How to Fix “Your Connection is Not Private” Error: 10 Easy Methods Explained

This error only pertains to the website using HTTPS for running (or is running over HTTPS). Whenever you visit such sites, your browser (any) sends a request to the site’s hosting server. Further, the browser validates the installed certificate on the website. It thus helps to ensure that the website meets current privacy standards.

The browser also performs the TLS handshake and decrypts the certificate. If the browser finds the certificate invalid, it tries to prevent the users from reaching that site. This functionality of the web browsers exists to maintain the users’ privacy. It also helps the browser to keep the users’ data protected and safer.

This error comes when there is some issue while validating the website. There might exist some attackers aiming to steal your information from the website.

There is an error code message that follows the “Your Connection is Not Private” error. The code messages help pinpoint the exact issue.

For example -:

SSL certificate error

Resolving the “Your Connection is Not Private” message –

Google chrome your connection is not private error

There might be some instances when you are unsure of where to start when you witness this error. These errors originate from two things: client-side issues and issues with the website’s certificate.

Here are some safer tips that will help you to check and fix this error from your windows system:

Reloading the page:

This is the simplest solution of all. If you see the “Your Connection is Not Private” message, the easiest method is to reload the webpage.

This appears as an evident approach. But, there are lesser chances of it working. Though it works when the SSL certificate gets reissued, or the browser fails to establish a connection to the server.

Restarting the router:

For people having WiFi at their home, restarting the router is a fix for various connection issues. Whenever you receive the “Your connection is not private” error, you must try resolving it by restarting the router.

Restarting the router acts as refreshing it and ensures that it waits for at least 10 seconds before turning it on. This is to shut down the capacitor existing inside the router. The capacitor might keep on running for some seconds after you turn off the router. This ensures that the router’s memory clears entirely and reset all the failed tasks when it starts again.

Checking the date and time of the computer:

It appears a bit odd, but the error might be occurring due to the incorrect date and time of your computer system.

The browser depends on the date and time of the computer to check the validity of the SSL certificate. If they are wrong, there might arise some issues in the validation process. This might even cause the certificate to appear invalid even when it is valid.

Thus, for fixing the connection error, you must ensure that the date and time are set. Here is how you can check and adjust these settings:

  1. Go to ‘Settings’ and then choose the ‘Time & Language’ option. Further, move ahead to the ‘Date & Time’ option.
  2. Check if the set details are updated or not. Also add the right time zone from the settings.
  3. Refresh the website that you tried accessing

changing date and time

Close the safe browsing option for the site:

Closing the safe browsing option is another best way to resolve this error and get access to the website that you tried opening.

For this process, follow the given steps:

  1. Move the cursor to the ‘three dots’ appearing in the top-right corner. Click on it and then move to the ‘Settings’ option.
  2. Now, move on to the ‘Search bar’ and type safe browsing. You will see some options visible.type safe browsing in Search bar of settings
  3. Now move on to ‘Security’ as highlighted and then disable the enhanced protection option.enable enhanced protection under security
  4. Now refresh the site and check if the error disappears.

Do not use any public WiFi:

Using any public network, including a café or an airport WiFi, is a common reason for this error to appear.

HTTPS is currently used for almost all websites collecting the users’ private information. Yet, the public networks use HTTP instead of HTTPS, thus giving rise to the error.

tly connected

If you perform any transaction using a public network, the details might not get encrypted like HTTPS. It might appear as plain text, and any other public network user can steal the information.

This is the main reason why the browser shows this error to warn you. Instead of the public network or WiFi, connect it with any private network and then load such websites.

  1. Move the cursor to the ‘three dots’ appearing in the top-right corner. Click on it and then move to the ‘History’ option.
  2. Click on the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ option appearing on the on Clear Browsing Data option
  3. Check the boxes appearing under the ‘Basic’ tab section to clear the browser cookies and cache. Or, move to the ‘Advanced’ tab section for more options.
  4. Select the ‘All time’ option from the ‘Time range’ drop menu.
  5. Press on the ‘Clear data’ option and then again reload the page.

clearing browsing data

Using the incognito mode:

move to incognito mode

opened incognito mode

If you do not want to remove the stored data of the browser, you can try incognito mode. It thus helps to check if they are the reason for the error or not. This mode ensures that the browser will not store any site’s data on your computer.

For using the incognito mode, move to the ‘three dots’ in the left corner. Next, click on ‘New Incognito Window’, revisit the same site that you tried accessing earlier, and check if the error persists.

Checking the internet security or antivirus suite:

A few of the antivirus software and web security programs might block the unusual SS connections or certificates. For fixing this error, you must turn off the SSL scanning feature.

If you are unsure of where to find it, try disabling the antivirus software. Then, reopen the website on the browser. If the error message does not persist, then you have reached the problem’s leading cause.

Disable the VPN temporarily:

temporarily disable VPN

irtual Private Network (VPN) reroutes and encrypts your internet connection. You can do it via a remote server that enhances web anonymity by hiding the IP address.

Sometimes, due to these added security layers, some SSL certificates might get blocked. This might lead to “Your connection is not private” error.

If you temporarily disable the VPN, some barriers might vanish between the connection and the website. Thus, it allows you to check if VPN is the cause of the error.

Access the website through Proxy:

A proxy works as a VPN and reroutes the internet connection through a remote server. The significant difference is that proxy does not encrypt the connection. Thus, you can set it only based on application-by-application.

Sometimes other people might visit the same site without getting any error, which exists only on your computer. A proxy is then helpful for checking whether the website connects via “another network.”

You can use the free services for accessing a website via proxy. You are only required to paste the website’s URL that you wish to access. If you already have the address of a proxy server and its port number, you can also set it up on the browser.

Here is how to set up Chrome for using a proxy server:

  1. Move to the ‘three dots’ in the top right corner and then click on ‘Settings.’
  2. Move to the left sidebar and then expand the ‘Advanced’ menu. Next, click on the ‘System’ option.
  3. Move on to the ‘Open your computer’s proxy settings’ option.proxy
  4. Scroll down on the newer window until you find ‘Manual proxy setup’ and then turn on ‘Use a proxy server.’save proxy address and port number
  5. Paste the ‘Address’ and the ‘Port number’ of the proxy server in the required fields.
  6. Click on ‘Save.’

The bottom line:

At last, the users can also proceed to access the website unsafely at their own risk.

As the error occurs, there the user can go for the ‘Advanced’ option, and then choose to ‘proceed to’ as shown here:

Google chrome your connection is not private error

Browser errors are sometimes difficult in troubleshooting. These tips will help you to resolve the error of “Your connection is not private” in a secure manner. These actions quickly give the results and solve the misconfigured process or program of your computer.