Surfshark Review: Should we Surf the Internet Ocean with this VPN? (2021)

Surfshark – I was not much aware of this name until I looked it over the internet for VPNs.

Yes, this is a VPN software and it’s cheap, how? Wait a little longer, I will get to this part soon.

You want security on the internet but also do not wish to leave some websites, because they have got your heart. Just kidding! It might be because those websites come up with free stuff. But be cautious – they might be having malware or trackers.

And that’s when the savior of the day “VPN” shows up.

But is Surfshark just like all the other VPNs or does it have something unique for us?

Let’s see what happens if we surf the Internet’s Ocean with this VPN.

Performance (Speedtest)

Faster… Faster… Come On! – That’s how you react when the internet is slow.

We get frustrated if our favorite websites take longer time to load, don’t we? Yes, so we need proper speed along with the protection.

I installed Surfshark. Then I compared the internet speed before (i.e. the normal speed at home) and after I changed my location using this VPN.

Normal Speed:

Surfshark Review

I tried to test it on two different server locations a few minutes after installing Surfshark.

And here are the results:

Surfshark Review

Surfshark Review

The download speed was affected but it’s not that bad. Look at the counts. It has reduced by 2/3rd for a server and this reduction was expected.

Now I changed the server location to South Korea to browse Korean Netflix and it was working just fine.

Surfshark Review

The website took a few seconds to load, but that’s understandable. But then it was running smoothly.

Well, changing the location to Spain’s server gave me a better result for torrent.

People want to hide their IDs while downloading the torrent files and don’t want to reveal the location either. So they use a VPN to do that. (I do that too)

The location of Spain is ranked amongst the safest countries for torrent so I used one. This resulted in:

Surfshark Review

The download speed it offered for a Movie and a Book was really good. I mean, that’s what I normally get.

So to cut this short, the overall speed offered by SurfShark is good, it allows me to access Netflix and torrent – and I can select any location from that 50+ countries.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use is something you bypass to look at, to be honest. But still, it’s necessary for me to show you how user-friendly this software is, right? I know how annoying it is to pay for something and get stuck up inside without having any guide to help.

For beginners, it is necessary to know how VPN could be set up. I have listed 7 steps in which you install and start before we actually run test the software. It’s easy to sign up here.

1. Select an appropriate plan: (All plans are having the same features, just different durations)

Surfshark Review

2. Enter your email id to create an account:

Surfshark Review

3. (Optional) Include HackLock and Blindsearch at $0.99/month for enhanced privacy:

Surfshark Review

4. Make Payment via available options:

Surfshark Review

5. Once done, go to the section of devices to download the software or add a chrome extension:

Surfshark Review

6. It would just take a few minutes to set up on your device.

Surfshark Review

7. Login and you are good to go now.

Surfshark Review

Let me simplify the use of this software ahead.

Go to locations and select a server location where you want to connect.

The tab on your right will show you the status. Just in a few seconds, you will be connected to a server.

Then go to the CleanWeb option and switch it on which will block ads, trackers, and malware.

Surfshark Review

Now go to the Whitelister and select an appropriate option if you want to separate any website that doesn’t need protection.

Surfshark Review

It’s completely fine if you don’t want to add any website here.

I found it pretty simple to use and also the tools are handy.

So what I came to know from this is, the steps to set up this VPN software are nice and easy, and it also allows me to send some traffic through an encrypted tunnel and some bypasses through the ISPs.

Pricing & Features

Regardless of the decision you make, the first thing you will look for is pricing and features. Everyone does that because we always want to know the cost (We always hope that it should be free though).

Anyways, let us take a look at the pricing plans:

Surfshark Review

Well, it’s actually is a single plan just with different rates for different durations. Longer the duration, cheaper is the price.

Surfshark Review

Yeah! You will need to pay something to protect your browsing.

See Current Plans & Pricing here…

But hey wait, along with this – Surfshark offers a 30-day-money-back-guarantee. Cancel the subscription within 30 days of purchase and they will refund your money.

Surfshark Review

THE SERVERS AROUND THE WORLD – Servers in more than 50 countries, that’s great. But around 800 servers, not too bad. Plus all the servers have private DNS and they are P2P friendly.

Now let’s look at the features that a good VPN should have. Let’s see what Surfshark has:

Surfshark Review

Kill Switch: This feature allows you to deactivate the internet connection if the VPN connection drops without warning you, thus protecting your identity and data.

Multihop: This feature enhances your online privacy by connecting via two different VPN servers.

CleanWeb: This feature blocks phishing attempts, ads, popups, malware, etc. and keeps your website safe. Enable the following option in the software or plugin:

Surfshark Review

Strict no-logs policy: That’s correct. You don’t need to worry about your previous steps or the data because there won’t be any records, they do not track or store the IP address, browsing history, connection time, etc.

Whitelister: It is a split tunneling feature where you can allow apps and websites that do not need VPN protection to bypass the encryption tunnel. See below how to use it:

Surfshark Review

And so, keep the sensitive P2P data encrypted and bypass the websites that don’t need protection. And many more features…

See what else it has to offer over a free VPN:

Surfshark Review

It’s up to you if you want to choose a free VPN or Surfshark. But this chart might give you a brief idea of the advantages you have for using Surfshark over a free VPN.

Overall, the pricing is nominal and also SurfShark is loaded with good features that I expect from a VPN.

But is that all? How can some VPN be this good without any flaws? Move to the other section and find it out:

Customer Support

Customers are the Kings and we rule over software company… HAHA just kidding. What customer needs is guidance! Surfshark has a place for that:

Surfshark Review

You will find some of the answers to your queries in this place. They do not have any video tutorials. But yes, they do use GIFs for explaining some of the features.

If your software or app works fine, then you don’t need to worry. But we are humans, we make mistakes (Errors and blunders sometimes). So, what I tried was, running this VPN from a user account and not an admins account.

Look at what happened:

Surfshark Review

And when I retried and ignored it:

Surfshark Review

So, I took the live chat option and contacted the department to figure out why this happened:

Surfshark Review

Within a few seconds, I got a response:

Surfshark Review

But running it as an administrator from the user account as well didn’t work. A few seconds later, I got another response.

Surfshark Review

The customer support is really fast. They respond quickly and that is one of the important parts of the customer response service. Well done Finley!

But wait:


So I asked him for an alternative option to do something and here’s what I got:

Surfshark Review

If I wanted to use an open-source VPN, I would not have paid for Surfshark.

Anyways, the final verdict for the customer support section is that the service is fast and the answers that customer support executives give are to the point.

But not enough helpful. I was a bit disappointed though.

Security & Privacy

This is one of the most important parts when it comes to using a VPN. So what actually this Surfshark VPN does and how it maintains our privacy on the internet?

Surfshark Review

Surfshark blocks trackers, ads and malware from attacking and also encrypts your data.

Surfshark Review

Also, they have a strict no-logs policy which means this software neither stores the IP address nor does it keep any records to what we do surf over the internet.

So, you can surf Netflix and torrent without any worries and can bypass all the censorship.

You can stay private and care-free while using your online wallet or banking. Plus. Surshark claims not to store your data online or monitor what you stream. And of course, hiding your IP is what a VPN does.

Does VPN provide risk-free internet access?

The answer is – yes to some extent; no because I don’t guarantee it.

Let me explain.

YES – It allows you to securely browse the internet passing the data through a tunnel in an encrypted form which then decrypts on the other end. It hides your IP address and replaces it to the server’s address that allows you to easily bypass the censorship and surveillance.

NO – There is a “No” too. You never know that the website you are browsing is safe as VPN is just a tunnel protecting from leaking out to hackers and government which are in-between “Your device and the Blocked website.”

But don’t worry, in a way it is safe and beneficial for you to keep your privacy over the internet.

I will suggest that you try using a VPN by yourself to find out.

  • It offers Split-tunneling facility
  • Available at an affordable cost
  • Allows you to connect many devices simultaneously on a single account
  • Secured with private DNS on each server and no-leak while IPV4 stack is in use
  • Allows you to connect via two different servers with Multihop option
  • Fast customer support with a Live chat
  • It can be used over iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Android and Fire TV as well as extensions are available for Chrome and Firefox.

Cons: (The only)

  • Cannot install the software if you are using a “user account” on your Windows PC

Conclusion: Is Surfshark recommended?

Yes to most, but not to everyone. Although it is not that popular and is new in the VPN world, just look at the features – that too at a reasonable price. Definitely worth it.

If you just want to stream over Netflix and torrent, create an account, install this and stream. Let me tell you something, this VPN has no restrictions on the number of devices. Use it anywhere, everywhere on every device you have to Surf securely.

So finally we know what Surfshark offers is reliable speed, nominal cost, WOW features, good security and of course – it is easy to use.

The shark is there to keep you secure. This shark won’t eat your data!

Write your own review!

Have you tried Surfshark or are you currently using it? I would like to know your views on Surfshark.

Maybe I might have missed some points. Let me know what you think.

You can leave your comments below.