7 Beautiful Wix Website Examples for Your Inspiration (2021)

When you enter into the world of building your store or creating your own business, it becomes easier to come with the initial idea and start your things. But, with that, it takes a lot more to make that idea grow with some new experiments and to be better than your competition.

While these things have to play a vital role, the most basic rule will be to generate a great idea. And to expand it, you require a good platform; what could be better than starting online?

Thus to get into this technical world, the stepping stone to reach the mountains is getting your website. People today are planning to create their website for many purposes like food, flower shop, animal caretaking services, groceries and what not!

To create a website, the foremost thing is to find out the best platform for the same. Do not worry here are some great Wix templates that would help you set up your website.

1. Sonja van Duelmen

Sonja van Dülmen

If you show some interest in the mixture of both art as well as design, then Sonja van Duelman is the best example.

This Wix website is itself a perfect epitome of how to combine art with the website design as its unique flavor itself is visible when you scroll their website page. With some exciting templates, this website is perfect to kickstart your venture.

2. The Grilled Cheese Factory

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The name itself is so cheesy. It gets your mouth filled with water and what could be better than a website that provides you with the best grilled cheese. His website provides you with fresh bread, fresh ingredients, etc. and what can be more overwhelming to your stomach than cheese.

The site provides features like the menu, videos related to the place, Instagram links, booking orders, etc.

3. Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor

Great website created by the Wix theme. If you are interested in playing games and you have a lot of interest in horror., this website gives you the best experience to have the taste of both together. Hello Neighbor is a game that is based on the theme of horror.

This game was initially started on youtube and now is also available on different gaming places.

4. Cuts and Bruises

Cuts & Bruises Barbershop

Cuts and bruises are a barbershop which has used Wix to create their website with the theme that matches their store.

The best part about the site is that it has all the information presented on a single page that the users would want to know. The site also provides features like live chats, and a shopping cart facility.

5. Seven Grams Caffe

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Seven Grams Caffe

This website is definitely a place of interest since its first view itself makes the viewers understand what the whole site is about. It provides you with the exact information in a user-friendly way using the pictures and thus helps the users buy their products quickly.

Also, they can book for catering and can even go for all the website links.

6. French Knot Studios

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A beautiful way of using Wix, this website has all about pictures. Keeping it very elegant yet classy, the site contains a whole bunch of colours and elegance mixed with memories. The site includes pictures with short slogans that reflect them and a slide show for all.

There are social media links on the top, and the information is designed in such a way that the description of the picture is right below the thumbnail.

7. Animal Music

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One of the most appreciating and impressive ways of representing themselves, this website has everything being explained on the homepage about themselves. There are thumbnails on the homepage to go for the other options than the portfolio of the company like photos, videos, music, etc.

The best part is that since the social media options are towards the left corner, users can easily anytime switch to these.

A great way of enhancing your business and selling the products to the customers, online websites are a great platform as they provide such activity with not only a platform to represent but also to outshow themselves and earn more.


Wix has definitely presented with a great platform to use its features and implement them into creating some colorful, attractive and jaw-dropping websites. There are a lot of them as examples, some of which have been shown above. Hope that there will be more great creations like these in the future through Wix.

Though website creation seems to be an easy job, it is not. Website is not just about the presentations; it’s also about the contents and how well you have managed to put everything into place. The icons, the sliders, the placing, the looks, every single bit counts in a website. You can not miss having a unique feature as then it will look incomplete.