CloudWays Review (2021): Everything You Should Know Before Buying it

Overview of CloudWays

If you are keen to explore managed cloud hosting, then CloudWays is an option you just can’t ignore.

As the name suggests, CloudWays supports a range of cloud-based hosting. It is based out of Malta and was first started in 2011.

From thereon, CloudWays has revamped a lot of its services and has made considerable progress to lead the baton of cloud-based hosting providers.

I found CloudWays provides a list of versatile services.

To name a few, CloudWays supports WordPress hosting, Magento hosting, PHP hosting, Laravel hosting, Drupal hosting, Joomla hosting, WooCommerce hosting and PrestaShop hosting.

Its fully managed hosting ensures high speed, high performance, reliability, security and infrastructure driven services. Multiple cloud infrastructure providers are available over here.

This does seem interesting, isn’t it? Well, hold on there is more to this.

Well, hold on there is more to this.

CloudWays Review: Uptime and Reliability

CloudWays is completely driven by cloud-based infrastructure. To my disbelief, CloudWays ensures to keep an almost 100% uptime.

Some further research about their infrastructure revealed that CloudWays provides dedicated resources which can maximize the performance.

cloudways featuresIt has round the clock monitoring which ensures the servers are constantly monitored. CloudWays has auto-healing managed servers. Whenever there are issues, the servers are automatically restarted.

cloudways pros

I found this especially reassuring since I don’t have to keep wondering if my site would go down suddenly.

The redundant and self-healing infrastructure makes the services more reliable. There are continuous and automatic backups taken. This is also enabled with on-demand backups.

Overall, I would say when it comes to uptime and reliability CloudWays covers most of the important aspects which very few hosting services do.

CloudWays Review: Performance

Cloud-based services give better performance, which is a known fact. However, CloudWays gives good performance as well as speed.

While I have already mentioned about their uptime, I would like to throw some light about CloudWays performance.

The dedicated resources along with a well-built caching mechanism give a stable performance. CloudWays uses Redis which improves the performance of the database.
cloudways features

The other components such as Apache, Nginx, Varnish provide better performance. For WordPress hosting, it uses Breeze which is a plugin that can provide better performance using efficient caching.

Now, this is what I call a good mix of technology-driven components added to give the right performance.

CloudWays inbuilt CDN is used with SSD drives to improve performance. For PHP environment it enables PHP-FPM which improves load times in PHP based environment.

The servers within CloudWays infrastructure are continuously optimized to provide faster speed and better performance.

Finally, I would like to highlight that, CloudWays very intelligently uses various technologies to provide faster speed and better performance.

CloudWays Review: Security

When we speak about cloud-based systems, we just cannot ignore security. So how good is CloudWays in terms of security?

To start with CloudWays provides dedicated OS level firewalls. It enables 1-click Let’s Encrypt SSL installation.

dedicated os

I do agree these are basic security features. However, CloudWays provides some more security features.

Few other security features include IP whitelisting to allow access to SSH and SFTP. The OS and firmware are continuously upgraded with security patches.

You can add an extra layer of security by using their two-factor authentication.

I would admit, a good set of security features is what makes CloudWays secure over cloud infrastructure.

How Easy is CloudWays to use?

Next let me provide your more details about CloudWays dashboard.

CloudWays lets you avail its 3-day free trial which gets activated post verification. Getting started with their dashboard is simple.

At a higher level, I found this simple.

This gives you the option to choose different cloud providers. Along with this, you can customize it based on your requirement.

Cloudways Dashboard

You can choose from different server locations. From here you can enable or Disable Add-ons.

Dashboard Add Ons

The dashboard allows you to manage applications, servers, and create teams and projects for better collaboration.

cloudways dashboardNot many hosting providers consider team collaboration and having this feature embedded within the dashboard makes CloudWays a good option.

The CloudWays WordPress Migrator lets you quickly migrate multiple WordPress websites. CloudWays lets you have a separate staging environment which can be cloned.

Overall my experience using CloudWays is that it has simple, innovative and out-of-the-box features enabled within the dashboard and all of this is easy to use.

CloudWays Review: Customer Support

CloudWays has a 24/7 live chat. I tried their live chat option. This is indeed round the clock and the customer support representative provide quick answers to all queries.

To explore further, I tried their live chat option and this is equally appealing.

cloudways Live Chat

It also has a 24/7 ticketing system which lets you add tickets for your queries. CloudWays is supported with an exhaustive knowledge base which covers a wide range of topics.

CloudWays is backed with good community support. If you still want to find more support, then CloudWays has its own field experts who help users with migration, setup, troubleshooting, and upgrades.

Having used CloudWays, I never found myself frantically searching for tutorials or guides. It’s all readily available.

CloudWays provides CloudwaysBot Channels which can provide multiple notifications

CloudWays Bot

CloudWays Review: Plans and Pricing

Most users feel dedicated managed cloud-based hosting will always be expensive or rather not very budget friendly. Contrary to this belief, CloudWays is certainly budget friendly in a lot of aspects.

Let me explain this better by illustrating their pricing model.

CloudWays keeps a strategy Pay as you Go, which means you pay only for the resources you consume. The add-ons, migration, support is included within the service.

It does not have any locking period and you can scale your applications with no limitations. The plans allow you to choose between the different cloud providers.

These configurations are completely customizable, thereby keeping it effectively priced.

Cloudways Plans

CloudWays Review: Features

CloudWays gives you most of the basic as well as a lot of other features. It has a free trial, free migration, 24/7 support, and support with CloudwaysBot Channels.

It includes multiple add-ons such as Rackspace email, SMTP, DNS, Application upgrade, Cloudways API, to name a few.

Its support for multiple hosting is a point which I have already highlighted.

CloudWays has one-click backup and restoration, cron job manager, WP-CLI preinstalled and good support for collaboration with workflow creation.

cloudways features

Overall, I would highlight that CloudWays is not overly feature packed, but at the same time provides useful basic and advanced features.

CloudWays Review: Summary

CloudWays provides some unbeatable features. Its budget-friendly approach where you need to pay for what your use is certainly a feature you cannot miss.

With its managed cloud hosting, you can not only avail its hosting but also several add-ons which come with no added cost.


  • Configurable servers
  • Good security features
  • Round the clock customer support
  • Affordable plans
  • Supports multiple hosting


  • The sign-up and verification is time-consuming
  • Does not have a traditional cPanel, unlike most hosting platforms
  • Requires some basic technical expertise to start using their cloud hosting

CloudWays Review: Our Verdict

CloudWays gives 24/7 support, free trial, free migration and tons of other features. The servers can be configured as per your requirement.

Scaling of existing infrastructure is easy with CloudWays. Its latest infrastructure technologies give a good blend of speed and security.

When it comes to uptime, performance, reliability, and security, CloudWays does prove to be a good option and worth trying. With no second thoughts, CloudWays is a choice you just can’t miss.


Does CloudWays provide free hosting services?

CloudWays provides a 3-day free trial but does not contain a free hosting plan. Once the trial period is over, one can upgrade to any paid plans. The plans are pay-as-you-go.

Is free website migration supported by CloudWays?

CloudWays provides managed website migration with one free website migration. The services also contain a free WordPress migrator for WordPress websites

What cPanel does CloudWays include?

CloudWays has its own platform which is different from the conventional cPanel but is easy to use. From here you can manage your servers.

Does CloudWays provide free SSL certificate?

Yes, CloudWays provides free Let’s Encrypt SSL.

Are there any extra charges when you use CloudWays?

With CloudWays most services are included as part of the plan. A small fee for backup storage for each server and paid add-ons are the only extra charges you need to pay with CloudWays.

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