9 Stupid Web Hosting Questions You Always Feared To Ask

Decision-making is the most irksome task in the world; people generally take decision based on emotional and personal instincts but decisions should be always-based on facts and data. Selecting web hosting is one of those decisions that should always be made by keeping facts under light. Any decision made on the basis of referral program or heavy discount may cause issues and errors in the coming future.

A lot of people find Web Hosting to be a confusing set of jargons; they are unaware that it has got an eminent role to play in their online business development. Here we are going to answer 9 stupid Web Hosting Questions you always feared to ask:

1. Can site speed be increased if I put my site on Dedicated hosting vs. Shared hosting?

website speed

Answer: Getting straight to the answer, Yes! The loading speed of your site will increase if you put your site on Dedicated hosting instead of Shared hosting.

Here here’s why: A company that sells shared hosting (as the name suggests everything on shared hosting is SHARED including disk space, bandwidth, etc.) has got hundreds or perhaps thousands of customers. They need to provide every one of them with a good customer experience hence they are going to divide the server resources they have got equally among every customer. THAT causes your website to load slower.

While, when your site is operating on a dedicated hosting, the server resources are not shared, they are solely “dedicated” to you.Hence your website speed will definitely increase if you go for dedicated hosting. Learn more about dedicated hosting, here.

2. Will my site speed decrease if I host multiple websites on my hosting account?

Answer: There are two different scenarios, let’s discuss both scenarios one by one:

If you have a dedicated hosting and then you are hosting multiple sites: If you have got a dedicated hosting and then you are hosting up to 10 sites then the speed of your site is not going to decrease much because dedicated hosting servers come with a lot of resources.

If you have a shared hosting account and then you are hosting multiple sites: If you have got a shared hosting account and you are hosting more than 2 sites then the speed of your site will decrease because your server resources are already limited by the web hosting company and you are limiting it further by hosting more than one site.

3. Should the web-hosting server be near my location or my user’s location?

web hosting server

Answer: If your online store is targeting a specific area or country then it is important that the server is located near to the user/visitor. For example: If you have an online store that sells Vape liquid in Australia then it is important that site is hosted on a server in Australia, this will affect SEO, Ranking and the loading speed of your site.

On the other hand, if you targeted audience is as wide as Amazon’s, which the whole globe is then it is not important for you to have your site hosted on servers across the globe. In such cases, CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) will come into play and they will store frequently accessed data on servers nearest to the client. CDNs will do that automatically; you will not have to worry about it. You can learn more about other important factors related to servers, here.

4. If I register my domain with one hosting provider and host the site with other web hosting company, will it affect the speed of the website?

Answer: There is going to be no impact on the loading speed of the site if the DNS and web are hosted on different servers.

5. Windows Server vs. Linux Server – Which one should I choose and why?


Answer: Companies and Web Masters should always chose Linux Server to Windows Server for hosting their sites because Linux provides better security, high stability and more TCO—Total Cost of Ownership—given Linux software packages are always available for free. You can find more reasons of choosing Linux server to windows server, here.

6. Should I worry about taking site backup even when web-hosting company provides auto backup facility?

Answer: No matter your site is hosted on a dedicated hosting or on a shared hosting, you should always take backup of your site even when web-hosting company is providing auto backup facility.

Every new Auto backup overwrite the previous auto backup hence it is strongly recommended to maintain personal backups. Remote/personal backups are going to be handy for disaster recoveries.

7. If I switch my web hosting company, will it affect my Google ranking?

Answer: Switching from one hosting company to another is not going to affect SEO or your Google Ranking as long as the DNS hosting and Web hosting remains in the same country. 1% of your Google Ranking might get affected if you are switching to a poor web hosting. Keep the Downtime low and the quality of content on your site high and your Google Ranking will never sink.

8. I found a website offering FREE Web Hosting. Should I go for it?


Answer: Websites offering free web hosting generally provides really low loading speed and a very high down time. These factors are going to kill your Google Ranking. You cannot host full-fledged professionally designed sites on such free hosting. And since the cost of hosting has come down so much doing the years, that hosting it on a Shared Hosting server is still pretty economical.

9. I am about to launch my new website. Should I go for shared hosting or dedicated hosting?

Answer: When launching a new website one should always calculate his budget, future needs and customer base before selecting dedicated or shared hosting services. If you are looking forward to go big in the coming future and also planning to host more than one site then select Dedicated Hosting but if you are an individual and your needs are limited then go ahead with Shared Hosting and enjoy your online presence.

Now that we have answered all these questions, it is time for you to get going with your next online venture.

Have a Happy Hosting!