Wix vs GoDaddy – Which One Is “Actually” Better? (2021 Review)

Wix vs GoDaddy – Which One Is “Actually” Better? (2021 Review)

This article was revised and updated on Feb 15, 2021.

In this article we find out who wins the battle when we do Wix Vs Godaddy comparison.

Wix and GoDaddy, both are brands that provide website builders of their own. Both being well-known brands are equally spread across the market.

Needless to mention, both Wix and GoDaddy provide some versatile website building options. However, if it boils down to just one option, then which of this is better?

Before that a brief about Wix and GoDaddy.

Wix, popular for its freemium model was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

GoDaddy was first formed in 1997 and has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, US. Both these platforms provide hosting as well as website building capabilities.

Here I would take you through Wix and GoDaddy to compare every aspect around it.

First, let me start this by comparing the most important parameter which is their uptime.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Who has better Uptime?

Before you make a prudent choice between Wix and GoDaddy, you would need to know how good is their uptime.

Wix Uptime:

Starting this with Wix, it does not directly display an uptime guarantee over its official website. However, there is a mention about their servers and uptime in the support section.

wix serversI have been using Wix for some time and have recorded their uptime. Here is what I found:

wix uptime

The uptime does seem to be impressive as well as consistent. You can see latest uptime of Wix here.

Moving on next let me provide details about GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Uptime:

GoDaddy, over its official website, gives a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

godaddy webhostingI have recorded uptime metrics for GoDaddy and this is how it looks:

godaddy uptime

The uptime is substantially good and consistent. You can see latest uptime of Godaddy here.

The average uptime for Wix is 99.98%, while for GoDaddy this is 99.99%.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Uptime Verdict

Clearly in terms of uptime GoDaddy fares better as compared to Wix and provides an uptime guarantee.

Speaking about Uptime and response, it’s a close call between GoDaddy and Wix. However, hold on while I discuss more other comparison parameters.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Who has better plans and pricing?

Next, I will compare their pricing and plans.

Wix Pricing:

Wix provides a free plan which contains Wix Ads. You can also choose one of their premium plans.

wix planThis also contains E-commerce plans.

wix business planOne of the advantages of Wix is that you can start for free and get 500 MB storages. The premium plans start at $11/month and include hosting.

The Wix free plan is certainly an advantage that gives you all the basic features.

GoDaddy Pricing:

With GoDaddy, you can explore their website builder with a 1-month free trial. The plan starts at $5.99/month.

godaddy planGoDaddy plans are not very expensive. This as well includes hosting. Both Wix and GoDaddy provide a total of 3 plans for its website builder.

Wix adds 3 more plans for its e-commerce website creation. With GoDaddy, you can start cheap as compared to Wix. However, GoDaddy does restrict certain website building capabilities.

If you notice, GoDaddy just gives 1 e-commerce plan. In a way, it lacks flexibility on the plans. Basically, it has limited choices on plans.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Pricing Verdict

Wix is a good choice in case you are looking for small scale website development and require a free website builder.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Who fares better in features?

Moving on next, let me speak more about the features in Wix and GoDaddy.

Wix Features:

Wix has an all in one package which contains website building as well as hosting.

It has a free plan which supports basic website development and contains Wix ads.

wix featuresWix provides a 14-day money back guarantee for its premium plans. All the premium plans include a few basic features such as:

  • Free hosting
  • Analytics and SEO support
  • Premium support
  • Customized Favicon

wix features Wix has a separate E-commerce plan which has a list of features.

wix ecommerce planThe e-commerce plans provide most of the relevant e-commerce capabilities. It’s almost like you would not need any add-ons.

Wix not only provides an easy to use the editor but also enables Wix code which can be fully customized.

Wix editor provides rapid website creation and provides a series of features related to templates, SEO, device optimization, third-party apps and more.

With Wix editor, Wix also provides an Artificial Design Intelligence also commonly known as Wix ADI. Wix ADI comes with a bunch of useful features which can intelligently customize your website development.

wix features Wix enables advance coding with its Wix code. With Wix code, you can customize the look and feel of the website and can create intuitive website designs.

Wix code provides some really powerful capabilities and can support advanced website development. The flexibility that Wix provides, can make a lot of complex development really easy.

wix features While the above features are editor specific, Wix also provides several other features related to analytics, email hosting, domain management.

Wix has separate e-commerce plans and this comes with a series of e-commerce development specific features such as product pages creation, store manager, coupons, and several others.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, Wix also provides some additional features to enable music selling. Image editor, blog designing, and over 100 templates.

Overall, I found Wix to be suitable for most website creations. Be it simple or complex, Wix can cater to both equally well.

So, does GoDaddy also provide a similar exhaustive feature list?

GoDaddy Features:

GoDaddy is popular for its easy to use website builder. It supports mobile responsive templates and provides a host of other capabilities in its various plans.

godaddy featuresGoDaddy’s GoCentral website builder is a simple to use builder specifically designed for beginners and people with less website building expertise.

It supports basic designing capabilities and provides SEO features.

godaddy features The templates can be chosen based on the domain.

godaddy templates

GoDaddy provides basic website building capabilities, while on the other hand, Wix provides advance website building capabilities.

GoDaddy is simple to use and start, but the issue is when a website demands more flexibility and complex features. This is something that would require add-ons with GoDaddy.

GoDaddy might be a bit frustrating to use for advance website development, owing to its restrictive designing capabilities. Having said this, GoDaddy is friendly for beginners.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Features Verdict

Feature-wise both have a good feature list, though for more advanced website building Wix stands a better chance over GoDaddy.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Which is easy to use?

Next one on my list to check is the ease of usage. While we have out of the box features available in Wix and GoDaddy, are these easy to use?

Let me provide you with more details about Wix first.

Wix: Ease of Use

Wix dashboard has a simple layout with well-placed options.

wix dashboardFrom here you can start editing your website. Website editing comes with multiple options where you can customize the appearance of your website.

The options provided on the top menu look as highlighted below.

wix editor

Other options include email marketing, background editing, adding apps to name a few.

This has multiple toolbar options. You can change alignment using these options.

Wix provides advance website development capabilities with Wix code which can be turned on.

wix codeWix allows you to add image, video, gallery, divider and HTML code.

Wix basic editing is straight forward unless you want to explore their advance code based editing features.

Next, let me provide more details about GoDaddy.

GoDaddy: Ease of Use

Website builder of GoDaddy has all customization options at the extreme right.

godaddy dashboardFrom here you can change themes, page layout, color scheme, and fonts.

You can reorder pages as per your requirement or add additional pages.

GoDaddy provides options to manage SEO, social media marketing and other detailing.

For e-commerce website development you can see other options for the store.

gd store optionSimilarly, you would be able to get advance marketing options.

gd marketing optionOnce the store design is ready you can set up other e-store relevant options.

godaddy storeOverall, GoDaddy looks extremely simple to use. This is a great place to start with the least complexity.

On the other hand, Wix provides multiple options which can be confusing, to begin with in case you are just exploring website builder.

However, if you have prior experience in website building, then Wix would seem easy.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Ease of Use Verdict

Between Wix and GoDaddy, while both look simple, I must admit that GoDaddy is easier to use.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Whose customer support is best?

Further to this I will speak about customer support. Let me start this with Wix.

Wix Customer Support:

Wix provides separate support over its dashboard. This contains guides as well as video tutorials.

The help center contains sections on various topics.

wix help centerThis has an exhaustive content list. Wix also provides FAQs. Wix does not have a chat option.

Wix has good customer support. Next, let’s check this for GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Customer Support:

GoDaddy can be reached over phone, email, and chat. It provides 24/7 support. Though the chat is not available 24/7.

The help section provides a vast topic wise tutorial.

godaddy helpGoDaddy also provides FAQs.

godaddy faqWix or GoDaddy are almost at par when it comes to customer support. Both have well-articulated help content to provide an improvised customer experience.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Customer Support Verdict

With both, you get tons of help from customer support.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Who has ton of themes and templates?

Wix predominantly has ample of template collection. These are mobile responsive as well as intuitive.

Wix Templates:

There is a separate template section which shows category wise templates.

wix template

You can find templates across multiple domains.

GoDaddy Templates:

GoDaddy also has a vast collection of mobile responsive templates. It has over 16000 themes.

gd templateWhen it comes to templates, both GoDaddy and Wix have a versatile collection, though Wix provides more advance template designs.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Templates Verdict

Both have designs which are device responsive and can be customized to a great extent.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Who has better Design Flexibility?

If you want visually impactful designs, then in most cases you might have to customize it to your choice.

So how good is design customization using Wix and GoDaddy?

Wix Design Flexibility:

Wix has a website editor which is simple yet provides multiple options. This at the beginning may not seem very easy for beginners. However, for someone experienced with website designing would find it simple.

Wix provides ADI, which helps you personalize and design websites quickly. With these handy features, Wix also provides Wix code to cater more customization. Using Wix, you can perform code-level customization.

wix designOn the other hand, beginners would find GoDaddy simple.

GoDaddy Design Flexibility:

The GoCentral builder provides a DIY approach.

Though GoDaddy is simple as compared to Wix, GoDaddy lacks code-level customization and design flexibility.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Design Flexibility Verdict

In terms of design flexibility, Wix certainly wins over GoDaddy. Using Wix you can enable some advanced customizations.

Wix Vs GoDaddy: Which one is better?

Probably if you are beginning to start website development then GoDaddy is an option you can try.

Between the two I would go ahead with Wix as compared to GoDaddy.

Whichever option you go with, both options have ample to offer.

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