combined with their ToS seriously restricting your options to legally oppose them, they seek to completely disempower their customers, whether they are right or wrong. They are in fact, unfit for purpose having no official place in UK. They do not like to give your money back, even when they have to admit that they are wrong. The thing which really caps it all is that they also refuse, (as they continue to do) to send incriminating transcripts of their dishonest conversation and they eventually stonewall and cut you off from communications My advice, Don't get involved. They are dishonest, lacking accountability, I consider them scammers albeit with nice pictures They have threatened to sue me but so far that is just intimidation I doubt whether they would ever put them selves in a proper arena where they are subject to law. That is way outside of their modus operandi Stay safe